Monday, June 10, 2013

Dumb Shit

Gen Odierno does not want commanders to lose their legal authority over sexual assaults.  He thinks it would cripple the effectiveness of command.  That, in essence, was his reaction to the grilling he and  other generals received from the Senate Armed Forces Committee last week.  Needless to say he is a fine example of what is wrong and the kind of person who needs to change in all of our military services.  I have always seen him as a thug and one of several marginally competent generals in the Army.

Have you seen "The Invisible War?"  Maybe Gen Odierno should have before he expressed himself at the hearing.  If he had seen it, then he is truly a man who needs to retire and stay far away from the modern military.  It's no longer a club for spoiled boys and sex offenders.  Have you see the film?  Take the time and see it.  It's available on YouTube (I think), Netflix, Amazon, etc.  See it, then think about how much trust and respect you still have for the military.

Oops, Gen. Ray must have been kicked in the balls--Army General On Sexual Assault: ‘Maybe We Have A Bigger Problem Than I Imagined’.  Will he now realize that, with respect to sexual assault, it is the generals and the rest of the officers who are the problem and have been for decades.

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