Thursday, July 4, 2013

Will of the people?

If Dems and Libs get all huffy about Trogs in NC and TX passing reactionary anti-abortion (really anti-woman) laws, then pause to remember that the legislatures were elected by the voters of NC and TX.  Until Trogs do not constitute the majority in those statehouses, they enact the will of the people.

NC Senate gives preliminary approval to bill restricting abortions

If some in those states say they are appalled and they they think most people in their state do not share, approve or condone the acts of the legislature, then the question is really "who cares?" We have to ask did most people vote?  If they did,  who did they for?   How many actually turned out in the last legislative elections?  Until the vast majority of people act in their own interest, then there will be a willing and able minority to act for them.

N. Carolinians and Texans enjoy exactly the world they desire--the voters created it.

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