Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hmm, what's the diff?

Let's see a car full of punks with  machine pistols see someone the don't like, their enemy, so they drive by shooting away and kill the guy.  Of course a few folks, a college guy, a beautician and a banker are killed along the way.  To the punks they are mushrooms.  In punk world, there are no innocent people.  It's just too bad they were standing next to the enemy.  They must be enemies too.  I guess that's kind of urban gang logic.

Okay how is the above that much different from Obama sending a drone to kill a suspect and in the process kill a college kid.  Ooops, make that a goat herder, a toddler and a someone's wife.  Not mushrooms, not even collateral damage. They deserved to die because they were in proximity to the suspect proving that geography trumps free will.

The two scenarios seem more alike than not.  The first upsets us and we call for justice--police, arrests, and hanging.  The second, well, why do we accept it as okay when it's just the same.  The word murder comes to mind in both cases.

Decent Folks Like Decent Folks, Trogs Like Trogs

Think not, then look at the chart.

Dems are slow learners, it took them decades to learn that there is not, nor ever has been a single redeeming quality in a Trog.  Come on, they liked Nixon, Reagan and the Shrubs.  The thought of those creeps and their fans makes one's sphincter tighten right up.

This Week In Islam

I couldn't let a week go by without a post on car bombs.  Until some other sect gets in the action, car bombs seem to belong to the Muslims.  Come on N. Ireland, y'all can get back in the needless mayhem game and start to blow the crap out of each other too.   Can we have a domestic cracker get his grit on over guns and blow up some cars?

Syria hit by car bombs and rockets

Pre Programmed War

It's on the way.  The winner will have the best coders.  Screw up a line of code and the war will be over as we head into the world of Autonomous Drones.

Don't forget one of the requirements DARPA had when it created the Internet, was to create something that for all practical purposes could not be turned off.   Apply that kind of thinking to drones and robots and it's time for one of those sci-fi machine wars.  Gee, will this be Obama's real legacy?

Are you drone phobic?

Do you fear being spied upon by drones directed by public servants in your local cop shop?  If so, then I've got a hoodie just for you--

Stealth Hoodie Hides Wearer From Drones

Trade off

We have a right to free speech.  When people abuse that right we deal with them after the fact.  If you yell "fire" in a crowded theater and people react leaving a few trampled to death, you will be sent to the slammer for manslaughter or better.  You will do time (at least that's the theory, the reality will depends on how much money you have for lawyers and how much suck your family has).

Let's do the same with guns.  Let's get rid of all the restrictions on guns.  Come on it's the second amendment.  Make it the wild, wild west from coast to coast.  However, if you abuse that right to own a gun, you will do time or better yet be executed.

I'd make all crimes committed with a gun into capital crimes.  Yep, muggers with guns will lose their heads.   Snatch a purse and have a gun on you, then the state will snatch your head.  If you use a gun or have one on you when you commit a crime then your time will be up.  Simple, but we're dealing with people who abuse their constitutional rights.  If it's stupid stuff--like leaving a loaded pistol on the kitchen table where a four year old can find it, fire it and kill someone,  then the gun owner will go to jail  If he isn't the one killed by the kid, then he will also  need to have his children permanently removed from your custody  and do at least 10 years in a vile prison in Mississippi.

Stupid is okay as long as it's not screwing with a constitutional right-- to bear, not use and abuse guns and ammo.  Almost forgot, hunters had better be real careful, shoot someone while hunting and it will be over for them.  Gee, we could had been rid of Darth Vader if we had this approach in force when the Shrub was Prez.

Oh, if you are protecting your home, and kill a family member because you were sure he or she was a burglar, then you will have time to do penance as you await your death.  Ditto that bit of anger, shoot at someone and you will be executed.  Gangs, they can drive on by and spray away.  That's fine, but everyone in that car will be killed--no juvenile exception.   Hell we might rid ourselves of gangs that way.  Oh, all gun crime execution will have to done by firing squad.

We might have sufficient numbers in need of killing to make it into the mother of all reality shows.    

Friday, January 18, 2013

They've Killed Babar and Dumbo is Next

Poachers kill elephants for the ivory.  There are folks out there who have to have ivory for some geegaw or trinket.  Hmm,  let's make owning ivory a felony with a 10 year minimum sentence in a foul prison.  I can't help but think a lot the ivory winds up in affluent American households.  Rich pricks are more demented than not.  

The Elephant Killing Fields

Does TSA Make You Feel Safer?

Damn, the porn-o-matics are gone.  TSA will not longer take porn shots to ferret out evil international jihadi Muslim bad guys.  Nope.  Porn is out.  Gone.  What will the jerkwads do to entertain themselves now?

Of course the guy who kept them going, the head of the TSA, has now said "they're gone," needs to follow the machines into warehouse oblivion.  Who knows what he'll dream up next, x-ray glasses?

TSA to pull revealing scanners from airports

Piece of shit update

Who's the piece of shit?  Oh, another celeb sport, Lance Armstrong.

Is Lance Armstrong the world’s biggest liar?

When will people quit allowing sports figures, pop culture figures or pols to be their heros?   People who do so, or promote such, have once again received what they deserve.  Yep, they have to admit they like shit.    Strange, very strange.

Posts Today

Once again, ISP problems.   So they will be sparse to non-existent until they put the Wi and the Fi back together again.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Now hears a story with meat you can chew on

Of course it won't last as long as it used too--SUBWAY 'CRISIS': IS FOOTLONG SUB REALLY 11 INCHES?

From Bob Park

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Wednesday, 16 Jan 2013 Washington, DC

1. STEM CELL: SUPREME COURT WOULD RATHER NOT TALK ABOUT IT. Last week the court refused to keep the government out of embryonic-stem- cell research, which is thought by many to be the most promising approach to the treatment of numerous human diseases. About 20 years ago, however, anti-abortionists pushed a bill through Congress banning the use of federal funds for research on human embryos. They believed the Holy Ghost bestows a soul on the zygote at the moment of conception, making the zygote a person (see What’s New, 8 Nov 98). The Obama administration long ago rejected this preposterous superstition, but it was kept alive by an appeal to the Supreme Court. Rejection of the appeal assures continued funding, but the delay, contrived on superstitious grounds, may have cost many lives.

2. BREAKTHROUGH: THE HIGGS WAS THE TOP BREAKTHROUGH IN 2012. As it does each year, the journal Science picked 10 breakthroughs to mark the advance of science in 2012. In the 21 Dec 2012 issue, Editor-in-Chief Bruce Alberts reported that the Higgs boson had been chosen as the "Top Science Breakthrough in 2012." There is no immediate application for the Higgs particle in sight, but it represents a huge advance in our understanding of why the universe came out the way it did. Science seeks to trace the chain of cause-and-effect relationships back to a presumed first-cause. The Higgs boson is causally linked to the formation of the material universe. The discovery was made with CERN’s Large Hadron Collider at an operating budget of about $1 billion per year and the efforts of thousands of scientists. By comparison the war in Afghanistan has so far cost the US $1.2 trillion and 2000 lives with no tangible benefits?

3. KYOTO: WHY DID THE EMISSIONS PROTOCOL END IN TOTAL FAILURE? On 1 Jan 2013 the Kyoto Protocol came to its scheduled termination. It's a good thing; greenhouse gas emissions had only come up in response to Kyoto. Hmmm. Could the UN solve the obesity problem with an international agreement to limit food production? In an increasingly industrialized society the only way to effectively reduce emissions is to reduce the population.

Where We Stand on Guns

Will we see some sensible gun control?

In Gun Control Debate, Several Options Draw Majority Support

If you own a bunch of guns, you're probably a Trog

If you don't own a bunch of guns then you're probably a Democrat.  Hm, I wonder if can we see the same difference over guns by looking at how Trogs and decent people see guns?  You bet.  Take a peek at Congress- Where Congress Stands on Guns

And God Said Let Their Be Soot

Yep, god makes us use diesel engines and burn lots of coal.  Soot sucks up solar energy and helps warm the planet.   It's god's plan.  Of course we could do something about it, but if god gave us the keys to the truck and made all that coal, all we can do is  soot, baby soot.

Seriously, soot is now seen a far more important source of man made global warming (sorry god, you can't cred for everything).

Soot Is Warming the World, A Lot

Remember Fred Thompson?

The guy was only60% committed to becoming president.  Oops, Obama can't even keep up with Fred when it come to keeping promises.
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A PolitiFact Special Report: Obama's campaign promises

Four years ago, several colleagues who work in digital journalism suggested to me that PolitiFact start a feature to track President Barack Obama's campaign promises. Mark Stencel, Ken Sands and Al Tompkins each hatched the idea separately, but the concept was the same: use our distinctive journalistic approach to track campaign promises.

It sounded like a great idea until our staff started reviewing campaign documents and speeches and realized the magnitude of Obama's promises: more than 500 on everything from ending the Iraq war to creating habitats for the Osceola turkey. Still, we forged ahead.

For four years, we have spent thousands of staff hours tracking the promises big and small and rated them on our Obameter from Promise Kept to Promise Broken.

Today we are publishing an unprecedentedreport card on Obama's first term that shows he has kept 47 percent of promises and earned a Compromise on 26 percent. Twenty-three percent are rated Broken. I hope you'll check it out.

Looking ahead, we'll be adding new promises to the Obameter and will keep it going through his second term. It will continue to be the definitive source to keep track of Obama's promises. For that we can thank Mark, Ken and Al.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Idiots with guns

The NRA wants no limits on gun ownership.  I bet the gun owners in these cases were just pretty damn dumb.  How will the kids grow up?  Guns and stupid don't mix.  It's not just mental illness, it's people in general.  We need to find a way to get the guns out of the hands of a lot of people who currently own them.

Richmond man shot by 4-year-old dies

Today's Car Bomb


I'm glad the our founding four father didn't include car bombs in the 2nd Amendment.

Idiots on the barricades

Drone sales to the Afghan goverment?  Uh, they'll only be the unarmed kind.  Right,  Some days you have to wonder about the folks we allow to be in charge.

There’s some sleight of hand about the degree to which the impending deal can be called a weapons purchase. After all, the U.S. bankrolls the Afghan National Security Forces: The Obama administration asked for $5.7 billion for the Afghans in the defense bill that Congress still hasn’t finished. In a sense, the U.S. would be handing the Afghans money to buy its drones, making it more of a weapons transfer than a sale.

Semantics aside, the likely transfer/sale means that Afghanistan’s skies won’t be free of drones after the U.S. completes its handover of security to the Afghan military in 2014. Afghanistan is already the epicenter of the U.S.’ drone wars: Air Force statistics released Monday record 504 drone strikes in Afghanistan in 2012, vastly more than the 43 fired into neighboring Pakistan last year. (Chances are, if U.S. forces remain in Afghanistan after 2014, so will their drones, especially to continue striking Pakistan.) Afghanistan’s future drone fleet won’t be nearly as deadly, but Afghans will still be watched from the skies.

Biggest irony of all of the impending sale: Should the Taliban actually negotiate a deal with Karzai’s government to end the war, the Taliban might gain access to the small drones that its U.S. adversaries used to spy on them.

Stuff to avoid

Xtreme Eating Awards: And the Winner Is?

Legacyland Update

Life is normal in Iraq.  Sunnis try to kill Shia and vice versa.  I'm not sure if any Sufis are left.  Then as a respite from mutual slaughter, both team up and kill Kurds.  Life is just the way Iraq's architect imagined it.  Who'd the designer?  Oh, he's that T-ball champ who lives in Dallas, George W. Bush.  Yeah the Shrub did it his way.


Crazy Lady Update

Losers on a losing team can really get pissed if one of them got paid but the others didn't.

Ex-Bachmann aide alleges campaign finance violations

I wonder if anyone has written a book based on a Bachmann victory?  Would it be horror story or slapstick comedy?

Why Are Morons So Popular?

I don't have an answer to that one.  It you are a teabagger or a fellow traveler in tea, then please have the decency to get a few facts before you have a group yak-off in public.  Ooops forgot, facts are inconvenient, they lead to truth and that is politically unacceptable to Trogs.

A misguided tea party claim on the debt ceiling

New War!

Hot damn, Obama has a new locus for arms sales and expenditures.  Where? Oh, in Mali.  Yep, it's just one more war on terror thing.   The French are already there since Mali was one of their colonies that they fucked up long ago.  As we wind down Afghanistan, we can ramp up Africa Command with an excursion into Mali.  Africa is so large, it can support several wars.  Of course Obama will ask for a tax increase to pay for it, right?  Where are the libertarians when we need them?

U.S. weighs military support for France’s campaign against Mali militants

Gun Nuttery

The crackpots in Gritdom will make mad dashes to the Guns R Us as soon as Obama tries to get Congress to "take the guns away."  At least that's what the Nutjobs who run the NRA will contend.  If your income depends on making or selling guns, you should think about tithing to the NRA.

The 2nd Amendment and the idiot Supremes say every Johnny can get his gun.  Jill can too.  Most states think its cool to let people pack pistols at will.  Hell, some states think drunks and guns go together-- they allow packing in bars and packing while drinking and driving.

The Supremes consulted their four fathers, Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp, and noted that guns without limit and control is not an absolute right.  They just won't say what limits are legit.  In other words, the simps who love guns (they own more than four) have won.

Government can try to do the mental health thing.  Government can try to shut loopholes.  Government can try to do a lot of things.  However, until the gun nuts grow up, they will keep electing nuts as juvenile as their constituents.  Until there are too few nuts to block gun legislation, we'll all have a bit of Smith on our Wesson, unless the States do what the Feds cannot.  Should all crimes committed with a gun become capital crimes?

This debate is moot before it begins.  This debate will not change anything.   However, this debate may piss a lot of people off.  Then we'll see real gun control after a few Crackers decide they will shoot their way to secession and are eliminated as predators.  Civil War anyone?

Obama to announce most expansive gun-control agenda in generations

Merchant of Death Update

The world's largest arms dealer, Uncle Sam, sells to anyone at anytime (as long as it's overseas).  After all, he's elected to office. He needs cash to run his campaign.  Arms makers make a lot of money.  Hm, it doesn't take a genius to recognize that a bit of quid pro quo goes a long way.  However it does take a sociopath to continue dealing in death just to get reelected to an office in the land of freedom and liberty.  Does your Rep, Senator or Prez deal death around the world?  How little does it take to buy their help?

America’s Arms Sales To Bahrain Amid Bloody Crackdown

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Golden Globes Red Carpet

Did you watch the red carpet shows?  Hmm, it's okay, fashion is fun.  How snarky or envious did you get?  Need a re-cap?  Go ahead enjoy--Go Fug Yourself

Award Season

The  Golden Globes are over with.  The Oscars are on the way, but wait.  Did  you forget the Razzies?

Razzies Nominations 2012!

Future Tax Dollars At Work

If non-lethal military stuff can be successfully stored on the bottom of the sea, how long do you think it will take the bemedaled wonder warriors to start parking some real nasty shit in ocean bottom hugging drones? Gee, it's a new side of Obama's legacy to the world.  It does give an idea for a sci-fi novel.

Darpa wants to store drones at the bottom of the sea

Buy Drone Stock!

Remember When Drones Were Supposed to Be Simple and Cheap?

I bet the facility, if approved, will wind up costing well over $100 million and wind up being unusable as a drone facility at all, but it will be a nice building.

Replace them all!

We need to rid ourselves of Democrats and Republicans.  The debt ceiling is not the place to play political chicken.  If the worst happens, then bring out the tar and feathers.  I put 60% of the blame on the GOP for this mess, 40% goes to the Dems.

If the GOP wants to have a spending fight, they have one it in the sequester round coming up in March.  Unfortunately they'd have to confront their own profligate defense spending.

If we're still around in 2104, we need to vote all incumbents out.

Fitch warns that debt-limit delay could hurt U.S. credit rating

A turd is a turd by any other name it remains a turd

Who's the turd?  Oh, Lance Armstrong.  He's been a turd his whole life, now he's finally admitted it.  He's still just a pile of shit who rode a bicycle.  If you have admired this creep, don't you feel a bit conned?  Conned by a steaming pile, now that's rich.  How do you feel about other public liars?

Lance Armstrong Said He Cheated With Drugs, Winfrey Says

Assuming it passes

The new gun laws that NY will make into law next week are a good start.  Now if we can find a way to assess the mental health of anyone who already owns a gun it would be even better.  Just as we license drivers and require insurance on cars we should license gun owners and require that they insure themselves against gun screwups.  Have you forgotten about Dork Cheney his Lawyer Hunt already?


2016 -- Will Guns Be The Issue?

If guns remain a hot topic into the next race for Air Force One, I have a feeling the Dems will keep the plane in their hanger.  This will be especially true if the Trogs keep pledging fealty and bowing to the NRA gun manufacturers lobby.

The more Trogs fight any gun control the more independents they will drive over to the Dems.  After all who would support a person who thinks hunters need 100 round magazines to kill  Thumper and Bambi?

I hope the Trogs fight gun control every step of the way.  By their acts we will see them as whores for the merchants of death.  By their acts we will see loopiness as they endorse the barbarism of gun culture as normal (they don't quite get it, sometimes you have to let a cultural thing go if its just too damn stupid to keep alive).  By their acts they will make the Democratic Party stronger even in the grit and crackerdom.

Democrats eyeing White House in 2016 are championing new gun laws

Duck Test

If it passes gas like an asshole,  puckers up like an asshole, and dumps a load like an asshole then it's an asshole.  Who passed the duck asshole test?  Oh, it's CBS.  They proven that, once again, it's one giant corporate asshole.

CBS quashes CNet’s award to Dish’s ad-skipping device

A Safer World?

Bullshit.  It's not any safer at all.  The status remains quo.  Merchants of death dominate our world.  One of these days a nuke will go off "accidently."  So what time is it?

Well, it's still Five Minutes to Midnight!

We might need to become a tad concerned

If our ace Iran analysts in government use the internet blogs as the source of their intel it may be time to replace them all.  They put numbers forward as factual that cannot be proven.  We need to replace them.  If the numbers were faked to foster fear and gin up acceptance of a future war with Iran then we to replace the intell guys and their masters in the White House and Congress.  Either way we have been done a disservice.  This just adds to my intensifying feeling that I am not getting a fair shake from the people who are employed by our government--elected, appointed, civil service, and contractors.   Of the people, by the people and for the people?  Bullshit!

How a Government Report Spread a Questionable Claim About Iran

Who Needs Unions?

I say most workers really need unions.  Without them they think for themselves.  As they ponder work and the future, they listen to their "boss."  Wow, look what happens when individuals listen to management--

In 1980, four out of five private-sector workers were covered by traditional pensions that paid them a fixed benefit based on their salary and length of service once they retired. Now, just one in five workers has a pension, leaving 401(k)s and similar retirement savings accounts as the primary vehicles for retirees to supplement their Social Security benefits.

Be proud that you're not a union worker and keep on tapping your retirement accounts to get by as the rich get richer and y'all discover what life is like in the next class down.  Now why does anyone worker oppose unions?  Beats me, they've made the workplace tolerable--40 hour week, breaks, benefits, etc.

401(k) breaches undermining retirement security for millions

Who benefits from the lack of unions?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Do You Think War Really Sucks and Is A Dumb Idea?

If you do, I can understand not going anywhere near the GOP, they make war to make profits for the MIC.  You have the Dems, so you can feel a bit more secure, right?

Well, how about them Dems?  they seem to love war too.  Have you noticed that Obama has not kept us out of war?  Have you noticed his team, though Dems, they were Shrub followers when it came to war.  ( The power of donations overcomes all thoughts of peace and decency.)

Can you trust the Dems and Obama?  Sure, you can trust them to accept donations and make war as much and with the same zeal as the Trogs.  How about the Libertarians for a change?

Obama's new team shows the Iraq lessons are forgotten

If we'd like to, just for the novelty of it, give peace a try, we'll have to rid ourselves of the both the Democratic and Republican parties.   How about Socialists and Libertarians for a change?  Which would you support?

Back to the drawing board?

If the math says X cannot be larger than 1.2 and you find an X that is at least a 4 either your obervations are wrong or your math rules are wrong.  Which is it?  If the math is in error I wonder what other things the math's been used to describe.  

Biggest Thing in Universe Found—Defies Scientific Theory

A Bit On Drones From Pakistan

Here's the author's conclusion--

The Pentagon is now training more drone operators than pilots. What happens when every nation with an air force does likewise and every combustible border is buzzing with them?

I did not fear nuclear proliferation because I believe such bombs are prestige acquisitions, so horrible not even lunatics will use them. Drones are different. When they were called guided missiles, they were in some degree governed by international law and protocol.

Obama rejects all that. He and the US are teaching the world that a pilotless aircraft is a self-justifying, self-exonerating, legal and effective weapon of war. However counter-productive a drone may be strategically, it cuts a glamorous dash on the home front. It is hard to imagine a greater danger to world peace.

Here's the piece--Drones prolong wars that can’t be won

How many book will he write to praise himself?

Gee, after this term is over, will he dedicate a volume of autobio about his app?  Come on, this is so not needed by anyone.

Obama team unveils inaugural smartphone app

Muslim Men Show Their Trut Colors

Rape As Weapon of War Forcing Syrians to Flee Abroad, IRC Says

Congress and Guns

The average dorks we elect to Congress really don't care about guns or the 2nd Amendment.  They care about getting reelected.  Keeping their jobs depends on 1.) collecting money to let voters know they are running for election and 2.) getting the most votes in an election.

Congress will vote for gun control when the majority of Trogs 1.)  do not take money from gun nut orgs like the NRA because they can get more from gun control orgs and 2.) the majority of voters in their district want gun controls of some kind and vote accordingly.  Until the money sources change and voter's change their minds, the status will remain quite quo.

Oh, since most people don't bother to vote in off-year elections there is another way to change House and 1/3 of the Senate Trogs--use money to get non-voters to show up who will vote for Dems over guns.  Trogs would, overnight, come to love gun control.  Until then the NRA is quite right--

  Gun lobby: Congress doesn't have the muscle to pass gun control

Assuming they tell the truth and aren't abusing the product

Wow.  Look around you.  The rural burg really sucks.  College is not in the offing.  Hmm, college and a life anywhere but here.  How can that be done?  Simple, join the Army.  Okay, along the way to becoming all you can, there's training in killing and other stuff.  Oh, wars are serial engagements.  A year at risk, almost a year back home and back at risk again.  Hell, after three or four episodes and still alive, it's not too bad and the hitch is over.  Yeah, G.I. Bill, college, and more, if the mental problems don't get too bad.  Oh, god, pass the bottle, no one said anything becoming a limp dick at 25...

Viagra for vets costs surge on war disorders

Golden Rounds

Did you watch the Golden Globes?  We did.   It's one of those things we do but really don't want to do but have to do for some unknown reason.   It much be a bizarre rite of family oneness or maybe there's something in our drinking water.  The show was, as usual, quite less than memorable.  The red carpet nonsense on E! is more entertaining than self congratulatory claptrap that ensues.  Mom was right, "this too shall pass."  It  did.  Now if only I could avoid the show next year.  Ive got it, if we don't watch E!...

Here's a recap--

Tina and Amy made it bearable, while Jodie made it bizarre

Sleaze is not just inside the beltway

State sleaze just doesn't get the attention it should, but then there's so much in Washington it's easy to overlook little things like bribes involving one state's  Attorney General.  Out in Zion the AG may be on the run-- Indicted businessman: Utah A.G. tied to alleged scheme

Sunday, January 13, 2013

State Murder Review

Texas and a couple other states kept the killing at steady overall levels as some states failed to kill anybody.  Texas made up for the slackers.  Do you still wonder why we own and use so many guns?   I wonder, of the gun nuts you know, how many of them are more in the Jesus jockey category than not?  I bet you don't find many gun nuts opposed to state murder now do you.  Turn the other cheek?  Right.

Oh, well here's 2012 recap from CNN--Executions, death sentences remain steady over past year

Ah, Violence

Would you rather live in Baghdad or Chicago? I guess it would depend upon the neighborhood.

Teens Among 8 Shot, 3 Fatally, Since Friday

Gun culture is not worth a damn.  How much difference is there between the teen on the streets and the well armed cracker in Alabama?  Not much at all, not much.

Air Safety

Would you fly on a new 787?

FAA’s Dreamliner probe may lead to key Boeing supplier

India is strange

Gang rape?  Why?  Perhaps Indian women need to arm themselves and read Lorena Bobbit's book on self defense for self defense pointers.


Chuck Hagel

Five Myths

You are hereby warned about Trogs disguised are decent, normal people

Frank Luntz is a pollster and language guru for Trogs.  He helped them come out of the caves and appear in public.  Of course they brought their thoughts, language and culture with them.  A Trog has remained a Trog.  Frank has some advice for Trogs.  All they have to do is give the appearance of not being a Trog and we will treat them as human beings.  Read the piece and listen for known Trogs starting to sound reasonable.  You have been warned.  Be vigilant.

Why Republicans should watch their language

And in sunny Pakistan

What can I say, the only sound one hears over there is boom.  If it's not American drones blowing the crap out of hovels, kids and goat herders then it's the Pakistani Army blowing the crap out of something.  Oh, hold it, it's not the Army, it's the natives in West Pakistan who are blowing the crap out of the Army.  Is Pakistan on your list of tourist destinations?

Bomb kills 14 Pakistani troops in one of deadliest attacks ever against army in tribal region

Gun Culture Still Makes No Sense

Even after reading this piece on the NRA, I can make no sense of the gun obsessed American.  Guns are really for one thing, killing people.  I know "hunters" will say guns are for sport.  Sorry, I don't see the sport in using modern high power rifle, with scope, to blast a way and kill anything.  If hunters want the "sport" of the hunt, use a camera--no telephoto lens--and see how much you can capture.  Someone might make a case for rifles being for other than killing people, but not in the case of hand guns, machine pistols, and military style weapons of any kind.  Oh, too bad if you hunt because you like the taste of whatever you killed.  Some things have to be given up when you grow up in populated civilized society.

  True believers and the NRA: ‘No compromise’

Oh, I do understand the NRA, they are lobbyists for various merchants of death.  In that respect they are no different than any other defense (war) contractor.  If their  clients can sell more guns and ammo then they succeed at their job.