Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Way It Is

When I listen to the news, too frequently today is just one more iteration of prior days.  Dems and Repubs fight, not for the nation, but for themselves and their reelection.  Issues that should have been resolved or never become an issue in the first place replay like “Ground Hog’s Day.”  

When we see polls, they frequently indicate most people are for X or Y.  Congress, however acts as though the polls don’t exist.  Actually national polls don’t exist for them.  

We elect those bozos.  Well some of us do.  Most of us don’t bother to vote.  Some of us don’t even bother to register to vote.  For example, in Virginia, about 80% of potential voters are registered.  About 75% or so are active voters.   It would be nice if 75% of us voted.  However, we don’t vote at that level at all.

In the 2009 Governor’s race, only 40.72% of registered voters turned out.  If you think of that in terms all potential voters, only 32.6% of voters cast a ballot.  If we’re a representative democracy, only one out of three of us seeks representation.  

The Repub Bob McDonnell won that election.  58.61% of voters wanted him in the statehouse.  Okay, that sounds like a fine win, but 58% of how many voted for him?  58% of the 40% who voted said, “my X is for Bob.”  Yep, a mighty 23.69% got Bob to administer state government for them and the other 76.31%.  That does not seem representative or democratic, but hell that’s the point we’ve devolved to.

It’s even worse if you figure out how few of all possible voters elected Bob.  Yep, 58% of 32% is smaller--19.10% of all Virginians elected Bob.  Wow, it doesn’t even take 20% to be the big winner in a two man race. 

In that same race, voter participation based on total registrants ranged from a high of 63% in Highland County to a low of 28.18% in Manassas Park City.  Most Counties had turnouts in the 30 or 40 percentage range.  Statewide, again, was 40%. 

Where I live it really dense with Repubs.  I’m not of the dense.  Oddly enough our member of the House of Delegates is a Democrat and he won his seat by the same type of margin as Bob.  Our delegate received 52.19% of a 45.15% total registered voters.  Yep, 23.56% of our votes contributed to his victory.  It’s no wonder nothing gets done and that most peoples voices are not listened to.  National Polls are a joke when it comes to politics.

I have to assume for all the folks who do not register and do not vote, that they accept what the rest of us who vote wind up doing.  Devout Trogs and adamant Jackasses battle it out for their own benefit.  The nation is exactly the way voters desire.   

If you vote, do you vote in primaries?  The last primary in my County saw 242 voters out of some 8,000 possible turnout.  If you want a change,then participate.  Otherwise keep silent.   

If the nation, your state or locality sucks, now you know why!


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