Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gun Culture Update

For unknown reasons, crime is down.  I like the idea that as we eliminated lead from our environment,  we reduced the number of crazy folks in our midst.  I also like the notion that as abortions went up, crime went down.  However, if the crime is homicide, though down, they are mostly committed with guns.

A report shows that bad guys don't buy guns at gun shows.  Maybe the report suggests that Dems should end the gun control push at the federal level.  They can push the envelope at the state and local level.  Aren't you tired of the NRA idiots receiving any attention at all?  Look the NRA is lobbying organization for gun makers and sellers.  They do one job, goose gun sales.

Make the fight local and really make crooks (felonies and misdemeanors) who possess or use guns when they commit the crime, do a lot of extra time.   State and local laws on gun abuse should be far harsher than federal law.

Report: Sharp drop in gun violence, but most killings still involve firearms

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