Thursday, October 25, 2012


I probably won't be  posting much for the next few days.  I have house guests.  I'll resume posting on Sunday.  Perhaps one or two in between, but duty calls to cook, entertain, etc.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good News Ladies

You  aren't making 70% of what the guys make.  At least not if you are a 2008 grad.  No, you're come a long way and now make a whopping 82% of what the guys take home.  What ever happened to pay equity legislation?

One year out of college, women already paid less than men, report finds

Perhaps There's Another Perspective

Maybe it's not image, maybe it's a fact that they really suck and in a rational world would be done away with.

TSA fights major image problem

Why'd you rape that woman?

Uh, I guess, the rapist could say, "god made me do it.  The pregnancy is a gift from him to the world, I was just his facilitator.  After all he intended it to happen"  That's the logic of the GOP and a Trog named Mourdock who's running for the U.S. Senate.   Do you think Willard, if Prez. , would ever veto a bill that made abortion illegal?  Do you think he'd cheer the repeal of Roe v. Wade?  Other than women who despise themselves, I cannot understand how any woman could ever vote for a Republican.

Mourdock: Pregnancy from rape can be ‘something that God intended to happen’

Okay congregationalists, get out your "the world is 100% predetermined" hymnbook and let's sing "We're all god's pawns."  Can I hear a cheer for Jonathan Edwards?

Arab Sproing

If you thought much has changed in the Middle East you are wrong.  The status is quo and will remain so until Islam is put in its place (well out of the public square).  If you need a measure of real change, then the only country you have to follow is Israel.   When they no longer are attacked for their mere existence and are accepted as just one more nation in the area, then you will know that Arabs will have finally sprung into the 21st century.  Until then Arabs will remain mired in the sectarian bolstered dictatorships that reflect their past.

Barrage of Gaza rockets draws Israeli air strikes

MInd Warp Time

Okay, let's just for fun assume that the only folks who possess the truth are Pakistani cable TV outlets.  Hmm, then bin Laden died in 2006 and our raid was just an Obama reelection drama!  Damn that means that the CIA shot the Pakistani student, Malala Yousafzai, to trash the Taliban and win the hearts and minds of Pakistanis and gain their approval of our drone strikes in North Waziristan!  Damn that's mind warping!

Okay, we all know the Pakistani news is 100% bullshit.  Hold it, how well do you trust our version of reality?  What if Pakistan has the truth and there's a giant, mother of them all, news conspiracy!  How much is bullshit and how much is fact?  Some days it's scary to think about.  Pass the bourbon, I need to numb my mind (see the next post).

Attack on schoolgirl fuels Pakistani conspiracy theories

Before you totally reject Pakistan, may I ask that you listen to the crap Obama and Willard spew forth everyday.  They just want to be Prez.  Each will do and say anything to do so.  So what's true and not true?

A Good Reason to Not Reelect Obama?

Don't forget that he is the kill list Prez. He's perfected it on his watch. The problem with voting him out, is we'd vote in a bigger killer in Willard and the GOP. So I guess we're stuck with Prez Kill List unless we vote for someone else--how about the Libertarian?.

Now our serial killer in chief has institutionalized a new version of targeted killing. It's called the disposition matrix. It boils down to lists of names. The names are names of people that committees have decided are our enemies. The enemy must be taken out by any means available. Of course it's all done in secret, after all it's national security.  Can anyone give me a clear, factual definition of national security?
The saddest part is that the only folks who think this is wrong seem to be Libertarians. Mainstream Jackasses and Trogs cheer this behavior on and on.   We're free and safe to go shopping (if we have jobs).  We are changing as a people. We have left the rule of law in the wake of drone strikes and murder.

We have become so inured to drone strikes that they aren't even news worthy on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC. We accept targeted killing just as we did torture. This is Obama's legacy. The Shrub gave us torture, Obama gives us targeted killing along with establishing a bureaucracy, a set of laws, and a bit moralizing to build its foundation. Future Presidents will be able to be the Killer in Chief and we won't object one bit.

Don't forget, these are the same folks who gave us the no fly lists. Only this time, when you get on a list, you'll never be able to fly, walk, or breathe again. If you think the lists will ever get shorter, well, it becomes a complex of jobs that rely on more and more people on lists. If the lists were exhausted, then there go the appropriations and jobs. It's sick. We are entering the era of limitless lists.

Plan for hunting terrorists signals U.S. intends to keep adding names to kill lists

Note:  the other side(s) will catch on.  The "bad guys" will adopt our weapons and techniques.  Then we will live in an era of global assassinations.  Are you ready for nano-missiles?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's such a nice legacy

Thanks to the Shrub, Iraqis can engage in their national pastime, kill each other off in the name of their god.

Car bombs, mortars kill nine in Baghdad Shi'ite districts

Are Drone Strikes War Crimes?

President Kill List doesn't think so.  Hell, he's directed his lawyers to write secret legal opinions that make his actions 110% legit.  The guy read the Shrub's memo on torture and the the law.  Of course, folks in other countries might disagree.  Perhaps drone strikes are war crimes.  If so, then if a British soldier assisted a U.S. droner, he could be tried for war crimes if the British courts decide that drones are not quite legit.

UK support for US drones in Pakistan may be war crime, court is told

The Bozos on Iran

How much difference is there between Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

Reading Guide: Where Obama and Romney Actually Stand on Iran

Quick Alert The Trogs

Facts and science might be breaking out across the land!  Heavens will the evangefundies bag creationism?  That's a stretch, but in time, in time.

More Say There Is Solid Evidence of Global Warming

Just What The World Needs

Gee, Apple will announce "new" products.  Well, make that new as in an old product that gets the new and improved treatment of one kind or another.  Will anyone say "but wait?"

Apple’s Tuesday event: ‘iPad mini,’ new Macs, Macbook could be announced

Who won?

If you are a Trog, Rombot the ditto me on Obama's policies empty shell won.  If you are a Jackass, Obama the decider won.  If you are a TV pundit, then the only thing that matters was body language, facial expressions and poise.   What I don't quite get is how Rombot's past two years of statements can be discarded in one debate, how he can reverse himself so glibly on so many issues, especially foreign policy, and instantly  be embraced as a straight shooting believable GOP moderate.  In any other context he'd be called an untrustable liar and treated appropriately.   I hope the folks who both voted for and against him in the GOP primaries have taken note of the liar they nominated and will vote accordingly (don't vote or vote for the Libertarian).

Analysis: In final debate, Romney mostly embraces Obama’s foreign-policy record

Monday, October 22, 2012

Social Issues and November

Where they stand. Now you decide where you stand.

Seems About Right

Lance Armstong has been striped of his bicycle riding medals or whatever he won over the years.  Myself, I don't care.  I don't follow sports much at all.  They are silly and of no consequence.  Well they are of consequence when too many people place too much importance upon them.  That's when you get a Lance Armstrong who comes along to make too much money off a children's activity.  If nobody cared about the bicycle riding, do you think he'd have raced that much much less taken the drugs.  When a disproportionate payoff exists, that's when the con job begins.

Lance Armstrong ‘deserves to be forgotten in cycling,’ federation president says

God News

Lebanese army responds to gun battles between Sunnis, Shiites in Beirut

Yak Off (again)

Tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern Time two bozos will enter Lynn University, they will yak off, and then their fans will simultaneously declare their guy the winner.  FOX will praise Willard and trash Obama.  MSNBC will praise Obama and trash Willard.  CNN newsreaders will pick pimples off each other's butts and call it news.

If you need a "debate" on foreign policy to assist you in deciding for whom to vote, then please consider not voting.  If the magic undies guy is elected Prez, remember it's not him as much as it all those batshit crazy Trogs who gave us the Afghan and Iraq wars who will return to power.  Is that what you want?  If so, then Willard won and you know how you will vote.  If you opt for a tad less war then Obama won and you know your vote.  Of course the only person who has a decent foreign policy is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party candidate.

In final debate, Obama and Romney to offer differing views of America’s role in the world

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Give it a read

And then ponder what our leaders may be trying to hide from us as they decry, defame our assorted enemies such.  Diversion is such a nifty trick of the powerful.  Feeling diverted?

How blaming the West hides a war on women

Let's see, we're supposed to listen to the commanders in the ground?

Right!  Please note--Afghan security force’s rapid expansion comes at a cost as readiness lags

Gee, I wonder if any generals will receive the Enduring Trainer Award?


If Obama is able to cut a deal with Iran on nukes do you think all the folks who make a living analyzing, pontificating, and saber rattling over Iran would welcome such a deal?  It's funny how many people make their livelihood working to solve assorted issues in our nation.  If we actually solved any single issue, those folks would be unemployed and no longer show up on bobble head shows.  We can only buy so many memoirs.   Perhaps we don't solve problems because the problem's continued existence is too lucrative for too many people.  Do you think the Defense Department will ever solve the problem of war?

Do you really care if Iran gets a nuke?


The Race to be First Clown

The race is still on.  In fact, the bozos will meet again tomorrow night.  It will be their third "debate." Are you still undecided?  If so, then maybe you should stay home on Nov. 6th.  Come on you can vote for a decent sort of guy or one who wears magic undies and knows that in the next life, he's going to become a god and rule a planet.

Oct. 20: Calm Day in Forecast, but Volatility Ahead

Myths About Killing bin Laden

Five Myths

Finally a reason to have faith in the younger generation!

Is reason and sanity breaking out?  Have our schools actually been doing a good job?  Or have the kids  just watched adults around them as they grew up, learned along the way, and now make decisions for themselves?

32% - A Third of Young Adults Not Affiliated with a Religion

Porn-O-Matics Update

TSA's porn producing machines are being moth-balled or put where they won't be used as much.  Larger airports will receive newer machines which may use an different technology.  I do not trust the Homeland bunch when they claim to have discovered dangerous shit via the porn-o-matics.  What would we do and say if they told us, "nope haven't found anything dangerous at all.  For that matter we haven't found much of any kind by any methods. "

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports