Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's A Nice Day!

Any day that sees one less Trog in Congress is a nice day--California GOP Rep. Brian Bilbray concedes

Food That Kills -- Cheap Retailer and Shitty Producer Front

Let's hear it for companies that make cheap food.  Unfortunately, that food can kill.  I guess the producers crossed their fingers a lot.  Then we need to give a shoutout to the retailers that buy cheap shit, mark it up, and impress their customers with low prices.  Way to go Trader Joe's.  Hmm, maybe producers and retailers caught selling contaminated shit should be banned from both occupations for life.  That or super glue their assholes shut (it's a long painful way to die).

Here's what the FDA found on one such peanut butter butchery at Sunland--

"Investigators found that employees improperly handled equipment, containers, and utensils used to hold and store food," the agency report reads. "Employees handling peanut products wiped gloved hands on street clothes and other times failed to wash their hands or change gloves. There were no hand washing sinks in the peanut processing building production or packaging areas and employees had bare-handed contact with ready-to-package peanuts." The FDA said that over the past three years, company's tests showed products were shipped even though portions of their lots, or daily production runs, tested positive for salmonella. The agency also found that the internal tests failed to find salmonella when it was present.

Now who bought this crap and resold it?  Three years!  They need to be investigated too and put out of business!

FDA: Company shipped tainted peanut butter

Food That Kills Front -- Florida Chapter

Oops, Publix sold contaminated cakes made by Maplehurst.  Way to go guys, but remember if you kill off your customers, your bottom line will be Ch. 7.

Publix Recalls 45 Bakery Cake Products for Possible Listeria* Contamination


Congress KIlled The Twinkie!

It wasn't big labor that did in the tasty treat, it's Congress and the Sugar Lobby!

I wonder if the Indian Government Has Noticed?

Gee, we have a problem with nuclear proliferation.  Iran can't have the bomb, but both India and Pakistan can nuke the crap out each other.  Now I wonder if we'll need a drone proliferation program?  Bet's on whether India has a drone program?  What will happen when the lab guys produce long range GPS directed (who really needs a pilot) heavily armed, but small drones?  Oh  forgot to add in easy to make and cheap!  Kind of like an AK-47 but a drone.  Yeah Obama already has given the world his legacy.


If you are interested in retailing

Then here's a piece from the AP on the changes at J.C. Penney.  Interesting--


Still Think TSA Protects Anyone From Anything?


TSA X-Ray Body Scanners Sit Idle in Warehouse

Do you live in a 2012 swing state?

If you do, then you probably received lots of phone calls, saw oodles of TV ads and wished you could have an app that returns political mail to sender.  You were micro-targeted.  You were treated just like any potential consumer of a product.  How can company X adjust your attitudes so that you will buy their dandy new and improved product Y?  Who did the job better?  When it all gets analyzed, I'd bet on Obama's team over Willard's.

Look, I'm basically a Yellow Dog Democrat.  Yeah, Jesus Christ could run, but if he did so as a Republican, I'd vote for a yellow dog as long as that dog is a Democrat.  When I received Obama calls, I told them, my wife did the same, we will vote for Obama.  We vote every election.  There were very few subsequent Obama calls.  They should not and did not waste resources on me.

The Trogs, on the other hand, did not get the message.  Even after a couple of live callers were vilified a bit, they kept calling. The Trogs did use a lot of robocalls, but every call was wasted.  I guess they don't know how to micro target.  They assumed they would win.  It showed in the election. They lost.

So what did the Dems do?

Everything We Know (So Far) About Obama’s Big Data Tactics

Crazy Guy Won't Quit

Let's hope the final recount knocks him out of Congress forever.

County board grants Rep. Allen West’s recount request

Spyfall -- White Hosue Connection

Jill Kelly, camp follower, loves her generals.  Now, with the assistance of a White House staffer she's been moving on.  Hmm, do Presidents have camp followers.  Ooops, forgot about JFK.  The soap operas continues--

Jill Kelley, twin sister visited White House three times in autumn of 2012


Here's a headline, it's a good one -- Romney Becomes Persona Non Grata With GOP!   See, no one likes the schmuck.  Will the GOP find another person they don't like to run in 2016 or will they find someone they like?  Either way, if they do then the worst Democrat is assured of winning in 2016.  The GOP has some core problems.  I hope they fail to fix them.

Romney sinks quickly in Republicans’ esteem

Hmm, I voted for Obama. I haven't received my gift yet. Should I send the White House a note?

Yeehaa! It's the end of days (maybe)

Crazy Christians are in their basementsgetting ready.  They're watching the news.  They're trying on their Rapture suits (that's special undies, where do you think the Mormons got the idea).  Will Israel off the Middle East?  Will god come a smiting?  Maybe, maybe not. Who really cares anyway as long as the oil keeps flowing.

Israel pounds Gaza from air as troops assemble, Arab League meets

Friday, November 16, 2012

Does this mean had Petraeus been getting laid everyday...

Hormone may help protect monogamous relationships

And for disease paranoids

Pneumonic plague was a gas.   Bet that one makes you want to stay indoors.  Okay, how about pneumonic Ebola? Yep, take a breath and die.

Growing concerns over 'in the air' transmission of Ebola

There's something amiss with Texas

Come one George W. Bush?  That was a lulu.  Then Rick Perry tried but failed.  However, I bet he'll back.  When you think about those bozos you have to wonder if there is something in the drinking water in Texas.  There must be--

A train, barreled into a float laden with military veterans and their spouses on their way to a banquet to honor the returning war heroes.

Ready to Rapture?

Israel, Gaza and Hamas appear headed towards some kind of war.  Will this kick off a Middle East wide blood bath? The evangefundies hope so--it could mean an end to their days and their being sucked up into heaven.   Hmm, is god a vacuum cleaner?   Of course for the rest of us. It could mean the Arabs and Jews are just killing each other off in slow motion one more time. Yep, it's Middle East SSDD*.

Israeli military confirms rocket fired from Gaza strikes outside Jerusalem

*Same Shit, Different Day  

Another Trog Goes Pffft!

It's nice to see incumbents lose.  It's even nicer if it's a Trog.   And if the loser is an idiot, it's the nicest yet.  I am blessed with nice...

Ami Bera defeats Dan Lungren in close California race

There go the deep fried Twinkies!

Have you ever deep fried a Twinkie?  They are good!  Shove a stick in the Twinkie, dip the Twinkie in a thick sweet batter and deep fry that sucker.  It's a desert dip dog--hold the mustard, but do dust liberally with powdered sugar.  However, they may go the way of all things, into death, decay, and become long forgotten.

Twinkie maker Hostess moves to wind down operations, lay off its 18,500 workers

Bad News

Yep, the Trogs have finally caught on, they lost the election.  They lost to a black, Kenyan, socialist, Muslim who hates America.  Wow, twice too boot.   Too bad they noticed something might be askew with their politics.   I hoped they would not question why they lost and would remain unchanged for four more years.  I had hopes that Willard would run again.  Oh, well.  But, then again the masterminds of the rich old white guys party are not that bright, so I guess I really have nothing to worry about,   They will remain 100% bigoted evangefundie Trogs even if the--

GOP governors back away from Romney remarks

The GOP is quite capable of "giving gifts" while insuring that the recipients will vote for Democrats.

Spy vs. Spymaster

Look what happens when we create a vast illegal surveillance state and trash the rule of law!  Yep, the latest victim wasn't some schnook from Des Moines, nah, it was the Spymaster Petraeus.  I bet he's absolutely certain that we're safer and better protected from  those who hate us for our freedom.

I guess he must a freedom hater, after all he got caught by the  intell machine.  Yep, that Broadwell must have been a closet jihadi and Petraeus must be a mole.   Oh come on, she was just a camp follower who screws generals.  He's just a dumb old man with zipper problems, he wanted a younger piece of ass.  But, let's not forget to praise the Patriot Act.

What Bush created and Obama has bolstered has backfired on Barry just a tad.  I wonder how many others will be ensnared needlessly.  Feeling safer?

Was Petraeus Borked?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The New Bacon?

For a long time I've been mildly repulsed by bacon appearing in everything.   I am one of those people who prefer their cupcakes bacon free.  It seems there is not a food that has not been baconated.  Hold it, bacon may be out.  What's creeping in?  Oh, it's caffeine.  We've all seen the energy drinks advertised on TV (see next post).   That crap is just a fluid with large jolt of caffeine.

We know too much caffeine might be harmful, especially to kids.  So why hurt the kids by putting caffeine in something they really like, like Cracker Jacks?  Yep.  Quit bugging me kid, eat a box! Hell eat two boxes.  Yeah get the kid so wired he spends all day searching for a prize in the bottom of a cereal box instead of bugging you.

Come on, Cracker Jacks?

Cracker Jack's New Surprise: Caffeine

Hmm, caffeine cured bacon?

Is it food that kills or do dolts commit suicide with food?

I have been mystified by the 5 hour energy drinks.  I've seen the ads.  Since the ads have persisted, I assumed the company was still in business serving up a super cup of "coffee" to mindless imbibers of super Joe.   Oops, if an idiot drinks several at one time...

5-Hour Energy Drinks Cited in 13 Deaths

If the consumers who died, did in essence commit suicide by caffeine, then they should receive a posthumous Darwin Award.

Gee, they've noticed Obama won the election


Self Cooking Shrimp -- Gulf Update

I still will not eat anything out of the gulf.  It's going to take a couple of decades for the crud to get out of those creature's envirionment.  Until then, go ahead buy some shrimp, strike a match and touch it to your shrimp.  Those suckers will still cook themselves.  Yeah it called Shrimp BP.

Oh, why bring that mess up now?  Simple--


Trogs and Trog Wannabes Please Note

Look, god gave you great knuckles for dragging on the ground.  He gave y'all productive saliva glands so you can drool all day long and never suffer from dry mouth.  However, he did not give you a brain.

So would y'all quit trying to help the Democrats fix the economy.  Look, agree with them and vote with them.  Then after we're back on top you can fund important stuff like pig shit memorials in Alabama or a couple more creationism museums in the one red state of your choice.  I suggest Utah-it's the reddest state.

Why do I say this?  Well your counterparts did wrest control in Europe.  They implemented y'all's brainless plans.  They opted for austerity.  What did the get in return?  Oh, how about another recession.


McAncient McNasty Still Nurses a Grudge

Sen. John McLostIt does not like Barack Obama.  Gee, how did a black guy beat a white war hero who knew he was destined to become Prez.?  Obama kicked McDoofus's ass.  McHero is old, the kick hurt. So every chance McVengeance has,  he will try to return a kick to Obama's butt.  Of course no one expects McLiar to tell the truth--he's old, senile, and walks into walls as he dotters down Capitol halls.  After four years it gets a bit old, but he must make for great newstainment.  Yeah look at the old guy frothing at the mouth...

McCain’s claims about Susan Rice’s comments on the Libya attack

End of Days Fans Update

It might be getting closer than you thought.  Yes, the pre-war is heating up.  Pray now for total Armageddon.  Have you selected your special Rapture Day clothing yet?  Better not wait, go buy now.  Have you given away all your possessions?  There's still time, so get donating.  Remember, god will come, rapture you, smite the Jews, and get even with all those folks left behind.  Yeah, the behind crowd are all of us who think y'all are totally batshit crazy.

15 Palestinians, 3 Israelis dead as intense air assaults and rocket fire continue

Another Congressional Asshole

They know how to pick 'em  in Tennessee--Rep. DesJarlais admitted to affairs with two patients during divorce trial

I guess telling the truth does not matter anymore.  Lie all you want, but vote the party line and you are okay.  That's kind of a very low standard, but hell it's Tennessee.  Yeah the guy might be considered to be man of honor and virtue in his district.

Willard is truly an ass

Willard thought the 53% were going to elect him Prez.  He was just sure of it--I bet his prophet, seer and revelator even told him "god says you will win!"  Rombot  is an ass.

Oops, he forget, that sneaky, Kenyan, Islamic, Socialist was handing out gifts to blacks, browns, college kids, and unmarried women.  Obama lured 5% of population with gifts, after all 47% weren't going to vote for Romnitney anyway.  Willard knows that's the only reason he lost--gifts from the Prez.

Uh, Willard is an ass.  It's not just me, the GOP sort of agrees too.

I wonder does the loss mean he won't get a super, sparkly planet to rule over in the next life?  After all, even god doesn't like Willard all that much.

Generals will be boys--if we permit them

I guess we have permitted them to behave like urchins in a little boy's only club.  That's our fault and comes from how we vote and our misplaced patriotism.  They are soldiers who do a soldiers job, that's all.  Some of them appear to have decided they are more than soldiers and deserving of aristocratic toleration and treatment.

Congress does not help when they fawn all over the brass.  Congress reminds me of of camp followers like Broadwell and Kelly. They all contribute to the mess.  Oh, Petraeus and Allen are just two of the generals being investigated for what amounts to conduct unbecoming an officer.

The generals appear to have been noticed by Sec. Panetta--Panetta orders Pentagon investigation of legal, ethical issues among military leaders.

As Panetta peeks into the behaviors of his brass, I suggest he rid himself and us of at least 25% of all the generals and colonels in the military.  We have too many of them.  The bad behavior is a great context for reducing the size of the forces and then follow it up with a reduction in grade for all officers above the rank of 1st Lieutenant who remain after we end the Afghan debacle in 2014.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moneybags take note

The greedheads who have bought our government have a mess on their hands.  Granted on the one hand they have exceeded their wildest expectations, but on the other, they created an untenable fiscal mess.  Neither of the owned parties is really willing to compromise on much vis a vis the fiscal cliff.

The rich have created this mess with their patronage of politicians.  They have lobbied hard to increase and protect their wealth.  However, they now need to spend some cash to get the Dems and GOOPERs to act together or else.  It's the else that should scare the crap out of them.

The else is comprised of the fringes of both parties.  Both radical liberals and reactionary conservatives are beginning to see the fiscal cliff as a good thing for themselves.  It they start talking to each other, it may be over  The fringes see the mess as a beginning point for them to create a new nation and new parties that will rise from the wreckage of U.S.A., Inc.

Okay greedheads and Wall St. tycoons get on the phone and open your wallets.   Tax rates need to go up.  Business must really pay taxes every year.  Government spending must go up until the economy goes up.  You guys know how to make pols change, cut off the money and every Trog will Grover Norquist to go fuck himself.  Hey, that's a great way to start, have Mitch McConnell, on the Senate floor, quote Dick Cheney but direct his words to Grover.

Either check the fringes or watch out.  If the fringes win, it's uncertain if you will be able to retain wealth or be able to make money--it depends on which side dominates.  Either way, you will be screwed.  Y'alls call.

Congress at work

The Alternative Minimum Tax was created by Congress to make sure a handful of rich tax dodgers couldn't dodge paying taxes.  Congress failed to index the law to inflation.  Thereby the absolute dollar amounts are used and will catch about 28 million tax payers this year unless the same assholes who created the mess fix the mess one more time (as they have for decades--instead of fixing it by repealing it they patch it every year).  That's dumb.  That's Congress.   How do you spell Congress?  I spell it A-S-S-H-O-L-E-S!  Let your asshole in Washington know you are a bit pissed off.

AMT could keep 60 million taxpayers from filing returns till March, delaying refunds

Word of the year

What's the word?  It's omnishambles!  It is "a word used to describe a comprehensively mismanaged situation, characterised by a shambolic string of blunders. "  Hmm, that just sounds like "normal national cluster fuck" to me, but the omni- term is more genteel and you can use it on TV.

Omnishambles named word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary

Gif is America's word of the year? Now that's what I call an omnishambles

Gif?  That's not as representative for the U.S. as omnishambles was for the Brits.   Suggestions for a better word?

And off in the forgotten war

We still wage war in Afghanistan.  It's easy to forget when we have the sex lives of the war's top generals to provide newstainment.  The local folks will have to deal with our mess long after we're gone.  Perhaps they are taking a few steps towards that end.  Hmm, I wonder what some ace looking for a medal will do to fuck it up again.

Pakistan on Wednesday released several Afghan Taliban captives, a gesture meant to nudge along on-again, off-again reconciliation talks aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan, Pakistani officials said.

The Afghan government has long sought access to such prisoners in hopes of establishing a dialogue with the Taliban insurgents who have battled for 11 years to topple the U.S.-backed Afghan government.

But don't forget--

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan for five years, with strong support from Pakistan’s intelligence services, until the U.S. invasion that toppled the deeply conservative Islamic regime after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

I have confidence our leaders can keep us in the Rubble for at least another 50 years. Does anyone really believe we'll leave that mess in 2014?

End of Days Fans Update

Will this be the year for the big war to break out?  Will this be the year when the fans are raptured?  You know, if the fans would just leave, this would be a much nicer world.  Hmm, god if you're listening, could you sort of hoover off your nut jobs and leave the rest of us to muddle our way through?

New wave of Israeli airstrikes rock Gaza City, targeting Hamas buildings; at least 6 dead

Too Bad

Nancy Pelosi has decided to remain top Jackass in the House.  I'd like to see newer, younger faces in charge.  If she and her fellow septuagenarians will actually fight to the last breath for Democratic causes, then I will accept her as the new Congress's minority leader.  However, I have more than a feeling we'll but see more caving and craven emulation of old conservative positions.  After all, the Dems obtain their campaign funds from the same crowd that the Trogs tap.  Expect much principled harrumphing and not much else.  When's the last time you saw a pol risk reelection over a minor detail like the rule of law, principle or doing the right thing?   The 113th will be pretty much the same as the 112th, unmemorable.

Nancy Pelosi to stay on as House minority leader

Byte Eyes

Computers, the new private eyes for cheating


What was that line from WWII?  Yeah, "loose lips sink ships."  Hmm, whose lips were loose?  The FBI is looking into secrets possessed by the broad Petraeus knew well.   Remember this soap opera is brought to us by "the best and the brightest."  I wonder about our metric.

FBI investigating how Petraeus biographer Broadwell obtained classified files

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


David Petraeus seemed to enjoy building his persona.   He championed character, intelligence, and dedication to work.  Some called him a man of integrity.  Was he?  I always assumed that integrity means doing the right thing all the time.  Do the right then when people are watching and when no one is watching.  There are no heroes and there are no villains.  There are just people being people.  Too bad we can't keep that in mind when the next personal exemplar comes along being bragged or bragging his way into our lives.

The tax pledge that Grover Norquist extracts from the GOP members of Congress amounts being a wealth protection lobbying program.  If you ain't rich why would you ever vote for an idiot who makes such a pledge?

As we head to the fiscal cliff, the White House is circulating the idea that we need to make cuts to Social Security and Medicare.  It's being touted as the reasonable thing to do.  It's so compromisey.  Basically that's bullshit.  Go over the goddamn cliff instead.

The rich continue to protect themselves--Obama is not poor nor are members of Congress.  Lots of tax increases come first.  Defense cuts come second, then pause and see what needs to dealt with next.  If people decided to form a new party--abandon the Democrats  and create a new party, that would be a good start.  It's time for the Dems to be gone--they are Trogs in Jackass suits.  Perhaps organized labor could kick it off and speak for those of us who make under $100,000 a year (that's about 85% of us).

All In! It's Spyfall

Then and Now in Sleazeballs

Scandal-plagued politicians: Where are they now?

Dems Jackassery

I can understand Pelosi stepping down.  She's in her 70's and frankly, other than nettle Trogs, has not down that much for the Jacksasses in the past few years.  Of course her replacement is in his 70s.  Perhaps the Dems might look for someone in their 50s to lead the House Dems.  The old farts are just that old and full of gas.

Pelosi considers stepping down as House Democratic leader

 In the other part of the Jackassery, the Senate, John Kerry wants to become either Sec. of State or Sec. of Defense. I hope Obama has the good sense to keep Mr. Kerry in the Senate. Remember this guy is, at best, the intellectual peer of George W. Bush (he may have been appointed Prez, but was not qualified to be dog catcher in a dogless land) .

 Obama considering John Kerry for job of defense secretary

Brass Zipper Front

Oops!  It looks like another zipper has joined the party!  Ms. Kelly seems to like generals.  Hmm, is she a command groupie?  Weird.

Petraeus investigation ensnares commander of U.S., NATO troops in Afghanistan

Oh, my, the less than admirable general may not have wanted to step down from being senior spook.  I guess he liked his deskjob.

Petraeus hoped affair would stay secret and he could keep his job as CIA director

At least we have not had Mrs. Petraeus publicly "standing by her man."  What was that line back in the Shrub's day, betrayus Petraeus?   Oh, well, even the FBI is part of the sex thing.  The agent who kicked off the investigation can't keep his shirt on for Ms. Kelly--

PICKET: Agent investigating Petraeus allegedly sent shirtless photos of himself to woman involved in case

Okay, when will the vids hit YouTube?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Teabaggers Return

The House Teabaggers, a.k.a. right wing of the GOP, elected in 2010, were mostly reelected.  After two years in office, they found it's a pretty good job with lots of perks, so they will keep on running for reelection.

House freshmen faring well as incumbents

Quo pro Quid Time is Coming in the 113th

Who bought whom this past Nov. 6th?  Remember, backers back those who have a high, almost certain probability of doing what the donor would otherwise have to ask for, but asking for with cash is illegal.  If the donee acts, then subsequently asks for cash, it's legit.  The doner's risk comes during the first Congress in which the new "statesman" takes office--they might not vote right.  It's a small risk.  Look, this time around, 96% of incumbents who wanted reelection were reelected.  Quo pro quid works very, very well.

Senate scorecard: Who won, and whom they owe

Trogs Are the White Party

But that means a majority of white guys are Trogs.  If does not mean all white guys are Trogs.  If all white guys had voted Trog, then a Trog would be the president elect.  Isn't it nice how parties and elections keep race, ethnicity and social class  a going concern in the land of the free and home of the brave.

White guys’ voted for Obama, too

Rapture Update -- Israel Shells Syria

Israel fires at Syria for 2nd straight day

Fucking Over The Volunteers Continues

If you are contemplating being all you can be by enlisting in the Army, bear in mind, it's pretty good as long as you remain able bodied.  If you become damaged goods, well, it's pretty much fuck you very much for your service.  That's been SOP since 1787.  Think about Vietnam and Agent Orange.  Hmm, this time it's missing documents?  DOD cuts costs on the the old to maintain the new crop of cannon fodder.

Missing documentation complicates benefits claims for veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan wars

Advice To The GOP

I should not do this, I do prefer the thought of a GOP free world.  However, I cannot resist giving Trogs the one piece of advice that will allow them to return to their roots and become a respectable political party.

Trogs have to drop kick Jesus out of their party.  Trogs have to put the zealots back in their pews, lock the doors, and keep those batshit crazy people out of the public square.  If the GOP permanently bags Jesus, they will never see another debacle like the primaries that yielded Willard.  Willard lost to a man who should have not been reelected.  The economy still mega-sucks.  Think about it.  What the Trogs experienced in 2012 was Dick Nixon's legacy to the GOP.  Does that give you the willies?

Pollution Fans, Good News!

Despite the best efforts of tree-huggers, water-huggers, the EPA, state government, local government, federal government, and private business, Chesapeake Bay will continue to be the nation's premier cesspool!  If god wanted a clean bay, he/she/it would keep it clean for those made in his/her/its image.  We're just victims of god's blessing, right?  In other words, it's business as usual.  Start your office pool to guess this Summers' Bay dead zone size.  The winner gets a hand-painted blue crab shell.

Opposition threatens Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan

The Spook's Zipper

Here's more on the nation's former top spook.  It doesn't take much to go from adulated hero to just one more lying adulterer who lounges in the halls of power now does it.

Lawmakers want probe of Petraeus investigation

In addition to possible court martial for adultery if he shagged Broadwell while still on active duty, the mess gets murkier when we add in Eric Cantor and an FBI whistle blower.

Spokesman: House majority leader knew of Petraeus matter in October

Sunday, November 11, 2012

End of Days fans take note

The rapture might be coming a little bit closer for y'all.  If only the Jews would attack all the Arabs---


For the rest of us it's just getting messier in the Middle East.  Will Obama start a new war in Araby?

Batshit Crazy Jesus Jockeys

Okay, here goes, yoga teaches urchin spawn to become Hindus?  I did not know that, did you?  I'll have to tell Mrs. Jake that her current beliefs are at  risk due to her Yoga routine.  Come on, how batshit crazy are these people?

Parents view yoga in elementary school as religious indoctrination

Taking us back to the 12th Century

Trogs might want to temper their enthusiams for taking us back to somewhere.  Pope Ratzy wants to take Catholics way back.  Note back then celibate prelates ruled the  Western world.

Pope creates Vatican academy to boost Latin studies in another olive branch to traditionalists

Of course back then, gays were limited to the priesthood so it's natural for Ratsy to

Dig in after gay marriage advances in US, Europe; asks sarcastically why not polygamy

Same Shit, Different Day Front -- Veteran's Affairs

No matter how much attention is brought to bear on veterans not much ever changes at all.  After all who really gives a shit about ex-cannon fodder at all.  Oh, on July 4th we do, but then it's back to business as usual for the other 364 days in the year.  Hm, if we actually had to pay for the full cost of a war we might be a bit less willing to charge into the next one or not be able to afford another one.

For VA, mountains of disability claims remain a problem as vets wait for help

Obama has a second term, so how about some Myths!

Five Myths About 2-termers

Okay the Bozos spent a couple billion on self promotion

That's a lot of money.  Where'd it go?  Who raked in the cash?  Hm, with this kind of spending, it's like a stimulus and jobs program for pundits, admen, TV and radio stations.  I wonder if either candidate has a backdoor way of getting some of the cash expended on themselves for themselves?

Private consultants see huge election profits

More on the latest zipper failue

David Petraeus seems to have had his middle aged crazy moment.  He's been forced to share it with all of us.  Instead of buying a sports car he opted to boff Broadwell.  Nice name, no?

The whole story has not come out yet.  It will take some time to cover all the various angles.   I'm curious how he was approved for his current CIA job.  Either the vetters really sucked or he lied.  I doubt if the timing has much to do with Libya, but I cannot totally discount it--remember the "I did not have sex with that woman" kind of assertion.   I cannot dismiss security breaches when he was running the Afghan War and shagging the Broad well.

Here's the Posts pieces for today--

FBI probe of Petraeus triggered by e-mail threats from biographer, officials say

It's a tad more appropriate to say he let his pants down isn't it-- With Paula Broadwell, Gen. David Petraeus let his guard down

Oh, don't forget the wife.  Will Dave pull a Spitzer and make a speech informing us he's a moral turd while his wife stands there like an idiot, by by her soon to be ex-man.  I do hope not--Gen. Petraeus’s affair tarnishes seemingly idyllic marriage

Something to think about

When the strong, the rich and powerful, adopt the word liberty as their watchword, they really express their desire to have freedom to exploit the weak.