Monday, May 6, 2013


We've all read about the Syrian government using Sarin gas on the rebels.  That is Obama's red line.  However, he says he needs to know for sure that it's true (don't forget Bush, WMDs, Congress, and the media gave us the waste of Iraq).  Why?  Well, what if it has been the rebels who have used chemical weapons?   Is it still a red line?  Do we then have to assist Assad?  Weird!

What if both sides used the gas, does a bad guy's red line get canceled by a good guy's red line?  I do not understand the great desire on the part of our pols to intervene in this mess.  Well there is Israel.  After all, pols do think about two things, campaign cash and reelection.

Syria crisis: UN's Del Ponte says evidence rebels 'used sarin'

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