Saturday, February 2, 2013

And on the taxpayers dime!


The Constitution and Guns -- Problem Solved!

Recently I saw that Justice Scalia said that the Constitution was dead.  I think he meant,  that today, it can mean only what it meant back in 1787.  Scalia thinks the language of that era pertains to today.  If we don’t like what it means for today, then we have two choices.  We can live with it (adapt to  1787) or amend it.  To him it’s not dynamic, living or much else.  Dead is dead is dead.. 

If I accept Scalia's logic, then I can understand his screwy interpretation in Heller that gave every jackass in the nation the right to own a gun or five.  He read the 2nd Amendment and he decided that the individual comes before the militia.  I won’t argue with him.  We can either wait until the Court has a better class of jurists and re-decide guns or we can amend the Constitution.  Either way, we’re in for a long wait, by then the nation will be awash in over 600,000,000 millions guns.

Hold it, if the document is dead, then the 2nd Amendment is a legal corpse too.  People have a right to bear arms, but what are arms?  What were arms in 1776?  Uh,oh, they are things like cannons, swords, crossbows, lances, pikes, and muzzle loading muskets and pistols.   In other words, if George Washington could not have fielded the damn thing at Valley Forge, then no one has a right to bear it.  

Wow, this means we could pull a full Obama and go round up all the modern guns.  In their hearts, they knew we were coming.  That might be very divisive so, we can give modern gun owners muzzle loaders in exchange.  Then again, we could let them keep their guns if they are willing to comply with some comprehensive gun registration and gun sales regulation.  That seems fair and it’s Constitutional.   

I know the gun swaps will take time.  Some of the dunderheads with guns will start shooting in defense of liberty and such nonsense.  That won’t last. They will discover how effective a well armed and trained military force can be as we hand out oodles of Darwin awards to their surviving spouses.  How can we prevent the bloodshed?  That is, if we want to, after all it might be true that the only good gun nut is a dead gun nut.

Go back to our instructions from the dead, Scalia’s Constitution.  Ammo,  with respect to rifles and pistols consisted of lead balls, small squares of cloth, gunpowder and some flint.  I assume flint was considered ammo.  I’m not sure.  I’ll  e-mail the judge to be sure, but until then flint will be considered to be ammunition.  

No one can interfere with any persons right to bear ammo, I guess that really means to carry little lead balls, explosive powder (as made in 1787) and little rags.  Oh, I don’t think ammo can be legally carried in anything other than animal horns, hide bags and crude cloth pouches.  After all, how we bear ammo is also a dead and decided issue.  As George carried on, so must we, unless we amend the dead document.  Hey, what about all that other ammo on the market today?  

Every damn bit of it, all of it, is non-constitutional, that ammo is illegal.  Yep, we can make that so.  No more modern bullets.  No rimfire nothing.  No hollow points.  No cop killers.  Just little lead balls.   Hell, even DIY self loading is an abridgment of gun owner's rights as specified in that document of the  departed.

Hold it, if there can be no ammo, then we’ve actually solved the entire problem with guns.  Hell, gun nuts can keep them--they might even look attractive hanging on the wall.   However, owning even a single round of ammo for any of those guns will be a federal offense that merits incarceration and fines.  I like it, keep the guns but ban the ammo.  What kind of sentences would George recommend?

I know hunters will be upset, but muskets will be legal for hunting.   It won’t be as easy, but they hunt for fun and the sheer joy of getting back to nature, not necessity.  Bow and arrow will be allowed too.

To all the other folks worried about defending themselves, they need to take note.  After a short time even the bad guys will not have ammo for modern guns, so now is the time stock up on Bluderbusses (is that the right way to make it plural).  Of course self defenders could work to make the world such a safe place that idea of a need for self defense becomes, an arcane, but quaintly Constitutional idea.    


Another Zipper Problem?

Maybe so, maybe not.  However it does seem that when a pol goes out of his way (no her ways yet) to deny boffing prostitutes, it usually turns out he did in fact boff away and was even a pretty good tipper too.  Ditto when pols deny being overly attentive to interns.  At least if true, there won't be any Mrs. Bob to stand by her man--he's divorced.  Will Bob wind up with a CNN show?

Oops, there are a few other issues that may cause Bob to duck and cover.

  How Much Trouble Is Senator Bob Menendez In?

Did you Gobbler Your Knob Today?

Oh, hold it did it that's not right.  I mean did you tune in to Gobbler's Knob radio today?   I know I forget about Phil too.  That's why we have Google News and oodles of ace reporters who cover breaking news!

Pa.'s Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring
Do you really think "immigration reform" wins over the Hispanic/Latino vote?  Nah, they're like the rest of us decent folks, they pretty much think the GOP are just a bunch of rich old white guys who pine for the good old days of 1854.

Israeli Oops!

But who gives a shit, the victims aren't European Jews, they're Ethiopian and women.

Look, we're all moral lepers who have difficulty admitting that, all things considered, people are pretty much the same anywhere anytime.  Hey, we're just made in god's image.  That should make us wonder about god at least a smigeon.

There is no such thing as a moral high ground, sometimes we just bob up to he surface of the cesspool for a while.  When we see that blue sky, we think we've made it to the promised land.  We don't notice that what goes up must come down.

Here's the story--Israel admits Ethiopian Jewish immigrants were given birth control shots

And now for a couple of reaction pieces:

How true is it that Israel deceitfully gave Ethiopian Jews birth control injections?

Israel's Ethiopian Birth Control Story Reflects A Broader Problem

We all need to sing National Brotherhood Week !

Friday, February 1, 2013

Guns and Us

I am tired of the gun issue, it gets in the way of real news coverage.  On the one hand we have gun owner nuts.  On the other we have gun control nuts.  Both sides are staffed with zealots.  Both sides assume they possess the best way for the nation when it comes to guns.  Since their positions are culturally based in diametric opposition,  neither side can or will yield even a comma or semi-colon to the other.  The rest of us are sentenced to excessive gun shootings and deaths.

I am not bothered when an idiot with a gun, in the name of “protecting” his home accidentally shoots members of his family coming home late.  Darwin awards should be handed out to those people.  It does not bother me when  a moron leaves his gun on the kitchen table where his four year old kid finds it and fires it at the then late gun owner.  At least his ability to reproduce will have ended.  I guess the second amendment defends a toddler's right to be a self made orphan.

 I am not bothered by a Vice President who goes hunting and shoots a fellow hunter in the face (especially when the shootee is a lawyer).  The Veeps’s actions merely confirmed to me that my lack of respect for him was more than justified.  I am not upset when gun owners accidentally shoot themselves, their family or their friends or associates.  The right to own a gun is a gift from our four fathers.  Too many gun nuts, once armed, then opt to behave like Larry, Moe, Curley, or Shemp.    

I am bothered by people who own guns and have crazy people living with them.  I have a feeling they don’t secure their guns all that well.  I am bothered by felons with guns and crazy people with guns.  I am bothered by people who commit crimes with guns.  I am not bothered by the NRA but I am really bothered by Wayne LaPierre, he’s crazy and represents gun owners  (they do show remarkably poor taste, but what should one expect from anyone whose life revolves around guns and ammo).  

I do not see any solution to the current mess.  The control zealots are hell bent on banning magazines that hold a lots of bullets.  The assault type rifles that use the magazines would also be banished.   The gun loons find those limitations quite unacceptable.  They can quote the 2nd Amendment in their sleep.  I don’t know why any sane person would want either the gun or the magazine.  If I wanted to defend my home with a gun, I would not want a Bushmaster.  I’d opt for a pump action 12 gauge with maximum scatter at a minimum distance.  There’s not much that six blasts can’t resolve in a timely fashion. 

One thing I’ve noticed in the current parallel tirades--there is no discussion or debate-- is that the gun crowd does make an unanswered point about existing laws.  They suggest that there are a thousands or more of them.  They suggest most are not enforced.  

Okay, what are the laws and why aren’t they enforced?  Why not put money into brutal enforcement of existing law?  For example, I’ve heard the anti-gun crowd say that prosecution of folks who fraudulently try to pass a background check are rare.  Well, why not make it common instead?

If someone attempts to obtain a gun and fails the background check, then they should do some time.  Does three months in  a county jail seem sufficient?  Perhaps 30 years in prison instead would be better?  I don’t know what all the existing gun laws are, but I’m confident that rigorous prosecution with swift and brutal punishment might really piss everybody off and then lead to a reasonable discussion of what to do. At least the news could return to coverage of more important stuff like fake girl friends of football players.  

Actually the thing that needs to change has nothing to do with gun laws.  What has to change is the way most of us think about guns and what we find socially acceptable.  We’ve changed on how we publicly deal with diversity, gender, sexuality, booze and one drug.  We’ve become less tolerant of what used to be okay if not normal in our society.  Think if guns and ammo talk became treated in the same way that we now treat the language of folks who use the word “nigger,” bash gay marriage, or make talk of legitimate rape.

Guns and gun violence are cultural matters.  How we act and react to their existence matter far more than a law on magazine capacity.