Sunday, July 7, 2013

I wonder...

Damn, it's worse than I thought.  I guess, per GOP thinking, it's all the kids fault--they chose to be born to these loser parents--

In rural Tennessee, a new way to help hungry children: A bus turned bread truck

Yep they could have chosen to be born to--

Astronomical CEO pay likely a forever trend

I think it's time to rethink our version of capitalism.  Frankly if every one of the way over paid CEOs dropped dead at the same time, business would not skip a beat.

What kind of society do you want?  What kind of a government do you want.  Starve kids to preserve incomes or a bit of equity?  It's our call, every Nov., in every election.  What shall this next election be about?  Abortion?  Gays?  Women?  Sure if you want.  Then again it could be about decent jobs for everyone.  It's the voters call.  How will you vote?  

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