Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quibbling for Trogs and Jackasses

All god-fearing, knuckle dragging, slime droolers, a.k.a., Republicans, love the 10th Amendment to The Constitution of the United States.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Whenever the drove of Jackasses passes something like Medicaid the Trogs launch quibbles and  demand that the program be returned to the States (with full unaccountable funding of course.)  State's rights makes Trogs quiver with excitement.

Of course the herd of Jackasses, a.k.a. Democrats,  have quibbles too.  As we head towards the fiscal cliff, we can hear Jackasses at bray in the fields of the 14th Amendment, Section 4--

Section 1.  ...
Section 2.  ...
Section 3.  ...
Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.
Section 5. ...

 Which in quibble means the debt ceiling is unconstitutional!

Quibble on 112th, that's about all you are are capable of.  And to think we voters put these dorks in office.

Democrats urge Obama to declare debt ceiling unconstitutional

This is too funny to pass by...

Berlusconi confirms he’s running to be premier again

Speaking of lowered expectations..

Gee the brass will investigate excessive perks and a lack of ethics amongst themselves.  How do you think that report will read.  Yeah, expect a reasoned demand for more perks and courses in autocratic behavior for fun and games.

The easiest way to get their attention is to fire 10% of them just for the hell of it.  Then make public every bit of perquisite behavior they engage in.  Present the whole image and folks might realize the military does not warrant any more trust than is garnered by Congress.

Pentagon to review perks for its leaders

How do you spell Mubarak?

How about M - O - R -  S - I?  Yeah, the Arab Sproing Boink continues and will continue until Islam is taken off the streets and locked up in a Mosque.  That ain't gonna happen, so Egypt will continue to live up to my ever lower expectations.

Egyptian president poised to grant military broader police powers

1850 Fans Take Note

This year's Originalism Rocks tour continues.  Now, Roberts and the Robe have decided to visit the DOMA arena.  The opening act will be "The Homohabitations."  Do expect them to robe-a-dope tunes about states rights, marriage and gays.

You can bet their appointment of Bush to the White House they will enable a return our national status to 1850.   If you are not a well off, propertied, white guy you might do some existential planning.  Do you still have any respect or trust for the Supremes?

I fully expect them to uphold DOMA and establish gay bashing as a legitimate activity for all god fearing assholes, a.k.a., Christians/Jews/Muslims.

Supreme Court to hear same-sex marriage cases

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Way To Save the Elepjhants!

Rich creeps have money.  They want something, they pay for it.  The real costs don't bother rich pricks at all.  That's why they made money, they wanted to be obnoxious pricks and have succeeded.  Take ivory for example.  If you want something made of ivory, there are people who will obtain the ivory and get it to whomever makes their crap out of ivory.  Of course, a few elephants may be killed for their tusks.  The rich are, through their prickish behavior, killing off the elephants.

Okay, here's how we allow the rich to remain pricks,  but at the same time use their prickishness to save the very elephants they are currently killing off.  If living elephants produce something the rich will desire more than ivory then we can save the beasts and keep the rich in their gated communities.  For example what is in elephant shit?  What if there is something in elephant shit that the rich might desire.... COFFEE FROM AN ELEPHANT'S GUT FILLS A $50 CUP

Did you remember its....

What day is today? Oh, yeah, it's Pearl Harbor Day.  Today is the day that was supposed to live in infamy, forever.  Has it?  Or is it just one more day that fades from collective memory as those most affected by that day's events die off?

In another 20 years even the AP won't make a note of Dec. 7.  War sucks.  We think, actually we hope, the events that take us to war will be with our proginy forever.  We tend to forget as we become old farts, we die off and we get replaced by new farts who create new events to take us into new wars.

Yeah, we're farted into existence, we pass a lot of gas, wage war, and finally sputter off last fartful "pffft" as we die.  We repeat the cycle over and over again.  God must love gas, he/she/it made so much of it.


Arabs Continue to Stuff It Up -- Egypt

I fully expect those freedom and liberty loving Islamic Arabs in Egypt to create either a second Iranian state or revert to a military backed dictatorship a la Mubarak.  Their "spring" was more fling and more akin to our college kids spring break and not much else.  Egyptian youth had a fling and now the sectarian adults assert themselves and opt for what they have know all their lives--a three millennia long tradition of obedience to whomever has the most power and is in charge.

And today, Egyptians continue to live up to my expectations--

Egypt’s opposition defies call for dialogue, again marching on presidential palace

For Dino fans

The Earliest Known Dino?


Iraq Blocks Syria’s Request to Fetch Combat Helicopters from Russia

What about Simpson-Bowles

11 shocking, true facts about Simpson-Bowles

In case you had not totaled up the numbers...

Both Romney and Obama ran $1 billion campaigns

How much will 2016 run?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Colbert for Senate!

Why not?  He's more qualified than DeMint ever was.  He befits S. Carolina.

Is Stephen Colbert running for the U.S. Senate?


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Elder Bran Farts

When you get older, the brain sort of passes gas instead of kicking in.  Codgers are easier to scam because-- the anterior insula, this structure—which fires up in response to the face of an unsavory character—is less active in older people

People zero, big brother 100!

If you think the cops and others need all that warrant stuff to obtain data, then think again.  Warrants?  We don't need no stinkin' warrents--- How The Government Can Still Get Your Digital Data


It would be so sweet if Ashley Judd cleaned McConnell's clock, then have Wynonna clean Rand Paul's. Ain't gonna happen, but its consideration makes for a very pleasant moment.

Rand Paul: Ashley Judd is 'way damn too liberal for our country and our state'

Are they qualified?  Of course they are.   Voters set the standard when they elected George W. Bush for president.  Hell, a door jamb is over qualified compared to the Shrub.

It's Still Arab Sproing In Egypt

I can count on the Egyptians to live up to my expectations.  They have.  It's still a religious shithole of groups contending for power (each assumes they have god's blessing of course).

Egypt’s Republican Guard tanks and soldiers deploy around palace after deadly clashes

Okay, Pot Heads

So you like the Washington State and Colorado laws that legitimize getting stoned for recreational purposes.  Oh, the feds says it's still illegal.  Are you going to insist that since the people voted, it must be legit?  Will you become big 10th Amendment fans?  That means you support that the states should, whenever possible, be the determiners of how we control ourselves and what we accept as legal.  It's a nice bind, no?

Justice to Wash. state: Pot still illegal under federal law

Good Riddance!

Jim DeMint resigning from Senate to head conservative think tank

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thinking of Drones

Drones will be ubiquitous soon.  They will come in all sizes and capabilities.  Usually we think of the ones that kill people (if people are killed by drones they are evil and deserve to die, you know that logic seems about the same as it's only the the victims of illegitimate rape who get preggers).

Now think about the other drones, the ones with cameras.  Okay now think about rags like The Star, TMZ, National Inquirer, People and Us.   Yeah, imagine what kind of candid pics paparazzi driven drones will deliver.  Yeah, we'll see Kate on a a throne alright.  Now about the private investigator's drones....

My Kind of Health Test

Aspirin may help the heart and check the development of some cancers.  Okay, just to be sure, how can we test for colon cancer?  Hey there Dr. Proc, hold that endoscope.   Maybe we won't need a TV camera shoved up our ass anymore, nah, we'll just have to breathe.  Perhaps a fart collection test device might be a bit more appropriate.

Breath test may be able to detect colorectal cancer

Game of Thrones?

Another game of technology thrones

Good Question

GM should have gone Chapter 7.  It probably will as some point in the near future.  Why?

Why Companies Fail

Faces of the lonely?

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?


Karl Rove Joins “Logic” and “Science” as Subject of Fox News Ban

And the winner is...

Bad Sex in Fiction Award Won by Huston Novel ‘Infrared’

The Federal Dole

I have seen estimates of federal employment, based not on actually being employed by the government, but being determined by where the earner's income originates.  It's as high as 40% of all workers.  Now I have a new category of "federal employment" to ponder -- tax law.

How many people make a living based upon provisions in the U.S. tax code?  I have no idea on this one.  For example, during the 2102 election campaign, I did see one reference to Bain Capital that indicated, Bain would not have made money, under Willard, save for the interest deduction in the Tax Code.  Okay, how many folks earn their living via tax law provisions?

Food on $30 A Week?

Could you do it?  $30 per person?  How many Americans have to feed themselves at this level?

Why is Newark Mayor Cory Booker living on food stamps?

Go To College? Why?

Not what it used to be

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rupert Tried to Buy President Petraeus?

Can you imagine what FOX would be like if Petraeus had run for Prez, been bankrolled by Murdoch and managed by Ailes?  FOX would have made a ton of money.  I wonder who will be the first wholly owned and operated Prez of number one land?

Fox News chief’s failed attempt to enlist Petraeus as presidential candidate

Cliff Notes

In case you haven't noticed it, one of the little gems at the bottom of the cliff is the AMT.  It may affect your 2012 taxes.  Here's a segment from today's Morning Journal that is quite informative on the AMT--

Fiscal Cliff and the Alternative Minimum Tax

Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Confident, The Trogs in Congress Can Do It!

What?  Oh, by being themselves they can and will probably bring down the recovering world economy.  Trogs value their offices more than anything else in life.  Trogs would walk over their mother's graves to get reelected.

The global economy isn’t falling apart. The U.S. might be.

Modern Politics

Political Engagement in the Digital Age
The growth of social media and the rapid adoption of smartphones have changed the way Americans engage in politics. View the infographic

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Monday, 3 Dec 2012 Washington, DC

1. ORGANIC: BEYOND THE HIGH-PRICED STUFF AT THE SUPERMARKET. Jet Propulsion Laboratory director Charles Elachi, speaking to an international conference at La Sapienza University in Rome last week, implied that evidence of extraterrestrial life had been discovered on Mars by NASA's Curiosity Rover. The search for life to which we are not related is arguably the greatest scientific quest of our time. Although NASA and JPL now downplay the story, there’s room for uncertainty. "Organic" is not a particularly exclusive club. There are about 4 million known organic compounds and new ones are found every day. There is an urgent need for more detail about the discovery and how it was made. But I remind you that November is "rutting season." Even as male deer are fighting over access to females, science laboratories around the world are fighting for a share of the tight science budget.

I know who to throw over the cliff, do you?

First we chuck Grover.  When he goes splat, then we then have a target to hit with every Trog who's been dumb enough to take the nebbish's pledge.  Over they go!

Norquist still calling cadence in GOP ranks

The problem is the assholes we elected made a mess and refuse to clean it up.  Instead, we will all get shat upon by these assholes.  Why do we keep electing the same wastes?   The only people who will be left on top of the cliff will be elected officials and Grover.   Ready for your taxes to go up and services to go down?  They will on Jan. 1, 2013.  Hmm, first we kill all the politicians, the the lawyers and then the prelates.  Did I leave anyone out?

‘Fiscal cliff’ talks at a stalemate over tax hikes

Educating Your Urchin Spawn

Should your spawn learn how to read non-fiction informative material and kiss off literature?  Effectively that's the suggestion of the Education Nanny State Industrial Congressional Caucus.  After all, the only reason we bother with public education is to provide labor for capitalists.  I wonder how much federal income is involved in setting up, propagating, and perpetuating the Common Core State Standards?  How many people's incomes rely on federal dollars funding the various associations, organizations, commissions, etc. dedicated to making education "work?"  And you still wonder why our federal debt and deficits are so large?

Common core sparks war over words

What's With Trader Joe's

Yesterday it was the peanut butter they purchased to sell in their stores, now it's a chicken product.  Hmm, low prices via low to no standards?

USDA goes after Trader Joe’s: Butter Chicken is recalled

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Health Care Solution?

We use an insurance model.  It really sucks since it drives up costs year after year.  How about no insurance?  That might work for the rich, but what about modified concierge medicine for everybody?

Imagine Medicare for all to cover the expensive stuff, but $60 a month for ordinary health care?  There has to be a better way than the mess we have today.  Myself I'd nationalize all health care and be done with it, but that upsets too many people.

Is Concierge Medicine the Future of Health Care?

When New Tech Comes Calling

That's when firms based on existing technology either change and adapt or die.  Whatever happened to Polaroid?  Bought a Kodak product lately?

What Kodak could still learn from Polaroid

Now about Columbia Records--The long-playing saga of Columbia Records

Book Review

I still wonder about all of the Germans who claim they just didn't know that millions of Jews and others were being killed under their noses.  It makes no sense to me.  They knew and did nothing.  Claiming ignorance, after the fact, must have assuaged their consciences and been believable to the allies, since what the Nazis did every day was beyond their ken of normalcy.

Here's a book that looks at one town and a man--“A Small Town Near Auschwitz: Ordinary Nazis and the Holocaust” b y Mary Fulbrook

Apple Myths

Five Myths

Drone Industry Congressional Complex

Nah!  Come on.  Ooops, forgot where there's money for elected dimwits, we'll find a complex.

Drone Makers Push Congress to Move Up Domestic Deployment Date

Where Are the Statues To The Shrub?

Oh, sorry, this is the "car bombs today" post.  Iraq has had a couple days of Boom, Boom, Boom this week.  I wonder if  any Iraqis have a kind thought of our former Shrub in Chief?

29 killed, 126 wounded in Iraq car bombings

Bombings in Iraq kill at least 43 people

If We Zap Our Food, Will the Chemical Companies Seek To Have Congress Ban the Process

If zapping food can keep food fresh for 60 days without preservatives, I bet the Chemical Industry Congressional Congress will find the process pollutes quarks and demand that the process not be used in the United States to insure subatomic purity.  After all, government exists to protect corporate profits.

I wonder if this will be generalized to more foods and become standard practice?

Microwave technique keeps bread mould-free for 60 days, say scientists

Health Bonus

I take an aspirin everyday as part of heart regimen.  It's supposed to help prevent some kind of adverse cardiac event.  Now, I get a bonus.  Aspirin may help prevent some kinds of cancer.  Too bad it doesn't help on graying and thinning hair, weight loss, and age reversal.

Aspirin may reduce risks

Will You Still Be Nuts?

The Shrinks and their buds have decided to re-write their book of crazies-- "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders" or DSM-5, the official guide to classifying psychiatric illnesses. What you've had may be gone. What you did not know you have may be revealed as old disorders make may for new ones. I wonder how the changes will affect mental health insurance and payment to managers of the deranged?

Psychiatric Association's Diagnosis Revisions Seen Upending Evaluations