Saturday, November 3, 2012

If you are considering Willard

At the Olympics, Mitt Tried to Convict an Innocent Man

Myths -- Electoral College

The five myths about the idiotic tool we use to determine who gets the lease on Air Force One are worth reading.  Only fore fathers named Larry, Moe, Curyly and Shemp could have dreamt this one up.   How do we rid ourselves of their blessing, the Electoral College?

Five Myths 

More War Ahead

About the only way we can end our economic dependence on war is to quit electing Democrats and Republicans.  Both parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex.  Hm, vote for Gary Johnson?  Well, maybe not this time around, but how about in 2016?  We need to shrink the DOD corporate welfare system.  The only political group that may attract sufficient numbers of people seem to be the Libertarians.  Could you support Libertarians.

It's nice to begin the 2016 election before the 2012 one is over!

No matter who wins Tuesday’s election, U.S. likely to become entangled in Syria’s wa

When will we talk about climate change?

We need to.  It's man caused.  We may not be able to reverse it, but we can slow it down.  If we don't then consider this.  The surge levels seen in NYC and NJ will become the normal sea level within a couple of decades and keep on rising, then when another Irene or Sandy hits...

It's going to be a long night

Tuesday will go on forever.  Damn, that sounds like a fantastic time for a party.  Plan your election return party now.  Then go stock up on all the goodies you'll need.  To hell with diet and "good" food.

Tuesday is not a time for chickweed soda and dense, barely chewable, but healthy brown bread.  Buy beer!  Buy pizza!  Splurge on anything salted.  Prepare for a deluge of sugary fats.  Get out the deep fryer and bring on the Twinkies and Snickers bars.   Indulge yourself, it's patriotic too.

 Make sure you take Wednesday off, then you can sit up all night as you party and follow the returns until Obama wins at 2:08 EDT by 2% with an electoral landslide!  Well maybe not a landslide but at least 300+.  I may be biased.


Dear Voter

Unless you have an overwhelming desire to live in 1850, make sure you vote for Democrats.  If you vote for any Repub, then you want to go back and live as we did in the good old days of 1850 or earlier.  At times I think the Trogs want to find their own Charles II to rule then nation.

Vote for Obama.  Vote for your Democratic Representative.  If your Senator is on the ballot, vote for the Democratic Senator.


It's not a tossup--Obama by 2%

Of course all the polls could be biased for Obama and against Rombot, but that is unlikely.  The election will be close and it will go into the early hours but Obama will win.  I have a feeling that "normal" Republicans actually hope Willard loses.  If Willard does lose, then "normal" people in the GOP can take their party back and oust the batshit crazy crowd Nixon welcomed in.   Repubs must be dumber than I thought.  Who would ever accept a gift from Dick Nixon?   I guess teabaggers, crackers and Jesus jockeys would have to go form their own party.

Nov. 2: For Romney to Win, State Polls Must Be Statistically Biased

Second Warning Time Warp Fans

Here's a question an idiot would ask.

"If you died after daylight savings time began, but before you could go back to standard time, does that mean the government stole one hour from your life?"

Willard is preparing to charge Obama with the theft of millions of hours of life.  Willard, of course, is the kind of person who would ask this question.  Do I have any facts?  No, like Jack Welch, I'm just making an observation and asking a question.

Return of standard time means getting back that hour of sleep lost last spring

Which Class Gets The Goodies First?

If you don't think we are a class based society, then look about you whenever there is a disaster and see who gets the least attention going in, during and coming out of catastrophe.  Funny how it's the affluent who see no need for government.  Who do  you think is still trying to recover from Katrina in New Orleans.  So much for being judged by how the least amongst us live.

Sandy, came, went and recovery has begun.  Who gets what, where, when, how, and with what effect?  Class is real, why don't we accept it?

Crippled N.J. city is frozen in Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath

Slow pace of recovery from Hurricane Sandy fuels frustration and anger

Annals of White Males (GOP)--Voters 2012

The GOP is hell bent on taking the country back to at least 1850.  Do you really think they give  a shit about voter fraud?  They are deathly afraid of non-white voters.  How many non-whites do you know who are Trogs?  Basically, all the voter ID crap is polite way to legitimate continued rich old white guy domination.

Jim Crow worked for them in the South once before.  Have you noticed that the red states reflect the South?  The GOP, for power, welcomed in the grits, crackers and evangefundies.  Once you let the trash in, they couldn't get rid of them.  I assume you watched the GOP primaries this year.

I have no doubt that the Supremes, if not this term, then the next, will gut the Voting Rights Act.  It's become a Catholic thing to do.  Funny how Catholics and rednecks go together these days.   Not to long ago, Southerners were inclined to run Catholics out of town as they burned churches to the ground.

 Virginia voter fraud case expands to focus on GOP firm

Today it's non-whites, tomorrow it will be women and then anyone who does not own property.  Still want to vote for a Trog?  Why (if you are not a propertied, white, male, Protestant)?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Remember the Primaries?

Earlier this year Willard went to the right.   He watched Bachman win the heart, they have no minds, of the Teabaggers.  Mitt promised them he'd be crazier than the crazy lady.  They voted for him,

Then he heard the freaky Jesus jockeys speak out for Santorum as they condemned all things good and decent in this world.  Mitt went to the right of Santorum and agreed to really support Israel, nuke Iran and bring on the end of days.

 Rick Perry put forth a Texas populism for white people to stop the Mormon in his tracks.  However, Perry tolerated Mexicans attending UT on the state's dime and couldn't remember his fist name.  Oops. Rombot pounced and watched Rick self-deport himself back to Texas.

Willmitt merely allowed Newt to talk madly and said "Ditto for me" knowing that Trogs like 'em lean not pudgy, with wives who wear helmet hair.   Willney did let Newt speak for himself in some slick ads.  The voters heard and remembered the Speaker.

Cain't say Cain ever had a chance, but he was good for yucks as the Rominee kept on taking away the guys' nines.  Romney won by telling every batshit crazy Republican exactly what they wanted to hear.  He made promises to them all.

Now the coreless one has pivoted to the center.  With his current rhetoric he could run as a Democrat.  Assume he wins.  If he governs like a Dem, the Trogs in Congress will make sure he suffers, gets nothing done and is not re-rominated.

If he governs like a strict and harsh conservative Republican, then the Jesus loving teabaggers will assume that he supports their brand of political insanity in toto and will champion their causes.  If Willard does try to teabag his way through his presidency, the Dems and "normal" GOPers will make sure he gets noting accomplished and serves one term.

If he tries to pivot back only to center right, then he will discover that the folks who nominated him have long memories and they all will insure he gets nothing done.  Even his magic undies will not say him from his own party.

Hmm, Willard's flip-flopping, coreless, say anything to anyone, belief free approach to politics guarantees he will get nothing done and not be re-rominated.  Is that what you want?   Gee, let's not waste four years on him.  We have to save the GOP from itself.   Vote for Obama, it's what you can to do save the GOP.

It's November

Next week we decide who gets the next four year lease on Air Force One.  I hope they don't have to put a magic undies dispenser on the plane.  Then we get ready for Thanksgiving.  Damn it's Xmas time already.  Okay, fans of conspicuous ostentatious consumption, in which store will you shop--Target or Walmart. The stores are more similar than not, but fans of one shun the other.  How did we ever get to this age of big box stores?  Is K-Mart still in business?

Wal-Mart, Target battle but have more in common than you might think

Good News Jerseyites

Sandy may have taken away your house, your car, your first born and your dog, but today you can take your last dollar and go to Atlantic City and make it a complete loss.

Christie says Atlantic City and casinos can open for business; residents can return

Margin of Litigation?

Oh, shit that means armies of lawyers.  Get ready for the legions of assholes for hire to emerge as the polls close next Tuesday.  Will the Supremes step in this time?  If they do, will they appoint Willard?  God, that's frightening--remember they appointed the Shrub and we had eight years of rule by a potted plant rule and his gardener Dork.  Imagine what eight years of magic undies will do to the nation...


I wonder has Willard given a set of undies to his running mate Eddie Munster yet?

At least they worship the same god...

The Syrian government troops are bad because they kill fellow Syrians.  Syrians who oppose the bad guys are designated as good guys by virtue of their opposition to the bad guys.  Of course the good guys also kill Syrians just like the bad guys which makes them bad guys too.  It's the bad guys versus the bad guys, they all wear black turbans.  I guess we back the lesser bad of the bad.  


Does TV News Look for Drama?

Assume the race for Prez is really pretty much set in favor of Obama (or Willard), do you think the cable folks would report it?  No, they need a close race to gin up excitement.  TV is inherently a medium that needs "violence" to draw in viewers, hence it's always moving into a photo finish.  Remember, if it bleeds it leads.

Many people in this nation would not have seen a negative ad if cable had not endlessly repeated them as news and discussion points for resident bobbleheads.  Come on, for example,  how may attack ads will be run in a state like Utah?  For that matter how many ads of any kind will be run there?  Utah is GOP central, neither party needs to waste a dime there, so minimal ads.  However the good folks in Salt Lake City do watch cable, so they do see the ads.  TV distorts the election cycle.  Imagine a race without TV...

Oh, here's the latest from Nate Silver--

In Nevada, Obama, Ryan and Signs of a New (Democratic-Leaning) Normal

The Idiocy Persists

For all you daylight savings time fans (and everyone else) it's that time again--

Return of standard time means getting back that hour of sleep lost last spring

Business as usual, we're screwed

Rich folks like their money.  They want more of it.  They do not give a rat's ass about anything else in life.  Hence it's no surprize to find that some business bosses prefer cuts to Medicare and Social Security as the fiscal solution for the nation instead of tax increases on the rich and cuts in corporate welfare (Dept. of Defense).   Perhaps we need to pull off a 21st century version of the early 20th's  trust busting and trans-generational wealth busting.  If we do not like sons to inherit the sins of the father, then we might give pause and consider that it's as equally problematic for sons to inherit the goods of the father.

On tax cuts, it’s CEOs vs. CEOs


I watched most of the Sandy coverage I could on CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, and The Weather Channel.  I don't remember any station that had coverage of Staten Island.   I saw coverage of boardwalks, beach front homes and Manhattan.   It may have just been when I watched what station, but Staten Island along with Hoboken were not in the coverage on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday we discovered a flooded Hoboken.  Now we're seeing what happened on Staten Island.  Hmm, is Staten Island the counterpart to New Orleans 9th Ward?  How much of the coverage and response is class based?  The pols seem to prefer attending to the donor class don't they.

Staten Island Was Tragic Epicenter of Storm’s Casualties

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Vote for Obama

Mayor Bloomberg has endorsed Barry!

A Vote for a President to Lead on Climate Change

Have You Forgotten Rick Perry?

He's easy to forget.  After all, he's the Gov of Texas and no one really gives a shit about him.  It's a weak Gov. state.  He did entertain and amuse the world for several weeks when he ran for Prez.  He lost, along with all the other batshit crazy Trogs.  Yeah, Willard was the best of the lot which is some kind of a commentary on the knuckle draggers party.  So what's the Texas Twit been up to lately?  Oh, he's put his 250th notch on his needle--

Execution of Donnie Roberts a grim milestone for Texas and Rick Perry

Where's a Roman When You Need One?

Sometimes Roman justice seems quite fitting.  Perhaps the good Bishop forgot, Cesar gets his and God gets his/hers/its.  Bring out the crosses and nails, crucify all the Bishops!  Damn that Constantine anyway, we'd be so much better off if he'd backed Druids.

Bishop orders priests to read anti-Obama letter at Sunday sermons

Why does anyone listen to priests, they but babble fictive fantasies.

Living on former glory

Man that's a rough way to make it in this world.  The Arabs are mired in memories of the 13th century and can't quite make step into modernity.  If you think that's bad, have you checked out Greece?  Yeah, they're still trying to live in 5th century BCE Athens.  The Greeks don't even have any oil with which they could buy "friends."  Maybe they should sell the place to Disney and they could make a Hellenicland theme park out of the mess.


Ohio a tossup?

Damn, the old white guys must have finally figured out the election is getting close.  Now they will have to vote for the best man--Willard.  Of course, they're bothered by all those blacks who vote for Obama just because he's black.   Does anyone voluntarily move to Ohio?  Why?

  Ohio moves back into the ‘tossup’ category on Fix electoral map

It's God's Problem, Right?

The GOP and their rancid base of Jesus jockeys have rejected climate change of all kinds--man made or god made.  To them we just hump along, cut taxes, make government smaller and don't worry.  They know that their god will take care of us.  With the care their god manifested this week in Jersey,  I think I'll take my chances with science and technology.  Why does anyone believe a pol or a prelate about anything?

Flood risk will rise with climate change, experts say

Good News for Barry

Applications for US unemployment benefits drop to 363,000, consistent with modest hiring

Do people really trust Willard?

He's a liar in magic undies--

In Ohio, Romney’s ads against auto bailout make pitch to the decideds

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HIs Magic Undies Are Too Tight

If your magic undies are three sizes too small they make you lie your ass off--

Romney goes off-road with the truth

Don't forget to vote next week

If you live in Virginia, here's the State Board of Elections site.  Note there are two Constitutional Amendments on the ballot-- November 6, 2012 General Election

There's a nice "what's on my ballot" link, you feed it your county, precinct and such and it will display all the races that will be on your ballot.

Now we're outsourcing college?

We've really screwed up manufacturing, housing, and banking in this nation.  Now we're destroying post secondary education too.  We have allowed pols to politicize everything.  Would you really let your kids grow up to be pols?  Really, you would encourage your kid to become a form of life lower than swamp scum?  Amazing!

Lower costs lure U.S. college students to Canada, UK

Want to know where Willard learned his ways?

He sure didn't learn them from his Dad.  I think he admired and emulated Tricky instead---so did every President since Nixon who permanently darkened the nation.

Living Apart: How the Government Betrayed a Landmark Civil Rights Law

Frankenstorm for kids

Need a book to help the tykes understand, cope and survive those perfect storms that may become the new normal?  Well, the GPO has one--

Owlie Skywarn helps us all prepare for bad weather


Hmm, looks like Obama in both popular and electoral votes.

Oct. 30: What State Polls Suggest About the National Popular Vote

Return to normal?

TV is able to show more of the wreckage Sandy left in her wake. It's going from bad to much worse than imagined. The extent of damages along the Jersey Coast are staggering. I doubt if any of the pols were really ready for the destruction. Funny how easy it is for assholes like Willard and his Trogs to trash the feds and FEMA in good times, but let a disaster occur and they deny what they used to say. Willard is, as usual, a flip-flopping empty shell. Do you think he'd even bother with FEMA if he were elected? He'd run a worse shop than the Shrub did. You haven't forgotten Katrina, Brownie and the Shrub have you. Think about it.

Amid outages, flooding and fires, New York and New Jersey start to recover

Independent Scotland?

Are you ready for it?  What happens if Scotland votes for independence?  Is it a good idea or no?  Hm, there are times I wish the Confederacy would reform and then leave.

Scottish independence vote is part of worrying trend

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Personal Appearances May Be Cancelled, But...

I live in Va.  I live in an area affected by Sandy, it rained and winded a lot.  Schools are closed.  Government is pretty well shut down.  It's not been anything like NJ or NY where I live.   Despite the storm the rest of campaigning has gone on continually.

We received robocalls on Sunday and Monday.  We had calls from surveyors.  We had calls from GOTV types for both Obama and Willard.  The phone game is still on and still strong.

As we watched TV on Sunday and Monday, the political ads were heavy.  I think the ad game didn't hesitate for a second.

I know the e-mail pitches didn't stop.  They are endless.  Yesterday I received a couple dozen Democratic pitches for cash.  I'm not on Trog mailing lists.

The campaign continues without the candidates--even the TV pundits are starting to bag Sandy for the Prez race.  They can talk for hours on the campaignless campaign. By tomorrow it will be back to politics all the time.

What will Obama do?  What will Willard say?

Storm scrambles campaign, maybe Election Day, too

Rapture Fans May Be Getting Nervous

If Qatar bankrolls a stable Gaza, then the probability of an Israeli led Middle East wide conflagration goes down.  It the war chances drop, then there it's less likely that anyone currently alive will wind up being raptured as god won't begin to smite the crap out of the world (his/her/its creation).  Do  you think the State Dept. will be lobbied to bully Qatar to stay home and keep it's money to itself?  The End of Days folks are just damn strange.  I wonder, is the rapture operationalized via use of a giant Hoover vacuum cleaner?

Israel reckons with unraveling Gaza policy

Takin' Back The Country Tour

Roberts and the Robes are on tour again.  The Originalist quintet is sure to win 'em big for the GOP as they attempt to revert the nation to 1850--sorry about that ladies and blacks, but they have to uphold the vision of our founding four fathers (Larry, Moe, Curley, and Shemp).   "Take My Country Back,"  isn't that an old Stephan Foster tune?

At Supreme Court, challengers to wiretap law say its secrecy creates a Catch-22

Place your bets on the decision...

Obama's Home Spared

That's a tacky way of leading into this piece--

D.C. Escapes Brunt of Sandy

Fortuna Smiled

We had wind.  We had rain, about 10" plus.  It blew from the North, West, and South over the past two days as Sandy went up the coast and turned inland.  Fortunately that's about all it did.  No trees down.  The power stayed on.  We watched TV--even  Dish stayed up the whole time, which means the cloud cover was never too dense.  The tubes stayed up.  Yep, Fortuna smiled on us.  Oh, I watched "Rome" on DVD last night--after a while you get Sandied out.

Today, the assessment of damage begins.  I'm glad I don't live in NYC or on the Jersey Shore.  Those areas were hammered.

Powerful storm devastates New York, New Jersey

Monday, October 29, 2012

This One Surprized Me

It must have pained the originalists to by-pass this case.  They have teamed with the GOP to take the country back to 1850.  I guess they'll wait until Willard wins and appoints a couple more Catholic knuckle draggers to the Supremes before they get even stranger than they are today.

 Supreme Court turns away case on Oklahoma 'personhood' amendment

Who will Sandy Help or Hurt?

Let's see, Willard will blame it all on Obama.  Obama will blame it on Mom Nature.  And Pat Robertson will blame Mom Nature for allowing gays to evolve--he knows God,  of course, is just pissed at everyone for everything.  Hm, if it rains for 39 days is it okay?   Life in these United States is interesting--


Bad Will Get Worse


Magic Underwear Update -- Maryland

Maryland has ballot measure to affirm or toss the state’s new same-sex marriage law. Jesus jockeys have expressed their displeasure. Well, that's all except the Mormons (if you accept them as Jesus jockeys). The magic undie crowd gave themselves holy wedgies over Prop. 8 in California a few years back but are silent today. Hmm, it is the case that they have decided to respect the separation of chruch and state or is it the case that they don't want to embarrass Willard and expose his magical beliefs?

Mormon church is conspicuously absent in Md. same-sex marriage referendum

Sandy Continues to Suck and Blow

I love the hurrincane commentators on TV, they keep telling us that it's bad now but the worst is yet to come.  Wind and rain and more wind and rain on the way.  Yeeech!

I expected to lose power this morining.   Fortunately we did not.  I am surprized that the Internets is still available--it's wifi--the radio towers have a tendency to be buffeted a bit too much in sustained winds, the Tubes seem to get blown over.

The water is up.  As I look out on our bay off the Rappahanock near the Chesapeake, the water is up maybe three feet from normal.  It's as though the tides have quit for the duration of the storm, we just have one water level--higher.

At least we know the major story for the next couple of days--SANDY!

Hurricane Sandy causes evacuations, closings throughout East Coast

Sunday, October 28, 2012

If you thought magic undies are just a Mormon thing...

Religious Underwear

Still Trust the Military?

They are like rats, for every one you see one and you know there are a couple dozen you don't see.  Here come the rats we can see and they are the leaders.  Yep they were being all they wanted to be--

Accusations against generals cast dark shadow over Army

Where is Rombot's support?

Oh, that's easy, he's tuned into the increased racism of white folks.  I guess he's the last great white hope.  Damn, too bad he wears magic underwear.  Oh, well, bigots can't be choosy.

AP poll: A slight majority of Americans are now expressing negative view of blacks

Weather News

Today and the next few days will really suck over most of the Eastern U.S.  Yeah, hurricane Sandy will do a lot of damage--D.C. area forecast: Sandy looms large; biggest impact Monday into Tuesday

However, did you catch the Hawaii weather?  Yeah, it sucks too--Tsunami warning issued for Hawaii, but canceled in Alaska where wave was small

Good News!!!!!

Virginians may be coming to their senses and are beginning to reject George Macaca.  Yeah you may take the  Trog out of the Macaca, but you can never take the Macaca out of the Trog--

Poll: Kaine maintains lead over Allen as Senate race nears climax
If you watch cable news, the story is a tied race, about 50/50 Obama versus the Magic Undies guy.  I am inclined to more agree with Nate Silver's analysis.  Obama has a 74% chance of winning and will take 290+ electoral votes.  Remember TV needs a violent type story to get viewers to tune in.  they hype, I turn them off an read instead--

State Poll Averages Usually Call Election Right


Here are some pieces I would have posted during the week---

Dark Money and Citizens United: What Obama and Romney Would and Wouldn’t Do About It

Why Florida is Sitting on $300 Million Meant to Help Homeowners

Another Way Student Loans Are Like Mortgages: Subpar Servicing

Reading Guide: Where Romney and Obama Stand on the Supreme Court

Are we better off today or should we be frightened?

I have been absent from posting due to host duties for my guests.  Well, that will continue as hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast.  We will probably lose power sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, so posts during the week will probably be scarce.

If you have not read this series from the Washington Post this week, take some time to read and ponder.  Hmm, is this your Granddaddy's, Daddy's or your United States?  We seem to trashing a few of the things that have made this nation the place everyone wants to immigrate to.  Are we throwing out the baby with the bath water?

1.  Plan for hunting terrorists signals U.S. intends to keep adding names to kill lists

2. A CIA veteran transforms U.S. counterterrorism policy

3.  Remote U.S. base at core of secret operations