Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is it racist?

If the races of the target family and the TV show host were all reversed and the same banter ensued I think we'd be hearing all kinds of racism allegations.  MSNBC would cover the event for at least two news cycles.  On what did occur, apparently no one on MSNBC really noticed.  I find it odd and a bit bothersome.

MSNBC host apologizes after panel makes fun of Romney photo with black grandchild

Uh, where do I get a drone liccese?

Virginia one of 6 lucky states that’ll shape the future of drone technology

Hmm, I can't find my booze

I'm a yellow dog Democrat who hasn't missed an election in 40 years.  Okay, Where's Blanton's and Knappogue Castle?

What your favorite drink says about your politics, in one chart

The Terrorists Moved, Now It's Putin's Turn

With the Olympics in the balance, will Putin KGB the Chechen bombers and bomber wannabes?  By threatening the games, don't they invite Putin to pull a Stalin?  Round up the ones you don't kill and send them to Siberia for the rest of their lives?   What happens if the first big event at the games is a bomb that kills a bunch of athletes?  Who'd get the blame?  I don't think it would be the Russians and Putin.

Putin, After Silence, Condemns Bombings in Volgograd

It's the Republican Way

Company linked to Va. gov. did not seek required approvals for Anatabloc supplement

I can hear the Trogs gurgling away "regulations, we don't need no stinkin' regulations!"

Monday, December 30, 2013

Traditional Values Strikes Again

He doesn't have to watch CNN at all.  In fact he shouldn't if he wishes to retain his membership in Club 17th Century.  Come on, I saw the segment.  When you have Kathy Griffin on, live, be prepared.  It was funny and caught Stelter off guard.  The segment was a promo for CNN's New Year's Eve (9:00 PM Tuesday) show (which I've watched every time Ms Griffin has been part of the show).

Conservative Writer Informs Readers That Spooning Is A 'Sexual Position'

It's sad to see it go

I drove a Kombi for 22 years.  Then I started driving pickup trucks.  The Kombi, despite the lack of power, air conditioning, and any amenity other than a heater, was one hell of vehicle.  Too bad they're gone.  I doubt if we'll ever see another vehicle like it.

VW camper van: farewell to the symbol of 60s freedom

What Don't We Know About Government?

Mr. Jarvis raises some points we all need to consider as we continue to discuss the NSA mess.

The primary NSA issue isn't privacy, it's authority

I bet it's traditional values

Yeah, the way this nation lags on fast, reasonably priced Internet access for all has to be caused by the traditional values crowd.  Those folks aren't really sure that the telegraph was a good idea.  After all anything that can be used to communicate alternatives to rule by rich old white guys has to be controlled and limited in use.  I think they deem it ungodly too.  Oh, how many Repubs are all that excited about broadband? Hell to them the Internet is just a lot of tubes.

U.S. Struggles to Keep Pace in Delivering Broadband Service

Gay Marriage

The reaction to gay marriage by so many Christians provides a sufficient basis to reject their religion as just another collection of loopy thoughts and practices.  Hate is sort of not god.  Oh, I forgot the three violent religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-- are all about the same when it comes to people who are not strict adherents of their particular bit of fantasy.  They do relish death for heretics a bit too much for my taste.  If you accept and value all people as decent sorts, why would you ever become or remain one of the violent three?

Oh, the above was brought on after reading--

Scalia finds his predictions on same-sex-marriage ruling being borne out

A little quiz

Do you think any of the states that have or are considering paid family leave laws are part of the new confederacy?  If you think none are, then you are correct.  After all, in confederate traditional valueland mom is barefoot, pregnant and spends her time servicing her hubby one way or another.  Even though she's not, anything done to support the current reality would preclude a return to those ante-bellum days of yore.

States make moves toward paid family leave

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good to see!

Now we need to have a few more states get with the program and do the same as Conn.

Connecticut gun owners scramble to register weapons as deadline looms

Red and Blue

The red really refers to "traditional values" doesn't it?  What are the attributes of traditional values?  Well, I think the values are white males running everything to their advantage in wealth, power, fame and status in a cultural context that fights change.  It's a great way to live if one is an affluent white guy.

Blue values really refer to all that is wrapped up in creating and maintaining a state regulated level playing field of opportunity for all.  

Take your  pick, it's easier than ever to be true blue or rapscallion red--

Red, blue states move in opposite directions in a new era of single-party control



Nutrition labels on vending machines will not help at all, but the nanny state is partially financed by fast food  companies, so labels it will be since they do not harm the cash flow.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nanny State Update -- Vending Machines

This is the kind of rule that arms the GOP and the knuckle draggers as they in turn make fools out of those who support government.


This is just sad, very sad

Polio and children do not mix.  In most places children are valued more than polio.  That is not true in Pakistan amongst the Taliban.

Vaccine Aide Gunned Down In Pakistan

Legacyland - It's Just Such a Bush Kind of Place

The Shrub made it to match his ideas of the modern democratic state.  Hmm, now why did anyone vote for the schmuck?  Twice?

7 killed as Iraqi troops arrest Sunni lawmaker

Did The Security Industrial Complex Influence Him?

It would not surprize me at all.  Before one runs to agree with the judge who loves spies, give this piece a read--

Judge on NSA Case Cites 9/11 Report, But It Doesn’t Actually Support His Ruling

A judge in New York on the pad?  Well...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Prepare for some future Deja Vu

Iraq had a dictator.  We armed him.  He pushed the envelope a bit.  We invaded.  We occupied. We made sure the dictator died.  We left Iraq.

Hmm, I guess this is the deja part: Iraq has the makings of a new dictator.  We're arming him---

U.S. sending missiles, drones to help Iraq government fight al Qaeda

In another 20 years some asshole from El Paso will be elected Prez.  He'll note the dictator is pushing it a bit.  He'll invade Iraq and...  Yep, that the Vu.  Anyone surprized?

I'm not sure this means much

Kids find something neat to do.  They do it.  Their parents discover what their kids are doing.  The parents begin to do the same thing.  Gee, the whole family can do a neat thing.  Together even.  The kids quietly move on to something else (bet they don't tell mom and dad).  Oops they must have told some researchers---

Facebook 'dead and buried to teens', research finds

One More Time

Obama and his ace crew of health care reformers really should have opted to go to the mat for either a real national health care system or at least Medicare for all.

ObamaCare: Older Workers Could Pay 25% Of Income

Golden Dukes

Seventh Annual Golden Dukes recognizing the year's best purveyors of public corruption, outlandish behavior and The Crazy


I do not understand those who oppose gay marriage or polygamy for that matter.  Marriage is, as far as I'm concerned, merely a contract between two people (or more) and the state.  The parties have rights, responsibilities and benefits per the contract.  Dissolution of the contract requires participation of all of the original parties.  The state plays the primary role when it's time for contract's end (divorce).   Note just about anyone can be allowed to represent the state for entry into the contract but it takes a court to end it.

If folks desire to find a sacred side to marriage, that's fine.  However the state has zero interest in those other aspects since they are usually religious.  If the state allows a marriage, that does not mean a religion must concur.  Religion does it's sacred stuff all by itself, the state cannot intrude.

Now, let's bag the religious quibbles and just update the state side of marriage.  There is no reason to preclude gay marriage from the state's perspective.  LIkewise with polygamy, it's fine provided that the state sets the rights, responsibilities and benefits for entry and defines the rules for exit from the contract.

At least gay marriage should be allowed in every state.

Utah Ruling Means No Respite for the Supreme Court on Same-Sex Marriage

I thought this would have happened nationwide by 2000

I missed the call by 13 years and 48 states.  Back in the 90s I would not have predicted that Colorado would become the nations' first legit weed dispensary.  How long before pot is sold in every convenient store in the country?  Make it legal, control it and tax it is better than the mess created by keeping it illegal.

Denver Gives Out Recreational Pot Sales Licenses

Happy Days Are Hear Again!

The Arabic world keeps trying to drive itself back to the 9th century.  They think can kill their way to a renewed Caliphate.  Right.  The past is that, the past.  If they cannot rid themselves of sectarian based killing, then what we see today will persist for several more generations.  If they would note one thing, religion and the state really don't mix well, then they might have a chance and all could see their children and grandchildren grow to adulthood and old age.  Until then, death will accompany too many lives.  Death is will remain the Arabic way of life.  Oh, Lebanon has returned to the Islamic way--

Powerful explosion rocks downtown Beirut; former ambassador to U.S., 4 others killed

There's money out there

If we combine Medicare, dying, and capitalism what do we get?  Well, given that capitalism has one single rule, maximize profits, period, what we have is profit off of the, "gee we thought you were going to die folks."   Yep, combine health care, federal money, and for profit companies and we get fraud (if the feds can catch them), lots of fraud.  It raises the cost of Medicare for all.  Shouldn't health care be 100% non-profit and/or government run?

Hospice firms draining billions from Medicare

Before you go see "American Hustle"

It didn't quite happen like the movie version--

To the players in Abscam, the real-life ‘American Hustle,’ the bribes now seem quaint

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can Arabs Really Govern Themselves In the 21st Century?

I doubt it, look at Egypt.  Egypt  has now joined the rest of the Arabic Islamic nations and turned into a sectarian shithole.  It will get worse since the only way these folks know to deal with sectarian issues is to kill and kill and kill each other off.  And to think they want to go back to the 9th century, perhaps we know why.

Blast Injures at Least 5 on Cairo Bus

Remember the good old Mujahideen?

Yeah the freedom fighters we armed in Afghanistan to oust the always evil Russkies.  The Commies left, we left, the Mujahideen hund around and morphed into a well armed al Qaeda supported by the new local government, the Taliban.

Okay now let's look at Legacyland, Iraq.  Did the Shrub create the foundation for al Qaeda 2.0?  Maybe.  If we arm the locals and they in turn wind up supporting al Qaeda, then it will be here we go again.

Funny how the Shrub's Iraq fuck up, keeps on shafting both Iraq and the U.S.  I really have to wonder about the folks who elected that bozo, twice.

U.S. Sends Arms to Aid Iraq Fight With Extremists

Time to cut the cord?

It appears that Dish will be sending me an Xmas present, a $5 increase in my monthly invoice for services.  Wow.  I'd bag the damn thing, but Mrs. Jake is a football fan.  I'd never hear the end of it if she could not watch SEC ball games (especially the Vols, even when they have seasons like the current one that really, really sucks).

I don't subscribe to premium channels such as HBO, I'm patient and see the better shows on DVD--I prefer to binge them.  Most networks make their shows available on-line after the initial broadcast (you can't bypass the commercials so it's a value for them I guess.)

I don't think there are even two dozen channels that I watch in any given month, but I pay for a couple hundred things.  I'm tempted by the idea of a la carte for cable, but I'm sure the individual stations would gouge even worse the the cable folks do today.  Maybe I'll just turn it all off.

Dish and DirecTV wish customers a Merry Christmas… by hiking prices

Postage going up

As first class postage moves towards 49 cents on Jan. 26th, we can expect complaints galore.  Don't send bitching to the USPS, send it all all to the U.S. Congress.

Actually, 49 cents for a stamp is a reasonable value.  For 49 cents I can write a letter, put it in an envelope, add the recipient's address and affix a 49 cent stamp.  Then someone will come to my door, take my letter and see that it is delivered to the recipient anywhere in the country and it will be there within a day or two of being mailed.  That's a value, isn't it?

First-class stamps to cost 49 cents as of Jan. 26

Santa Uses Drones to Deliver Gifts to Goat Herders In Pakistan

The Post's anonymous sources say that militants were killed.  What is a militant?  Frankly at this point, I don't believe much that comes from our side, even when it's said by someone with a real name.  Do you?  Some people were killed by a drone attack--I still think drones, if used by them on us in our villages and towns, would be called, by our assorted punditry of patriots, pure acts of terrorism committed by cowardly terrorists.  Hell, our aces in the White House hide their behavior behind secrecy laws and such.  I think I know where the real cowards reside, do you?

  US drone strike in Pakistan kills 3 militants

Are they still Chicomms?

Well, yes and no.  Mao is out and you know what's in on the 150th anniversary of his birth--

Mao’s home town of Shaoshan has spent $320 million in preparation — renovating historical sites and museums, organizing galas, and building new roads and other infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to pass through. Many hotels have been fully booked for days leading up to the anniversary. Merchants in town say they have stocked up on Mao tchotchkes of every kind — busts and statues, key rings, commemorative liquor, little red books of his sayings and photos from every phase of his life. 

Whatever else Mao may mean politically or ideologically these days, at least for a week, those in the industry hope that interest in the founder of China’s socialist state will translate into little mountains of cash.

Communist Party feeling uneasy about Mao ahead of his birthday celebrations

I guess the rest of the Chinese people would like the opportunity to live as well as Mao and the party bosses have since they took power.  Warlords or Chicomms are all the same from the average slob's perspective.  What about our party bosses?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Utah is making Indiana GOP Squirm?

Yep--Indiana Finds It’s Not So Easy to Buck Gay Marriage Trend


I think that today's GOP and their Christian base still agree with what was done to Alan Turing.  They're not upset with his death but are really pissed with his posthumous pardon--

But Turing, a gay man, had the misfortune to live in an intolerant era. In 1952, he was prosecuted for "gross indecency" for having a sexual relationship with another man. He lost his security clearance and was forced to take hormone treatments. Two years later, he was found dead of cyanide poisoning. His death was ruled a suicide.

Given the duck dynasty crap they've  defended, why would anyone support the GOP unless they hated gays, blacks, women and anyone who was not just like them.  They can try but it won't work to cast it as "free speech."

Good News for Barry!

Hot damn, Prez Barry has a nice new Africa Command ( of course it's located in Switzerland).  Now all he needs is somewhere for the Command to act.  Bless my Bantus, there's a new civil war going on.  Go Barry Go, this war's for you and all of your Africa Commanders.  Get involved, fuck it up, and build a bunch of bases in Africa.  Now that's a legacy--waste a continent, that'll beat Clinton and the Shrub.

In South Sudan, ethnic attacks spark fears of civil war

Merry Christmas from Iraq

At least the Muslims share their love of sectarian violence.  Gee, maybe all of our devout, Bible thumping, duckheads should take their well armed arms to Iraq and make that Islamic land safe for Christians.  How sincere is their belief?  Hell, I'm confident, they're lazy and not all that devout.  It's easier to just attack locals whom they think are Arabs (watch out Sikhs, the rednecks will get you).

Christmas Day bombings in Iraq’s capital kill 37

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not being a Bibler I have not any idea about what the Quacker ranted

However, I found a piece by a guy who seems to understand what's really being said.  To bad the Quacker doesn't read his own source material before he spews nonsense.

Does the Bible Say What Phil Robertson Thinks It Says About Homosexuality?

It's a different type of movie review

Instead of stars or tomato splats, they use writedowns.  I wonder what the rating symbol for "we're going ot lose our shirts on this turkey" happens to be?  Hm, maybe it really is the turkey.  I guess the folks who paid for the flick have given it, maybe, four turkeys.  Will I see 47 Ronin? Will you?

Exclusive: Universal Takes Writedown for New Keanu Reeves Film

It Will Be a Good Christmas (provided the Dish works)

Why?  Because it's when the Doctor Who Christmas Special airs!  And this year, we'll see the current Doctor re-generate into the next incarnation of the Doctor.  It will be a good day for all whovians and non-whovians alike.

BBC America’s ‘Doctor Who’ heading for a change of Doctor

Aging and reading

I've noted over the past few years I don't quite read everything as it is actually written.  For example, in a recent crossword puzzle I scanned the 23 across clue.  I thought it said "precious oyster people."  Needless to say I moved on to another clue.  As I came to the end of the puzzle, I went back to 23 across, looked at the clue and saw it was precious oyster product.  Geez, it's so much fun becoming a lazy reader.  Aging sucks.  However sometimes it makes for bit of humor.

I was scanning the on-line Washington Post to see the main events of the day.  I'm sure I saw "U.S. Navy to give away gay spouses in Japan."  That seemed most odd.  I went to article to find out who was really giving spouses to our gay troops.  Could it be like a mail order, er, bride, but done through  the Supply Room?  Ooops, my eyes had done it again.  Yeah, the lead in was really "U.S. Navy to give gay spouses benefits in Japan."  Hm, I'd best bag the scanning and do more reading.

The headline attached to the article is--

Navy adds Japan to overseas assignments for gay couples

which is a bit odd in itself.  Does this suggest that if you're gay, married and in the Navy you may pick overseas duty from a list that now includes Japan per the headline.  I wonder if the headline writer has vision problems too?

Workers of the World, Merry Christmas, And Don't Waste Your Time On That Uniting Shit

Basically the boss has found a way to be rid of you forever--

Eight ways robots stole our jobs in 2013

Is Egypt Islamic? It is Arabic?

You betcha to both!  How do I know?  Uh, car bombs.

Car bomb kills 13 at Egyptian security headquarters north of Cairo

That Arab Spring thing sort of went down the Nile.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

There are times I'm okay with being an old fart...

My days of worrying about spying on and being spied upon are over.  Hell, given where I live my main concern will become how long it wold take for someone to discover I was dead  (it's rural and I don't get out that much at all).  The use of smartphones and the Internet today in the family setting are a bit almost beyond my ken.  I guess you grow into your age's technology, learn it, live with it, then get old, and are amazed at what the latest gizmos you never knew exited can do, and of course then tap out.

Do you worry about being spied upon?  Do you spy on your kids?  We're schizoid now aren't we?

Americans uneasy about surveillance but often use snooping tools, Post poll finds

Suicide Bomber Check In

It's been a while since I took a peek at sucide bombings around the world.  They've been at it.  In Libya, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Hmm, it must be a Muslim thing.  Weird way to worship but what the hell it's their life, er, death.

Suicide bomber kills seven outside Libya's Benghazi

Many Die In Syria Strikes

Suicide Bombers Attack Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq

Pakistani military, Taliban clash in North Waziristan after suicide attack

Attention Extreme Tourists

If you may go out and about in Yemen, Afghanistan, or Pakistan this year, then this is a must have:

Drone Survival Guide

Uh, our government is sort of fucked up

The headline says it all -- ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ leak investigators now target of leak probe

And don't forget how the year began  -- Senators: Did CIA tell 'Zero Dark Thirty' filmmakers torture led to bin Laden?

Now how about those spooks at the NSA?  Trust anything they say?  Trust their boss?  If so, why?

More New War Toys!

Drone warfare is passe.  The new (old) war is tunnel war.  Hence the aces in DoD need tunnel war weapons.  At first I had visions of mole like weapons so the Army could scurry around under the ground from one shithole to the next.  Nah, they want detection and destruction tools, but I like the mole idea.  Yeah, I can see it, the First Morlock Division...

Army Wants New Tunnel Gear

Time to Go Back To Cash?

The good folks at our fine banks and assorted financial institution want us to use those convenient credit cards.  They make a lot of money off them.  Of course the cards themselves and the assorted readers are dated.  They are a security risk.  Oh, do you have a Target card?

I think the Visas, MasterCards and AMEXs would update the mess they've made.  As long as I'm not on the hook for their fuckups, fine, but wouldn't it be cheaper to use the smart cards that the rest of the world now uses?  Bankers are fucking strange short sighted people.


What will happen when Amazon gets hacked?

Bobble Heads Today

After listening to assorted bobble head shows today, I guess we're supposed to think that Obama's last year really sucked and he will recover from it or he will not.  Then there's Obamacare.  Everyone agrees, even Obama, that the website launch blew chunks.  Yeah, then we, if we're Trogs we know the ACA will fail by Nov. '14 since it's just such a bad, bad law or if we're Dems then we know for certain it will succeed as did Medicare and Medicaid.  The Spookery came up next, how about those NSA peepers!  This one didn't quite follow Trog versus Jackass, but it's close.  The NSA crossed the line and needs to be reined or it's doing a great job and those carping about it need to be stopped (they know who you are too).  Finally the biggest item was Duck Dynasty.  It's funny the Duck Daddy was praised or lambasted for his comments about gays.  The praise was for exercising his 1st Amendment rights to trash talk.  The lambaste was for the trash he talked about  gays, they weren't that nice.  Funny how his idiotic comments about happy blacks under Jim Crow didn't get much mention at all.  All of the duck shit was discussed in the context of A&E.  About the only show I remember from A&E was the New Year's Show from Boston that they dropped long ago.  Duck Dynasty is a reality show on A&E.   After reading about it, I have trouble understanding why it's so popular.

That wraps up last week.  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Come on, In Utah?

Gay marriage!  Utah.  It can't be.  It is.  I bet the Prophet, Seer and Revelator's phone is ringing off the hook.  Will President Monson chat with God?  Stay tuned.  President Kimple let Mormons know that God was down with blacks back in '78, maybe he/she/it will be okay with gays in '13 or '14.


Winning Friends for Al Qaeda

Uh, that's dumb, but it's what we do when we use drones to blow up a wedding party because some 100% all American, corn fed asshole patriot thought their was a bad guy in the caravan of vehicles.  Damn, I wonder how this would have gone down under the old policy?  This strike should reflect the new policy of  “near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.”   Wow, what did we actually  do under the old policy?  We have some really strange fuckers in the CIA, Pentagon and White House.

Yemen Deaths Test Claims of New Drone Policy

Maybe those who vote will wake up and elect a better breed of legislator

Obamacare is better than nothing.  However, we'd all be better off had he had the balls to fight for Medicare for all or a national health care system.  Oh, if you voted in 2008 or 2012 you can complain or praise Obama and ACA.  If you did not vote and have insurance problems, then all you can do is sit on your thumb, hold your breath and pivot away.  Votes matter.  The party we put in power matters.

New Health Law Frustrates Many in Middle Class

Junk Insurance

I never had junk insurance.  I've never been on the individual market.  Here's a piece that explains, with good examples, what puts the junk in the insurance.  Funny, I should have, but wasn't ready for it, expected to see that Goldmans financed one of the worst.  Junk insurance is greed driven theft.  Funny how greed is no longer seen as a sin. It still is.  It's still deadly.

‘Junk insurance’ comes back to haunt its policyholders

Pope Frank

Are you taken by Pope Frank? Why? Before you answer remember he opposes “gay marriage, women in the priesthood, a woman’s autonomy over her own body.” Okay, that's not quite Jesus, but it is very human social organizationy isn't it. Oh, one other matter, how the guy thinks. Look he's believes that God had a son, born to a virgin, who was sent to redeem the world from sin. When you make shit up, really make it up and leave reason,logic, and facts in the vestibule. Now here's a piece on Pope Frank you might enjoy--

Like Pope Francis? You’ll love Jesus.

He's not a John XXIII either.  Compared to the other Popes since John, he's the closest Catholics have seen since.  Maybe that's why they don't like a "liberal" Pope, the others have led the faithful into the Church but away from Christ.

The World's Greatest Debilitative Body Has Adjourned for Xmas

What can I say but, wow!  A do nothing Senate may be better than an activist one.  Remember when the Shrub owned Congress?  Okay, would you rather have the Shrub's wars and other crap or a Congress that does the bare minimum?  Think about it.

Senate ends session with battle over rules for nominees

Gee another Obama Christmas Blessing...

As we rescue citizens at the embassy, you can bet, the troops won't all leave.  Nah, we have an Africa Command now, and the Sudan is in Africa so they have to command something.  Our federal and private merchants of death predict a great year throughout Africa.  I wonder if Sen. McCranky will demand that we bomb and invade Sudan now?

4 U.S. troops injured during evacuation mission in strife-torn South Sudan

Friday, December 20, 2013

If you lie with redneck crackers...

If you do, then you get covered with grits, lots of dirt cold grits.  Wow, the GOP can replace the elephant with the Duck Call.  Yeah, they are the quack party.   Amazing.  As the Trogs defend they inform everyone of who and what they are.  That's outreach, but it's outreach to the ones who are already committed knuckle draggers.  I do so hope they persist as they have.

Duck Dynasty': A&E warned Phil Robertson about speaking out too much

Hold the lime Jello!

Times are changing, even in Zion!  After all, it's a theocracy, but under federal jurisdiction.  Will the prophet, seer and revelator have a convenient chat with God?

Judge strikes down Utah same-sex marriage ban

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Counter to the NSA Spiel

The folks at the NSA have had spin masters working overtime.  They have sent out bullet points and bullet paragraphs to all of the defenders of the American Stasi.  Okay Stasi is a bit over the top, but the point needs to be made.  Here's a piece of some counters to Gen. Alexander's BS--

NSA goes on 60 Minutes: the definitive facts behind CBS's flawed report

Poking the Putin


I would not be surprized to find out that Putin, Stalin and Lenin were all gay and terrified of admitting it.

AS we use more drones...

Here's something to to think about, skyjacking drones.  Yep, taking control and repurposing the beasts or making them crash.  War and business may become a bit weirder in the very near future.

'Skyjack' Drone Enslaves Other Drones, Creates Swarm

Hmm, if the NSA started to use drones to spy on us, do you think they'd be shot down or skyjacked?

Why Did GOP Not Expand Medicaid?

Really?  Come on, the GOP is the party of rich old white guys and their minions.

Minorities disproportionately represented in health care 'coverage gap'

Embrace the suck?

Aw do we have to?  Both Obama and Congress suck.  Where's the undo button?

Obama suffers most from year of turmoil, poll finds

Don't Forget, Obama's War is Still On!

Six NATO troops killed in Afghanistan crash


If you watch any cable news or read a newspaper, then you know the 113th Congress is the least productive ever.  It has done less than any other do-nothing session.  Additionally, if you've followed Congressional approval, you know that a colonoscopy or root canal is more popular.  We think the folks we elect will do something called legislating.  I guess that's their role in governance.  Do they?

They haven't done much of what most people feel is their job.  They're supposed to propose bills, pass them and fund new and old laws.  Well, most people aren't voters so who really cares what most people think of Congress?  How about those two groups who do matter, donors and voters?

Donors seem happy.  Money still flows to both parties and incumbents (if the current office holder hasn't screwed up and voted inappropriately, then a primary challenger gets funded).  Incumbents usually win reelection, 90% - 95% success is typical.  There are some new faces but usually the new faces are of the same party as the old faces.

Based on voters and donors, this has been as good as any other Congress.  Of course the real evaluation will come in Nov. 2014 when we elect the House and one third of the Senate.  A do nothing Congress only matters if the people who matter, donors and voters, are pissed at what they did or did not do.  So far, I haven't seen much dissatisfaction at all.  The 114th Congress will look an awful lot like the 113th unless donors and voters decide to change the mix.  I see no evidence for change.

As it stands right now, Congresstypes actually do their real job well.  Their real job is getting reelected.    They spend 30+ hours a week fund raising.   They meet with potential voter organizations.  They get on cable news whenever possible.  They memorize party bullet points on every issue.  They vote as told by their party bosses.  They run for reelection as soon as they are declared the winner in their most recent election.  Occasionally they will pass a bill or a a budget, but for the most part do so only when told to "get er done."  Since the face of Congress is more the same than different, I think our past few have more than met the needs of their voters and donors.

If anyone wants it to change, then find new voters, form new parties, etc.  Until then, Congress is just doing it's job, getting reelected.


Monday, December 16, 2013

About Time

Without Snowden none of us, and that includes most of Congress,  would know anything about the freedom and liberty leeches in the NSA and in other bits of our national spookery.   Let a transparent debate begin.

Federal Judge Rules Against N.S.A. Phone Data Program

The world must be coming to an end!

Glaxo Says It Will Stop Paying Doctors to Promote Drugs

I don't believe it, but maybe.  I bet they'll find other ways to compensate the Docs.

This is about what I expected


Legacyland update

No statues commemorating the Shrub or his Uncle Dork yet, but the legacy they left Iraq is still sadly strong and enduring.  Hm, better off with Saddam?  I wonder how the average Iraqi would answer that today?


And the Shrub, what's he up to now?  Oh, he paints dogs

The Shrub Paints

So, did you vote for this schmuck?  Once?  Twice?  Geeez!

Bad news for soap and vitamins

Can you even buy plain soap anymore?  I checked my liquid hand soaps, they're all anti-bacterial.  I never went shopping for such, I went for cheap.  So any plain soap out there?  Why am I concerned, well--Antibacterial soap makers would need to prove efficacy under proposed FDA rules

I was one of those folks who thought (hoped) vitamins could make a difference in health.  I read Adele Davis a lot.  I popped lots of pills.  Hell, I even used to eat lecithin granules.  It kind of sucked.  I was a lot younger.  The medical community didn't think much of vitamins.  Then some research showed up that indicated vitamins were doing a lot of good.  Then more research was done.

As more research piled up,  we had to conclude, one vitamin after the next, none of them really did any good at all.  It was a nice way of giving money to people you didn't know who happened to manufacture vitamins.  My supply of single vitamin bottles went bye-bye.

However, the one a day remained.   Some habits are very hard to make (especially if your spouse thinks they do some good).  Now we can pretty well be assured there is no case for vitamins except in some rare cases.

Do vitamins block disease? Some disappointing news

I'll keep popping the one a day, some extra C (my mother really encouraged the C), some lutein (spouse effect) and a baby aspirin (it still works for the heart, I think). Yep, more research is needed to justify giving CVS money every month for pills that are now see as doing squat.

On the way to being a coot or a crone?

I don't think I've ever been in age denial, pissed off with it, but never denial.  In case any of y'all need a clue to aging, give it a read.

In denial that you’ve reached middle age? A survey identifies some telltale signs.

I need a glass of wine and a nap.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Attention Fundamentalists!

It is true we and you are not descended from apes.  Nope, instead, we're all, including you, descended from jellyfish.  I wonder how they'll fit the jellyfish into the creationist museum dioramas?

Are Comb Jellyfish Humans’ Oldest Ancestors?

Good News for bad guys?

Let's see, we now have a laser gun that can zap incoming artillery rounds and drones.  This means it will be on the market within six months for purchase by our "friends."  It will take our friends another six months to re-sell, or is it really re-gift, the laser gun to the highest bidder.

Oh, my, the Taliban in West Pakistan will be able to zap our drones before they kill a single goat herder.  The al Qaeda types in Yemen will lase our UAVs and allow the wedding party to proceed to the chapel.

I  bet, as the laser gun becomes ubiquitous the use of drones will drop to zero.  Damn does that mean we'll have to revert to the use of people with guns to kill bad guys?

Army successfully tests truck-mounted laser to stop mortars, drones

What happens if lasers can defend against most any kind of thing that flies through the air and it becomes available from Amazon for $10.95?  My god, if every country can, on the cheap, put up a real star wars defense, then bless my Bonzo, air war will be over.  Hmm, if lasers can blast incoming ground objects, then there goes invasions.  Gee, a laser force field. Wow war will become only civil wars.  We'll have to fight intra-national wars.  I bet our merchants of death don't like this at all.

Our Parties

Let's see, we have Teabaggers and Trogs on the right.  The Teabaggers have managed to force the Trogs to favor their right foot.  The GOP has limped along further right than right field these days.  The knuckle draggers have made it into the right field parking lot.  The Jackasses have been also been pulled along with them.

Of course most of their rightish shift came from a push by everyone's favorite non-Democrat Democrat Bill Clinton and his buddies in the old DLC.  The DLC has been supplanted by a new group, the Third Way.

The Dems shifted right, at least the leadership has.  After all, it's all about money, votes and winning.   Who really gives a shit about governing?  Oh, hold it, what's this?  A fourth faction is taking action?

Yes indeed, It's the "Progressive Change Campaign Committee." The PCCC (to bad they aren't called Progressive Reformers, then the acronym could be PRCCs, go on, pronounce it) are a bunch of real lefties. Perhaps, as we head into 2014, we'll see Teabags vs. Trogs in primaries and PCCCs  vs. Jackasses too.

Hmm, if Teabags and Prccs win, then will 2014 become a race where the right does square off agianst the left? Does this mean no Hillary and no Christie?

Rep. Clyburn too conservative? Signs of emerging Democratic divide

Gee, Elizabeth Warren vs. Rand Paul?

More words and no action

On what?  Oh, gun control that's what.  I suggest we give up on gun control.  Let the guns proliferate as they will.  Of course, I also suggest we make life hell for anyone who carries or uses a gun and commits any kind of a crime.   Quit sending the drug users to prison and replace them with gun packing criminals.  If you pull a gun on anyone for any reason, you should go to the slammer.  I'd rid us of the idiotic "stand your ground" legalization of murder laws.  Strict enforcement of gun laws with lots of jail time will help.  If the gun nuts won't control themselves, then we can lock them up, one nut at a time.  Oh, any parent who lets a minor get hold of a firearm should lose their children and perhaps be sterilized to prevent them from reproducing ever again.  You get the idea....

Obama marks Newtown anniversary with call for action on gun control

Pope Frank is Quite Resonable On This

Unless you've read both Marx and the words of Christ, you might be led to think Christ was a capitalist or whatever others want you to think.  Read both, then you might come to a conclusion that Christ if he were a pol, would establish, if not a Marxist state, then a profoundly socialistic one.

Pope: I knew good Marxists; label doesn’t hurt me

All that matters is winning

Obama, the Shrub or any of our past presidents do it.  What do they do?  They maximize their chances of winning by minimizing saying or doing things that might cost them donations and votes.  Governing and the safety of the nation matter so much less.  Remember, anyone who really wants that public office has a serious mental problem--they suffer from pathological narcissism.

White House delayed enacting rules ahead of 2012 election to avoid controversy

Trogs can have as much fun with Obama on this as the Jackasses had with the Shrub after the 2004 election.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Crazies in the original Jesusistan, the Vatican

Catholics are blessed with own brand of the batshit crazy.  Their loons don't like Frank, he won't let them babble a mass in a dead language.  They've persisted a bit too much.  Frank shut them down.  I have to say that insanity is quite ecumenical.

Hm, if conservative Jesus lovers want to practice some good old fashioned religion, then let's bring back the Roman games.  We can feed Christians to the lions--they become martyrs and go straight to heaven.

I think we'd be able to find an ample supply of volunteer gladiators from around the world.  We'd fill the stands too.  Let's help the religious crazies out and return them to their good old days!  Yeah, let the games begin, hell we could make it an Olympic event too.


More Evidence that Having Children Should Require a License


Mom Shot By Toddler

Imagine a world where no one can have a child just because they wanted to.  Hmm, abortion would disappear.  Okay Jesus jocks, get cracking and demand that we all be put on some form of reversible  birth control at age whatever.

Jokefest 2016 is on!

Yes, the festival of Jesus pure patriots competing to become the GOP's nominee will probably be just like the 2012 comedy tour.  It may even be better!  I'm sure Santorum will run.  It there a Tancredo out there?  An Herman Cain?  Hell, Gingrich will be financed by some rich prick in Vegas (if both are still alive in '16). Will that crazy eyed lady run again?  We'll have serious crazies too--Paul and Cruz.  Who knows how many clowns will perform, but if Huckabee throws his Bible in the ring, then Christie will have to testify that he too is a total knuckle dragging evangefundie who'd gladly live in Crapper Holler, SC if he could.

Huckabee, an Eye on 2016, Sees ‘a Real Opportunity’

Bless my lime jello, polygamy's back!

Well, kinda, sorta in Utah (where else).

A Utah Law Prohibiting Polygamy Is Weakened

Wow, what it Putin is really gay?

If Putin is gay, that might explain his push to make it so very illegal in Russia.  He's embarassed and such.  I wonder what would happen if some 8x10 glossies showed up?

Until then, let's play fuck the Russians--Obama is urged to include gays, lesbians in official Olympics delegation

Gay Rights and the National Guard

Myself, I'd have eliminated all federal funds for all guard units in Jesusistan that did not immediately comply with the law and the Sec. of Defense's directive.  I would have cut the funds and removed them permanently from all connections with the Pentagon.  That these states have found ways to comply with the law and keep bigotry alive means it remains improbable we'll see an end to divinely inspired hate in Jesusistan.

All holdout states now compliant with military’s same-sex benefits policy

Obama and the Affordable Care Act

After a few months of Healtcare.gov, I have a question for you.  Would you hire Obama to be your company's CEO?  Why?  What kind of job would hire him for?  Other than making cool speeches, exactly what is his skill set?

Exclusive: Thousands of HealthCare.gov sign-ups didn’t make it to insurers

How Do We Protect Ourselves From Government?

That's simple, don't vote for people who pass laws such as the Patriot Act and then when an idiot's bill passes, in turn, fail to provide oversight.  If voters do not approve of the excesses of the NSA, then they are obliged to vote for candidates who feel likewise--Democrats and Republicans.

We elected the mess.  We can unelect the mess too.  Congress can rid the nation of the NSA.  It can. It won't.  About the only folks who seem to realize the power of elections are those moronic teabaggers and some batshit crazy billionaires in Jesusistan.  The understand the process, do bad they don't understand much else.

Here's the next NSA installment--

By cracking cellphone code, NSA has capacity for decoding private conversations

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Better Ask Sen. McCain About This One

To anyone, living or dead, other than Trogs of the McCain, Graham, and general GOP ilk, this was the obvious eventual outcome of any kind of aid, nonlethal or lethal, given to Syrian "rebels." Why do the folks in Jesusistan (Southwestern affiliates included) elect morons to the Senate?

U.S. Suspends Nonlethal Aid to Syrian Rebels in North

Syria is now Lebanon.  The mess will clean itself up in about 15-20 years.

Quid Pro Quo and Contracts

Amazing, no matter what they do, the sleaze bags keep on getting contracts.  Hmm, I wonder how much they donate to both parties?  There's money in those federal hills.

Study Finds Federal Contracts Given to Flagrant Violators of Labor Laws

It's been a year since Newtown

So how have we done dealing with the gun culture whackjobs amongst us over the past year?  I note most of tightened laws occurred in blue states.  Gun laws were weakened pretty much throughout Jesusistan.  There's a real conflict there isn't there?

State Gun Laws Enacted in the Year Since Newtown

Supremes -- India

I bet Roberts and his Robes, envy the Indian Supremes.  I'm sure that he, Scalia, Alito and Thomas would love to not only put gays back in a closet but have them all rendered to some CIA prison in Egypt or Syria.

Indian law says:

...dating back to the 1860s, when Britain ruled over South Asia, states that "whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal" can be punished by up to 10 years in prison. 

Wow, I guess the Brits didn't have any gays back then.  Oh, hold it, what did go on in all those boys schools for the rich and eventually famous?

A lower court threw the law out in 2009.  Now the Supremes have thrown out the lower court. Gays had better head for the closet. Funny how it's always conservatives and religious types who are always so worried about traditions and such shit.  I guess they just never realized how many closets were full of so many people back in the good old days.

Now can anyone help me define "the order of nature?"  Got a metric?

We'll Have To Wait For That Drone Hunting Licence

Maybe next April anyone will be able to go to Deer Trail, Colorado, buy a Drone license and then go hunting.   Until then we'll all to buy paper targets with the images of drones on them and blast away.

Drone Hunting Vote Is Squashed by Citizen Protest

If the NRA decides that armed drones are the same as handguns and rifles, i.e., protected under the Second Amendment and Deer Trail allows drone hunting, then that would mean gun nuts would be depriving fellow gun nuts of their guns.  Damn, that's gun control via guns.


Uh, -135.8 Degrees!

Animal Husbandry in Jesusistan

Tennessee Walking Horse trainer, show judge indicted for animal cruelty

I'm sure that any Rev. Billy Bob Robertson can find a biblical justification for soring horses.  Hell he can probably justify dog fights as worshiping the lord too.   At times I fans would have to endure acid applied to the soles of their feet.  The problem is not so much the trainers who cheat to make a buck, but it lies with the fans who think this is cool.   They pay money to see this shit.   If no one showed up for a show, then no would train the horses to be Tennessee Walking Horses.


Time Picks Pope Frankfurter

I kind of hoped that Time had selected Miley Cyrus.  If they had, then cable news would have the kind of story that their "reporters" can actually handle.  The Pope will get one news cycle, Ms. Cyrus would have been good for at least seven days of comprehensive, in-depth, analytic "news."

Time magazine names Pope Francis the Person of the Year

THe NSA can find, you, specifically you!

How?  Via cookies that's how.  It's with this wrinkle, that I expect we'll see NSA resouces used for political and personal gain.  Imagine if Nixon had the NSA cookie monsters working for him!

NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking

If the NSA wasn't part of our government, all their employees would be considered to be crooks.  Amazing what a job title does for one's image.  Of course, all that changes is the image.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I know how to legalize pot in all states at one time

All I have to do is find "proof" that Jesus blew dope.   I bet it's in the Book, everything else is.  But until we show the Apostles were slackers and dopers, we'll just have to rely on the ballot box, one state at a time--

In a first, majority of California voters back marijuana legalization 

I had a book that tried to prove the J.C. and the boys did mushrooms, it didn't become a best seller.

Gradewise they all get Fs

Come on, would you really want any Congresstype or Obama to move in next door?  Obama may be more more popular than Congress, but that's like saying if my dog has to shit on the living room rug, I'd opt for solid turds over diarrhea.

McClatchy-Marist Poll: Obama gets worst ratings of his presidency

Would you use either of these to describe Mr. Obama-- trustable or a leader?  Did you at one time?

Election Food for Thought

When's the last time you thought about population density and election outcomes?  You might want to start:

What Republicans Are Really Up Against: Population Density

Hmm, I think Jesusistan nation dissipates when the density exceeds about 900 folks per square mile.   As it stands today, Trogs will not win any national elections.  Trogs will continue see diminishing state wide wins.  After all we can count on them to find new ways to legitimately rape themselves out of office.  

If it's a drone in U.S. air space then it must be a terrorist drone?

It's not an Amazon drone.  Of course it might a local police drone, an FBI drone, a CIA drone, or a NSA drone.  Hell I bet the RNC and DNC fly drones.   Funny how the alphabet soups can fly the friendly skies, but no one else is allowed.  Where do I get one of those drone hunter licenses?

It was illegal for Amazon to shoot that drone video in the U.S., so it went abroad

Interesting but it doens't ring my sympathy bell at all

Gee, I can make a living by owning many small businesses, pay my employees squat and pass the savings on to myself.  If I rack up enough little businesses I can do quite well at somebody else's expense.

Oh, now I have to aggregate my businesses to comply with Obamacare and buy health insurance for all of my employees (not just myself).  Sorry about that, your strategy sucked to begin with.  The owner is not a small businessman, he's a leech using the system.  Scam artist comes to mind.  He's the kind of person who causes government to get into the social services business in the first place.  He needs to be taxed for the government expenses his employees incur or get out of all the businesses he's in.

It's really not that complex--

Health care law’s aggregation rules pose a compliance nightmare for small businesses

Aces at play

Yesterday we learned about the NSA spies on Second Life and other online games.  Wow.  One has to wonder about the mental state of whomever made that decision.  I bet the guy worked at TSA prior to getting his analyst job at NSA.

TSA agent confiscates sock monkey's toy pistol

In our haste to all be like Dork Cheney we're losing that which he lost at birth, perspective and balance.   If we work at it, we can become a nation of patriotic paranoids.

Where there's a will there's a way

Yeah, the health leeches will find new ways to suck the life out of sick people. Obama was so wrong to opt for private health insurance as the way to reform the mess. Come on, once the health insurance biz became a profit center, it's been downhill. Now take a moment and ponder how the for profit hospitals, clinics, and practices have done an equally disastrous service to health care. Medicare for all, okay, but a national health service would be better. If we had a national system, then we wouldn't be reading about this under the new and improved Obamacare regulated health insurers--

AIDS advocates say drug coverage in some marketplace plans is inadequate

They can't deny coverage and care, but they can limit drugs.  Thanks Barry, I'll have to adjust my portfolio.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Funny how companies compete

Newsweek said they couldn't do a weekly news magazine.  They must have never read "The Economist."  Newsweek went out of print, "The Economist" still makes lots of money as a weekly newsmag.  Now CNN says they cannot do news and compete.  I'm not sure who they are trying to compete with?  FOX?  They're GOP Air.  MSNBC?  Come on, they shill the Dems.  Who is there competition?  Oh, Jazera America is now available.  

CNN in 2014

The Saints Are Packing

With 68% of the over 500,000 permits being bought by out of state packers, it's a tidy revenue stream for the state.

"Utah’s permit is a huge value. No other single state’s permit will get you 35 states’ recognition and reciprocity for $51 for out-of-staters, and $46 for in-staters," says Clark Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council.

Of course simplicity may have a bit to do with it too

Some critics say Utah’s permit is too easy to obtain, and that is why it is popular. For example, Steven Gunn, board member of the Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah, says it requires only "cursory knowledge of firearms laws" and doesn’t "require that people actually know how to use the firearm they possess."

Permits for concealed guns: Utah hits 500K

A little higher and he'd have won a Darwin Award

Kentucky Man Sets Gun On Toilet Paper Dispenser While Using Restroom, Gun Goes Off

Don't Worry Your Sweet Little Head With Ideas Honey

At least he's not talking about legit rape.

GOP Senate Candidate: Best Way To Connect With Women Is On 'Emotional Level'

Sadly, There'll Always be a South Carolina

South Carolina Sheriff will not lower flag for Nelson Mandela

By the way GM still sucks

What's that sucking sound?  Oh, it's about $10 billion being flushed permanently out of the Treasury by the incompetents who ran and still run GM.   The company, along with Chrysler, should have gone Chapter 7.

Treasury sells rest of GM stock, ends bailout with $10.5-billion loss

Folks in Jesusistan Take Note

This is about Virginia's evangefundies (GOP).  The Cucci won't run against Warner.  I think this means one of his ilk cannot win a state wide race anymore.  Hmm, does this mean that, even with low turnout,  the urban areas will always outnumber the rural swillpots?  Maybe, I doubt rationality suddenly broke out all over the Old Dominion.  Of course a reasonable GOP candidate cannot be nominated at a party convention.  Warner is safe.

Cuccinelli to forgo ’14 Senate run


Here are a couple more you might find of interest--

"Apostles of Disunion" by Charles B. Dew

"Confederates in the Attic" by Tony Horwitz



Hmm, maybe the answer is returning to those post WWII tax levels and making it damned hard for parents to leave much to their urchin offspring.  Then again is might be easier to require employers to pay living wages to all.  Hell, like pro bono legal and health work, how about private sector pro bono employment?  If the rich decided to forgo a tad of their lucre, then the need for government safety net programs could radically decline.  If companies won't pay up, then they need to be billed for the tax dollars spent on supporting their underpaid employees.

While I'm at it, remember all those war bills the Shrub put on the nation's Visa Card?  I suggest we impose a post war tax on all the contractors and their employees (with incomes above $250.000) to pay for, at least the Iraq War.  Maybe the Shrub could start paying the bill by kicking in at least one year of his speaking fees since he schlepped back to Texas.

Sadly Ms. Curtis is quite correct--

Sarah Palin is here to stay

Ms. Curtis tries to explain the why.  She captures aspects of Ms. Palin's appeal.  However, I still do not understand her original much less her enduring appeal to anyone.  Then again, I never understood why people liked the Shrub enough to vote for him not once but twice!  Perhaps both manifest personal attributes which their fans see in themselves.  Shit, likes take to likes.  God, if Shrub nuts and Palin boosters are mostly the same people, that's a bit scary.  Is there a female Dubya out there in knuckle dragger land?  If so, watch out Dems, 2016 will be interesting.  

Good use of pictures to make a solid point

These Two Photos Show What A Disaster Microsoft Is Today

All this spying on ourselves is getting to be entirely too much

If federal employees persist in capturing every electronic and written communication executed every minute of every day by all of us, then I suggest we make them all very, very public.  Make the NSA, CIA, FBI, and all other agencies who grab info into public data libraries.  Until that occurs, note you can't even game online unless you want the spooks to know what you play, with whom, and when.

Spies’ Dragnet Reaches a Playing Field of Elves and Trolls

If you thought it was just the Feds snagging your electronic transactions, guess again.  Yeah, Sheriff Billy Bob Parker and all his deputies across the land have gotten into the game too.  I don't know about you, but I'm a bit more fearful of the local cops misusing info than the feds. How about you?

Agencies collected data on Americans’ cellphone use in thousands of ‘tower dumps’

Now the high tech lambs who lead themselves to slaughter are complaining.  Of course they'd still be  been silent had Mr. Snowden not pointed out their relationships with the NSA.  Come on, do you trust Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, LinkedIn, Google or Microsoft?  Trust? Sure, I trust them to do anything that contributes to their profits and nothing else. Right now there's more profit to be gained from expressing public offense at the spookery (customers are irked with the NSA). A few years ago, their profit was in willing compliance as they abetted the spookery in acts that will ultimately be shown to be quite unconstitutional.

Tech Giants Issue Call for Limits on Government Surveillance of Users

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!

Remember Obama is the Chief Administrator of the Executive Branch

The Healthcare.gov fiasco should not surprize anyone once you realize part of Mr. Obama's organization, USA, Inc., which still communicates via floppy disk.  At least they are not 8" floppies.  Do you still use any floppies?

Slowly They Modernize: A Federal Agency That Still Uses Floppy Disks

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hey a new natural resource to fuck up!

Better tell the frackers.  Where there's lots of water, there's gotta be gas!

Scientists discover vast undersea freshwater reserves

If god made us to fuck up the world, does that mean since we're created in his image that he/she/it is a fuck up?  Or perhaps god wants us to live up to our divinely obtained abilities.  Perchance that means we can expect the end of days only after we've totally wrecked every square inch of the planet, inside and out.  


I came across these two pieces on drones--

U.S. successfully launches drone from submerged submarine

Air hogs: Drones secret weapon in hunt for feral pigs

I realized that sooner than we think the NRA and Hunter's R Us will team up with a Drone manufacturer and we will see

1.  Congress will be bought and deliver the law that says well armed drones are considered to be 2nd Amendment arms.

2.  Hunting drones will be bought and deployed by hunters (from the comfort of their homes).

3.  Drones piloted from anywhere will seek out and blast Bambi from the air (the actual land owner will be none the wiser, he won't even know his property has been invaded.)

3.  Retrieval drones will swoop in and haul the carcass to Bob the Butchers drive in chop shop.

4.  Bob will team with Amazon for drone delivery of the pilots latest dressed kill.

The future is looking weirder and weirder every day.


And in Jesusistan, Oklahoma Parish

When zealots become too zealous, they wind up injuring themselves by trying to perform anatomically impossible acts upon themselves.  Then they wonder why others laugh at them.  The Okies today--

Okla. Satanists seek monument by Statehouse steps

Profiles in Leadership

Check out Legacyland today--Bombings Kill Dozens Around Baghdad--this took some real leadership alright.  Did you vote for the dimbulb?  Twice?

Gun Control

It's hard to believe that the Trogs allowed the Plastic Gun Ban to pass.  They did.  Perhaps the NRA didn't get a memo out to them.  After all, doesn't the 2nd Amendment protect your right to bear any kind of arms, even ones you run off your printer, anywhere, anytime?  After the House passes this bill, should we expect any other kind of gun control legislation?  Nah, that won't happen until the GOP decides that the NRA does not give sufficient money to the cause and gun owners in all those Jesusistan Klan districts in the New Confederacy quit voting for knuckle draggers.

House votes to extend ban on plastic guns; Senate is expected to follow suit

Gun control and so many other issues are blocked by all those southern morons who vote who are sure the world will end next year.  If you want change and live in a GOP District, let me ask do you vote in both general election and primaries?  Change comes one vote at a time.  

Something I heard this A.M.

If 16-20% of the nation is atheist/agnostic/non-believer then how come all the assholes in Congress are suck-up, devout religionists?  Can't be have a few assholes who don't believe in Jesus, Yahweh, or Allah in Congress?  The true believers theistic based track record, especially in the South sucks.  Okay, how do we get non-believers elected?  Why is it so hard for someone who is openly an atheist to get elected?  Hmm, is non-belief going to be the next "coming out of the closet" awakening in this land?

Do you support Sen. Gillibrand or not?

If you still think the boys (commanders ) in charge of the military units should be left alone to handle rape and other assorted sexual assault cases, then read Doonsebury...

Now do you support Sen. Gillibrand?

Still impressed with all the aces in the Pentagon?

If you are, then here's one more piece on their manifest incompetence.  Of course they do have a singular ability to transfer tax dollars to private pockets.  We've come to expect that at home,  it's called defense procurement.  Sometimes we forget the same assholes who do the job at the Pentagon also do the job overseas.  How're they doing with tax dollars in Kabul?

U.S. needs millions more to complete Afghanistan’s ‘Pentagon’

I can't shake the feeling that, given our apparent obsession with war, we're so very lucky none of our enemies since WWII have been as well armed as ourselves.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Yep, fear of ants!

And you thought Obamacare was fucked up!

The pros at DoD have been running a white collar welfare scheme for decades.  One of the best to date is the F-35.   If the Pentagon's F-35 masters deployed Obamacare, Congress would be totally on board, the costs would soar and no insurance policies would be sold for at least a decade (and then they'd be just like the shitty ones the ACA does eliminate).  I have my doubts about our military, it's a good thing we haven't gone up against a decent adversary since WWII.

U.S. Bomber Planes at $81 Billion Seen 47% More Than Plan

Strange, Very Strange

I bet it has more to do with not being able to get a job so they can afford the car and the gas for the thing....

Millennials changing America’s relationship with the car

Today? Uh, oh yeah, a day of infamy. Right?

It's Pearl Harbor Day.  Did you forget?

Pearl Harbor memories fading with time

Okay Old Dominionheads, Quick, Who's Cockacoeske?

Cockacoeske? She was a Pamunkey chief.  Oh hell, what's a Pamunkey?  At any rate she's one of the final 12.

12 women picked for Va. monument

Mandela and the Trogs

Ted Cruz stands on the shoulders of his supporters.  To them Ted erred when he said some positive things to say about the late Mr. Mandela.  Perhaps Mr. Cruz should look down and note that he's not standing on shoulders, but he's sinking into a good old fashioned GOP racist shithole.  Then again, who else would vote for the turd anyway.  What's that line about being known by those you associate with?

Ted Cruz Commenters Hate Mandela

Bless my goody two shoes, I'm not supposed to cuss.

Can you guess which states swear the most, least?

Keeping the world safe for the MIC!

That's our Military Industrial Complex, a.k.a., the Merchant of Death R Us shop.  It's located on the ground floor of the Pentagon.


We can be sure with the CIA, State and DOD peace does not stand a chance of breaking out anywhere.

Yeah, no war then no weapons.  No weapons and then no generous donations to political campaigns.


Here are some books you might enjoy

"Deer Hunting With Jesus" by Joe Bageant,

"Better Off Without Em" by Chuck Thompson,

"American Nations" by Colin Woodward.

Maybe the problem is not government per se, but Obama

Think about it.  Medicare works.  Social Security works.  TVA works.  Most of the other alphabet soup agencies work.  Perhaps it's not even the underlying screwed up legislation but much, much more Obama and his appointed aces who implemented the damn thing.

One in four HealthCare.gov enrollees may not be properly signed up

Friday, December 6, 2013

Why doesn't he just stay gone!

That frothy mix of santorum remains with us.  I bet the schmuck will run again in 2016.  The saddest part of his run for office is the number of whack jobs who support him.  I guess they're frothy too.

Santorum: Fight Against Obamacare Like Fight Against Apartheid

Gay Marriage In Zion?

Bless the prophet, seer and revelator, Utah might allow gay marriage.  At least the issue is in the courts. The judge will rule next year.  Place your bets.  Will the theocracy lose?  Stay tuned.

Judge hears arguments on Utah's gay marriage ban

Gay marriage opposition will be moot just about everywhere if the Mormon Church allows gay marriages in the temple.  Can't happen?  Come on, god can talk to the Church Prez as happened to Prez  Kimball about blacks and the priesthood in 1978.  Will god talk to today's top Mormon, Mr. Monson?  Stranger things have happened, but I not sure what it would be than Mormons allowing gay temple weddings.  

The Old Dominion

Since about half of Virginians attend church at least once a week I can assume, outside of the urban areas, that the state is blessed with bitterness (add in lush unemployment, lack of education, lack of health care, etc.).  Why do I say that?  Oh, gun sales are going up, up and away.

Va. gun sales set record on Black Friday

Didn't some guy from Illinois say about the same thing?

Elizabeth Warren’s not running for president.

Whatever happened to that guy, you know, the Sen. from Illinois.  He had a funny name.  Yeah, Obama.

Bless my trans-vaginal probe

The Trogs will quit acting like Trogs next year in hopes that voters will think they have morphed into very silent Democrats.  They will try to stand erect and thus quit dragging their knuckles.  They will try to quit drooling about god and guns all the time.  And they will be silent about everything else, that way there won't be any vaginagates that lose them elections.  It's going to be a hard year for them, especially the teabaggers.  Come on, nary an incumbent Trog will blast Obama about his Kenyan birth and Muslim religion for a year?  See.  I do have trouble imagining that they will behave.  Do you?

  For 2014 midterm elections, Republicans may decide to be cautious

Minimum Wage

Should the minimum wage be $15 an hour?  Should there be a minimum wage?

Since we cannot relay on the decency of people when it comes to wages, yes, we need a minimum wage (uh, it's why we need government too).   People who wind up "making it" can be most creative when it comes to justifying and acting in ways that enable themselves to make it even more.

What should the minimum wage be?  Well, what is it now?  It's $7.25.  I wonder what $7.25 would be in 1955 when the minimum wage was 75 cents and hour?   Well, I'll be damned, $7.25 would be buy you 83 cents worth of goods in 1955.  Of course in 1960 when the wage was $1 an hour, todays' $7.25 would only garner you 92 cents.  How about 1965 when the minimum was $1.25?  Oh, well at least it would let you buy 98 cents worth of stuff then.  1970's $1.60 using today's minimum would let you buy about  $1.20 back then.  I think you may see a trend there.

Here a a couple of sites to play with,  CPI Inflation Calculator and Federal Minimum Wage Rates

Maybe we need to add in the federal poverty level to find a decent minimum wage.  In 2013 a single person working full time for about $5.52 an hour would make just just under the 100% of poverty ($11,900) for a year.  Hmm, would $11 an hour be a reasonable minimum?  It's about twice the 100% of poverty level.   Here's the 2013 POVERTY GUIDELINES to look at.

So, what's the level?  Oh, I don't buy the bullshit about upping the minimum causing price increases at McDonald's or Walmart.  The inordinately well paid and stockholders can afford to receive a tiny bit less.  Prices go up because the greedy won't let go of a penny.   Greed is a constant, therefore we have government increase the minimum and raise taxes on the 5%.  Of course the 5% could decide to eat the increases as part of their social responsibility but that is in my dreams.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I don't know why, but when I read the synopsis, I thought of the Borgias.


Gitmo Still Sucks

Hey, it's still open.  How's that for a bit of dashed hope and smattering of disappeared change.  Now we won't find out about the hunger strikes as a new commanderator takes over.  I do wonder about the militry mind.

I never understood the fear of a hunger strike.  If some imprisoned person wants to starve to death, we should allow him to do so.  Force feeding is actually worse than the illegal and indefinite detention we've been practicing.  Yeah, give me liberty and all that rot.

  Guantánamo ends daily hunger-strike reports

Aw Hell, Just Say We Are Descended From Apes Front

The origins of our species, other than for Republicans whom we know have always been Troglodytes, is uncertain.  Folks keep finding new evidence that calls for altering our evolutionary tree.

Baffling 400,000-Year-Old Clue to Human Origins

I have a feeling that if a Repub had been present at creation, just before God kicked off the big bang, that God would have heard a chorus of "No, No, No."  Is there a Repub constant in the Universe?

Give that man the "No Shit Sherlock" award

Boehner: On women, some House Republicans ‘just aren’t as sensitive as they ought to be’

Martin Was Wrong

He's left MSNBC, perhaps he should not have recommended an old slave discipline for Ms. Palin since it would not be discipline in her case.  Her mouth has spewed nothing but shit for years.  I guess Mr. Bashir was a bit confused or it was the piss aspect and for that he's gone.

Martin Bashir leaves MSNBC over remarks on Palin

More Spookery

With every revelation about the NSA's activities to make us safe and free (at the expense of liberty, of course) I have to conclude that there is an Intelligence Industry Congressional Complex.  Why?  Simply because Congress has not taken any action that seriously investigates much less exerts control over the  NSA, CIA, FBI, DIA and all the other components of our National Spooks R Us Department.  I assume the contractors who provide equipment and services have, as so well done by the Military Industrial Complex, bought Congress and the White House too.

NSA tracking cellphone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show

If the various agencies had actually not prevented one act of terrorism since 9/11 does anyone really expect them to say so?  Come on fear is a jobs program.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What do you want in the White House?

After the past few of them I think I'm ready for one who just administers the Executive Branch and leaves all the "big ideas" to Congress.  We seem to elect someone whom we think will have major a foreign policy presence to include waging wars.  We seem to elect someone whom we think will do likewise for domestic policy with new large social programs.  We elect them based on their promises then we discover their singular talent is running for election,  but are marginal at managing anything.

Obama is not an administrator.  He appears to not know any good managers.  Why do I say this?  Well, take the ACA and HealthCare.Gov.  Three years of prep for opening day.  It failed.  Two months of fixes and it still didn't work at the 50,000 concurrent user level.  Oh, damn, now we find out about the errors done to those who enrolled from Oct. 1 to date in their policies--

Health-care enrollment on Web plagued by bugs

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Doctor Who

Did you watch the 50th Anniversary show today?  I did, it was time well spent.  I have to admit, I've watched a lot of Doctor Who this week.  Here's a review that does the show justice--

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, BBC One, review

Now we have to wait for the Christmas Special.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Obama Death Squad Delivers!

Until Obama and his henchmen begin to tell all the details on the record about every drone strike, I think we should believe the folks on the ground who were hit by the drone delivered missiles.  Did Obama hit a church school (a madrassa)?  Sure, I have no reason to believe anonymous sources at all.  Until we have open, candid and transparent factual statements made on the record by our government employees, I will deem Obama et al to be liars at best.

Suspected U.S. drone kills six; U.S. denies Pakistan’s claim that seminary was target