Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guns may be a right, but having children is not

I think people should prove they can raise a child before they are allowed to have one.  Yep, we need to license child bearing and rearing.  Also folks need to understand children are not property or chattel.  What the state giveth the state can taketh.

Lies about assault ‘got out of control’ 

The woman whose perjury put the man away for several years should do at least as much and equivalent time for her lies. Actually twice the sentence is fair. If her mother is still alive, Mom needs to do some kind of time too. And the judge who decided the case needs to spend 24 hours in public stocks.

Today In Car Bombs

I was becoming a bit concerned.  It's been a few days since any car bombs went off in the Arab Islamic world.  I should not have been concerned.  They can't give up a pastime--

Car bomb kills 5 in Damascus -

Drone Control

Here's a piece that points to a few disconcerting things about drones.   God help us if the Supremes see drones as arms and the NRA fronts for the drone industry and decides that it's everyone's right to own an armed drone.

Single-Click Double-Tap Murder

Drones, that's the real Obama legacy.  Enjoy.

We're making progress


At the same time, the new study by the Pew Forum also finds that roughly one-in-six people around the globe (1.1 billion, or 16%) have no religious affiliation. This makes the unaffiliated the third-largest religious group worldwide, behind Christians and Muslims, and about equal in size to the world’s Catholic population.

Here's the whole report--The Global Religious Landscape

Gee, Age Influences Your Attitudes

The Big Generation Gap at the Polls Is Echoed in Attitudes on Budget Tradeoffs

Who Thinks We Need To Protect Gun Owners

Who wants guns protected?  Well, it's white males, ages 30--49, with some college, are Republicans, who have children,  who live in the rural South.  Well, that's the dominant group.  Who's for gun control?

It appears to be black women, ages 65+, who've done post graduate work, are Democrats, have no kids, and live in the Northeastern cities.

Okay, I've placed a bit too loosely with the data, so read it for yourself--

After Newtown, Modest Change in Opinion about Gun Control

Different Take on Gay Marriage Bashing

Local officials in France voice opposition to gay marriage

Pervert Academies

Remember these guys go on into active service.  At least we could close down the Air Force Academy.    
But then with such fine role models in the general officer ranks, what should we expect.

Military academies report increase in sexual assaults

Funny How the NRA works

I swear that every time the NRA makes a suggestion, their suggestion leads to more people being armed and leads to large increases in the sales of guns and ammo.  Yep, armed guards in every school, I assume private schools may or may not become armed.

The school guards will have to be tested for sanity at least twice a year, after all they will be standing watch over our imperiled urchin spawn.  Gee, the Psychology lobby will be all for this program.   Since guards will have to best the beasts hell bent on killing our tots,  guards will have to go to the shooting range at least once a week.  Hmm, if they fire a couple hundred rounds that will suffice.  They will also have to formally qualify on the range at least four times a year--accuracy and speed.

Oh, I almost forgot, they will have to be very physically fit in order to quickly move from one point in a school to the next and then endure a shootout at the education corral.  Yeah, and it might be a good idea to make sure that the new guards have some experience in killing people--we don't want them to choke.   Gee, beating the bad guy to the draw and then not being able to waste the bad guy leads to dead guards and tots.  Hmm, maybe we'll need to have a guard guard for every new school guard.

The saddest part of the NRA in America is all the folks who listen and accept NRA claptrap.  That's  not gun culture, that's deviant culture.

Put armed police in every school, NRA urges

Friday, December 21, 2012

NRA Did Not Let Us Down

The NRA had spoken, the problem with our schools is not enough guns in school.  Yep, the answer to our gun culture is more guns.  Note--this approach will sell more guns and ammo.  It's time to rid ourselves of the NRA isn't it?

NRA blames media, music and more for culture of violence

Breakthrough of the Year!

The Discovery of the Higgs Boson

God Does Not Like Coral

I guess god has decided that we don't need no stinkin' coral.  Maybe that's why he/she/it has forced us to burn so much fossil fuel and increase greenhouse gases so he/she/it can increase the CO2 in the ocean and get rid of the now divinely despised coral reefs.  See, as long as we stick it to god, then he/she/it  is responsible.   It's not man made climate change and we all know he/she/it will take care of us when the planet turns to shit.

  Coral Reefs Could Be Decimated by 2100

Let's Remake Jaws

But this time have the Megapiranha the featured fish. Of course we'll have to have a science experiment go awry so that their are schools of the now 20+ foot Mega mothers. Ah, hell, let's cross them with walking catfish and let them chomp out Charleston, S.C. in the film opening.

Mega piranha Outchomps T. Rex

Porn-O-Matics That Kill?

Been to an airport lately?  Had your porn screen test?  Ooops, those keeping us safe from jihadis in the sky machines may kill us.  TSA, are they really totally servile assholes, has decided to see if their machines kill or just produce porn.  Well, make that a maybe on the assessment.  TSA will probably limit the testing and insure the porn contracts keep going to those who deserve them, like former Homeland star vampire Nesferatu  Chertoff.  There's money in assuaging ginned up fear.

TSA to Commission Independent Study of X-Ray Body Scanners

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Thursday, 20 Dec 2012 Washington, DC

1. GUN RIGHTS: NOTHING IS CERTAIN EXCEPT DEATH AND TEXAS. Texas Gov. Rick Perry told a meeting of the Tea Party that you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in Texas. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said he wishes the school principal at Newtown had kept an M4 in her office. At the sound of gunfire she could have grabbed the carbine and blown Adam Lanza’s head off. Unless, of course, Adam, who she didn't know, was faster, or a better marksman, or had a bigger gun. I grew up on a farm in South Texas, belonged to the National Rifle Association, hunted deer and game birds. An Eagle Scout, I taught marksmanship on the rifle range of a Boy Scout camp one summer. But a few years later when I came home on leave during the Korean War my father told me he had arranged for us to go deer hunting. He was hurt when I said I don't hunt anymore. And I don't go back to Texas anymore

2.CHILDREN: THEY STILL INSIST ON LEARNING FROM THEIR PARENTS. Adam Lanza slaughtered 20 schoolchildren and seven adults. His first human target was his mother, who regularly took Adam to a shooting range. According to one account, she was a gun-hoarding survivalist who stockpiled weapons in preparation for an economic collapse. Which brings us to the fiscal problem.

3. THE FISCAL CLIFF: THE ELECTION FAILED TO SETTLE THE CLASS WAR. It used to be called the Graduated Income Tax. It was based on the simple concept that those who benefit the most from our system should pay a larger share of its costs. Alas, it's not easy being rich. Expectations grow faster than the economy. Like the lottery, the Republican tax plan depends on the support of wannabes that don't understand mathematics.

4. NEXT WEEK: IF WE HAVE TIME. We'll try to get back to the global warming/population problem.

Think It Will Work?

Obama calls on public to lobby Congress on gun restrictions

I doubt it will have anything more than cosmetic changes.  The only way we can change Congress and the law is by electing a whole new set of assholes.  Most of us don't even bother to vote in a general election, so how on earth can we change who is the nominee and who gets elected.  What vote in a primary?  See, we'll get the same old shit over and over again.  It's not the money, it's the votes and incumbents and parties can count on 50%+ of us not voting in general elections and 80%+ in primaries.

United States of Sick Fuckers

Yep, look around you.   Hell you probably have one in your family.  God has blessed us with more than our fair share of really sick nutzoids.  And they are out and about shopping for Bushmasters this Xmas season.  Damn.  They live in fear and that is dangerous for the rest of us.

In N.C. gun shop, plenty of sales and worries after Newtown shooting

The Dickheads Have Lived Up To Their Sobriquet

Just think our taxes will go up because GOP House members have dicks for brains.  I do wonder about the folks who elected them.  It's no longer  a bunch of red states, nah, they are all dickhead states.

Boehner abandons plan to avoid ‘fiscal cliff’

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Practicing Being An NRAer

How can we prevent more Sandy Hooks?  That's easy.  Put armed guards in every school.  Arm every teacher in America.  Arm all the administrators too (they will need to be able to defend themselves from the teachers.  Oh, almost forget, every kid gets a new government issued pistol every year on the first day of school.  Parents are responsible for the ammo.  I can't wait to see future high school pep rallies.      

Suggestion for the end of the world

To all the folks who are sure the end is coming because the Mayans said so.  Get a jump on the end.  Find a tall building, a high cliff, or anything you can jump off of and end it early.  Make it a family affair.  Mom, Dad and all the kids can go splat, splat, splat.

They will make the world a better place.  Can we give them all posthumous Darwin Awards?


Assholes At Play in The Fields of The Asylum

Yep, Trogs are playing at being adults.  They will vote on some real responsible stuff.  They will go home celebrate and Christmas.  An intrinsic part of a Trog Xmas  is for whole Trog families to gather around the fire on Xmas eve, drop trou, and play "Silent Night" on their hemorrhoids.  It's kind of like playing a saw, but weirder.  It's a Trog custom.

House plans votes on spending and taxes in early evening

Pop Quiz

Who has had a better quarter on the stock market? Apple? Or Research in Motion? 

Little in life makes much sense.   Guns.  Fiscal Cliff.  Killing kids.  Stock prices. Yep, if god exists then "he" is actually a committee.

De nutifying the assholes

Oh, I mean preventing the current crazies from buying any new assault rifles, large capacity magazines, or being able to buy any gun without a background check.  It's the nuts who are the problem.  So how does government  de-nutify those psychos?  First, government needs to acknowledge that they are nuts. Then it can shut down whole segment of guns, magazines and ammo sales in the name of mental health policy.  The nuts can all hide in their closets and pout.  They are nuts.  They own guns.  Then again we could just castrate them all and hope we've caught them early enough so they don't breed.

Connecticut massacre thrusts Michigan gun bills — and tea party — into spotlight

Selling Our Government -- 2014, 2016 has begun

Companies began donating to buying incumbents and aspirants the day after election final sales on Nov. 6th.  The money machine is fired up.  They have the quid, our pols have the quo.   Obama's second term and the 113th Congress will set new records in government sales.

Fundraising starts up soon after election, filings show

How fast do our spaceships travel?

Oops, we don't have any spaceships.

Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?

Idiot Watch

Another Blow to Polio Eradication in Pakistan

Have you ever wondered...

How did NORAD get into the Santa tracking business?

Here's the answer!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

C.S.I Cairo?

Who Killed Ramesses III?

Too bad the wolves can't shoot back

Trophy hunting is sick.  It's not a sport.  It's a deranged activity engaged in by weak minded, insecure people.

  More Radio-Collared Wolves in Wyoming Shot Dead

Sci - Fi Is Real

This is the kind of stuff I used to read about when I was a kid and discovered sci-fi.  I wonder how much of what was fiction back then is fact today?

Video: Paralyzed Woman Controls Robotic Arm With Her Thoughts

Another of the Shrub's LIttle Legacies

Army will seek death penalty for Washington soldier charged in massacre of 16 Afghan villagers

It's A Start

Obama launches gun violence task force

I really don't expect much to come of the Veeps foray.  I bet in a few weeks no one will give a shit about gun violence, the NRA will be back financing pols and we'll keep on having killing after killing. I think about the only gun slaughter that might make us all puke our way to change--even the guns crazies--would be a mass shooting in a large urban, up scale, hospital maternity ward.  You know 100 plus babies shot to death, 50 moms killed, and throw in a couple docs and nurses too.  All would have to be mowed down with an assault rifle.  Even then I doubt if the gun nuts would hesitate over their next large ammo clip purchase.

Courting the Stars

Army general to face court-martial, possible life sentence, over sexual misconduct charges

GM management strikes again

GM is a company that should have gone out of business long ago.  Even after the feds saved its corporate ass, forced GM to restructure parts of its business GM cannot compete.  Look when we took over 60% of the damn company we got 912 million shares for about $50 billion.  That works out to over $50 a share.  An initial IPO of the new GM brought in about $33 a share-we lost money.  It's been downhill ever since.

Now GM--in order to be out from under government control will buy back shares at $28 a share--we lose money again.  That means Obama is directing the taxpayer to take it in the fiscal ass.  Well, it's probably more likely to be felt by the unborn taxpayer, so who gives a shit, right.  Oh, if you're a Dem and this was Bush and the GOP in place of Obama would you be a bit pissed?  Are you pissed today?  Why not?

The feds should not sell.  The feds should fire 90% of GM management.  The same clowns who took it to bankruptcy are still managing the company.  Then again, I wonder what would happen if we decided to be rid of GM and dumped all of the stock at once?  Maybe we could force a Ch. 7 sale.

GM to spend $5.5B to buy back 200M shares from government, which plans to sell remaining stake

Bless my oops, it's time to do the Behghazi shuffle

Congress doesn't supply the money, State ingores requests for guard power, and the ambassdor places himself in harms way.  Oh, local security didn't and their was no Islamic outpouring over an insult to Alllah.  Yep, not quite a cluster fuck, just SNAFU, or federal normal.

Review of Benghazi attack faults ‘grossly’ inadequate security, leadership failures

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yeah, but will it be armed?

It's only for serveillance, yeah, right.

Drones will come to Bay Area

 How long will it be before local cops somewhere in Numberoneland use a drone to, one, kill someone, and two have that someone be totally innocent of any crime or suspicion of anything?  Can you imagine how the cops will use drones when they pull over suspicious non-white males? High tech racism?  Will urban gangs get drones?  Stay tuned.

Remember drones will be the number one Obama legacy.

Future Food That Kills

I have a feeling that pretty soon if we want to stay healthy, we'll all have to avoid eating anything  that has a face.  Food safety does not matter to companies who manufacture the food.   Congress and the Executive Branch determine law and enforcement based upon donations to parties and candidates, not little things like sanitation.  The Chicken Industry Complex has bought their piece of government.  If the new rules are accepted and implemented, I'd suggest we all say bye-bye to chicken.

New USDA rule would speed poultry-processing lines, worrying inspectors

Egypt Keeps Descending

Maybe Morsi wants to be Pharaoh, but Allah would be pissed (godly competition and all that ), so he'll settle for being god's agent on earth.  You can bet your jihadi that Egypt will become one more religious Arabic mess.  As least they have one skill,  shithole creation.


I wondered if these idiots would show up.

They will.

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Sandy Hook funerals: 4 ways to respond

Will they back up the protest?

It's easy to protest and castigate the NRA, but will their opponents follow through on any future election day?  I doubt it.  Guns and such don't seem to matter in our elections, thus the NRA keeps its image of power.  If protesters backed up their noise with votes focused on guns, the NRA would wither  away.   If you don't like the NRA, then make  sure you actively oppose any pol who accepts the NRA's endorsement or brags on the second amendment.  I question the sanity of anyone who "loves" hunting.  This will pass and the NRA will keep on hyping guns to increase sales of guns and ammo.

Protesters target NRA’s Capitol Hill office to call for gun control after Newtown killings


We lied about WMD so we could invade, conquer and then go "oops my bad" on the way out.  Yep, the Shrub screwed the nation's pooch with his invasion of Iraq.  His bid to be a great wartime Prez failed.  He will replace Buchanan as the worst ever.  Didn't Biden suggest a three way partition of Iraq?  It appears that at least a two way might occur, courtesy of Exxon and local lust for oil revenue.  Yeah, Iraq is Bush's idea of a nation.  Did you vote for that piece of work?

In Iraq, Exxon oil deal foments talk of civil war

Abetting Newtown

Seven of the Most Striking Ways States Have Loosened Gun Laws

Monday, December 17, 2012

Who Is To Blame For Newtown?

We know the name of the perp.  However, we have not said who is to blame.  For starters I suggest  that every current member of the NRA owns a piece of those deaths.  Every politician (and every voter who elected them) who panned gun control and supported the sales of assault rifles and high capacity magazines owns a piece of the deaths.  Those folks went beyond mere constitutional ownership of a gun, they covertly and sometimes overtly advocated violence.  And it was all because they were afraid of their government?  That's a tad demented.   We are super armed.  Twenty kids are dead.  Go gun owners, our nation and it's  people are as you want us to be--afraid and armed.  Have any ideas about why the Nanny state keeps on growing?  Look in the mirror, its not guns, it's the sick fuckers who persist in buying more and more guns.    

If Gomert is your Rep, what does that say about you?

As usual Louie is, to be blunt, full of shit.  So, I guess that describes the majority of voters in his District.  Aw, hell, it's Texas.  They are all full of shit, batshit to be precise.

Do concealed-weapon laws result in less crime?

It's Time To Bag This Thing

What? Oh, the Electoral College, that's what. They're voting today. Gee, I wonder who will be our next Prez? It's time to rid ourselves of this piece of junk. Electors cast presidential votes

It's all a simulation?

That makes as much sense as positing that a god took a week off and created the world. Six days of work and then he created the vacation? Either way, given the state of the world, I can't keep the phrase, "sick fucks" out of my mind. What if reality were really just 'Sim Universe'?

Drones, The Obama Legacy

Obama has unleashed drones around the world, that's part one of his legacy.  The second part is he's making sure as we've done to others we'll do unto ourselves.

Unmanned at Any Speed: Bringing Drones into Our National Airspace

Today in the MIddle East -- Scary Front

U.S. plans for possibility that Assad could lose control of chemical arms cache

Who needs guns when you can have nerve gas?

Today in car bombs

Car bomb kills 17 people in crowded market in northwest Pakistan

I wonder when our home grown loons will decide to trade in their Bushmasters for C-4?

Today in children's death

Nine Afghan girls killed by blast

Anyone give a shit?  Will anyone send candles and teddy bears over there?  Will Obama get all teary and tell us "these tragedies must end?"  Nah.

Gun Control

Gun nuts do not make much sense to me, but then I imagine I do not make much sense to them.  When I was a child, I enjoyed target shooting.  However, that was more a function of the novelty, seeming adultness of the act, and that significant adults wanted me to learn to shoot.  After a while, it all seemed a bit childish and moronic.  I left the target range until I had to qualify during Basic Training.

I never developed the blood lust of hunting.  I find grocery stores convenient.  It's not that hard to kill what you are going to eat, I have.  Making a sport out of it is sick.  I cannot accept killing something just because it's tasty, that's deranged.  I have no problems with sustenance hunters, they have to hunt to eat.   I have to confess, I find fishing to be overwhelmingly mind-numbingly boring, fish markets are also a wonderful invention.   I accept I am in the minority with respect to hunting and fishing.

I have no problems with hunters and guns.  Hell,  I have no problems with fishermen who pack.  A large muskie can be intimidating when you land one in your boat, it gets loose and decides to eat your foot.  A small hole in the boat beats a lost boot and its contents.  These sports can arm and go forth, but I do wonder why any hunter needs a Bushmaster or a pistol with a large capacity magazine.   I'm not sure why hunters need pistols, but then I don't hunt, perhaps it's marauding packs of rogue attack yams.

So what about all the other guns?  What can we do?  I have a different approach.  Well, how about rescinding all gun laws?  Yep, take them all off the books of the feds, the states and localities.  If you want to hide a gun in your butt,  there's no reason you should have to seek permission much less pay for the privilege to any governmental jurisdiction.

If you want a machine gun, that's fine.  If you want a Bushmaster, great.  If you want an autofed Glock go for it.  Automatic?  Sure, any thing goes.  In return I do have two little requests.  As we allow arms to flourish, I want us to make the commission of any crime-misdemeanor or felony a capitol offense.  Yep, if you knock over a 7-11 with a gun, then we'll chop off your head.  Ah, there's the other request, all gun crime executions must be done via guillotine.   Better hope you don't pack when you jay walk,  if you do we'll have to take your head.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is wrong with people?

I'm 66 years old.  I've lived in a variety of places, some nice and some less so.  I've never felt the need to have a pistol to protect myself.  Of the folks I've known who told me they felt they needed "protection," well, for the most part I felt everyone else needed to be protected from them.  It really is not the guns, it's the gun owner who is the problem.   I'm biased sure, my experience says gun owners have eaten a bit too much batshit.  Set aside the hunting crap, other than that who needs 200,000,000 guns to protect themselves anyway?  What are people protecting?

Oh, I must confess, I have a 16 ga. shotgun, but no ammo.  It was a gift from my grandfather long ago.  My wife has a small calibre pistol somewhere, but again no ammo.  If the burglar broke in and we we needed protection, our guns would not provide it.  I'm not even sure what closet they live in.  However, I do have a couple of swords, but I never saw them as for protection, they are decorative.  I guess I could pierce the burglar.   Hmm, I heard dragons may be returning to this realm, should I get a crossbow or a bazooka?

In self defense will we all have to wind up publicly packing pieces?  Maybe, maybe--HIGH COURT FIGHT LOOMS OVER RIGHT TO CARRY A GUN

This is not the solution

In dark jest, let's give every child a glock on their first day of school too.  Leave it to Louie for the predictable loopy GOP solution to Newtown.  The folks who keep reelecting this schnook are part of the problem, how do we fix them?

GOP Rep. Gohmert: More access to guns could avert mass shootings

Here's a good letter for Va. Dems to read

Terry McAuliffe is, to be blunt, a hyperactive horse's ass.  If the Democratic Party runs him for Gov. the only way he will win is if Cuccinelli's Troggish statements wind up getting out the Democratic vote to vote against the GOP.

Who can the Dems put forward, who unlike Deeds, can actually win?  Here's a letter in the today's Post local section that answers the question.

Forget McAuliffe, draft Webb

Yep, McAuliffe is to Va. Dems what Romney was to the GOP.  Kind of sucks doesn't it.

Arab Darkness

The Egyptian state has officially set off down the road to participatory darkness.  The "people" have spoken and decided that Allah gets to stay in the statehouse.  Of course the military must have weighed the pros and cons and decided they will prosper under Allah's spokesmen on earth (Allah does not permit women to speak).  Iran is the model.  Egypt is modeling.

Egyptians support draft constitution

Tax Reform

Five Myths