Monday, July 1, 2013

Get your bullshit, red hot bullshit!

Remember the dire sequester doom and gloom predicted by all the morons we idiots elected to run our government for us? It does not appear to be very heavy on the doom side but there is a skosh of gloom. How did this ever occur?

Hey, we did it to ourselves.  We, at least 25% plus one*  of us, elected Congress and that anti-Bubba in the White House.  Yep, once again the American voter has proven we can achieve the impossible!  We can spread our legs wide,  We can bend way over and stick our heads up our asses.  We'll have to await the Nov., 2014 national fartoff  to blow our heads out our butts.  The, by golly, we can do it again!   After all, we're Americans!  Oh, until then, don't breathe too deeply.

Tracking the predicted sequester impacts

*half of us vote, a winner wins by getting half of the half of the voters which means 25% rock and rule.

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