Saturday, November 10, 2012

End of Days Front

Bless my rapture, there's been a rupture in the peace.  Yep, every time tempers flare and bombs drop in the Mideast, we're just one step closer to Armageddon.  The fundies are happy, how about you?

Gaza flares as Israel hits back killing five

Attention Democrats

2016 is a ways off, but 2014 is just two years away.  What about the Senate races?  Can Dems organize now and make the Senate a Democratic body--with 60 votes--in 2014?

Senate Democrats face a very tough 2014 map

Attention Nine Percenters!

Yeah, attention Congress.  Look y'all can go even lower.  I bet y'all can even obtain a negative approval rating!  They charted a course in that direction already--think about taxes, sequestration, and the national debt.  Oh, the good old debt ceiling is coming up again.  It has to be raised no matter what.  Yep, even if they do nothing and we go over the cliff, it has to go up as we go down or we will go down and out.

If the U.S. goes over the fiscal cliff, do we still need to raise the debt ceiling?


The final count is 332 to  206.  Willard lost.  The bumblers in Florida have sort of finished counting.  At least Roberts and the Robes didn't have a chance to appoint Rombot--they would have if they had the chance.   Obama won the popular vote and the electoral vote, he is the President for four more years.   Trogs need to accept it, he is the top dog.  He won.  Trogs lost.

Now it's time to think 2016.  If you are thinking of running for office, would you rather have David Plouffe or Ham Rove on your team?   If you  needed to understand polls would you go with a pundits with  40 years of gut experience or  Nate Silver and 538?

The next election will be very interesting.  What are the lessons learned from this one?

President Barack Obama wins Florida, topping Romney in final electoral vote tally 332 to 206

Another side of legal weed

Pot legalization puts bankers in a pickle

Who benefits from the "war on drugs?" Have you thought about contractors?  Yeah, think about all those companies that run prisons or provide prison services for the feds, states and localities.  They make money when their slammers are full of cons.

The current drug laws are an easy way to keep the cons a coming.  I bet we have a private prison industry congressional complex.  Why can't we fix shit? Well, it's because we've turned the shit over to the private sector and to stay in business and grow, they need more of the same old shit.  In other words, different day, same shit (but a lot more of it).

Thinking about the Trogs

After the rich old white guys lost the election, I began to think about 2016.  I hope the GOP does not change one iota.  I hope they stay true to what made them so "great" in 2012.   To change would admit that they actually are what the Dems know them to be.  Yep, I'm looking forward to 2016 when it will be Santorum vs. Clinton.  Then after eight more years of Democrats in the White House, the Trogs will do the decent thing and fritter away as they shelve their guns, put god back in the churches, as they hold their breath until they turn blue and fall into a well deserved and permanent coma.

Republican right weeps over Obama's victory – then begins internal civil war

Libya, Let the Analysis Begin

Did the Americans die because the State Dept. would not spend the money needed to maintain a secure consulate in Benghazi?  Is it budget over people?  If the first line of defense is comprised of locals and the locals are the ones who  sort of came out on top after a multi-faction civil war, it seems ill advised to say the least, to rely on militias.  Get ready for next week, the hearings begin--

Diplomats still in Benghazi say they had long questioned U.S. reliance on local militia

Today in things that blow the crap out of other things

Syria opposition considers unity amid reports of government airstrikes, rebel car bombs

Iran acknowledges shooting at US surveillance drone

10 Civilians die in land-mine blast in Afghanistan

Ready to Make Progressives Squirm?

It's easy to make a lib squirm.  All you have to do is find an issue where they wind up having to adopt the Trog's ideas in order to advance an aspect of their own progressive agenda.  Hmm, is there such an issue?

Well, how about making libs scream for states rights?  Can we do that?  Sure, just have a state legalize something that is illegal at the federal level.  Make sure it's legalized via a ballot initiative too.  The Feds will raise hell and declare that federal law trumps state law--screw the people.  The progs will point out that the matter was a ballot issue, the people of their state want recreational pot so all praise the 10th Amendment--power to the people.  Fun isn't it?

Legalized marijuana initiatives leave federal government wrestling with policy

With Respect to Voting Has the South Learned Its Lesson?

The old Confederacy has had to comply with the Voting Rights Act for 40+ years.  Have they changed their ways?  Not really.  As soon as they can run their own show, Southern States will turn back the clock.  How will that happen?

Oh, Roberts and the Robes will, as part of the "Originalism Rocks" tour will overturn key parts of the Voting Rights Act.  It's part of the Trog's taking the nation back to 1850 program.  Do I trust southern counties, that actually run elections, to run elections?  Yes, I trust they will find new ways to minimize the non-white vote, so that a white minority will become the voting majority in their counties and states.

Supreme Court to review key section of Voting Rights Act

Friday, November 9, 2012

Couldn't Keep It In His Pants Front

The latest in a long list of zipper challenged bigshots is Gen. David Petraeus.  Yep, he has had an affair and has decided to resign from the CIA. Oops, he won't be able to testify next week about the mess that happened in Libya.  I'm cynical.

I assume the White House crew knew the good general could not keep his dick sequestered and gave him a choice be shown to be an inept bumbler over Libya or become one more Eliot Spitzer.  Damn, that means Petraeus will have a gig on CNN within two months.  At any rate, whatever the truth, one more public jerk has confessed to having trouble controlling his junk.  I wonder for how long he's been junk challenged?  If it's been a while, then by his own logic he's led other organizations as he behaved unacceptably to their and our detriment.  If it's just since he became the chief spook, then he's most correct to step down and perhaps should never have stepped up.  Who vetted the guy and who advised and consented?

David Petraeus resigns from CIA

Who Really Gives A Shit Front

I have trouble caring one way or the other for what occurs or does not occur in religionland.  However, oodles of folks have soft spots for the weak minded.  Gee, an incoming boss wants his throng to allow women to be Bishops.  Yawn.

Justin Welby urges General Synod to vote in favour of female bishops

Come on, if women and men want a religion where women can be Bishops, then they should form their own. Leave the old and take their donations with them.  No donations, no religion.  The old religions will wither away. Of course the new ones will be just as idiotic as the old ones, but at least they would not be sexist.

Oh, a minor bit of fictive reasoning, assuming god, has anyone confirmed that god is 1.) not male and 2.) is not down with misogyny?

Are you ready for the wreckage?

As we all go over the fiscal cliff, who will you blame?  Myself, it's 100% due to Trogs who have been more concerned for four years with trying to prevent what has occurred--Obama was reelected, he has a second term. Now the Trogs are concerned about 2016, not the nation and its people.   They are self-serving turds.   If my taxes go up it is the fault of every Republican in this country.

How about it?  Will some compromise be achieved?  I'm planning on going into the abyss.  If there is a compromise it will be weak, watered down, and basically kick the can down the road for another year or two.  I doubt if any elected official in Congress or the White House has a shred of integrity, an iota of honor or scintilla of decency ( that includes all the new folks too).   Then again, the people of this nation have have exactly what we want.  We want to be ruled by deviants.   We are.

Obama sticks to guns on tax increase for wealthiest Americans

Political Junkies Take Note

An early look at the 2016 Electoral College map

I've been waiting for this one...

Hmm, if more states followed Washington and Colorado, it would boost tourism, create jobs, and goose the local economies.  Which states will join them next?


Self Immolation Fromt -- Tibet

Perhaps our Trogs should imitate Tibetans.  Can you imagine the display if Lardbo Limbaugh torched himslef?

New wave of self-immolations sweep Tibetan regions as China’s communist party meets

As of earlier

Florida still pretty much blows --

Florida Election Results: Official presidential race outcome stays in limbo, despite Obama claiming victory

Secrets and Obedience Front

Oops, don't blab, game makers might be lurking in the corners.  They could be jihadis or capitalists!

Defense officials: 7 Navy SEALs punished for disclosing classified information to video maker

I feel so much freer and safer don't you?

The Election Is Over But Bullshit Increases

Would a tax hike on the wealthy kill 700,000 jobs?

The GOP Game Plan

The GOP lost the election.  Willard will go concentrate on the planet he'll rule in the next life.   Obama will spend the next four years building his Rolodex so he, similar to Bill Clinton, can make many millions after he leaves office.  Both will surely write books about the campaign and in Obama's case he will also pen an eight volume tribute to himself.

As a result of the 2012 election, one question wasting a great of deal of time is what should the GOP do?   Does the GOP need to change?  If the GOP does not change will they ever win the White House again?  Much is being made of various voting groups which voted  disproportionately for Obama.

Should the GOP change?  Nah, they should stand firm.  They have their values and should rely on attracting any and all who share the those values, which thorough many debates and primaries, gave us Willard/Ryan.

If the GOP alters their values to attract those who do not share the current GOP value set, then the GOP will no longer be the GOP.  It will have morphed into an unknown.  If the GOP tries to less than truthful about its values to appeal to diverse parts of our people, then the GOP will become a laughing stock and wither away.  They must stand as they are, they cannot grow through lies and deceit.

The GOP cannot survive as the GOP if, to gain voters, it becomes some other party or misrepresents itself to gain members.  The GOP must do nothing if it is to endure as the Republican Party.

How say you?

Republican Party begins election review to find out what went wrong

As I said the GOP should keep their status quite quo.  Those who wish to emulate them will join--The end of a long, ugly road for the GOP’s Southern strategy

Thursday, November 8, 2012

As Pot Becomes Legal In More Places

How much do you know about pot today?  Here's a quiz-- How much do you know about marijuana?

Today in Islamic Car Bombs





When you like down with dogs, you get fleas

The Israeli top dogs laid down with Willard.  They got magic undies and fleas.  Willard lost.  Obama won.  Ooops.  Do they have to return the undies?

Israel worries about Netanyahu’s pro-Romney stand now that Obama’s won


Get to know the faces of 2106 now--Election 2016

Obama Won and Some Folks Are Angry

Who's angry?  Oh, it's fringe dwellers in the white supremacy nation.  You can find them in every state but are most abundant in the old Confederacy (core of the GOP).   Don't forget the NRA, they too will use Obama's reelection to their advangtage (promotion of gun sales).

For the Radical Right, Obama Victory Brings Fury and Fear

Stating the Obvious

Here 'tis--Election Day indicates nation’s political divide is deepening

Yep, the nation has decent people and Trogs.  We are divided.  I think the fundamental rift is religion.  The GOP has the Jesus jockeys, the Dems have everyone else.  It's really that simple issn't it?

Trogs think Mourdock was right when he said rape babies are a gift of god.  They also think Todd Akin  spoke the truth about legitimate rape.   Dems know those two are complete and total idiots.    Trogs hear truth through their Jesus filter.   Independents are split between the two.

Oh, when religion is involved, we have to deal with belief/faith.  That means there can be no rational, logical debate that addresses facts and reaches conclusions.  If we talk much and don't agree, then both sides break out the baseball bats.  

Florida Has Exactly What Its People Want

Florida still hasn't figured out who won and lost yet.  They have counting problems.  They have voting problems.  However, I have to point out, Florida runs just as its people want it to run.

The government is elected.  County government is full of elected folks.  The Statehouse is awash with the elected.  The elected run the government show.  They set the rules and run the election.  Since Florida is a representative democracy, as are the other states,  the elected do the bidding of the voters.

All folks have to do to change things is to elect a different set of people.  If people are complaining, then the question is,  do they vote regularly?  Oh, what about the high proportion of non-voters?  See, it's just as the non-voters and the majority of those who do vote, who determine how Florida and any other state is run.  How's your state?

Fla. election results still hanging, again

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Case You Were Curious

Eddie Munster was reelected to the House.  Is that a good place for him to prep for a 2016 bid?  Sure, but who wants a loser like Eddie Munster for Prez anyway?


Eddie won, but what about the Crazy Lady?  Did she make it back.  Will she run for Prez against Eddie?  Yes and you can bet your psychosis on it!

Bachmann wins re-election, Graves concedes

Oh, Gohmert won so he'll continue to represent some of the Trogs from Texas.  And Steve King will do the same for Iowans.  It'n nice to know Frick and Frack will continue to entertain the nation.

However, Allen West, the House's resident certified lunatic will no longer amaze and stun the nation with his rants.  He lost

I think I heard that 96% of incumbents who ran for reelection were reelected.  That's the kind of job security we can do without.

Assume 60%

That means Obama was reelected by a "majority" of 31% of all possible voters.  Yep, only 60% of us bothered to vote.  Obama won 52% of the 60% who voted.  Minority rule continues its proud tradition.  Can I hear a "USA, USA, Number 1, Number 1"!  Oh, Willard received 28% of the all possible votes.  I guess "NO ONE" actually won by 40%.

2012 Turnout Appears Lower Than 2008 

Where Will People Move?

Will Maine see an influx of immigrants.  Ditto for Colorado?  Why would folks rush to live at sea level or a mile high?  Well, gays might head to Maine (or Maryland) since the voters approved gay marriage yesterday.  Colorado may beckon the high to its heights since they (and Washington) legalized recreational pot.


Headlines You Have to Post


50 / 50?

The vote was close.  No one has a mandate for anything.  Do you remember when the Shrub thought victory equaled mandate after 2004?  That didn't work out real well for him now did it?  We are a divided nation, I'll agree to that.  Yep, 50% of us are good, decent people and 50% of us are acid drooling, knuckle dragging, sub-human Trogs.  Not that I'm biased, but.....


What will it take to put the fringes back on the fringe and allow the vast middle to dominate our politics?  Hey, was it ever really that way?

When it rains, it...

Actually it just sucks.  Well, more properly, it really blows.  Sandy blew the crap out of NJ and NY.  Guess what, it's going to blow again--

Sandy-battered NYC, NJ prepare for new storm _ a nor’easter expected to bring wind, surge

The same storm system will give coastal Va. a bit of wet snow.  Yep, snow this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow.  It will melt off but the idea of snow this early.  At least we'll get back to normal by the weekend--60s and maybe 70s.  It's been a dozen or more degrees below normal ever since Sandy screwed up the giant weather machine.

Greedy Sell Stocks

Today, the Wall Street lucre loving crowd sold off stocks driving the market down.  Why?  Oh, maybe they were reacting to the reelection of that Islamic Kenyan socialist.  Oh come on, that crap is only believed by the Jesus loving, gun toting, grits and crackers racist wing of the GOP.   Damn, that may account for 30% of the Trogs, but none of them work on Wall St.  Nah, the market tanked a bit because the news out of Europe sucks.  Even Germany may have some problems.

EU predicts bloc’s economy will fall farther, recover more slowly as debt crisis kills growth

Okay Disaster Fans

After watching Rombot eat the wall in his GOP race car, get ready for a multi-car pile up.  Call it Taxmageddon, Budgetpocalpyse, or the Fiscal Cliff,  now that we're finished with the election we're all going to sequesterate!  If both parties hold their breath until Jan 1st, we'll watch 535 blue faced bastards go over the cliff then notice that the part we've been standing on has broken off as we join them if the fifth level of economic hell.

Fresh from reelection, president finds himself on edge of ‘fiscal cliff’

Macaca Lost (again)

Yeah!  Allen can go wrap himself in his confederate flag and fiddle with his noose.  He lost.  I hope he has the good sense to stay lost.  I hope I never see another Allen yard sign.

Kaine wins Virginia Senate race

Whatever Happened to Willard?

Obama won by 303 or 332 (depends on how Fla. goes).  Obama won the popular vote by 2%.  The Dems have picked up 2 in the Senate, maybe 4 in all.  The Dems picked up 4 to 8 in the House.  The GOP lost, but have per Mitch McConnell defined compromise pretty much as agreement with GOP positions.  In other words, after a few billion dollars in ads, nothing has really changed at all.   It will only change if the people bury Congress with e-mail and letters on what they want to happen in the coming weeks.

Willard is history.  What is magic underwear anyway?  The GOP, unless it changes will be a minority party of working class whites and their rich old white guy masters.  The GOP has to eject the trash that Nixon welcomed in--southern racists and Jesus jockeys.  Nixon transformed the GOP into the Confederacy.  I doubt if the GOP will change.  Why?  Well for a new GOP to emerge requires that they avoid any issue that has a damn thing to do with sex.  Think about it.  The GOP lost because it obsessed over sex (rape, abortion, contraception, and gays).  

Rejuvenated Obama reelected as president after bruising campaign

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crazies are Everywhere

Israeli report says Netanyahu, military were split over possible attack on Iran

I wonder if Mr. Netanyahu understands, per our Evangefundies, Israel needs to attack Iran to bring on the End of Days and extermination of his people?  Perhaps he should thank the military and Mossad for their reticence to rattle the sabers.  The end of days is preposterous but fun to write about especially if it irritates the hell out of batshit crazy believers.  I'm just glad there are a few calm folks in Israel.


Nate Silver is a target for TV pundits and newspaper opinionistas.  They don't cotton to his use of data and stat.  I bet they'd follow him much more closely if he was writing about the NFL.  Mr. Silver gives Obama a 90% chance of winning about 313 electoral votes.  It's not a prediction as much as it is informed odds making.  If you were making book, would you take bets for Obama?  Rombot?  What are Rominee's odds?

Mr. Silver is very open about his data and methods.  His track record is good.  The weird thing is, every once in a while the vote, like a victorious underdog in a game, goes to the improbable side.  Bookies get bashed in one instance, but for the overall win well over 55% of the time.  I doubt any bookie will get stiffed today.

Here's today's column--Nov. 5: Late Poll Gains for Obama Leave Romney With Longer Odds

When Will Our Pols Discuss Drones?

Is the U.S. Drone Program Good or Bad Policy?

Why Drones Stayed Out of Sight in the 2012 Campaign

Even the batshit crazy have concerns about drones--Will Police Drones Destroy the Fourth Amendment?

Hmm, could drone usage, both foreign and domestic be the issue that allows our polarized body politic to have a conversation.  Drones dump on the Constitution in so many ways.

Car Bombs Today

Car bomb near Iraqi military base kills 27


It's here, Election Day!  Today you can cast your ballot for Mr. Obama or Mr. Magic Undies.  There are a couple of others on most ballots.  Take your pick and vote for Prez.

Of course, in most areas that matter, the Prez will not do much, it's really all about Congress.  So make sure you vote for Democratic candidates unless you prefer to return to life circa 1850 or earlier.    

Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you expect TV news to lead the charge?

What charge?  Oh, the one about all that money in politics.  They will give us the numbers then become remarkably silent.  Why?  Well where do you think a huge chunk of the money goes?

Political Ad Money on $2.69 Billion Pace

Do you really expect anyone directly involved in politics, who receives payments from  campaigns, to gore himself over all that money?

Today in car bombs

Just the highlights---

Officials: 2 car bombs kill 4, wound 17 around Iraqi capital

Activist group: 50 troops killed by car bomb in Syria

Car bomb kills child, wounds 18 in southeast Turkey

Car bomb rocks Benghazi police station

Start Your Office Pool Now!

This is a longer term bet, so get started now.  When will the first wrongful death by drone be committed by the Seattle Police Department?

Use of drones by Seattle police strikes a nerve

What do Islamists in the -stans fear the most?

Is it the U.S. Army?   No.  Is it drones that come out of nowhere and kill them?  No.  Is it invading armies?  No, it's the same thing that's feared throughout the Islamic Arabic world, educated women.

The Taliban's main fear

Schlupping Towards 2016!

Win or lose the Dems will need a new bozo in 2016.  Which clown do you think will be the 2016 nominee?

Hillary Clinton
Andrew Cuomo
Martin O’Malley
John Hickemlooper
Deval Patrick
Brian Schweitzer
Antonio Villaraigrosa
Julian Castro
Joe Biden
Corey Booker
Mark Warner
Tim Kaine

Hmm, Clinton is the only woman the Dems have?  

If Rombot loses then the Trogs will need someone without magic underwear in 2016.  Which batshit crazy thing will rise to the surface of the scum pond?

Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Chris Christie
Mitch Daniels
Nikki Haley
Bobby Jindal
Scott Walker
Rand Paul
Rick Santorum
Jeb Bush
Bob McDonnell
Michelle Bachmann

Gee, the Trogs have two females of the their species as possibles

Go Goode

Virginia Trogs have an alternative to Rombot.  They can vote for Virgil Goode.  He's the Constitution Party candidate.  He is batshit crazy.  Va. Trogs, please show your party you are pissed by voting for Goode.  Let the GOP know you don't like Rominee. Vote for Goode, it will help the GOP.  Actually, show that you really care about the future of the GOP by not voting for any of the party's candidates.

Third party vote could swing a state – and the election

Being All They Wanted To Be



So, who protects us from them?  It's time to end all the wars, close all foreign bases, and shrink the military by 50%--personnel and budget.

Magic Undies Update

Apparently there's an old vid on the Tubes.  Willard is interviewed about his undies, well about his faith.  Look, all believers are whack jobs, so if you must believe, feel free to pick your brand of cultic lunacy and practice away.  I will continue to enjoy myself with modest mockery and ridicule of the faithful.  You can believe me.  Now on to the cult news--

Video revives debate over Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith

Quick, how many pardons has Obama granted?

More than Bush?  Fewer than Reagan?  Based on his record, the guy is not the forgiving type at all--

Obama Has Granted Clemency More Rarely Than Any Modern President

Given the weather the past few years...

Where do the Bozos who want to "lead" the nation stand on global warming?  Basically about as far from the topic as they can.   How can this remain too political?  When will we elect a scienctist?  Oh, after we elect an atheist.

Reading Guide: Where Romney and Obama Actually Stand on Global Warming

More on Fair Housing Failure

Reading Guide: Segregation in America

Sunday, November 4, 2012

How's the ground game where you live

I live in coastal rural Va.  It's very Troggish.  I see more Rombot and Eddie Munster signs than I do ones for Obama and Biden.  The signage reflects the voting--60%+ will vote for magic underwear.

However, on the phone front, I'm receiving equal numbers of Obama and Rominee calls.  Too many.  Most are robocalls.  About every 7th call is a person.  It's fun to thank the Trogs for their call and then inform them they have backed an idiot for president and should be ashamed of themselves for giving him their time.

E-mail is 99% for Obama and other Jackasses.  I have received a couple of Mittney e-mails.  None for  Allen.   I don't remember if Wittman has sent any or not.

In Deadlocked Race, Neither Side Has Ground Game Advantage


I have never understood not voting.  It's a right, a duty and I am glad each of us can vote.  I am bothered by the lack of voter participation.  Maybe we should require it like they do in Australia.  Here's some info on the non-voter.  They are a strange lot--

Nonvoters: Who They Are, What They Think

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 1 Nov 2012 Washington, DC

 1. THE ROMNEY TAPE: AM I TOO OLD TO ENLIST IN THE CLASS WAR? I don't think anyone has a problem figuring out where I stand on science, religion or politics, but a month ago I watched the now notorious "Romney tape.” Surreptitiously recorded at a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser for Mitt Romney, held in the palatial Florida residence of one of his supporters, it was deeply disturbing. The Mitt Romney on that tape, openly sharing his plans for the presidency and his contempt for the ordinary wage earner is unknown to the general public. Why don't we withhold our vote? Who would notice?

2. THE REPUBLICAN STRATEGY: EVERYONE AGREES IT WORKS – SO FAR. The GOP problem in 2008 was dire; the administration of George W. Bush had been a disaster, squandering the record budget surplus, of Bill Clinton. Republicans could only invoke memories of the mythic era of Ronald Reagan. But Ronald Reagan used his personal charm to persuade Democratic leaders to work with their Republican colleagues in the interests of the nation. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, however, are short on personal charm. Saboteurs by nature, they devised a strategy more suited to their talents: a thin Republican majority in the House was enough to block whatever the President sought to do, as long as Republican ranks are purged of those with cooperative tendencies. I already miss Dick Lugar. One of the finest people to ever serve in the U.S. Senate, Senator Lugar worked tirelessly for the dismantlement of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons around the world. Alas, he lost the Republican primary for a seventh term to Richard Mourdock, state treasurer of Indiana. A tea-party conservative, Mourdock said in a televised debate that, "I think even when it begins in that horrible situation of rape conception, it is something that God intended to happen." Although Mourdock says he meant that only the pregnancy was God’s will, not the rape, the remark identified him as part of the so-called "Republican War-on-Women," along with Missouri Senate Republican candidate Todd Akin, who invented the term "legitimate rape."

3.SCIENCE ADVICE: NEAL LANE COMMENTS ON THE KEY TO GROWTH. The last time the federal budget showed a surplus was in the Clinton administration. The driving force behind the huge surplus was technological progress resulting from federally funded research. The architect of science policy in the Clinton administration was the President's science advisor, physics professor Neal Lane of Rice University. A NY Times op-ed by Neal Lane on October 28 points out that Mr. Romney is planning deep cuts in investment in science, technology and education. Mr. Romney seems to have lost sight of the critical role of research investments, not only in developing new medicines and cleaner energy sources but also in creating higher-skilled jobs. Neal Lane uses the example of Google, which was started by two graduate students working on a project supported by the National Science Foundation (which Neil Lane headed). Today Google employs 54,000 people.

As we head towards Tuesday

Remember this is an election of the lesser of two evils.  If you are a Dem, you are less enthralled with Obama and much more fearful of a Rombot in the White House.  If you are a Trog you despise the magic undies guy but know four more years of Obama will wreck the nation--Kenyan socialism here we come.  Who is the eviler?  That's for each of us to decide on Tuesday.  However, do consider this, magic underwear might become mandatory for all if the greater evil wins.

Which is all a way of saying we will remain a deeply divided nation regardless of which narcissist wins on Tuesday.  I suggest that a large part of the division is based in religion.  Think so?

Whether it’s Obama or Romney, the political divide is likely to will remain

New Pope -- Coptic Version

Here's more than you want to know about the Copts--


Jeckyl and Hyde

Here's something to think about.  Are we safer today than we have been in a very long time?  If we are, is it anyone's interest to say so?  Which pol will run on a "spend less on defense and security" platform?  Who will tell us we no longer need the monstrosity of the Homeland whatever Department?  Fear, war, and enemies are good for elections (how similar are we to Iran) and mindless public spending that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

The world is safer. But no one in Washington can talk about it.

Okay so you prefer to be afraid.  Well, to stoke your fear and deter you from ever flying again, read this--

Airport security checks are vulnerable to fake boarding passes, experts warn

Bullshit Time!

Here we go again---

Obama will win both popular and electoral votes.  He'll beat Rombot by about 2% as he acquires 300+ electoral votes.  The state that puts him over may well be, per Chuck Todd on MSNBC, Colorado.  So expect to party into the wee hours.

The House will remain under control of the knuckle draggers, but Dems will gain seats in low double digits.  However, in the Senate I think the Jackasses will pick up two seats (I'm least sure on the Senate).

Regardless of outcome, who do you favor for 2016?  (could not resist that one).  We need new parties and new people.  How do we start one for the 2014 and 2016 races?

Obama has slight lead in electoral votes; Congress expected to remain status quo

It's not the same

Courses on-line, even a "degree" on-line will never be the same as obtaining a degree from a college or university where you reside and take courses for four plus years.  Think not?  Ask yourself, will the sons and daughters of the more affluent allow their children to "attend" on-line?

Residential colleges may become but one more hardened element of the class system we currently experience.  Upper-middle class and up will go to college.  Middle-middle class and down will log-on.  How much mobility will this "education for the masses" facilitate?  I think little at all.  Currently we are locking down our class lines.  In 100 years we'll have replicated England at its aristocratic worst.

Elite education for the masses