Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Do you live in Virginia?  Did you vote in the primary today?  Did you know their was a primary today.  Granted, the Dems and GOPs have already selected their nominees for Gov., but Lt. Gov. and AG should be seen as a bit important (did you really like Cuccinelli) for the Dems.

We voted this morning.  I expected a light turnout, but at 8:30 am we were the sixth and seventh folks to cast ballots.  There were four poll workers, it they voted then only one other person had shown up in the first 2 1/2 hours of voting.  That's whatever comes after total apathy.

I guess the Dems didn't want to spend a dime on publicity or don't really give a shit who is on the ballot.  Then again no one may want to run with Mcaulife (sp?).   The Nov. turnout may set record lows.  I have trouble seeing either the Dem or GOP candidates in the Statehouse, but we vote for whatever slop the pols throw our way.   Isn't there a better way to elect folks?  

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