Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Texas Abortion

Texans are talking about abortion.  The Texas legislature is in another special session and will pass a restrictive abortion bill for Gov. "Opps" Perry to sign.  The pro and anti forces are speaking out at the Capital building.  I don't understand what the big deal is, since the elected folks are doing what they are supposed to do, represent their constituents.  They are fulfilling campaign promises.  Oh, don't forget, constituents are defined as those who elected them.

If anyone doubted that given any chance,  a Trog would not restrict abortion then they have not been following politics at all for the the past three decades.  Republicans were elected.  Republicans have a majority in the Texas House.  Republicans have the majority in the Texas Senate.  Republicans have the Governorship.  Given this, with respect to abortion I have one question.

Where were all the Texans who now oppose the GOP's abortion restrictions last Nov.?  2012 saw a 59% turnout of registered voters.  41% did not bother to vote.  59% seems large (it was a Prez election year).   However,  only 74% of age eligible Texans were registered.  That means the turnout was only 43% of the voting age population.   It was a bit better if we look at the voting eligible population, then the turnout was about 49%.  In other words half of Texas does not vote.

Assume that all the state offices were won by 52%.  That means Texas went Trog based on 52% of the voting eligible population of 49%, that is,  a 25.4% majority won.  Texas is not that much different from any other state.

I wonder if some of the folks opposed to the GOP bill actually voted for a GOP Rep. or Sen.?  I bet they did.  If folks don't like what's being done in their name, then they have to vote for the other party.  They didn't.  So, all Texans have exactly what they desired as of the close of voting in Nov., 2012.  Votes matter, they really matter, but who really cares.

Hundreds testify for, against sweeping abortion bill as sides rally at Texas Capitol

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