Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Place Your Bets

The Bolivian president's plane was diverted to Austria on a flight home form Russia.  Someone must have  thought Snowden was on the plane.  His plane was searched.  Snowden was not on the plane--sounds like a case of ace CIA intell striking again!

Plane ferrying Bolivian president from Europe is caught up in Snowden saga

Now place your bet, did ObamaCo direct the diversion or not?

They say--

The Obama administration on Tuesday acknowledged contacting foreign governments on Snowden’s asylum list, but a State Department spokeswoman dismissed the leaker’s claims that Washington has mounted a campaign to pressure anyone against offering him sanctuary.

This could be taken as a denial of any inovlvement. Oh, when our fearless leaders put out this kind of stuff, it seems to usually mean that within a week they wind up admitting they driected the whole damn thing.

If I were a betting person I'd bet that:

1. Obama and Company will deny any involvement.

2. Then we'll find out they "had" to deny it, because before they acted, they classified the entire mess as a big hush,hush national security thing.

3. ObamaCo will then be complying with their law.

4. After the rest of the world finishes laughing, Obama will declassify it (in an appeal during a cool speech to his fans)  and have an underling admit to the involvment, but inderlings will insist that they kept the boss in the dark.  Ergo, Obama will once again not know anything about what his execs to in his name for USA, Inc.  Nixon is so alive and well in the White House.

Place your bets!

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