Monday, June 17, 2013


By now anyone who reads papers or watches any news knows that the Obama Administration will provide arms to Syrian rebels.  We have been told a red line was crossed.  Hmm, we were told about WMDs too.  Assad, in theory, used Sarin gas to kill 150 Syrians after killing 90,000 or so with conventional weapons.  Sarin somehow requires the U.S. government to act, that is, provide guns and ammo.  It's dumb.

Syria is not in the middle of an Arab Spring moment.  No, Syria is a pestle of  civil war grinding away in a larger sectarian Arabic mortar.  The issue is not Assad, it's which group, Sunni or Shia, will rule and wield power in the Middle East.  We should not get involved at all, save to arm Israel against the Arab crazies who continue to demonstrate a complete inability to get past the 14th century.  

We screwed up Iraq.  We're screwing up Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The Russians are smiling.  Obama is making mistake.  He and his team action's will create the next generation's al Qaeda.  

Perhaps now it the time for Congress to assert itself and strip the president of his war powers.  If Obama wants to act in Syria, he needs to obtain Congressional approval.  Congress needs to approve a tax increase to cover the cost of our belligerent acts and provide funds to ensure that the Selective Service Administration can ramp up to provide soldiers for our next Arabic war.  Only then should Obama be allowed to take action.  No Congress, no acts.  No taxes, no acts.  No Draft, no acts.    

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