Saturday, January 12, 2013

They're back!

Those crazy combatants in N. Ireland appear to getting back in the game of needless violence and slaughter.  All we've had, for too long, have been sectarian Muslims killing each other.  It will be nice to have the Europeans back in the game.  Gee, can we get some local crackers to play too?

This time England should arm both sides and let them kill each other off completely.

Belfast riots lead to questioning of police tactics over flag dispute

I guess this is collective sparring.  When will the next real fight begin?



Even the John Birchers Think It Really Sucks

Obama's Drone World

It's not all that often that the extremes agree for pretty much the same reasons now is it.

All I want for Christmas 2013 is...

The Drones Are Here! Imagine when all your neighborhood creeps are flying and spying in your backyard.  Oh lord the cop and spy wannabes will be in vicarious heaven.

The NRA Has Won

When the Biden uses a gun metaphor to indicate that there is no easy solution to gun violence, then we have a problem.  Silver bullet?  Hardly the appropriate ref.  However, if all it took was one silver bullet in LaPierre's head...  After all he is Lycan isn't he and if created all the NRA werewolves then problem solved?

Biden says ‘no silver bullet’ exists to solve the problem with gun violence

Hmm, if gun nuts are werewolves, what is Grover Norquist and pledgettes?

White House Petitions

What use do they serve?  Well, they do inform us about the mental health of the nation.  For example, we've confirmed there are a few hundred thousand loons in Texas--the secession petition.  Then again, we already knew that.   Any new loons shown up on the Petition monitoir?

Yep, we have several death star advocates out there.

Have you ever heard of dime novels?  Westerns on TV and in the movies used the dime novelist as a frequent foil to tell or advance a story about some legend of the West.  Dime novels were cheap, short-lived pulp fiction and non-fiction that appealed to a mass market looking for something lurid, sensational, easy to read and of no enduring consequence.  Without TV, people did read for entertainment.

What of the dime novel today?  Perhaps Harlequin books are a contemporary example of fiction. However I think we have a new genre of the non-fiction dime book world.  How about all those memoirs and bios by anyone who's had there 15 minutes of TV fame.  Anyone really read Bill Clinton's bio?  How about the Petraeus bio?  Did Octomom "write" a book?  People buy them, put them out for display, probably don't read them, and eventually throw them away.  Anyone ever loan you a book they don't want back?

Super Bullshit

We're in our eleventh year of the Afghan War.  We won't end it until 2014.   Having killed the enemies we went after years ago we've spent seven years creating and killing a replacement enemy.  We eliminated al Qaeda years ago.  We sent the Taliban packing.  Then the idiot in charge started a new war in Iraq.  Our continued presence enabled the Taliban to creep back in.  We made them the new enemy.  Exactly what was the mission anyway?

Now Obama says--

We achieved our central goal, or have come very close to achieving our central goal, which is to de-capacitate al-Qaeda, to dismantle them, to make sure that they can’t attack us again,” Obama said. “At the end of this conflict, we are going to be able to say that the sacrifices that were made by those men and women in uniform has brought about the goal that we sought.”

Sure, but with respect to Afghanistan that was done long ago.  He's just noticed?  We should have been out of that rubble pile when the Shrub was still in office.  Oh, well generals need medals (and biographers) and contractors need profits.  Have a nice bullshit day.

Bets on how many people we will pay to be in Afghanistan and how much "aid" we will give the Afghan government for how long after we "end" the war in 2014?

Obama's Legacy

In his legacy he will be known as the President of the Kill List.  Drone wars are his "gift" to the future.  And to think the Repubs are worried about deficits and debt, man they are dumb.  Here's a recap of where our presidents have taken us and what they have done in our name.

Everything We Know So Far About Drone Strikes

How Much Does That Milky Way Weigh?

Hmm, if someone had their thumb on the scale, then there is less Milky Way than we thought.  However, if the new scale is wrong, then maybe there's more Milky Way after all.  Damn, how much dark matter is there supposed to be in a Milky Way.  Well, that depends, if it's a candy bar and there's a bunch of dark matter in it, then don't eat it, it will probably kill you.  Throw it away.  However, if it's our galaxy, who the hell knows since we can't see it, touch it, or sense it at all.

Has the Milky Way Lost Weight?

Two ounces past a pound

That's a silly way to keep time, unless we're dealing with the physics of the very, very small.  Hmm, a quantum clock that works by weighing atoms.  Is it half past quark yet?

New Type of Clock Keeps Time by Weighing Atoms

Friday, January 11, 2013

Idiot Watch

Rep. Phil Gingrey

Odd Way To Do Business, But It Does Make Money

After you fake the tests to get it to market, pay off a pol or two, then you see if the damn think works by having the ever gullible Doc give it to unwitting  and trusting people.  Oops, the big Druggie fail again?  Hmm, year ago didn't the European regulators allow Thalidomide and our FDA say no way?

Merck Halts Sales of Cholesterol Drug Outside U.S.

Perhaps the Docs who do the prescribing should be held accountable?  If death by prescription became a capital crime, do you think Docs might demand a bit more assurance from Big Druggie than they do now?

Oh God It's Coming

In not too many years, small armed drones will be seen as "arms."  The NRA will, if the drone makers hire them, lobby for the right to own drones.   I can see Bwana Bubba and the Crackers hunting deer by drone.

Why Drones

Well, they do make for profits in the Military Industrial Complex.  I'm not sure what goes on in the heads of those who approve their usage.  Drones only set the stage for future revenge.  I hope someone remembers to tell the unborn taxpayer why they hate us when UAVs drop bombs on their heads.

Drones are fool's gold: they prolong wars we can't win

30% of us are gun owners

And 30% of us must therefore be batshit crazy.

U.S. gun sales hit a record high since Obama's re-election

Who Will Benefit?

With Mr. Lew in at Treasury, who will benefit, banks or the nation?  Oh, come on that's an idiotic question.  The money crowd has been running  the Treasury as a subsidiary for a couple or three decades or more.  Wall Street and Banks will continue to write laws and determine the policies that "regulate" them.  Tar and feathers time?

Jack Lew had major role at Citigroup when it nearly imploded

Prez Kill List Strikes Again

We have no idea how civilians the Prez and his crew have killed in Pakistan.  Well, actually we do, none.  Per his legal aces, if you die by the drone, your death proves you were a bad guy and deserved to die.  If, post death, you wish to contest the Prez, vis a vis your status as a bad guy, feel free.  It's Obama's law and it's his legacy to unborn taxpayer's concept of the rule of law.

U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan on rise for 2013

Getting Better?

American Adults Better Educated Than Ever Before

Psst, Can You Hear Me?

If you've banged your metal head one too many times and can't hear shit anymore, there may be hope--

Drug Enables Deafened Mice to Hear Again

Gun Nuts

100,000 nuts looked at the carnage in Newtown, realized that gun control might ensue and decided to join the NRA right after they ran out to the gun store, bought more guns and more ammo.  Most of us do not own guns.  Of the gun owners, most of the guns are owned by a small percentage of nuts.   Look NRAites are about 1.3 % of the population.   They just have money and own some pols.

The 30% of us those own and buy guns must be rather stupid.  The NRA is not a 2nd Amendment defender, they are lobbyists who use the 2nd to goose gun sales in a long term declining market.  They are very good lobbyists, but then look at their audience.

NRA: 100,000 new members after Sandy Hook shooting

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guns and Crime They Go Together So Well

Gun crime statistics by US state: latest data

There are real differences between Dems and Trogs

One of the major ones is guns.  Dems tend to not own them and Trogs tend to pack more than one.

Party Identity in a Gun Cabinet

Sad But Probably True

It's over: Dragas will most likely be confirmed

Drones Hit Pakistan, They Are Quiet

The Pakistanis used to get pissy faced about Prez Kill Lists drone strikes on their turf.  Now they seem to be a bit more tolerant.  Can we just be killing folks for them or is it something else?  Hmm, I bet we've promised to give them lots of well armed drones in exchange for their silence.  Indians in Kashmir better seek out their own drones.

U.S. Drones Pound Pakistan, Which Responds by Doing Exactly Nothing

Hmm, guns and nuts don't go together

I wonder, isn't ownership of a Bushmaster, AR-14, military assault type rifle and any clip/magazine that holds 10+ rounds evidence that the owner is unhinged and should not be allowed to any guns, knives or even those rounded kiddie scissors?  That may be extreme, but there is a screw loose in those folks.

Oh, well, what's the Biden saying about guns today?

Biden sees emerging accord on ‘universal background checks’ for gun buyers

Two Fers

Boom there goes a suicide bomber.  Boom boom, there goes the car bomb.  As a result, Pakistan's population went down a bit.  I don't get it, but then again I don't understand our home grown gun nuts.

  Pakistan blasts: 'Dozens killed' at Quetta snooker hall

Gun Culture Strikes Again

High school shooting wounds 2 in Calif.


PolitiFact.comFollow us on Twitter

Have the House Republicans kept their campaign promises?

A big part of our journalism lately has been updating the Obameter and GOP Pledge-O-Meter, our features that track and rate the campaign promises of President Barack Obama and the House Republicans. 

Those features aren't as well-known as our Truth-O-Meter, but they use the same approach: old-fashioned accountability journalism, presented in a new media form.

Today we're publishing our final report card on the Pledge-O-Meter, which rates the promises the House Republicans made in the 2010 campaign. It shows that the Republicans stuck to their ideological guns and kept promises about bringing many measures to a vote. But they fell short on their pledges to stop major Obama initiatives such as the stimulus and Obamacare.

Stay tuned for some more Obameter coverage in the next week. The Obameter doesn't burst into flames the way the Truth-O-Meter does, but it's still a great device for holding our officials accountable for what they say.

Perv Watch

What happens if he gets his wish?

Jerry Sandusky's lawyers to seek new trial

When God Is Your Pitchman, Can You Lose?

The only thing more pathetic than crap like ChritianMingle are the morons who respond to the ads because of the god based pitch.  Is this today's version of hawking true fragments of the cross?  Not much changes over time does it?

Evoking God has been good to ChristianMingle

Gun Culture

No matter how much ObamaCo tries to get the public going on guns, it won't matter unless that public is the one who are already committed to owning arsenals of guns and ammo.  They have to sway that portion of that public that also votes.  Non-voters don't matter in this debate one bit.  Democrats don't matter, they're ready for gun control.  It's all about who votes for whom in Repub circles.  The House is run by Trogs.  The Senate does nothing when Trogs decide to drool (filibuster).

Red states are full of gun loving dolts who vote regularly.  They are Repubs.  Their districts are designed to insure that Trogs will be elected.  Primaries, where they occur,  depend on special voters. They are the handful of gun zealots who bother to vote in them.  It's simple, when guns are an issue, if primary voters are gun nuts, then you will get gun nut candidates.  If the gun nut candidates also are big on Jesus, down on abortion, and think the world is 6,000 years old, then will be reelected over and over again.  Thus guns will never be controlled.

What I'm trying to say is votes matter.  Districts matter.  Primary elections really matter.  Conventions matter.  Until the elected pol or aspiring pol fears not being elected because he's big on guns, then gun control will remain in the hands of the NRA.  Guns will be controlled when pols learn that to get elected you have to support some modicum of gun control.  Voters control this issue.  How do you feel about guns?  Do you vote?  This is not a popular issue, it's all about the minds of the minority (who happen to be the majority of those who bother to vote in Repub districts).

In campaign for tougher gun laws, Obama and allies work to tilt public opinion

Latest Round in Mortgage BS

The Latest Myth About the Government’s Mishandling of the Housing Market

At Leas It's Some Time Off

Planets Orbit Dead Stars

Robot Drones Here We Come

Study pigeons, figure out how they fly in tight spaces, capture the results in code and put it in your drone's CPU, attach a GPS system and you have a bomb delivery system that can go wherever a bird could fly even without a pilot in a cube in Florida.

Aerial Acrobats: Pigeons Whoosh Through Tight Space

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Does this surprize you?

And I bet the biggest contributors are gun toting, Honey Boo Boo loving, batshit crazy, southern state god fearing, Republican, inbred redneck Trogs.  Yep they are our illiterati.  We are so over blessed.

Americans less healthy than others

Place Your Bets

Will you bet on Biden or the NRA?  Gun control?  Come on there are too many gun nuts out there.  They vote.  They elect Trogs.  As long as the road to election is via Smith and Wesson, gun control will be shot down.

Remember it does not matter what national polls say about guns at all.  Only 50%  bother to vote and that's for the Prez.  A typical House or Senate member only faces 40% or fewer of possible voters in their races.  Damn, that means 20% +1 wins.

Unless the poll is of likely or those who did vote in the last election, the poll does not mean shit.  Policies, programs and everything else comes down to whom is elected to Congress.   If we want gun control then we have to elect Reps and Sens who will vote for gun control--that means most of the current assholes in Congress have to be sent home forever.  

Biden, Meeting Gun Control Advocates, Vows Action

Honny Boo Boo is a boo boo

I am a bit isolated in my retirement.  I had not encountered "Honey Boo Boo" until a month or so ago.    After hearing more than one reference, I decided to see what the phrase meant.  I used Wiki and read about her.  After reading the Wiki entry, I knew I did not want to tune in on TLC.  Doesn't that stand for "The Learning Channel?"  Most odd.

Unfortunately, my soundness of my decision to not make any attempt to see Honey was confirmed on New Year's Eve.  Honey and her familiars were part of the CNN's show.  I do like Kathy Griffin and know the year will be decent if I am able to see Sushi descend in the giant stiletto slipper at a bar down in Key West.  Come on, ever since Guy Lombardo died, New Year's Eve has sucked.  That's why the world has been such a shithole since 1977.  However for the past few years there's new hope.  Now we have CNN-Cooper-Griffen to ring in the New Year.  Sadly they had segments that featured Honey.  My reaction, was "my god, who watches that show?"

Can’t we aim higher than ‘Honey Boo Boo’? 

If you read the piece at the link, then note that there's a very good movie about Hypatia, it is titled "Agora."

He Can't Win

Oops, visiting the sick was supposed to be a virtue (even if you got some good PR and photo ops).  It's kind of a Christian thing isn't it?  Obama went to Walter Reed.  Sure enough someone is pissed at him over this.  No, not the Trogs but I'm sure they will get stinky faced the gasoline consumed to ferry Obama from the White House to the Hospital.

Human Rights Watch is miffed, they "...said it is outraged by the president’s decision to greet Khalid, who has been accused of abuses including torture and drug trafficking even as he distinguished himself as a Karzai ally and anti-Taliban figure in his native Kandahar."

Anyone know what outrage is?  At the drop of a hat over any issue you can find three idiots who will say they are outraged over what it is.   They're outraged, it's passe, who gives a shit about them and the way they feel?

Place Your Bets

Do you think the Military Industrial Congressional Pentagon Complex will really let us zero out troops in Afghanistan?  No war, no medals, no advancement, no expansion of generalships!  No war, no new killing machines to play with, fewer drones.  No war, no place for our psychopaths to play.  No war, then what will the Trogs in the Senate be able to talk about?  No war, no fear, will we let peace break out?



Have we all forgotten about Abu Ghraib?  Yeah, we've  moved on to drones and enhanced interrogation (it's really torture, but we've defined it differently, so it's okay, ObamaCo asked their lawyers ).  We're no longer in Iraq, they wanted us gone.  We're still in Afghanistan, they can't afford for us to leave, but they'd love it if we did.  Oh, how do we spell Abu Ghraid these days?  Try Bagram.

Don't forget our ace leaders decided to run the Iraq war with a lot of Mercs to avoid a draft.  Our war is still mercenized.  The Mercs worked for us. They seemed to be quite adept at torture.  Finally a court has decided to make some Mercs pay.  I bet the fine will be negated or Congress will reimburse the Mercs.  Yeah we have  a Merc Industry Complex.

Defense contractor pays $5M to Iraqis who alleged torture at Abu Ghraib, other detention sites

Why Do We Vote For Them?

Or do we?  How many actually vote for anyone?  Are most votes just party based?  Or are most votes against the other guy?  I'm not sure how we do it, but these days we seem most adept at putting together a group that is less popular than cockroaches.  We show remarkably bad judgement.

Where’s the love? Cockroaches and colonoscopies are more popular than Congress: survey

What Happens When We Find One With Little Green Men?

Earth-Sized Planets Are a Plentiful Bunch

Government for Sale!

I wonder how much the Home Builders Industry Congressional Complex shelled out to fix the bill?

Home Builders Lobby Weakens Drywall Legislation

Remember job #1 is getting reelected, so job #2 and #3 are raising money to run for reelection.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Climate Change Fans Take Note

As the temp goes up and up, remember man is not to blame.  Nah, Jesus and his dad forced us all to burn fossil fuels for energy.  We can't help it.  We're being forced to behave this way.   Of course we could realize that god hasn't had a damn thing to do with it.  We've made our own mess.  Will we clean it up?  Nah, we're still the only species that shits in its own nest.  I'm not sure most of us have figured out that if you eat shit, you die.  How did we ever make it this far?

2012 hottest year on record in continental U.S., NOAA says

Put up a "zero defects" sign in your kitchen

Then make sure you look at the sign before you touch anything sharp.  It may sound dumb, but becoming aware of safety on a real basic level helps.  If your knives are not sharp, don't even bother cooking, buy new ones, sharpen the old ones or eat out all the time.  I think dull knives are at the cause of more cuts than much else. Well, except for cooks who keep tasting the cooking booze.

If the object is round, find a way to stabilize the damn thing before you assault the object-- a thin slice removed makes a flat surface and makes for a much more stable object.  Oh, yeah, when you slice down is the knife following your nails or can it hit skin?  I've always tried to have the knife going in a slicing motion before I make contact with whatever I'm cutting up, don't just push it down to make a slice or you may cut yourself.

The kitchen is just like anything else.  It's safe if you take the time to make it safe.  Oh, and do things in the right sequence, have check lists, etc.  Look at how you cook, if you were flying a plane and flew it as in the way you prepare food would you crash and burn or soar to culinary heights?

Knife injuries and other kitchen mishaps afflict both top chefs and everyday cooks

Copts may have to head for the coast

The Islamic Arabs have a new nation to wreck, Egypt.  They've never quite figured out how to kill off the Jews, but they will keep trying.  This year, they can practice solving their Israel problem by annihilating the Copts.  Yeah, Arab Spring, it's so traditional and so batshit crazy Islamic.

Egyptian Coptic Christians Mark Christmas With Fear Of Future

Did you vote for a Trog?

I assume Trog supporters do not read my blog. If on the off chance there is one, why on earth do you support such nonsense that leads to this-- If debt ceiling deal fails, U.S. could delay tax refunds

I guess he doesn't need the women's vote anymore

Obama’s failure to nominate women for two top Cabinet posts questioned

Prez Kill List Keeps Makin' Us Safe

ObamaCo kills suspects.  I guess if they die, they are then moved from being suspect to being a confirmed militant.  Of course any kids, cooks, or goat herders who happened by at the time also became confirmed militants.

I wonder when Obama will drop the word "militant" and just kill anyone who is suspicious.  Obama's legacy is drones.  Drones are creating our unborn taxpayer's future terrorist group.  We'll see al Qaeda dissipate, but the ill will and hate we generate will fester and explode after most of us are dead and gone.  Hell of a legacy.  I bet he read the Shrub's "Legacies for Dummies."

Pakistan Officials: U.S. Drones Kill 8 Militants

Gun Culture Really Sucks

The dopes with guns don't see how they are being played.  Orgs like the NRA have one concern, assuring their master that sales of guns and ammo will rise.  They will and have succeeded in limiting what government can do to check the excesses of gun culture.  Sales are good, very good.

Five Federal Policies on Guns You’ve Never Heard Of


Okay, when will they find the remains of the first pol?  I wonder what it will look like?

The First Sea Monster

Monday, January 7, 2013

Originalism Tour Resumes

After a brief hiatus, the court ran out of Depends, Roberts and the Robes are back on tour.  They will appear in a variety of venues this year.  Will they set the clock back?  If they can, if they can.

Supreme Court Returns Today With Gay Marriage, Affirmative Action, Voting Rights in View

What's Coming Up?

This month will be all about Trogs trashing Obama over his cabinet nominees and Obama's swearing in ceremony.   Trogs act in unison, if Obama wants a person to serve, they will try to prevent that person's appointment.  The permanent campaign remains underway.

Trogs are plotting for 2014 and 2106.  Of course the Dems are doing likewise.  That's why our Congressfolk's primary jobs are raising money for reelection, calling the other side dorks, getting on TV news as much as possible, and raising more cash.  Perhaps we benefit from that, fewer laws get passed.

However, Congress does provide the money for our government to run.  Therefore, on occasion, every once in awhile, they have to actually pretend to do their jobs.  For the past few decades both Houses have proved to be increasingly inept at providing even a modicum of governance.  I think their approval rating remains at 9%.   That number seems high to me.

After a month of Obama cabinet bashing, Congress will entertain us once again with fiscal matters.  Coming up in late February we'll see the next installment of "Debts of Our Lives" as we reach the debt ceiling once again.  Trogs will drag their knuckles as they drool out the the phrase "shut 'er down."  Dems will oppose them.   Who knows how the American boob will react since most of them will miss this since they'll be watching Honey Boo Boo reruns.

To make matters more enjoyable, Congress will next have to deal with the sequester.  They kicked that can down the road onNew Year's Day.  It landed on March 2nd.  Will our the numbnuts be able to deal with this?  Will they kick the can one more time?  God, we elect these idiots.  What is wrong with us?

But wait, CSpan fans, if we make it past the debt ceiling and sequester follies, we'll then see our 535 national schmucks try to deal with funding the government.  The continuing resolution that currently provides the cash expires on March 27th.  Who needs gun control, immigration reform or anything else to deal with?  Hell, who needs any other kind of reality TV.


How did saving us from the "cliff" cost us?

I still think we'd have been better off repealing the Bush Tax Cuts for everybody.  How much did Congress stick it to the unborn taxpayer that the Trogs are always so concerned about?  Take a peek, download JCX-1-13 and find out.

The Scale is Hard To Comprehend

Apple App Store Hits 40 Billion Downloads

Prez Kill List Strikes Again

Every time he drops a drone on Pakistan he assumes all the resulting dead were militants, bad guys, terrorists, or just less than acceptable people.  His crew pilots the drone in, the missiles are released and people die.  It's quite sterile since the pilot is in Florida.

Of course the true nature or affiliation of the dead is never confirmed.  If the dead can prove to the living that they were not truly deserving of being blown up, Mr. Obama might apologize.

Our government officials cannot talk about their acts, they passed some laws that make it all double secret stuff to inform the American people about what they are doing in our names.  Of course the rest of the world does not have to follow Mr.Obama's law.  They observe, they publish.  Our government is quite seedy, one would think the Shrub was still in office.

I wonder how Obama will feel in the future?  Will he become as repulsed with his acts as McNamara did with his in Vietnam?  Will the shades of dead children at least cause him at least of moment of dyspepsia?

Suspected U.S. drone strike kills 17 in Pakistan's tribal region

And No One Goes To Jail!

Bank of America to pay Fannie Mae $3.6B, buy back $6.75B in residential mortgage settlement

Banks including BofA, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo agree to pay $8.5B for wrongful foreclosures

Violent Society

I've heard lots of talk about how violent we are.  Our movies, music and games are stuffed with mayhem.  We buy the stuff.  We watch.  We listen.  We, by some osmotic process, then become a nation of pumped up thugs set to go off.

Oh, we love violence.  Sure.  However, I suggest we get a little bit closer to home to find its real source.  Let's look at sports.  Funny how sports never quite makes the list of violence inducing cultural crap.  I'm more frightened of rabid football and basketball fans than I ever was of heavy metal concert goers.  I wonder what happens if you cross a super fan and a pistol packer?  Do they allow guns at sporting events?

ON any given day of the week  these days, both Mom and Dad imbue their juniors and juniorettes with a lust for the gore every game day.  Oh, this excursion in vicarious mayhem is also a strong contributor to obesity.  Want to tone it down a bit on both scores, then quit watching sports and make Sunday read a book day.

If the kids are thugs, they've learned their behavior from the significant adults in their lives.

Crackers With Guns Are Nuts!

At least Roberts and The Robes flicked them off.  Of course, the last time they sang about guns, they set the stage for more nuts owning more guns.  The Supremes gave us Bush and a whole lot of violence.  I'm not sure where either are located in the Constitution.

Supreme Court won’t hear lawsuit challenging Georgia ban on guns in church

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Here's the Economist on US

America’s European moment

God, they represent us.

The cover says it all.  How'd they get there?  Americans elected them.

War Fans Take Note

As we move towards winding down Obama's current wars and maybe Arabs won't try to obliterate the Jews, what will our blood and gore aficionados do to entertain themselves on the nightly news?  It's been a while, but the Pakistanis and Indians may have at it again.  What would the world do if either side decided to nuke the other?  Gee, would CNN cover a nuclear war?  Up close and personal?

Pakistan accuses India of raid in disputed Kashmir that kills 1 soldier

Prez Kill List Strikes Again

Who know how many kids and goat-herders the guy has blown up in his "cheap" attempt to get the bad guys.  In the short term folks may applaud his form of terrorism because they buy the fear based bullshit about making us same and free.  In the longer term, we've created some really dedicated haters of the USA.  Damn, we're doing our best to insure the war on terror never ends.  Did the Military Industrial Congressional Complex buy this policy?  I wonder how little they had to pay the pols?

Pakistani intelligence officials say suspected US drones kill 9 militants near Afghan border

Gee, All It Takes Is A Job In Washington

The Shrub could have shut up his academic critics if he'd been as smart as Obama.  Barry gives them nice jobs in his Admin.  The critics become champions.  Yep, the Shrub still rules from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and no one is bitchin' at all.

Obama advisor who had decried 'war on terror' now defends drones

Five Myths

112th Congress

Sunday Bobbleheads

I watched Up with Chris Hayes this morning.  It provides progressive, liberal nutrition for the mind.  One item caught my attention.  It was the FISA renewal.  The 112th Congress overwhelmingly approved the five year renewal.  There was no floor fight.  Most Dems voted for it.  However, what was disgusting, besides the bill's passage, was Harry Reid.  Well, pathetic is more accurate.

In 2008 Sen. Reid basically called the FISA bill the Shrub's affront to freedom, liberty and the Constitution.  Harry did not like the bill at all.  His language was strongly negative.

In 2012, the same bill came up for renewal.  All they did was change the dates.  Did Harry oppose?  Nah, he championed the bill.

Hell, he could have been reading Mitch McConnell's remarks from 2008 that strongly advocated passage.  Wonder what happened between 2008 and 2102?  Anyone still wonder why Congress  blows chunks?

We need to replace the lot of them and rid ourselves of the Democratic and Republican Parties.  Hey, anyone found all the anti-war demonstrators the marched against Bush's wars?  I guess they were Democratic shills.

Why should anyone trust anything said at any time if the speaker is an elected politician, a political appointee, aspires to office, works for either party or still contributes to the DNC, RNC or pols?