Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gun Culture Deja Vu

Gunman and Three Others Killed After Standoff in Aurora, Colo.

Looks like we'll have to put police everywhere. Yep, sell more guns to unemployed good guys who can then be hired to be good guys with guns and guard everything and everybody. You know, all in all, the NRA and gun culture pretty much sucks.  I wonder if this shooter had a gun to protect himself?  Uh, who will guard the good guys doing all that guarding?  I guess we'll have import some guards.  From Mexico?

If they were decent, they'd all off themselves today

But short of mass suicide, the disarray and dysfunctionality of the Trogs will suffice.  It's entertaining.  I wonder what would happen to the confederate wing of the Trog's party if it had to generate all of its  campaign cash just from very red southern states?  It would fulfill Grover's hope for the U.S. government, it would dry up and go away--red states are takers not makers and givers.  They are Romney's true moocher class.


Testing In Schools

If the urchins have to perform on tests what's the best way to improve their test scores?  Oh, that's easy have the staff change the student's wrong answers to the correct ones.  Gee, everyone wins then.  Students think they are smart.  The teachers think they did a bang up job.  Principals think they have new found managerial skills.  The superintendent thinks she designed it right.  Everybody shows up on cable news.  Everybody pats each other on the back.  Of course, the problem is with that word "thinks, " it's dependent on fraudulent activity.  

The students are just as dumb as ever.  The teachers were no better or worse than before.  The principals remain organizational bumblers.  And the superintendent becomes one more former hot shot who got her 15 minutes on TV and probably gets a long term think tank gig.

‘Frontline’ raises questions about test-score tampering under Rhee

It's an odd logic

When looking at pictures from Russia's Soviet days one could never be sure that they were accurate per the event the photos supposedly captured.  Stalin was adept at his day's "photoshopping."  It appears we now have a Josephine Stalin in the House.  Her name is Nancy Pelosi and she sees nothing wrong will emulating Joe.   Nothing can be trusted from either side in the 113th Congress.

Pelosi defends altered photo of Democratic women

I do hope reporters always ask her when shown future photos or documents if they are true originals or have been edited for any reason.  I think she has been in Congress a bit too long and do hope she is not a member of the 114th.

It's About Time

Of course the Trogs will piss and moan.   Hell, it might cut into their agri-buisness take (donations).  If they demand the law be paid for, fine.  Let's close foreign military bases until we've saved a couple billion.

FDA begins implementing sweeping food-safety law

Crapo Update

Crapo got blitzed and went for a drive in D.C.  He was caught.  He's confessed.  He'll pay the fine and lose his license for a year.  No big deal except he's another one of those folks who try to gain an edge by wearing his faith on his shoulder.  In this case his epaulets have been the "Book of Mormon" and "Doctrines and Covenants."  Don't you get tired of faithful braggarts?

I could care less if you smoke, drink, carouse or what not.  However, if you don't I could equally care less if the reason you don't is because in some demented way you think "god told you not to."   What counts is the job you do.  Drink fine.  Don't drink, fine.  Not fine to lay your vote for me rationale off on any god.  Of course the voters who positively respond to the "I'm holy" bullshit are mentally unbalanced.  Is there a mental health test for voting?

Sen. Mike Crapo pleads guilty to drunken driving

It's all in the sap

Simple Physics May Limit the Size of Leaves

Libraries and the Internet

We may have to put an e- in front of everything we do. Hmm, how along will it take to either drop the e- or include it (without the hyphen) in the normal spelling? Will email become the word we use to refer to all mail? Will e-books become ebooks or will we drop the e- and assume that books refers to books, assuming that 99% of them are electronic?  How will the electronic novelty be incorporated into our language?  Has it already?  How will our pronunciations change?

Mobile Connections to Libraries

Here's Why Congress is Dysfunctional

These folks believe in fantasy.  How can they ever cope with the facts of everyday existence?

Faith on the Hill: The Religious Composition of the 113th Congress

Friday, January 4, 2013

They Remain the World's Greatest...

Debilitative body, that is.  The Senate is a farce.  I guess the founders included the Senate for national entertainment.

The date for filibuster reform: Jan. 22. Probably.

Gun Culture

With so many guns out there in number oneland, how can anyone have an expectation of keeping guns out of the hands of the "bad guys."  Perhaps some of the current gun owners are not really "good guys."  How do we separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak?  Can we?  Or do we just watch the list of mass killings get longer and longer?

  A Timeline Of Mass Shootings In The US Since Columbine

Muslims At Play With Explosives

Explosion at Syrian gas station kills, wounds dozens; opposition blames car bomb

Iraq Car Bomb Kills at Least 20 Shi'ite Pilgrims

I guess it's the modern era's counterpart to a not too distant past when Christian groups burned their opponents at at the stake.  Back then god liked fire, today he/she/it is appears more enamored with explosives.  The godly are downright strange.

Attention Porkers

Should the Feds control what you eat?  Can you control what you eat?  If adult gluttonous behavior is emulated by their offspring, should a federal Nanny intervene?  Where do we draw the line on parental behavior being adopted and emulated by their kids?


Once Again

Once again, Prez Kill List the Caver has confirmed that George W. Bush is still President.

Defense bill’s Guantanamo Bay provisions have human rights groups upset with Obama

Are They Watching?

Who?  Oh, the rich old white guys, a.k.a., Trogs, a.k.a., Repubs.

The 113th Congress is the most diverse in history


It that refers to how we see ourselves over time, then we may want reevaluate our notions of self perception of change. Your Elusive Future Self

Today Water, Tomorrow Little Green Men

Signs of Water in Martian Meteorite

Gun Culture Permeates Everything

I'm not sure what the lack of legislation says about the voters, who vote in the majority, in these several states.  That much fear and insecurity is sad.

Mass Shootings Do Little to Change State Gun Laws

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What Obama's campaign promises tell us about Obama

We've had a lot of conversations in the office recently about President Barack Obama's campaign promises. As we wrap up our coverage of his 2008 promises, we've been talking about the extraordinary number of pledges he made (508!) and what they say about his approach to government, his fondness for specifics -- and how well he fared.

We decided to put together a short article with our reflections about the Obameter and what it tells us about Obama. It's a little more personal than our usual campaign promise stories, but I think you'll find it interesting.

Meanwhile, now that Congress has approved the fiscal cliff deal, we've updated more than ahalf-dozen Obameter promises and will be finishing others this afternoon. We're also concluding our coverage of the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, which tracks the promises from the 2010 Pledge to America. Watch for a wrap-up story in the next week.

Finally, if you've been watching football, you've probably seen that new AIG ad that claims the insurance giant has fully repaid the federal government -- along with $22 billion profit. If you're like me, you wondered: Is that true? We've got the answer.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I don't like capital punishment, so this is quite hypothetical.  I'm not real keen on all the guns out there across the land.  One fear I have is that the number of guns leads to a bit more violent crime than we'd otherwise experience.  I don't think guns cause more crime, guns just enable crimes to be more violent.  So, here's the hypo, what if ALL gun related crimes were made capital offenses?  Would the bad guys then get rid of their guns?   Everything from threatening someone with a gun to killing someone would have a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.  

What Do You Think?

I would have shut down Penn State's football program for a decade.  The Gov. of Penn thinks the NCAA overreached (he must be seeing lost tax dollars).  Do you agree with the Gov.?  Was the NCAA correct in its actions?

Pennsylvania Governor Announces Lawsuit Against N.C.A.A.

Gee, no cliff?

The cliff remains, we'll just call it by different names in the near future.  Taxes will pretty much not go up on most folks.  Debt will go up.  We're still massively in debt, perhaps excessively so.  It's over $16 trillion and rising.  The dimwits who created the mess are still in charge.

Yes the majority of Americans,  who bother to vote continue to elect those who most closely resemble themselves into office.  Then the rest of country ( non -voters and losing side voters) wonder why Congress and the White House are pretty fucked up.  Both entities are fucked up because that is exactly what the voting population desires.  Until a different majority (remember its really a minority) elect otherwise the status will remain quite quo.

Congress approves ‘fiscal cliff’ measure

Dubya Is Still Prez

Renditions continue under Obama, despite due-process concerns

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Okay time to guess the candidates for 2016!

Are you ready?  Here tis.  The matchup of the century will be Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush.  Both parties will avoid primary battles and acclaim each candidate.  That way we will have a two year slugfest as each side spends $3 billion on their nominee.  How's that sound?

Now the question is who be the Veeps?  Bush will run with Nikki Haley.   Clinton will opt for whom?

Gun Nuts Might Want to Keep An Eye On India

The ladies are starting to pack heat.  Of course the wife beater and rapist crowd over there will protest.  If guns do reduce the violence, then perhaps the NRA needs to make sure all American women start packing and also work to make a bullet to the balls a legal stand your ground type of self defense.  From coast to coast, better watch out dad, hubby and bubba the she in your life might be carrying.

Indian bus rape: Delhi sees rush for guns

And she told her Dad, It's Just Parthenogenesis

Virgin Birth?

Out Gunned and Out Spent

Look, Trogs are pretty much gun nuts.   Libs are pretty much gun control nuts.  Congressmen get more money from gun nut promoters than controllers.  Until the money picture changes, Congress will remain a branch office of the NRA's "Guns R Us" retail outlet.

Comparing Spending by Gun Rights and Gun Control Interest Groups

As we ponder the fiscal crisis

Don't forget, the American people elect these dorks.  An incumbent has a 95% certainty of being reelected.  Since we keep on electing the same type of numbnuts over and over again, I can only conclude that we, those of us who do vote, have exactly the type of government we want.   Until we change our attitudes, the puppets we elect will behave exactly as we pull the stings.

National polls don't mean shit.  The only polls that matter are those that tap the past elections voters and the most likely voters in the next election.  That segment matters.  Then within that segment the only group that matters is the half plus at least one who do elect folks to House and Senate--it depends on how solidly Trog or Jackass the District and State.  For example, who really needs to listen to a Democrat in Utah or a Trog in Massachusetts?

Fiscal crisis is the new normal in Washington

The New Year In Drug Fiends

Oh, my, Colorado has allowed people who want to go through the gateway to worse drugs to gather together, get stoned, and then head out back into the alley for some cocaine or worse.  How will the nation survive?  Quick, Repubs, get your Bushmasters and go shoot Colorado.  You must protect the government's right to control the ever evil drug trade.


Religion Is So Uplifting

Islamists in Pakistan kill 5 female teachers, 2 aid workers

Idiot Watch

Gee, the Senate cut a deal last night, around 2 a.m.  Wow.  I am so impressed.   The idiots who spent the past couple of decades creating the mess, sort of, kind of, resolved one part the crap they've dumped on the nation to begin with.

Yep, most voters won't have tax increases (come on the Social Security decrease was wrong in the first place).  And old farts won't see docs bail over compensation in Medicare.  Now the House has to follow suit.

House Dems will vote for it, they've been told to.  Some Trogs will too.  Will it die?  Nah, that's too risky when it comes to getting reelected for most of them.  Besides, technically, the Senate voted to lower taxes.

The Bush Tax Cuts expired at midnight.  For two hours the old rates were in force, then those might debilitators, pulled up their Depends, hobbled to the floor,  and voted to cut taxes for most voting Americans.  The Senate proved once again they are chock a block full of sick old fuckers.   Is there one word, besides "Senator" that means "sick old fuckers?"

Wonkbook: Everything you need to know about the fiscal cliff deal

 Look, the grid has not been taken out of the lock. We had one panic driven vote. Once the House does its thing, it's back to business as usual--Obama proposes, McConnell says "fuck you,"  Reid says "you can't say that,"  and Boner Boehner  chimes in "he already did dickhead." That about sums up Congress and the White House. Is this your kind of government?

Oh see if you can find any spending cuts in the solution?

Monday, December 31, 2012

No matter, they remain gun nuts!

Gun Rhetoric vs. Gun Facts

Drones by Anonymous?

What if the merchants of death cannot secure their latest airborne devices?  Oh, my!  Imagine a hackfest of  drones.   What would happen if hackers took control of hellfire armed drones?  What will it be like when drones pervade world airspace and they are not quite as secure as the the vendors claim them to then be?

Pentagon Looks to Fix ‘Pervasive Vulnerability’ in Drones

Back in the game!

They're a bit rusty at killing, but I'm sure they'll come up to speed druing 2013.  Who?  Oh, it's the those devout Catholic killers from Northern Ireland.  It will be good to see sectarian mayhem return to Ireland.  After all, Christians can't let Muslims get all the attention.

Car bomb attempt on Northern Irish policeman foiled


Where did all those scientists, researchers, academics, and medical journals go when we finally figured out that tobacco companies had lying about selling death sticks?  Oh, that's easy.  They went from lying about tobacco to lying about drugs like OxyContin.  The amazing part is, is how little it takes to bribe these pillars of the community.  

Rising painkiller addiction shows damage from drugmakers’ role in shaping medical opinion

The Legacy Continues

Iraq is the Shrub's idea of a nation.  Damn, and we elected that moron twice.  I guess we just lack taste and judgement.  Iraq was destroyed, occupied and re-built per Dubya's book "Nation Buildings."   Of course he went back to Dallas and stiffed us and the Iraqis with the tab for our mistake.  Now that's a legacy.  I can hardly wait for Barry's.

Blasts in Iraq aimed at Shiite communities, pilgrims, security forces kill 23

We have what we want

The majority of people who matter, those who take the time to vote, want taxes to go up if it otherwise would mean "caving" to the other side on any issue.  Neither side will yield.  Why?  Well, it's simple.  Most House members are elected from safe Trog or Jackass districts.  They are safe if, if they behave in the way the voters in the safe districts want them to.  And the way the donors donate.  There are not many, if any, districts, where donors support or voters elect a Rep to be half Trog and half Jackass.  No one want a Trass or a Jackog.  Voters, based on their record, do not want moderation in anything.  So, hi-ho, hi-ho, its over the cliff we go.   Actually, we'll be better off in a couple years for going over the precipice.

If you hear someone complain, find out it they voted.  If they didn't then flip them off.  If they did, then congratulate them for helping make government all it is today.  Non-voters don't matter.  If they'd like to have voice, they need to vote.  Without new voters we will persist as have for a decade or so.  If the Trogs take the White House in 2016, they'd best expect the Dems to a better job at opposing Trogs than the Trogs have been at opposing them.  Yes we can put more grid in the lock.  Don't like it?  Well, then we have to vote a bit differently than we have been voting and who will do that?

Biden, McConnell continue ‘cliff’ talks as clock winds down

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cliff Notes

I have come to the conclusion that going off the curb will be the best of all possible options.  My taxes will go up, yes, but so will everybody else's.  As far as the $110 billion in  cuts for this year, well, we'll have to eat a few more years of cuts  (not Social Security never was part of this).  So let's go off the cliff.  Oh, Congress's failure does affect 2012 taxes--if you make over about  $73,000 ( I think that's the number) you better check out the alternative minimum tax rules because you may be hit.

Let's go over the cliff and then do nothing until Nov. 2014.  Then we need to find brand new douchebags to elect--no Repubs, no Jackasses, no Teabaggers, no super Libs--just people who will serve one term and go back to a real job.  Do not donate a dime to any party or pol between now and election day 2014.  Then we get rid of the House and 1/3 of the Senate.  No more career pols.

Gun Culture

If you want to own a gun, fine.  But why huge magazines and military style guns?  They aren't for hunting and frankly they are much good at "protecting" you.  The obsession with guns is what makes for a gun nut.  Who the hell goes to a gun show anyway?  The counterpart obsession with gun elimination makes for gun control nut.  Who goes to gun control rallies?  I have a feeling that most of us  feel as though we're caught between two sets of nuts.



Five Myths

Cliff Notes

We'll just have to see what happens.  Remember we elected Congress.  Each member is behaving in a manner which he or she thinks will yield cash and votes for reelection and lead to party dominance.  If you are upset with Congress, how did you vote?  If you are only upset with the other party's members, then you wanted the current mess.  Do you think it's working well?

Senate negotiators search for deal to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’

God Loves Me, But Can't Stand You Front

Lacking any other real reason to kill each other off, humans are quite adept at finding "reasons."  Yep, my fiction is true, whereas, your fiction is blasphemy or heresy or just a pretty damn good reason to waste your ass.

19 Shiite pilgrims killed in suicide attack in southwest Pakistan