Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good Question

Would Elimination of the Ames Straw Poll Help The GOP Obtain Better Candidates?

Not at all.  Ames and all of the GOP caucuses and primaries yield very Republican candidates.  If they really want decent nominees who can win national elections, then they will have to become Democrats.  It's not the GOP process that sucks, it's the GOP people and what they believe that allows them to be total losers.

Why OTC?

If the pill is made an OTC item, then the cost will be to the consumer.  If the pill remains a controlled substance, then the cost will be to the insurer under Obamacare.  Gee, why would anyone ask--

Should birth control pills be available without a prescription?

Guys Better Take Note


What is it about the adherents of the rich old white guys party that seems to predict its own demise?

Attention Sunni Arabs In Iraq

Your buds in belief  have rebuilt a shrine.  Better get your sectarian exacerbation kit out and blow the crap out of it.   For the rest of us, here's an piece on the Shiite site and what it means in their thoughts.  As usual, religion is just swacked out weird.


Who cares anyway

The lesson is this, Arabs cannot do the sample testing needed to determine if he was poisoned or not.  This is especially true if one has to include even a modicum of impartiality, some facts and a skosh of truth in the process.

The primary activity of the Arab male is to hang out in streets and mindlessly chant idiotic slogan's which some religious zealot has coined that expresses fatal displeasure with Israel, the U.S. or in general the West.  Street life leaves little time for mundane matters such as education or earning a living.  Oh, the primary activity of the Arab female is to sit at home alone in a closet wearing a bed sheet over her head until her dear husband returns home and gives her permission to come out of her closet.

Yasser Arafat’s remains to be exhumed Tuesday for probe into death, Palestinian official says

Arab Sproing

If you still think these three words can be used in a positive sentence, then you may need to see a shrink. Oh, the words are "Arab, Democracy, and Muslim." Mr. Morsi is living up to expectations.

President’s decree of new powers divides Egypt

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 22 Nov 2012 Washington, DC

1. THE AFFAIRE: WASHINGTON’S TOP SPIN DOCTORS ARE CONFERRING. The relationship between four-star General David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell, his nubile young biographer, has moved into the crisis- management phase, according to Scott Shane in Wednesday's New York Times. Paula did not seem to be an appropriate perk for the Director of the CIA. However, if the real purpose was to free Petraeus to promote his biography, the tawdry affair could be spun as a clever tactic. Including a few details on the affaire could make the biography a best-seller. Meanwhile, other general officers are said to be ordering their staff to "shred" all, uh, "personal" e-mails, but Washington computer-security experts tell WN that you can't shred e-mail. Once it enters "the cloud," e-mail, like diamonds, are forever. (Aside: Voice recognition is a wonderful tool, but no matter how I enunciate "Petraeus," the Dragon insists on transcribing it as "betray us." I read nothing into this.)

2. THE GIFTS: ROMNEY SAYS HE HAS FIGURED OUT HOW OBAMA WON. It was diabolically simple: Obama promised expensive "gifts" to the 47% that don't matter. Stuff like free contraception and coverage or forgiveness of student loans that an enlightened society should have been providing all along to help them some day matter. These are the people Romney wrote off at the infamous superrich fund-raiser (WN 3 Nov 12). Yet compared to the humongous tax breaks already given to the ultra rich, Obama’s gifts are embarrassingly cheap. In fact, they offer a big return on the investment. In its 2012 report, released just a week ago, the UN Population Fund concluded that effective family planning initiatives could save $5.7 billion worldwide. What conservatives can't bear is the thought that people would enjoy sex. In the recent election both Romney and Ryan opposed federal funding of groups such as Planned Parenthood.

3. THE SECESSION: NOTHING IS CERTAIN BUT DEATH AND TEXAS. Texas is threatening to secede over the election returns. It wouldn't be the first time Texas has seceded. France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the Confederate States of America all claimed Texas until they discovered the place came with Texans.

4.THE CLASS WAR: PLEASE! DON'T THROW ME IN THE BRIAR PATCH. When WN wrote about the $50,000-a-plate fundraiser for Mitt Romney, there were many complaints from readers who felt I should stick to science issues and vowed to cancel their subscription to WN. Naturally, I was badly shaken. However, as I explained to my Science and Public Policy class, I am not paid a dime for writing WN anyway.

Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Nice To Know That Everyday, Somewhere, A Car Will Explode

Today in car bombs --

Car bomb in Afghan town kills 3, wounds 90

Car bombing in Syria’s Idlib kills three, injures four

Uh, What?

Okay your people enjoy exacerbating sectarian tensions.  That means one groups of Muslims are killing another group and vice  versa.  What can a nation do?  It's obvious, shut down cell phone service.

Pakistan Clobbers Cell Phones


I hope Sec. Clinton has not grounded her shuttle yet.

Israeli troops kill Palestinian on Gaza border

If you have the time and interest but did not catch them

Democracy Now -- Woody Guthrie at 100: Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, Will Kaufman Honor the "Dust Bowl Troubadour"

C-SPAN -- Sports Experts Discuss Safety of Youth Football

C-SPAN --  Have you figured out the sequestration yet? How the Federal Government Is Preparing for Possible Sequestration

This Week In Hate

Radical Right Joins in Secession Frenzy

Public Safety

Are you afraid of terrorists?  Do thoughts of Islamic jihadis keep you off planes?  If so, then I bet you are tickled pink that we have a Dept. of Homeland Security.  The good folks at DHS do things to make us safe.  Yep, they spent $430 million on a common channel radio system for all its folks to use in the face of the next disaster.  Man, communication improvements will really help.  Yeah, the problem is, none of the 123,000 folks who might use the damn system know how it works.  Feeling safer now?

Homeland Security Has Spent $430 Million on Radios


Maybe his heart was in the right place, but his head found make money on the terminally ill.

Insurance Schemer Cops a Plea

Oh, speaking of sleazy stuff, how about the good folks in Arizona?

Why Is Arizona Still Counting Votes?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Okay, it's Turkey Day, so...

Here's a column with a bunch of Thanksgiving Day facts.  Enjoy---

Thanksgiving Day by the numbers: 10 mind-stuffing facts

Oh, what is a Wampanoag? Read the piece and find out.

I may have to buy this book....

A lesson on how fashion affected human history

Evidence Based Medicine -- Mammograms

The problem with evidence is that it may upset those who obtain benefits from a conventional, standard, long standing, contemporary practice.  If evidence suggests mammograms may do more harm than good, it's not a reach to discover that the opponents of the suggestion are The American Cancer Society, radiologists, and docs who strongly recommend mammograms.  There is such a thing as a vested interest and stupidity--remember docs did not like to be told to wash their hands before seeing a patient.

Where are we now in the mammogram brouhaha?

Mammograms leading to unnecessary treatment, study finds

Wonder Woman!

Wow!  Sec. of State Clinton flies in, shuttles around a bit and we have a cease fire instead of an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza.  That's not too shabby at all.

Hmm, I wonder what would a Clinton Admin would have been like?  Will we see one in 2016?

After Israel, Hamas reach Gaza cease-fire, both sides claim victory

Cable News

I'm a lib, a progressive, hell, I'm a socialist and anything other -ist, -ite. or -tive you can think of as long it's not Republican, not conservative, not reactionary, does not want to take anything back and does not give a binkie about the unborn taxpayer.  If you had to guess which cable news network I watch, I doubt if FOX would come to mind.

Nah, FOX is fair and balanced for knuckle dragging, drooling Trogs.  If decent normal people watch FOX they get massive headaches.  It's a blessing that decent folk have a balanced and fair news network that they know which deals only in facts and truth.  Indeed, we have MSNBC!  It's the anti-FOX.

Anyone who watches FOX or MSNBC after 2:00PM daily knows FOX is for Trogs and MSNBC is for Progs.  What's the big deal?  Why is the head of MSNBC so sensitive?

MSNBC chief — Fox cheerled; we didn’t

I'm not sure what CNN these days, sometimes it emulates FOX, then MSNBC and occasionally tries to be what it was when Bernard Shaw and Judy Woodward were the main evening anchors.  CNN must appeal to folks with multiple personality disorder or those who just never can make up their minds about anything.


Sectarian violence has broken out in, not Iraq where it's everyday normal, but in Pakistan.  Oh, come to think of it, it's normal there to.  If it's Islamic and Arabic (or nearby), then sectarian violence must be part of their liturgy and worship practices.  Yeah, it reminds me of Catholics vs. Prots in England during the reigns of post Henry VIII kings and queens.  Religion pretty much sucks, but this time it may not be merely exacerbation of violent tendencies, it might be a bit of sectarian cleansing--

Pakistani Shiites face 'sectarian cleansing': experts

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Screwup Continues

Obamacare remains the law of the land since Willard lost his magic undies to Barry.  Hell, even the Supremes gave it five thumbs up.  Okay, quick what provisions might affect you and yours?  Does any part of the Affordable Care Act affect your health care?  Obama and his crew still have not been able to explain the law to us.  It's a strange way to do business.  They better get 'splanin'.

Millions will qualify for new options under the health care law. Most have no idea.


Just heard on MSNBC that Sec. Clinton has pulled off a cease fire.  The two sides have agreed to quite shooting missiles into each other's territory.   If they quit the shooting, they gain time to resolve other issues.  More  on this when it reaches the papers.

Jill Kelly's BFF Is Back In Kabul

Yes indeed, Gen. Allen, has left his 30,000 pages of e-mail in the hands of the FBI.  They're looking for dirty little secrets.  At least Allen does not appear to have done the old horizontal bop with the bimbo.  Be patient, I'm sure there are several more shoes to drop the new series "General's Bimbos" continues to captivate the nation.


Gone, Back, and now Gone

Well, the Twinkie will be no more.  For a while.  Someone will buy the brand and bring back the cake. Keep the deep-frier ready for the next incarnation of cream filled goodies.  Until then, have you tried to deep fry a Snickers bar?


Scandal Babe?

Up and down those stairs again? The tiring life of a scandal babe

They Think This Will Make Them Winners In 2016

Of course it will have the opposite effect, but that's the way Trogs approach the world.  Oh, it's the Susan Rice nonsense that the knuckle draggers have ginned up.  They have to have a rallying point to attack Obama--they still cannot accept that this nation has a black president.  Are the attacks on Rice racist? Yeah, pretty much--the GOP is the dumb-ass white guy party.   I hope they persist in their idiotic rants because as they do, they about guarantee the GOP will become but a faint memory of something inconsequential known only to readers of U.S. history.  How much do you know about the Whigs?

House GOP keeps focused on Susan Rice

Getting Closer to End of Days?

I'm sure the committed Jesus jocks think so, but for everyone else it appears that Israel gets closer and closer to a ground invasion of Gaza.  Sec. Clinton is trying to broker a ceasefire between Netanyahu, Abbas and Morsi.  Good luck, but I doubt there will be one soon.

Here's the Post's recap for today--Gaza fighting rages as Clinton pursues durable cease-fire

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Political Databases

This Fall two systems battled it out, Narwhal vs. Orca.  Orca turned into a dead whale as Obama's Narwhal tusked Willard out of his magic undies and was left to die bloated on the electoral beach.  The Dems data system is large, comprehensive and quite useful for candidates in races in '13 (Gov. of Va. is one example).  Hmm, should we think a bit about privacy?  After all, these folks are the same guys who spent the last 20 years creating the fiscal mess we all enjoy so much these days--

Obama was able to collect and use personal data largely free of the restrictions that govern similar efforts by private companies. Neither the Federal Trade Commission, which has investigated the handling of personal data by Google, Facebook and other companies, nor the Federal Election Commission have jurisdiction over how campaigns use such information, officials at those agencies say.

Privacy advocates say the opportunity for abuse — by Obama, Romney or any other politician’s campaign — is serious, as is the danger of hackers stealing the data. Voters who willingly gave such information to campaigns may not have understood that it would be passed onward to the party or to other candidates, even though disclosures on Web sites and Facebook apps warn of that possibility.

Democrats push to redeploy Obama’s voter database

Mitre Cieling

The Synod has sniveled.  Women may be priests, but hold the incense, they cannot become bishops!  Anglicans who live in fear of women becoming bishops will not have to become Catholic converts*.  Religion is just weird.


*Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham

God Did It!

No man or woman put those gases in the air, god did it.  After all god runs the show, we are but pawns at his/her/its mercy.  That's for the benefit of the god squad members (a.k.a. morons).  The rest of us, well, if we keep it up, the warming will accelerate and we know what that will mean.

Greenhouse gases hit record high

And the winner is....

Well, first we have to go through two sets of primaries, one for Jackasses and one for Knuckle Draggers.  Can you imagine a Trog like Rand Paul in the White House?  Aw, hell we had George W. Bush--he lowered the bar to below ground level--so I guess we can imagine that .

Rand Paul: I’m interested in 2016 bid

With Generals in the News

I caught this segment with Thomas Ricks on C-Span this morning.  If you have the time and interest it was quite good--

Military Ethics and Leadership

Here's the summary from C-SPAN--

Thomas Ricks talked about military ethics and leadership as a number of generals and admirals were involved in legal and ethical issues, and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta had ordered an investigation into the reasons behind the problems. Of the controversies surrounding Afghanistan war leaders former CIA Director General David Petraeus and General John Allen, Mr. Ricks stated that the real scandal was not their behavior with women but the high turnover rate among the U.S. military leaders in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. He stressed the need for a better process in finding competent military leadership, saying, “The media, the Congress, lack sufficient military experience to really know what good generalship looks like.” Mr. Ricks also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.

Now it's time for Shuttle Diplomacy

As Israel and Hamas continue to blow the crap out of each other, the Sec. of State is on her way to save the day.  I'm sure Obama has his fingers crossed.  One thing I am sure of, no matter what happens, is done or not done, as long as it is related to the Obama administration, good old Sen. McNasty will carp, bitch, piss and moan.  How bitter can one old fart be?  He lost, he needs to get over it.  What a McTurd.

Here's the Post's recap of the day--Clinton heads to Mideast as Israel weighs risky choices on Gaza

House Approval Rating Goes Up by a Dozen Points

How can that be?  Oh, Allan West has conceded his race and will not be in the 113th Congress.  To be honest,  the approval did not really go up by 12.  However, West's departure has got to be add some stature back to the House.  He's really that nutzoid, rotten, and creepy.

Florida Rep. Allen West concedes

Nostalgia Time!

Think back over the past year.  Go back to Iowa, ah memories.  Now come forward in time a primary at a time.  Yeah, those were the days.  Crackpots came out of the woodwork.  Most of them ran for the GOP nomination.  One of them was nominated and lost, okay which of those madcap batshit crazy guys and gal was the worst candidate of 2012?

Eating their young -- Grand Old Poopyheads

Aw, Mitt the Twit wasn't conservative enough.  Hmm, if Willard had run on the crap he said during the primaries, he would have lost by a much wider margin.  I hope the GOP infighting produces a party that nominates a complete, though conservative, ass like Santorum.  Ready, set, implode!

Conservative Republicans fight back after Romney loss

Monday, November 19, 2012

Where in the world is Barry?

Uh, Cambodia?


Libya? Facts? Come on it's just more of the permanent campaign

Rep. Chaffetz is sure Obama is evil when it comes to Libya.  Of course all he has to prove his assertion with is his word (and the magic eight ball he uses to ascertain truth ).  Yeah, I can hear him saying, "trust me, I'm not a lying Trog."  Either do a serious investigation--without any Congressmen involved or please shut up.  These beltway brouhahas get so damn old.

Did the Obama administration know its Libya protest talk was inaccurate?

Ready, Set, Kill!

That about sums up the latest round of Israel/Gaza/Hamas violence.  Here's today's summary from the Post--

Death toll rises as Israel pounds Gaza Strip

Grab Your Socks -- Church of England Front

Oh, my, some of the folks who want female bishops and the folks who do not want female bishops may join together to prevent the Church from agreeing to allow females to become priests.  It's religion, it's strange, it's dumb.

Come on, if you go back into the early days of Christianity women were priests and bishops*.  A bunch guys kicked them off the org charts around the time Constantine put the church on a sound financial footing.

Hell, if folks don't take to women in significant organizational roles, they have alternatives. Pope Ratzy will help them return to the 12th century. They all can join the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walshingham and be safe from female priests.  Yeah take that Henry!

Church of England nears vote to permit female bishops, or debate issue for a few more years

*See: "When Women Were Priests: Women's Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of Their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity" by Karen J. Torjesen, 1993(?)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maybe it's the quality of the recruits?

That frame of reference has not been addressed now has it?  Hmm, who, these days, volunteers?  Don't tell me it just a bunch of of patriots, because it's not (well maybe a smidgen).  If the ones who enlist are a bit mentally marginal to begin with, being all you can be, may make them dead by their own hands.  It's disconcerting.

Army, Navy suicides at record high

To the tune "happy days are here again"

Let's alls join the uber-Jesus jockeys and sing "end of days are here again" as ISRAELIS STRIKE KILL 11 IN GAZA, INCLUDING CHILDREN

Fiscal Cliff

Five Myths

Who need science and facts?

Obviously, the Pakistani Taliban have need of neither.  Polio will not be eradicated due to this mode of thought.  Before you shake your head and think about calling those folks something less than gracious, think about evolution, man made climate change and the GOP.  Idiots know no national boundaries.  Gee, the GOP could be the American Taliban.

Polio fighters in Pakistan struggle against myths and realities

Read and Think

As I read this piece on the perks that generals have come to expect, I was reminded of Roman history-- the migration from Republic to Empire.  I prefer the early Republic.  What came later was the disintegration of a people as money and power came to dominate everyday life of the Roman people's lives.  Rome's success as a Republic, spread the seeds of it's ultimate Empiric demise.  If we are Rome today, we are not Rome of the Republic's day, we are Rome in it's Empiric decay.

Petraeus scandal puts four-star general lifestyle under scrutiny


Once again Mrs. Jake and I have house guests, so posts will come as they come.  I have not read today's papers, I have not watched the bobblehead shows (they are recorded on the DVR), and it's just now that I have been able to take the time to make this post.

One thing I did try today, I do most of the cooking, was a Tofu  dish.  I used extra firm Tofu.  I marinated it in a mix of soy, teriyaki sauce, sherry vinegar and ginger after pressing out the water,  After blotting it dry, I dipped the tofu in cornstarch, then in coconut milk, and then into breadcrumbs (panko if you have it) mixed with powdered ginger.  Before cooking--350 degree oven for about 20 minutes, I sprinkled on some shredded coconut.  It was tasty.  The person I cooked it for enjoyed it.  It's hard to cook the basically same meal for hard core carnivores and hard core vegans.  The carnivores had chicken, the vegan had the tofu all on  a bed of romaine and coleslaw garnished with sliced almonds and rice noodles  (it's a version of Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad).  

Tomorrow will be a hearty polenta dish.  Unfortunately the vegan does not like mushrooms, so there will be two versions one with mushrooms and one with pearl onions.