Saturday, December 29, 2012

Will We See Bipartisanship in the 113th?

Nah, it will be business as usual.  Members from both parties will continue to do what gets them elected.  Our districts are more one party dominated than ever.  Pols know who votes and what makes them vote for them.  As long as the pols remain true to their voters and the voters remains steadfast to their ideology, then do nothing will be the new Congressional normal.  In other words, governance has ended.  If voters want a different type of politics and government, then they will have to elect it.  Until then, Congressmen and Congresswomen will be, as they always have been, absolute servants of those who elect them.

As Swing Districts Dwindle, Can a Divided House Stand?

Rest your fears

If you thought that the world's greatest debilitative body would change, fear not.  The U.S. Senate will remain a dysfunctional roadblock to governance of the our land.  Senators will be able to as debilitative as they are wont.  And you thought rule changes were going to make them do their job?  Come on this is the United States Senate.  The only real changes in the Senate have to come from voters.  If we'd quit electing total assholes over and over again, we might see a modicum of sanity prevail in Congress.  Voters, enjoy the 113th Congress, we elected it.  It's exactly what we want.

Bipartisan Senate group offers rules changes, rejects ‘standing filibuster’ requirement

Prez Kill List's Day

US drones kill 2 AQAP fighters in eastern Yemen

US drones strike in Pakistan's Shawal Valley

Feeling safer?  Feeling a surge of freedom and liberty?

Today In The Gun Nuttery

I heard that a ship went down on the Chesapeake.  Some people did not have life vests.  They drowned.  Damn, I better haul keel to the next boat show and stock up on life vests.  At the boat show there's no water safety check.   I over heard that Obama hates sailing and is going to try and take away life vests.

Logic?  Maybe the AR-15 crowd could assemble in an open field in Manassas, Va. They need to line up in two opposing lines.  They need to be separated by 50 yards of open ground.   Good guys will form up to the North.  The bad guys will line up to the South.  All shooters have a sack full of 30 round or better magazines.  They will all open fire at the same time.  They will all exhaust their ammo.  The last person left standing will get a free lifetime membership to the NRA who will be the sponsors of  the event.  Note, medical assistance if the responsibility of each attendee and no one else.

That makes as much sense as the logic of gun show loons worried that they may not be protected.

  Gun sales surge in Virginia after Newtown

Friday, December 28, 2012

In case you had not noticed it...

Holmes, Roberts, Lanza and Spengler All Used Same Type of Assault Rifle

Uh, oh.

The old white guy party better take note.  Now if we could get the kids to follow suit.

The Growing Electoral Clout of Blacks Is Driven by Turnout, Not Demographics

Quiz Time

Pew Global IQ Quiz

What Did We Learn?

The Year in Data: Top Pew Research Findings for 2012

Keeping Current With Porn

Well, make that TSA Porn-o-matics.  Most of the old porn machines are in a warehouse in Texas.  New machines are on the way and some are installed.   Of course the new ones don't work as well, but at least they don't kill the star.  Here's the latest on Homeland's porn shop--TSA.

The Inactivation of the Body Scanners

Gun Culture

Needless to say, in gun culture, any problem is solvable with the application of more guns, even the heartbreak of psoriasis.  It's assumed if the new gun is carried by a good guy then he or she will automatically be able to out gun any old bad guy with a gun.  I love NRA logic, don't you.  Well, my portfolio loves the NRA.

Perhaps we should give some thought to the nature, skills and abilities of the good guys we put in our schools to defend the tots.


Stating the obvious

U.S. drone strikes in Yemen increase 

Don't forget, the one thing Obama will be remembered for is drones and having a kill list in the White House.

This Makes Little Sense At All

Russia’s looming ban on U.S. adoptions devastates American families

Have We?

Have audiences had enough of guns, violence and blood at the movies?

Nah, a movie is a movie.  It's not the fictive gore that gun culture naysayers should be looking at.  Movies are like guns, as guns don't kill people, neither do movies.  The latest hot flick about Seals and bin Laden is gory, so I've heard.  It will be quite popular, make a lot of money, and in a few years be one more forgotten war film.  How many of Vietnam, Korea, or WWII  movies do folks return to again and again?  About the only war film I watch every couple of years is "All Quiet on the Western Front." I'm not sure what folks are trying to say about our culture.  It is too violent?  If so, in what ways and how do we measure and compare?  The violence and the guns really are two separate issues.  Don't conflate them.

Cliff Notes

If we go "over" the cliff isn't that sufficient evidence that those of us who consistently vote have really fucked up for a whole lot years?  After all, our behavior supports, encourages, and abets the way our two parties and all of our elected folks behave.  If we did not vote the way we have, then it would be different in Washington.  It's time to rid ourselves of the two parties.  If we don't want assholes in D.C. then we have to quit being such outstanding role models.

Get ready to go over the edge--Obama summons congressional leaders for ‘fiscal cliff’ talks

Interesting Idea

What lurked behind the housing bubble that wrecked our economy?  Just greed?  Sleaze ball bankers?  Hmm, if so, then the housing bubble should have been everywhere and have done uniform damage coast to coast.  Hold it, there are areas, like Texas, that did not experience the disaster the way Florida did.  Why?  Well, how about "land use restrictions?"

That's the topic of Randel O'Toole's new book, "American Nightmare: How Government Undermines the Dream of Home Ownership."  He was on C-SPAN's Washington Journal this morning. If you are interested, go to   CSPAN and find the clip, it just ended, otherwise I'd give you the link.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't Forget They Still Have to Be Reminded to Wash Their Hands

Dirty medical needles put tens of thousands at risk in USA

If swords replaced guns...

Then we'd have sword culture.  We'd still be in 2nd amendment compliance, after all, swords are arms. Now if a few weeks back, all guns had magically been transformed into swords, how many kids do you think Adam Lanza could have stabbed, sliced and hacked to death?  I doubt he'd have killed the same number of tots.  Gee, would twitter be able to report this number of subsequent "sword" deaths?  I have my doubts.


There comes a point when we do have to consider that we have an excessive number of guns in this naition and perhaps to entertain the idea that gun culture is in essence deviant culture.

Gun Culture

Remember gun culture is about hyping sales. The dealers sell them. The dealers sell ammo. Even owners can be dealers. After all, bad guys have to get guns. What better way than from a good guy?

How Criminals Get Their Guns

I guess it keeps them off our streets

The CIA is in the Merc business.  They use different titles for them,  but they hire Mercs to do their dirty work.   This does not make me feel safer.  This not contribute to our freedom.  This is, simply put, excessive and wrong. CIA’s Global Response Staff emerging from shadows after incidents in Libya and Pakistan

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

That's a polite way of referring to crap like covertly paying people to do your bidding even if your bidding may do damage to others.  Funny how money buys whatever it needs to make more money.  We are all aware of the money machine that buys government from Congress, but how about your shrink?

If you are in the drug business and shrinks will tout your drugs as standard practice, then for every condition you move from being formerly not drug treated into one that is drug treated yields a giant ka-ching.

As long as the bribes cost less than the new profits it's seen as a sound business decision.  Of course the rest of us then have fewer reasons to trust health care givers.  We'd best be on guard when a doc prescribes any drug for us to take.  How do we treat conflict of interest?

Antidepressants to treat grief? Psychiatry panelists with ties to drug industry say yes

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Congrats Barry, You're Laying the Foundations for Our Next Wars!

Teams from a US Army brigade heading to 35 African nations to beef up anti-terror training  (and I bet in a long tradition, from Dubya on, we're putting the cost on the credit card).

There are too many guns

U.S. Shooting Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 100

Might be the best country show on streaming radio

Do you listen to WEVL?  If you're partial to country music, then Wednesday might be when you might  listen to "The Best of Sho-Nuff Country."  Best is a good word to use to describe the show.  Oh. the rest of the Wednesday's programing is pretty good too.

WEVL Program Schedule 

Jon Boy for Speaker?

The Trogs have reached depths that even the batshit craziest never envisioned.  My god, when this proposal makes sense, Repubs should realize it's time for the GOP to fold up their tent and go spend the rest of their days in some Aryan Nations Idaho hideaway and stay there until the Trogs do one decent thing their life and drown in their own black venomous drool.

Look beyond the Capitol for the next speaker

Idahoans Like Closet People

Larry, Wide Stance, Criag liked to cruise airport men's rooms looking for toe-taping sex.  In the vernacular he was a closet queer.  Even after hitting on a cop he denied his predickliction (sorry I had to mis-spell it).  Now Idaho has more crap do deal with.

Sorry, make that Crapo.  He's a closet drunk.  He can't fess up to tossing back a shot or five.  Nah, he'd lose the Mormon vote, his Temple Recommend and have no more use for special undies and white dead people baptism outfits.  Closets.  What is it with Idaho?  God, Idaho also gave us Sarah Palin.  She is what kind of closet person?

Idahoans View of Crap: We can all learn from Sen. Crapo's mistake

Oh, "mistake" is Idaho speak for "fuck up."

Debacle Followup

As I read this piece on Willard's fuck up campaign, I wondered how he could be a successful "businessman."  I bet his success has less to do with his business skills and more to to with creative use of tax law and corporate law.  Face it, he's a vulture.  He feasted on the corporate road pizza.

Mitt Romney was hesitant to reveal himself

The Year in Gun Culture

Sixteen US Mass Shootings Happened in 2012, Leaving at Least 88 Dead

There's A New Iran Arising

Only, it's not in the geographic area of ancient Persia.  Nah, the new Iran is located along the riverbanks of the Nile River.

Egypt's Morsi signs Islamist constitution into law

Should we (our elected "leaders") be preemptively very pro- proactive and Drone Cairo and all of Egypt now? After all if there is one terrorist in Egypt and we send in sufficent drones to kill him, then the entire population can be wasted, but the deaths will be, by as determined by Obama's ace lawyers, one giant righteous kill.

Today in Gun Culture

It's nice to know nuts have similar tastes.  Hmm, perhaps we could find the crazies by seeing who purchases those .223 caliber assault rifles, then revoke their gun assault rifle privileges.  Yeah, ownership, or an attempt to own, really is sufficient proof that a person is batshit crazy.  However, I guess we'd allow them to purchase non semi automatic guns since we don't want to get into a 2nd Amendment tussle.

The Newtown and Firefighter Shooters Used the Same Type of Gun

A History Of The Rifle Used In The Sandy Hook Massacre

There are a lot very sick fuckers out there and they are well armed and this is just NY.

EXPERT: New Yorkers Own At Least 1 Million Bushmaster Rifles

Today in Drones

Prez Kill List delivers Xmas goodies to Yemen!

Drone strikes kill six Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Of course, even by his own standards, he's not always accurate.  And I thought the Shrub left us a shitty legacy.

When U.S. drones kill civilians, Yemen’s government tries to conceal it

In the next few years, when you look up, you'll think of Prez Kill List.  Then when that drone drops its payload on your neighbors house, well, you will be able to go to Radio Shack and become a part of Drone Culture (it's like gun culture, just newer and more high tech, but otherwise no different).  Gee, I can't wait for the first drone show....

The Dawning of Domestic Drones

Today in car bombs

Success -- 4 killed as Afghan bomber attacks near major US base in country’s east

Failure -- Car-bomb threat sparks megabrothel evacuation in Spain

Gee, we have gun culture in the U.S., at least that's how the gun owners explain their behavior.  Perhaps other parts of the of the world have car bomb culture.  Both make equivalent sense.

Monday, December 24, 2012

I guess we need fireman guards too

Okay gun nuts, how about this one.  It's time to get the guns off the streets, period.

4 firefighters shot, 2 dead, after responding to blaze

 Bluntly, fuck the NRA and its members and every damn pol who has accepted a dime from them.

No Grandfather on Nuts

The first step to stop mass killing by guns is to make sure everybody who currently owns a gun or has access to guns is mentally fit to own and operate guns.  This includes all the folks who try to purchase any kind of a firearm from dealers or at gun shows.  If people are found to be be nuts then they have to give up their guns.  We need to certify that gun owners and their household members are sane.  No certificate of sanity then no sale or possession.  

Let's start national testing next year.

Think about it.  Adam Lanza would not have passed a nut test.  Assume that his mother would.  She would then have had a choice.  She could have owned and had guns in the house or she could have kept her son in the house, but she could not had both and conform to the proposed gun sanity standards I've sketched out above.

Oh, don't forget this mental health test applies to all members of the armed forces, police, guards, federal and state agents, etc.  If they are nuts, then should never be allowed access to guns at all.  I wonder how many members of Congress would pass such test?

All I Want For Christmas 2013 is

Personal Drones

Imagine what we'll see when a bad guy with a drone attacks a school. I guess we'll have to staff our schools with good guys with drones.  We need guards with guns, now we'll need guards with drones.  Hey, what happened to the guards with knives?

There's not much we will be able to do about it, it's a constitutional thing, we all the right to bear anything that's armed, including drones.  The NRA needs to expand and rename itself as the Armament Sales Society.

There's money in death

Merchants of death, well they call it security, do make billions on the corpses of others.

U.S. arms to Gulf allies hint of strategy

Putin steps up arms sales to India

German MPs oppose arms sales to Saudis

Merry Christmas!

When They Are Alone

Mormons obey when two or more are in the same place.  When they are alone, well, that's when all the high sounding moralizing goes bottom's up.  Fear is the principal reason folks conform and thus remain within the Mormon faith.  Oh, it's not just Mormons, it's the same in every other restrictive organization.    It's not a healthy way to live.  I bet Crapo was not with fellow Saints when he threw back a few shots.  Now he's also just one more liar from Idaho who has a DUI on his record.


Hey didn't this guy replace that other guy, wide stance Larry, the Toe Tapper, Craig. Good thing Crapo wasn't DUI in the men's room.

Here's One The Trogs Have Missed

I am surprized that the Trogs have not jumped on Obama for being anti-Christmas.  After all, he's banned the yule log from the Ellipse.  Trogs do not need more proof.

The national yule log blazes no more

Incredibly Stupid People Sign Petitions?

Uh, make that incredibly stupid people clicked on a website.  Actually, it could be one person who has nothing better to do than click his or her day away.

Tens of thousands sign US petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan over gun control views

Myself, I'd deport the thousands who have "signed" the petition, but I don't think there is any place on earth that would take them.  Perhaps we could pack them all into one state.  How about Mississippi?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Cheer

In case you have not selected your yuletide drinks and may not have all the booze you need for Xmas eve and Xmas day, I have a few suggestions to make the days mellower.  Hell, I may not even say "Bah Humbug" for at least two days, provided the libations keep me distracted.

Check your liquor closet, do you have what it takes to make these?

Here are two that keep Winter at bay--

1 1/2 oz.  Rye
1 oz Benedictine
1/2 Lemon Juice

Side Car
2 oz. Decent Brandy
1 oz. Cointreau
1/2 oz Lemon Juice

Then again you may just need to quaff too much.  If so, then try a

1 oz.  Dark Spiced Rum
2 oz. Bailey's

Of course Xmas morn, with all those presents and attendant mess one must imbibe.  May I suggest a

1/2 oz. Cointreau
1 oz. Orange Juice
4 oz. Bubbly (any kind will do)

Merry Christmas.  Go shopping on Monday and then relax.  Cheers!

Auto deaths were excessive in the past.  Have we forgotten Ralph Nader already?  Didn't we require a number of safety measures in our cars and on our highways?  How about guns?  What can we do?

American Gun Deaths to Exceed Traffic Fatalities by 2015

Another Fine Day In Muslim Araby

Well, actually Syria.  I do not quite understand why killing each other off to become the group who has power is so popular throughout the Arab world, but it appears to be their pastime.


Now it's time for the drone-i-dote.

As drones proliferate, someone will come develop the anti-drone gun.  Yep, it's here.  It's large.  It's expensive but it's a super laser gun!  I bet the home version will be ready for next Xmas.  Hmm, are laser guns covered by the 2nd Amendment?

Double-barrelled 50 kW laser weapon shoots down drones and mortar rounds

The Rheinmetall 50kW laser weapon

Now what's needed is a track back weapon.  How about a drone that follows the signal back to wherever the "pilot" is and delivers a bomb or chemical weapon.  I wonder how many of the current crop of drone pilots would be pilots if they thought they could get shot down and die in their cube at the office?

How Do You Spell Egypt?

Try spelling it I-R-A-N.  If you are not a devout Muslim, better find a non-Arab state in which you can  hang your turban.  So much for any notion of liberty and freedom for all.  Arabs once again prove their best days occurred long, long ago.

Egyptian constitution approved, preliminary results show


Five Myths

And You Wanted To Know Why Health Care Costs So Much?

Hospitals face increased scrutiny for charging facility fees

The Gun Nuts Are Nuts

Here's a Bushmaster ad--

Consider the type of person who responds to this ad or finds this ad appealing. Hmm, those folks are the very people who should not be allowed to own guns, even a cap gun, at all. We need a mental health qualification. Of course these are the same guys who will buy wife beater shirts and head on home with or without the Bushmaster.  Remember a gun nut, is a nut first.

Bizarre Illustration Of Masculinity By Maker Of Rifle That Massacred Innocent Children

Sex, Safety, And Machismo: How Guns Are Advertised In America