Saturday, December 1, 2012

Science is self correcting

Social Psyc always seemed "unscientific" to  me.  Apparently, it's gotten very sloppy, but at least it's been noticed and castigated.  You can commit fraud for awhile, but you usually get caught.  I would not be a bit surprized if the Soc. Psyhc folks thought and still think that their works were credible.

Final Report: Stapel Affair Points to Bigger Problems in Social Psychology

Outsourcing at DOD

It's been odd the way the military has turned to contractors for more and more jobs formally performed by regular Army types.  I'm not sure how many real soldiers we have left.  Hell, we had more Mercs in Iraq than we did troops and Afghanistan is worse.  The Air Force can't even fly drones, they hire Mercs to fly them.   At least we have the generals, our fabled commanders in the ground to tell us what to do and how to wage the wars.  Oops, we've outsourced them too--

Meet the Think Tankers Advising the U.S. Military in Kabul

I guess the best part (if you hate democracy) of hiring Mercs, yes, that includes the Kagans, is that all accountability is lost.

What Do We Use Drones For?

Obama is really messing up the world with drones.

This is a huge outstanding dilemma. Is the primary purpose of the drone attacks counter-terrorism, or is it counter-insurgency? If it’s counter-insurgency, that is a very different mission, and you have to rethink the justifications and rethink what the ultimate goal is of using lethal force.

I guess we're moving from being the world's policeman to being the world's hit man. Hell of a legacy, no?

What Will Turtle Man Do?

Is it possible for Mitch McConnell to out Mitch McConnell himself?  He might have to.  He's running for reelection in 2014.  He'll have to out right his rightness since there's another inbred bully waiting in a dank Teabagger  Kentucky cavern and ready to slither out into the light of day and run against Sen. Turtleman.

Mitch McConnell has one eye on Obama, another on 2014

Peace in the Middle East?

The UN admits Palestine as a non-member observor by an overwhelming majority.  I think it was eight votes against.  This action seems to nudge along some kind of settlement with Israel doesn't it?  Perhaps to the rest of the world, but the Israelis have decided to build more settlements right where it will really piss of the Palestinians.  Will there be peace?  The best answer to that questions is "my ass."

After U.N. vote, Netanyahu authorizes new building in settlements

Religion Continues to Blow

I remember my grandmother's place.  It pretty much sucked in the house.  She was some kind of really screwed up religionist, Methodist flavor.   There was no smoking, no drinking, no card playing, no singing, no music, no dancing.  She had a longer list of dont's then she did dos.  As a kid, it was odd, but okay since I went everywhere with my Grandfather who did smoke, drink, sing and dance, out of the house of course.  Religion warps the mind.  So it's not just Islam, it's the fringe dwellers in religion land that really blow, the rest just suck.  And it's beginning to blow chunks in Mali--

In northern Mali, music silenced as Islamists drive out artists

Place Your Bets!

How long will it be before a U.S. Air Force drone, piloted by mercs, collides with a commercial passenger aircraft?  At the rate Obama continues to expand the drone program without any oversight I bet it will occur with two years or less.  Oh, it refers to any drone owned by any part of the U.S. government--Army, Air Force, Marines, State Dept., CIA and all the rest.   For all I know Congress has it's own drone program to spy on the White House.

Obama's legacy will not be Obamacare or managing the fiscal crisis, it will be the damnable drone program he unleashed on the world.  Remember all those sci-fi machine war flicks?  Well, drones will be close.

Drone crashes mount at civilian airports

Friday, November 30, 2012


November 30, 2012
SPLC sues conversion therapy group for fraud
We've just filed a first-of-its-kind fraud lawsuit against a counseling group that claims it can convert people from gay to straight. Our clients paid thousands of dollars only to be emotionally scarred through false promises and humiliating techniques that included stripping naked in front of a counselor and beating effigies of their mothers. Watch SPLC attorney Christine Sun and our clients on CNN. 
Intelligence Report reveals history of Sikh temple killer
The latest issue of the Intelligence Report traces the path of neo-Nazi Wade Michael Page from an Army base through the white-power music world to a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, where he massacred six worshipers. The SPLC was the first to identify Page's connection to a violent white supremacist group.
Double the value of your support
Take advantage of our special Year-End matching gift opportunity and double the value of your contribution. Your donation today will be matched dollar-for-dollar, allowing your support to have twice the impact on our work fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice.

Least Worst?

I guess when it comes to Trogs and House committees, all we can hope for is that the least Troggish will chair science committees.  Oh, well, at least Todd Aiken isn't going to chair anything.  Trogs seem to embody antiscience and unknowledge, but they do have masters degrees in eye squinting, hand raising, white patent leather belt wearing Lord praising!  I do have to wonder about all those districts owned by Trogs.

Smith Wins Chair of U.S. House Science Committee

Which Trog would be the worst?  I nominate Steve King (R. - IA).

I Hope This is Practical Soon

Imagine if every time you got your cholesterol checked they could also determine if you have cancer!  If caught and treated early...

A Step Toward a Universal Cancer Blood Test

Annals of God -- Environment

Man only does what god directs, we all know that.  We also know that if god loves us, everything will come out just right in the end.  Of course the timing of "in the end" is a bit unknown, I'm not sure if god    uses earth time on some other time.

God has his/her/its preferences.  God can be fickle.  Today god does not like ice so he/she/ it has insured that we, his creatures, heat up the planet with abundant greenhouse gases.  I guess pollution is really a form of worship.  It seems that god no longer likes large navigable rivers, the ice melt will keep the sea levels up.  Drought is now his/her/its tool to dry things up a bit.

How can we interfere and make a reduced Mississippi River navigable?  Isn't that apostasy?  How can we allow heretics to improve on god's diminished rivers?

Enough mockery, here's the piece on the mess we call the Mighty Mississippi--

Lawmakers press Obama for action on Mississippi River

Cliff Notes

True, so true.  Why do allow these miscreants in Congress. Oops, forgot. Other degenerates voted for them.

Fiscal cliff crisis: Made in the GOP

Annals of Sick Fuckers -- BDSM

This one crosses the line.  Even with consent, there are some things that are just flat wrong.  No one can volunteer to be a enslaved.   A person may want to be a slave, but the law does not allow it, if it does then we need to modify the law.  If this is tolerated we'll see a bit more human trafficking.  Think about it.  BDSM is deviant, period.

Missouri BDSM sex slave trial could explore norms of sadomasochism

Downloaded iTunes 11 yet?

I did this morning.  It's a large download, I stated it and took a walk.  I take a three mile or so hike early every morning these days,  so I figured it would be installed by the time I returned.  It was.  The interface was just different enough to make be be a bit puzzled, but I found the bits I use.  I have no idea what benefit the update is for me, but I'm current is about all I can say.

Here's a review.  I mostly concur, how about you?

Won’t Someone Take iTunes Out Back and Shoot It?

Living Up To Expectations -- Egypt

Egypt is just one example of a pretty shabby place.  Their highlights happened long ago when dictators had people make huge rock piles, we call them pyramids.  It's been downhill ever since.  Recently, they made moves towards a constitutional democracy that includes little things like freedom and liberty for all ( well, mostly all, I'm not sue if they accept Copts as humans).

As expected, they can't quite get the job done.  They move from one SNAFU to the next.  Pretty soon they will have to declare a state of FUBAR and import a despot to rule them.  Egypt and every other Arab state will founder until the people decide to put Islam behind them and establish a strong separation between church and state in their governmental institutions.  In fact, until Islam is checked there will be no peace in the Middle East.

Egyptian assembly approves new constitution in rushed vote

Susan Rice -- Sec of State or No?

I wonder about Rice.  I can totally reject anything McNastry says--he's a bitter old man, damn it still pisses him off that he lost to that black guy.  Then there's the Senate's biggest closet, Lindsey Graham.  His words are as easily rejected as McChump's.  However, when an almost erect Trog, Susan Collins, has probelms, I wonder what's really lurking there in Ms. Rice's background.

All eyes on Susan Rice now that she’s presumptive front-runner to become secretary of state

Rice holds stakes in firms that have done business in Iran

Knuckle Draggers At Play In The Halls of Congress

The Trogs cannot help themselves. After four years of obstruction and just saying "no" to prevent the black guy from being reelected, that's all they can say. Well, the black guy won, their white horse turned out to be an ass.

Trogs are responsible for the mess we are in. Trogs gave us unfunded wars, massive deficits,  and the economic mess the Dems are still trying to salvage any way they can. Why on earth, unless you are in the 2% or are one of their sycophantic butt boys would anyone be a Trog? Aside from racism, it's amazing.

Obama makes fresh demands on ‘fiscal cliff’

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A new reason to be a bit pessimistic about the Middle East

Just what the world needs, another Arabic/Islamic "state."  They do not have states. they have tribal aggregations at best.


Cliff Notes II

Gee Simpson and Bowles are grumpy about fiscal cliff solutions.  Have you ever noticed it's never referred to as the Bowles Simpson Commission.  That would make it the BS Comm.  or worse, the BSC.

Bowles, Simpson aren’t optimistic about a deal to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

Douchebags of Democracy

Look, it's Arabic and Islamic, so douchebag is being poilite--

Egypt's Constitutional Assembly begins voting on draft document

Cliff Notes

Let the name calling begin.  Oh, who will you blame if we go over the cliff?  After four years of saying "no" and moving the goal posts (sometimes on a daily basis) this puppy belongs to the GOP.  How can a party put Grover Norquist above the Constitution and the nation?  They have.  It's time for the GOP to round up a few people who can think and reason with facts instead of their made up crap.

Boehner: ‘No substantial progress’ on ‘fiscal cliff’ after Geithner meeting

White House spokesman: Boehner ‘deeply irresponsible’

Annals of the pill

I am confident there has not been a 50% decrease in fornication (come, we're a sex obsessed society), so combine the pill with crappy economic times and no need for large families and you get---

U.S. birth rate plummets to its lowest level since 1920

And I think the abortion rate is declining too.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Move!

Not only should the plant be shutdown permanently, but all the owners and managers should be charged with a felony such as manslaughter, be convicted and do five to ten years in a nasty prison.  Can we send them to a Turkish slammer?  I'd charge them with a capital crime but that might be a bit much.

FDA uses new authority to shut down peanut butter plant linked to outbreak

Trog Fest

The Trogs are all a-drool over destroying Susan Rice.  Their behavior makes no sense.  Well, I understand McCain, he's still bitter and vindictive over losing to Obama. The Libya mess is just that a mess, but it in no way belongs to Ms. Rice.  She's as good as any other narcissistic appointee for State.  Why the opposition?

I figured it out.  The Trogs want Sen. Kerry to be Sec. of State.  That way his seat will open and Scott Brown will return to the Senate and up the GOP total by one (that or they are just tired of listening to him--he is a pretentious twit).

Susan Rice meets with more GOP critics

He Speaks The Truth

Fox cheers for the RNC.  MSNBC whoops it up for Obama and maybe for the DNC.  If you tell that to FOX your mic will be cut and off you go.  MSNBC, well, they'd probably just yell at you.  Neither network does news anymore, it's all partisan bullshit 24/7.  It can be fun, but neither network is a source of facts and truth.  The closest we have for that is CNN and I think they want to like the other two.  C-SPAN is not bad, depending on who's on.  Want facts, then read national newspapers. Where do you think the cable guys get their stories in the first place, they read and then spin them.  After you get as much unspun news as you can, then you can enjoy the political entertainment of cable news.   Damn, I forgot.  The best news show on TV is Faux News (The Daily Show).

Tom Ricks to MSNBC: You’re just like Fox, only not as good at it

Arab Sproing

Egypt continues to pretty much fulfill my expectations.  It's bad enough that they cannot quite grasp little things like democracy and freedom.  Until they bag religion in the public square they will never really be a civilized nation.   Here's one more example of why Islam (actually any religion) and government do not mix.


Not for Jesus Jockeys

This piece is for the rest of us who accept science as the best way to acquire and understand our world. As we continue to warm the world by burning fossil fuels, there's a bonus coming.  We know our current actions will bite us in the left rear cheek in the not so distant future, but guess what, the right cheek is going to get gnawed on too!  Ever heard of permafrost?  What happens when it just becomes run of the mill temperate muck?

Climate talks must consider impact of thawing permafrost, scientists say

Today In Car Bombs

Today belongs to those Islamic bombers in Syria.  I bet they learn how to build bombs in Madrasses as an assist in martyrdom.

Two car bombs kill at least 34 in Syrian capital

Oh, Come On

BP won't get any new contracts from the feds.  Why?  On, they are criminalish.  That means they have not met "federal business standards!" Federal standards? Has anyone looked at DOD contracts? Have you kept records on software contracts in all federal Departments?  Is SAIC still setting standards?  How about Congressional earmarks? How about lobbyists buying officials? There are no business standards, there are government practices.

I bet BP didn't kick in enough to the DNC and the RNC. Shakedown?

BP suspended from new US government contracts following Gulf spill settlement, EPA says

Why Are We Still There?

The Shrub built a nation in Afghanistan.  He gave them "Guvment for Dummies."  They modeled their government on it.  He also gave them "Banking for Dummies."  They have done him proud.

Kabul Bank sent hundreds of millions of dollars out of Afghanistan

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Xmas Books For The Wonkish

Give The National Academies Press a try.

Shoot, Draw, Aim. Reload. Do it again.

Remember the Fukushima disaster?  How did it keep spiraling down from bad to worse to "oh my god?"  Well, it's pretty normal in organizations unless they have built-in mechanisms to keep their orgs honest.  How many honest orgs do you know of?

First, there's the normal management bullshit about themselves that lays down a solid foundation for going from bad to worse. Call it corporate arrogance and superciliousness.

The root causes of the Fukushima nuclear disaster stemmed from a lack of humility in anticipating the full effects of natural disasters and a reluctance to share internal concerns about nuclear power risks with regulators and the public. Company officials feared such openness would "make people worry about the safety" of nuclear power, he said.

You can justify a lot to yourself if you are concerned about the "public." The lack of candor usually leads to the public taking big chunks out of corporate ass. The one cheek wonders never learn. Trust a company? Why?

Another root cause of the disaster, Kawano said, was that TEPCO "did not face the regulatory body and the public squarely" in sharing internal concerns about the ability of critical power plant equipment to withstand a disaster. The company "worried that [such disclosures] would make the public worry about the safety" of nuclear power, he said.

Lack of Humility and Fear of Public Misunderstandings Led to Fukushima Accident

Xmas Gift For Civil War Buffs

I'm not sure what a buff really is, but it must have something to do with having an abnormal interest in something.  Know a Civil War nut?  Then here's a new booklet--

First Blood: Year One of the War Between the States

Today in Car Bombs

Iraqi normal -- Car bombs, roadside devices, shootings kill 15, wound dozens in central, northern Iraq

Nigeria has Muslims too -- Church Bombing Kills at Least 11 at Nigerian Post

Syrians can tuck a car bomb in amidst the other things that go boom -- Air strikes, car bombs reported in Syrian cities, killing dozens

What do car bombs have in common?  Muslims.  I guess they teach bomb making at church.

Today in drones

China has improved its drones--China Unveils New Killer Drones, Aims Them At Russia

Are drones in your portfolio? Cash In on the Coming Drone Wars

Hey, who needs pilots?  Machine wars here we come--Teaching tiny drones how to fly themselves

Gee, whose legacy will suck the most--WMD Bush or Dronemaster Obama?

Rice A Roni

I do not understand the Trogs objection to Rice.  She, as with any other appointee, will lie her ass off and call it truth telling.  No one lies, they mis-speak.   Actually elected officials provide ample behavioral examples for any appointee to emulate.   McNastry objects because he's still bitter about 2008.  Other than that, the objections make no sense.  They all lie to suit their particular ends.  Does it matter to me?  Nah, I'm used to it.  I do not trust any elected or appointed official, how about you?


I assume Graham is up for reelection so objecting gets him free air time.  Ayotte wants all the exposure she can get.  She may try to be the GOP's first Trogette nominee in 2016.  Rice is just a convenient tool.


In a population of 310,000,000 souls, we can find large numbers who believe just about anything.  We are blessed with secessionists.  If we could let the red states go, we'd save money--they get back more in taxes than they pay in.  Can you imagine how states such as Miss., La., Ala., Va.  or Utah could survive without the federal dole?  Life would become nasty, brutal and short.

New cry from some Obama foes: It’s time to secede 

It's the new way to be a racist just as their     did in the Civil War.

Cliff Notes

Will taxes go up?  Will the budget be cut by $100 billion.  Will we go over the cliff?

If I were a gambler, I'd bet on us going over the cliff and then we would be able to watch elected officials from both parties take a couple of years to assess the wreckage.  If you are studying something it justifies doing nothing (until the next election).  Our current two party system is a failure.

Who's to blame?  We are, the American voter and non-voter.  When 50% of us don't vote, then 25%+1 of us becomes the effective majority.   Since we reelect 95% of the schmucks in Congress by a 55% (that's a 27.5% majority) margin, all I can infer is what exists is exactly what most people want.

White House launches full-court press on ‘fiscal cliff’ as talks accelerate

Absolutely everything you need to know about the fiscal cliff, in one FAQ

Obama calls for new stimulus in the form of small-business tax breaks

If you need to pin the cliff rap on someone, who?  That's simple, it's all the idiots in GOP who took Grover's pledge.

Will the fiscal cliff break Grover Norquist’s hold on Republicans?

Arab Sproing Continues

Egyptian's inability to embrace and realize little things such as human freedom, democracy, liberty, equality and decency continue to prove to the world that Islamic Arabs prefer high unemployment, poverty, rule by clergy and an elite which provide dictatorial government.  Did I miss anything.  Oh yeah, misogyny, it's an Arabic existential value.  When has it been otherwise?

Thousands of Egyptians gather at Cairo’s Tahrir square for anti-Morsi rally

Monday, November 26, 2012

Did anyone think otherwise?

Ex-Florida GOP leaders: Party aimed to suppress vote

This is a good idea!

I wonder why it has to be a prescription item.  Couldn't it be sold OTC?

Teens Need Contraception Prescriptions in Hand, U.S. Doctors Say

Originalism Rocks Tour -- Will They Sing a Gay Tune

Roberts and the the Robes will decide this week if they will take on gay marriage or not.   If they do, will they opt to narrowly decide one case or settle a body of law stemming from DOMA and Calif Prob 8?

Given that the Court is pretty much an appendage of the GOP and the Catholic Church, I bet they will take on the whole issue and that gays will be condemned to some level of Catholic and evangefundie hell.  I no longer think the Supremes are an independent branch of government that even attempts to render impartial decisions based on law, facts and reason.  They (Scalia, Alito, Thomas, Roberts and Kennedy) are on the logical payroll of the Koch brothers.

I hope I am wrong, but...

U.S. Supreme Court poised to take up gay marriage

The Cost of Christmas Keeps Going Up


9% and declining

Why do we keep on reelecting these schmucks?

Washington (CNN) - A new national poll suggests Americans understand that the "fiscal cliff" is no joking matter.

Two-thirds of people questioned in a CNN/ORC International survey say that the U.S. would face a crisis or major problems if the country went off the "fiscal cliff" at the end of the year, and if that happened, Republicans in Congress would probably receive the greater share of the blame.

The poll also indicates that more than seven in ten Americans call for compromise on this issue, but they are pessimistic about that actually happening, with two-thirds predicting that Washington officials will act like "spoiled children," not "responsible adults," in the upcoming negotiations.

Will taxes go up?

Congresstypes care about two things, their reelection and whether their party is in the majority.  Now  the fiscal cliff is fast approaching.  Funny Dems and Trogs are just another variation on Thelma and Louise than not.  Rather than govern, they will jointly go over the cliff to preserve their parties and reelection (I assume the core base of each party which turns out to vote supports each side respectively and 2014 is an off year) status quo.

It does not matter, but if my taxes go up then it's simple I blame 100% on the GOP and their moronic relationship with Grover Norquist.  If enough folks decide that if their taxes go up, then it is finally time to get rid of every damn incumbent and form new parties, that would be plus for the nation.

Come on, two wars on a credit card?

New White House report helps Obama build public case for extending middle-class tax cuts

Sunday, November 25, 2012

They Are Called Nuts For A Reason

Oh, forgot, the nuts are gun nuts.

Gun sales soar again after presidential election

Protection, politics behind surge in gun sales

Gun sales surge on Oahu, on pace to set record for 2012

Obama re-election triggers surge in Pa. gun sales

They are everywhere East to West and North to South (even out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean).

ALEC's Back

ALEC is writing model legislation for states.  This time it's on trashing mandatory renewable energy.  ALEC, once again, consults with a think tank (lobbying group), but does not examine the group's funding.  Ergo, ALEC is again writing modelf law for hire.  Exxon/Mobil and the Koch brothers are the employers.  This works because most of do not pay any attention to the dolts we elect to state legislatures much less what they do.  Does your state rep accept the ALEC legislation?  Do you?  I guess the world is exactly the way we want it.

Climate skeptic group works to reverse renewable energy mandates

This Makes Me Wonder A Lot

I may wind up not taking any drug that has not been on the market for 10 to 20 years.  The old cure may be the only safe cure.  When potential sales successfully skews research publication, then there really is no defense against drugs that kill.

As drug industry’s influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias

King Richard III May Get A Makeover

Unverified remains dig up the twisted legacy of England’s Richard III

Trog Logic or Nixon's Revenge

Nixon hated everybody, even himself.  He was pissed at the GOP--they didn't rally and save him.  The bastard got even, he gave them the Southern strategy.  Now that the GOP is so deeply embedded in that strategy's population, they'll never win a national election again unless they retract everything they have said they stand for since Tricky left office and awaited the party's death spriral.  Yep, trash women.  Then trash blacks.  Demean Hispanics.  Call science evil.  Embrace only evangelical, fundementalist Christians and adopt their values as party values.  Oh, don't forget, if a person is educated, then they are socialists at best.  You get the idea.  All Tricky left them was white males.  What can we say about that block?

GOP Faces Shrinking White Vote Across the Confederacy


Five Myths