Friday, June 21, 2013

Take Note -- Been There, Done That

The Shrub assured us.  His bestest guys confirmed it.  Iraq really, really, had oodles of WMDs.  Talk about hating us for our freedom!  A confident Shrub took us off to war.  He was, as most of us now see, really just one another fucked up noodlehead we elected Prez.  Toady, Iraq might well be better off if the Shrub had just left their despotism alone.

Now we turn to Syria, our current narcissist in charge, red lines, proof of Sarin gas use and the first stages of war.  Don't forget how the aces we elected sidled us into a war in Vietnam.  If you have forgotten go read some history.  Obama has his WMDs.  We're being taken down a path to war.  Why do these assholes love war so much?

In Syrian chemical weapons claim, criticism about lack of transparency

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