Saturday, October 20, 2012

Binders of Women

As usual Willard did not quite tell the truth when he said he went looking for qualified women and found those binders of women.  Look, he's a 65 year old Mormon Male.  If you don't know what that means, ask a Mormon female or review the history of misogyny and chauvinistic piggery.

Romney 'Binders Full Of Women' Female Hiring Boast Falls Apart

Willard gets to be a the god of a planet in the next life.  Ann well, all she gets is an eternity of providing relief services.

Do Take Note of This Endorsement

Salt Lake City, Utah-- Too Many Mitts!

What the Editors have to say makes sense, but it's his magic undies that creep me out.  That and getting a planet if he tithes right, having polygamy for time and eternity and other weird shit.  It's not just Mormons, it's all the theists of all flavors--they are not rational, they are not sane.  Come on would you vote for someone who said little green men picked him up, took him to a space ship and probed his ass?    Yep, all we have to do is trust him.  Now shall we discuss the Trinity?  You gotta admit the undies are strange.

If He Could Do for The Whole Economy What He's Done for Guns

...we'd all be doing well, very well.

Gun sales soar during Obama presidency

KIll List Wannabes

We know Obama is Mr. Kill List in chief.  He has drones and he uses them.  He says it's to make us safe and keep us free.  Besides, drones are cheap and don't need to be approved by a pesky Congress.  Drones avoid little matters such as the Constitution and rule of law (he has double secret legal rulings that he says makes his droning 110% legit).

Mr. Kill List has dropped more suspicious al Qaeda goat herders in Yemen--Drone strike kills 7 suspects in Yemen

Of course, there are others who would like to have their own drone program, for example, the Alameda County sheriff.  Yep, today surveillance, tomorrow perp seeking missiles.  Did you feel your tidy whities tighten up a bit?

Of course others, as they develop their own drones will want to get a copy of "Kill List for Dummies." Lets' see, there are the fine folks in Iran, Hezbollah and China.

As drones take off literally, they also take off figuratively as we see in $6.6 billion in sales.  Will American Merchants of Death, Inc. make the biggest killing?  Stay tuned.


I do not understand all the nonsense we've allowed to be created over abortion.  It's a medical procedure.  It's that simple.  I am neither for nor against abortion.  It's a treatment for a medical condition.  It's not that much different from any other medical procedure.   If a person has some reason to oppose a medical treatment, that's fine.  Like Christian Scientists, they do not have to avail themselves of modern medicine.      

Still Trying to Decide Which Bozo To Vote For?

We  have a Democratic bozo, Barack Obama.  We have a Repub bozo, Willard Romney.  Who will you vote for?  Oh, I know it's hard to choose, after all they are both clowns.  Okay, take what you know about both men and their parties.  Think about what it means to be a Democrat.  Ponder what it means to be a Repub.  Now ask yourself, how would each party answer this question, "who are we the people?"  Which party do you prefer when it comes to suffrage?  Now which clown will you vote for?  Your answer says more about you than you can imagine.

Every four years

Among other things, every four years, we re-discover women's issues.  I guess that means not much was done with respect to those issues in preceding four years.  Here we go again--

Obama, Romney wage war for women

Looking for your old Scoutophile?

The Boy Scouts put their organization ahead of the boys they exist to serve.  Gee, that sounds like the Catholic Church.  Want to search through the BSA Perv-O-Rama files?  You can--


The world would be better off without either of those organizations.

The solution is obvious

What, allow a Christian church to be purchased and transformed into a Mosque!  Oh, the holy horror!

In France, tensions flare over proposed church sale

The solution?  Hell, burn than damn thing down.

We trained them so well...

6 Afghan police killed in insider attack coordinated with insurgent assault, officials say

Oh, yeah, forgot, we, as in the U.S. miltary may not have trained them, that's what we hire mercs for.

I call it lying, Obama calls it Romesia

Willard said a lot of stuff during his primary run.  Now he says the opposite.  I thought he was telling the truth back then.  After all, he wanted to become the GOP voter's nominee.  Hm, has he forgotten what he said?  Nah, he's just lying hiss ass off to a different group of voters.  I guess he's forgotten the GOP.  Do Repubs really want this liar in the White House.  If he lied yesterday or is lying today, it's a safe bet what he'll be doing tomorrow. Romnesia?  Yeah, that's a polite way of calling him a liar.  To save their party, Repubs should vote for Obama.  

Obama fires up crowd in Virginia with ‘Romnesia’ speech

Friday, October 19, 2012

Islamic News




Who’s fighting whom in Syria?

Iran Mosque Attack: Suicide Bomber Kills 2 Near Mosque In Iran

More dope on the dope

Report: At least 15 more cyclists linked to Armstrong’s sports doctor and doping

How Much Slack Do You Cut A Candidate?

Willard was a strict, if not harsh, conservative for the past couple of years.  He campaigned against Paul, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum and Cain.  They were all residents of the right field parking lot.  Willard beat them and won by going further to the right than any of them.  Now, he's pivoted to the center.  He now takes much more moderate positions on just about everything that matters to Repubs.

Okay, if you voted for Willard in a primary why on earth would you vote for him today?  If he spoke the truth when you voted for him, then he's a lying dog today.  Of course if Willard now tells the truth, then he conned you as he lied his ass off in your primary.  Again why would you vote for him, he's a liar.

Why not vote for all the other races but do not vote for Willard.   Don't vote for president, it's the only honorable thing a Republican can do.

This is just plain old dumb

Should we expand the drone count in the CIA?  Come on, drones are weapons of war.  The CIA is not part of DOD.  It's dumb and dangerous.   One of these days the bad guys will get drones and use them on us.  If might be a better course to back off the use of drones and make the "kill list" illegal.  If we follow the CIA/Drone path, then don't be surprized  when we are attacked for cause by drones.

CIA seeks to expand drone fleet, officials say

Food That Kills!

Peanut butter is back as a potential killer.  Don't you love capitalism!  Why bother with regulation?  Let the market decide who lives and dies.  Damn it's hard to talk like a Trog.

Put the offending plant out of business, that's the best approach for future success.  Also, make sure the people who own and run the plant can never ever work in the food biz again.  If that is a bit too severe, then at least make all food inspections and findings public.  How about a food safety site?

New Mexico peanut capital at heart of national peanut butter recall

Will Dr. Billy Stem the Tide?

Yesterday, I posted about Billy Graham's decision to remove Mormons from his cult list.  Perhaps he thinks his fans will respond in the same manner as Mormons do to their Prophet, Seer, and Revelator--when he speaks Mormons obey without question (or their are ex-communicated).  If the Jesus jockeys behave akin to Mormons, then the evangefundies might all vote for Rombot.  Unless they obey, it  appears that the majority of evangefundies would vote for Obama over Romsquat and Eddie Munster.

Latinos, Religion and Campaign 2012

Fund Raising Hype

Is your inbox full of partisan spam?  Mine is.  I receive tons of feed me money pitches form Obama, the  DNC, the DSCC, the DCCC and their counterparts for Virginia.  The text is always bullshit.  The request, however,  is always the same--money, money, money.  How do the hucksters figure out their pitch?

Message Machine Starts Providing Answers

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I thought he was dead

Billy Graham is still alive and meddling in politics.  He must have lost his Bible, because he no longer considers Mormons to be cultists.   At least that's what he'll say in public.  Isn't L. Ron Hubbard a descendent of Joseph Smith?

Billy Graham’s Website Removes ‘Mormonism’ From Cult List

Reminds me of Reagan

When states receive money from the feds or from court settlements, states use the money however they damn well feel like so doing.  In other words the GOP desire to turn money over to states for currently federally controlled programs such as Medicaid, has little to do with improving services, it's just one more variant in screwing the 99%.  Do you remember Reagan's New Federalism fiasco?

States diverting housing settlement funds to fill budget holes

Would they allow the other team to have signs?

What if the other team had banners that read "Begat You" or "Our team really knows your cheerleaders!"  They're  biblical, so the suing cheerleaders would gladly accept them.  Hm, any ideas for a sign that references Sodom?


Dear Kids

Votes matter.  Since young folks don't vote consistently, much less as a block, it should not be a surprize that they, as a group can be screwed most easily by state legislators.  Who do you think sets the tuition rates at state colleges anyway?  Oh, you didn't take any government classes in high school.  By not voting, you enabled your  own debt.  Shrewd, very shrewd.


Pedophiles R Us

I'm not posting about the Catholic Church.  No, I'm posting about the BSA!  Yep the good old gay bashing Boy Scouts have kept perv files.  Okay guys, think back to your scouting days, some of the adult scouters were a bit creepy, after all they were pervs.  Parents should be less fearful of a gay child and a whole lot more scared of all those adult men who want to hang out with little boys in pup tents.

L.A. Times to post files of alleged sex offenders investigated by Boy Scouts


Newsweek has gone from being a decent news mag to becoming a complete waste over the past several years.  I've subscribed to the mag for decades.  When it began its last implosion, I did not cancel my subscription, I was curious if it would recover.  It has not.  Now it will cease print publication and go purely digital.  Its demise is long overdue.  Oh, you can make money in a weekly news magazine, read the Economist.  I guess the aces who work for Diller can't compete.  I will not be an on line subscriber, after all trash is trash.

Newsweek ending its print publication, will shift to all-digital format; job cuts expected

Arm Yourself

Resource: Five Safe Surgery Tips for Patients

Why Does Anyone Listen to Any Ad At All?

Ads are just that, ads.  They are designed to, in theory, to cause a change in one's attitude about X, and thus cause a subsequent behavioral change with respect to X.  It's a nice theory.  In practice, it's a crap shot.  Given that we have become accustomed to ads being more fraudulent than not, why do advertisers persist with the bullshit?  I guess advertisers assume their target audience is chock a block full of morons who obey at the drop of a hat. Hmm, ads tell the viewers what the advertisers really think of them...

Big Electric Companies Behind ‘Grassroots’ Ad Campaign in Florida

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Party Platforms

Before any of us get all enamoured with an individual running for office, remember they are running as candidates for a party.  Perhaps we should all read the party platforms and then decide how we will vote.

Here is the Democratic Platform, the Trog Platform, and the Libertarian Platform.  Gee, read the Libertarian piece first.  It's short and provides a wonderful contrast to the bullshit contained in the other two documents.

Can we afford a low tech Prez?

Willard made a discovery

At last night's "debate" Willard said he “learned a great deal” about gender pay inequality while building his cabinet after he became Gov. of Mass.

 “And I—and I went to my staff, and I said, ‘How come all the people for these jobs are—are all men.’ They said: ‘Well, these are the people that have the qualifications.’ And I said: ‘Well, gosh, can't we—can't we find some—some women that are also qualified?’ And—and so we—we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women's groups and said: ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”

Wow, he learned about the problems women have in the workplace when he was about 55 years old.  So what did he think for the prior 50 odd years?  How many women were in management when he ran Bain?  Oops, they didn't have any binders.  Does anyone really want this turkey in the White House?

Willard Has Binders Full of Women!

Willard's Binders

Do we really need a Pakistan?

Anyone have a good thing to say about Pakistan?

In Pakistan’s Swat Valley, a girls’ school is gripped by fear


Come on, who really cares about this?  Drugs?  No Drugs?  He rode a bicycle for a living.  The saddest part is all of the people who wasted their time watching him ride his bicycle.  I guess he was entertaining, but then so is watching paint dry.

APNewsBreak: Lance Armstrong stepping down as chairman of his Livestrong cancer charity


Debate Number II

Obama showed up for this debate.  Willard was not ready to have his eye poked.  Willard proved you should not diss the moderator.  Willard proved it hurts to be fact free.  Willard showed he's an ass.  Obama won the debate.  Okay that said, so what?

Debates don't mean squat.  The race is about the party.  Which party do you want in power?  It's no wonder our country is screwed up, we still have people who are undecided about which bozo to vote for on Nov. 6th!  I can only hope they don't vote.

Here's the Post on the "debate"--

With stakes high, Obama hits back at Romney in a fiery second debate

Oh, the evaluation of the debate pretty much follows one's political orientation.   For example, after the debate FOX trumpeted Willard while MSNBC awarded victory to Obama.  CNN was on the air doing something.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Monday, 15 Oct 2012 Washington, DC

1. MALALA YOUSAFZAI: ALL SHE WANTED WAS TO GO TO SCHOOL. The 14-year-old Pakistani girl, shot in the head point-blank and nearly killed by the Taliban for supporting education for girls, has been transported to the UK for medical treatment. Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister and U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education said in a statement today that he is launching a worldwide petition in support of Malala and every child in Pakistan to receive an education. In 2003 an arm of the Taliban imposed strict religious law in Pakistan, as it had in neighboring Afghanistan. Music was banned, and girls were forbidden to go to school.

2. DEBATING THE DEBATE: WILL THEY TALK ABOUT THE 47% THIS TIME? Who knows? The Debates are by now an accepted part of the Presidential selection process. However, the ground rules are reinvented for each election. So what are we looking for in a President? Everyone has their own list, which can include anything from the sanctity of life to eye color, religion and tax bracket. The big surprise in the first debate was Romney's shift from the extreme right program he had been outlining for almost a year, to a more centrist view. The willingness of a candidate to acknowledge he’s been on the wrong path and make profound changes may be laudable, but what will Romney's position be tonight? More importantly, what will his position be if he is elected president? He may be planning another position reversal for tonight's debate – or he may just keep his plans secret.

This should be SOP everywhere

If prostitution is going to be a crime, then let's make sure we publish the names of the whores and the Johns.  If the prostitutes are prosecuted for their behavior, then we need to prosecute their customers too.

Zumba Prostitution Scandal: Maine town reacts after suspected client list released

For Virginians

You can take the boy out of the cesspool, but you can never get the cesspool out of the boy.  Who's the boy?  Why he's the Old Dominion's good old boy, George Allen.  Have you forgotten about his many cesspools?

New ad attacks revive George Allen’s ‘macaca’ slur

Prez Kill List Panders to War Lovers

The Prez may strike Libya to seek revenge for someone's killing of Americans.  That, and if done before Nov. 6th, he might pick up a few votes.  Actually he does not have to have a clue about whom to waste at all.  Using his signaiture strike drone clause, anyone he drops bombs on is guilty, otherwise they would not have been there and would not have died in the bombardment by our smart bombs--after all they only attack the guilty.  It's trial by drones.  ObamaCo is getting a a tad too medieval for my taste.


Don't Forget--It's Debate Night (Again)

I guess I'm simple.  No debate has ever led me to vote for a person in a general election, ever.  I am amazed that people do listen to "debates" and then say they actually made political decisions about which candidate to back in general elections.  Debates do matter in primaries, but not in the general.

At any rate, there will be another pander off tonight.  Tune in and see if Obama stays awake this time.  Perhaps Willard will reinvent himself again and introduce us to the Rombot 10.0.

Obama vs. Romney: Round Two for presidential debates


I do not understand how anyone can be undecided about whom to vote for in Nov.   Obama or Willard, that's the choice unless one is a committed third party fan.  Actually, in all cases, it's not the person that matters, it's the party.  Who gives a shit if Willard or Obama win?  Both are just political whores who have shown they will do and say anything to win.  However, it does matter if the GOP or the Democrats takes control of branches of government.  Don't vote for the man or woman, vote for the party.  Think not?  Then consider the Supremes.  What kind of judges would Democrats or Repubs appoint to become the newest member of Roberts and the Robes?  Parties matter, votes for parties matter.  Individuals belong to parties, vote for them if you must, but remember it's the party that gets elected.

Standing in fresh hot cowshit

That's gotta be what Obama and his aces in the State Dept. feel like they are doing.  Barefoot, no less!  I don't quite understand how they did it, but they saw the plop, took off their shoes and socks and stepped right in.  Look, has there ever been a real, spontaneous demonstration of public anger anywhere in the Middle East over an insult to Allah?  As ObamaCo steps out of the plop, they will have to clean up and pick out the corn stuck between their toes, if the Repubs will let them.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice at center of storm over comments on attack in Benghazi

Sharpen the Guillotines!

It appears that NECC has had more meningitis causing drugs for sale than the one steroid.   Off with their heads may be too kind.  Hmm,  inject them with their own stuff?

FDA: More drugs may be linked to meningitis outbreak

Okay Repubs, Willard, please lead us in your chorus--"Regulations, we don't need no stinking regulations."  Sing your song of unbridled capitalism to the families of the people who died.

New Math?

Yeah, it's new alright.  In Willard's world Pi = 3.0 and 1+1= 5.  It's not new it's just wrong.  Funny how pols and truth don't mix at all.

Mitt Romney’s ‘new math’ for jobs plan doesn’t add up

Monday, October 15, 2012

Want to free the world?

Well, people just need blue jeans and rock and roll!  Let music begin and freedom and liberty will follow.  As a bonus you'll get a side of sex, drugs and violence.  Rock levels the world.  Everybody looks good in jeans.  Thinking about the alternatives, let's face it rock beats the shit of out of political prisons, hair shirts, being stoned to death or burned alive by sick old religious prelates and power hungry perverts.  Damn, the State Dept. might have caught on--

Tiny Azerbaijan unleashes pop-power against Iran’s mullahs


Tweedledee and Tweedledum are running for lease on Air Force One!  Still think not?  Then note--

Obama, Romney camps both worried that Candy Crowley will ask questions


As we all pay attention to the latest polls, we may think we know who will win.  Come on, have you forgotten about the Electoral College?   The polls that matter are those which show which way states will go so we can add up electoral votes.  National polls don't mean squat.  If you aren't following polling sites that feature the electoral maps, then why bother?

Polls don't matter, Electoral College does in determining the next president

Oct. 14: Breaking the State-National Poll Stalemate

About Time

The girl who was shot by the Taliban for talking in public, has been airlifted to the West for medical care.   That should tell the good folks in Pakistan more about themselves than much else.  They created the Taliban.  They support the Taliban.  The Taliban kills people all for the glory of their god and of course for their own personal power and fortune.  Until the headscarves and worse disappear from women and religion is put in a dark back drawer, shitholes like Pakistan will continue to see its men shoot their own children and then seek assistance from the ever evil west.  Let's just withdraw from the area and let them brutalize themselves forever.  Come on does anyone really need a Pakistan or for that matter any of the -stans?

Pakistan airlifts girl activist shot by Taliban to the United Kingdom for treatment

He's Still Willard

The guy has no core.  He has not flip-flopped as much as he has turned further and further to the right over the past few years.  Then in the first debate, he reversed himself on years of statements of his own "beliefs" and instantly became a moderate?  Come on, he's still the ideologue who went through the primaries.  He's still the guy who bought his way in.  He's still the guy who will say and do anything to win.  He's still the guy the Trogs are glad to have because their only alternatives were Santorum or Gingrich.  Now why are Repubs so excited?  Hm, with onlly a few weeks to go, it must be that the thought of four more years of Obama finally sank in, so they now actually support Willard.  Oh, don't forget, with Willard you get the GOP platform, teabaggers,  and all those batshit crazy Trogs in the House and Senate.  Congress matters.  The chief exec is really an appendage to them.  Do you think Willard would ever veto a GOP passed bill?   I guess it all comes down to trust.  Do you dear voter trust Republicans or Democrats to run our government?

Don't forget, debate tomorrow night--

Presidential contest tight nationally ahead of second debate