Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why Did the Senate Spring for Immigration Refom?

Hey that's easy, Senators listened to the  Border Security Industry Congressional Complex.  Yep we have one of them too!  There's tax money to be made so they got their surge on.

The border security plan the Senate approved last week includes unusual language mandating the purchase of specific models of helicopters and radar equipment for deployment along the U.S.-Mexican border, providing a potential windfall worth tens of millions of dollars to top defense contractors.

You can bet forced deportation of 11,000,000 illegals against the border security deal not costing more than the proposed appropriation of $46 billion.  Come on, deportation against no cost overruns?  We might has well just make them all citizens today and save some tax money.

Immigration reform will become law of the land.  It's just taken time to find the right industrial complex to support.  Now illegals have a voice, kind of, in defense contractors.  We live in a very strange world.

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