Sunday, February 10, 2013


Do you approve or disapprove of Obama and his henchman's drone war?  By the way I phrased my question, it's a safe bet to infer I don't approve one bit.  Do you?  If you do approve of what Bush and now Obama have done, then you must think their activity is legal and defines the course of modern war for all nations engaged in a self defined struggle against any enemy anywhere on the planet.  When an enemy strikes us, make sure you don't get overly indignant, it's just new war.  Oh, forgot we don't have wars anymore, we have overseas contingency operations.

The Silence of the Drones

Grammy Time

Grammy Awards 2013: Top nominees


It gets old.  People are bad, guns are machines.   If people did not have the machines I bet they would not be as effective at slaughter.  Hell, hunters, if they were really hunters, would forgo guns and use bows or spears.   The only folks who truly benefit from our gun lust are the makers and sellers of guns and ammo.

Bourbon Street shooting wounds 4 as French Quarter crowd parties ahead of Mardi Gras


Five Myths

An example of what's wrong in our Government

Lindsey Graham is a good bad example of the problem.  I'm no big Obama fan, but Graham's pissant reaction must be being done for his reelection purposes--he has to prove he's as big an idiot as any Trog at the tea party.

Lindsey Graham threatens to hold up confirmations of John Brennan, Chuck Hagel