Friday, June 28, 2013

No Surprizes Here

Gee, a contractor screws up.  It's normal.  Federal and state governments contract with the private sector to do a job.  The contractor has now become dependent on tax dollars for income and does not have to compete until the contract ends.  However, the contractor's loyalty is not to government.  Contractors perform for the betterment of their firm, not the tax payer.  Cutting corners, cheating and lying are normal vendor attributes.  Such behavior makes contracts even more profitable.  If Congress and appointees are on the company pad who winds up caring?  No one, until something like the Snowden/NSA mess occurs, then they all get huffy, demand change until the news cycle changes.  Then it's back to the normal sleazy business.  USA, Inc. has been sold by Congress and the White House for decades.

Company allegedly misled government about security clearance checks

Yep, at least they're running government like a business...

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