Friday, June 21, 2013

The Future

As all levels of government acquire and use drones, I can see one odd and dismal future day.  Over the skies of a city.  Say Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta or L.A. an event on the ground will set off the drones.  Drones of all shapes and sizes will soar to assess, spy, and contain a mess in the city.  Since it's an emergency, the usual protocols will be bypassed.  After all they haven't really been put into law yet.

As the CIA and NSA stealth drones roar, FBI armored ones fly away, all to the same locale of the state,  county, and city police airborne guns.  They have come to play the game of urban safety.  Along the way we'll see agencies we didn't even think had drones like AG and Education come into the fray.  Hell it would not surprize me to see a Planned Parenthood drone flanked by a flight of Teabag 401c4s.

Then in one glorious moment of idiocy the drones will all converge on the same spot at the same time.  Controls will be jammed.  Commands will be crossed and drones will crash into drones as munitions rain down on the 3000 car traffic jam below.   Yes, a highway will be saved by destroying it.  I think there's a movie in drone fuckupery.

Oh, the FBI is droning us and hasn't quite worked out policy on how to do it safely (from a rights and Constitutional perspective, but that's trivial as we know the FBI has always worked only for the greater good, right).  

FBI has received aviation clearance for at least four domestic drone operations

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