Saturday, February 23, 2013

It may not be true, but it's not a stretch to think it true

Blackmail, corruption and gay sex in the Vatican

House of Liars?

I know that "House of Cards" is a fictive series one can see on NetFlix.   Perhaps it's setting, our beloved federal government in Washington, D.C., is not a house of cards, but is just a House of Liars.  Our house includes, at least, all the folks we elect and those that they in turn appoint in all three branches of our government.  Our civil servants do emulate the worst of their elected masters, but perhaps not all of them all of the time.

Is there any elected or appointed official whom any of us, as a matter of course, really trust to tell the truth?  We elect pathological liars and then wonder why no one tells the truth (except as we delude ourselves, about the veracity of our own particular State and District liars).

On the whole, given the state of our current self-governance, we have lost the ability to discriminate between shit and Shinola. Did you shine your shoes today?  Perhaps, since, over all federal elections, less than half of us bother to vote, it is the case that we voter prefers to wallow in shit instead of basking in a reflected glow of well buffed Shinola.

Given the latest manufactured non-crisis, crisis, the sequester nonsense, who will be hurt more--voters or non-voters?  Who will continue to profit from shitty government, voters or non-voters?  Did Bonzo speak of a city on a hill?  Yeah, he did, but no one asked him "on a hill of what?"

Sequester Bullshit  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Couldn't Stay Away, Let's Talk Guns

I have been thinking about guns a lot lately.  I bet many folks have also been pondering our 2nd Amendment mess.   We have lots of guns, about 300,000,000  of them.  88 out of 100 folks own a gun.  31,000 and some die from guns each year.  Most of those are suicides.   About 6,500 people die from being shot by a handgun.  Maybe 350 are killed by a rifle like an AR-15.  Before we rush to ban rifles, reflect on the fact that about 750 die from fist, i.e., they are beaten to death.  

If you live in a gun household, the probability that you will be shot goes up.  If you live in a state with loose gun laws, like Arizona, the odds increase you will be drilled by someone.  Of course the numbers are small, but who wants to eat a barrel for one’s last brunch?  

As simple as it sounds, we can’t just ban guns.  The 2nd Amendment makes it a right for any Dodo to own a gun.  Well, almost anyone.  If you are a certified nut, you cannot.  If you are a felon, you cannot.  If you wear a wife beater shirt and have a restraining owner out against you, you can’t.  Let’s face it, for the overwhelming vast majority of us, another gun is just a shopping trip and charge card transaction away.  I’m surprized that Visa hasn’t offered a 6X points multiplier for guns and ammo purchases yet. 

We love guns.  We shop for guns.  Hell, we’ve shopped so much that ammo is getting scarce.  Why?  Bear in mind we live in a nation that enjoys Baconaise, Pancakes and Sausage on a stick, and deep fried Twinkies.  We don’t think, we just consume.  Any idiotic reason that enters our ears can send us packing to get packing. 

We even buy guns and ammo because we heard some idiot on TV said that the feds are coming for our guns.  We can’t spell or pronounce “confiscation,” but we can react.  Damn that Obama, right?.  We’re not the brightest nation on earth.  Think about it, the feds will confiscate all our guns?  Right and we’ve solved illegal immigration, unemployment, and  the national debt.  Hell, we can’t even fight a war and be done with in four or five years anymore.  We’re confused, is pot is a gateway drug or the latest in recreation?   Hmm, maybe the idea after all is just to sell more guns and ammo.  I guess that might mean we’re saps, but note we are very well armed saps.

Do we need gun control?  Well, sure we do, but not for the reasons most folks come up with.  Controlling guns does not reduce crime and violence.  Gathering data on gun owners does not reduce violence or solve crimes.  However, we should acknowledge that creating vast databases about gun owners would be about as effective as the Homeland’s TSA don’t fly databases.  TSA’s list did prevent Sen. Ted Kennedy from boarding.  Let’s face it, data on people and government usually sets us up for an abuse of power scandal and a ton of embarrassment.  How effective have the feds been on much of anything?  Who won the war on poverty?  Drugs? Cancer?  Have we moved all that nuclear waste to a central dump yet?  See!

We want to control some things but not guns.  Our attempts to control don’t make a lot of sense.  Look we have one instance of one failed shoe bomber and we all have to take off our shoes before we can board a plane.  I understand foot fungus is on the increase.  Yet, after a dozen mass shootings what controls have we imposed on ourselves?  Well, we have changed gun laws.  We can now carry guns in national parks and go packing as we go bar hopping (at least you can in Virginia).  This is strange country comprised of 50 even stranger states.

We don’t want the violence that’s done with guns.  We’d like to control guns, but we know we cannot unless we want to really piss off the paranoids who are sure a tyrannical United Nations army is poised in the salt mines under Detroit and ready to invade and take over.  The paranoids do own more than there fair share of weaponry.  We’re all better off if they are maintained in a quiescent state.  If we can’t control guns on the front end, maybe we can make it a tad nasty on the back end.

There are a bunch of federal laws regarding guns and crime.  All we have to do is make sure existing federal gun laws on commission of a crime with guns are enforced.  A crook can get an extra 10+ federal years if he or she uses a gun when they knock over that 7-11.  That extra time might make crooks leave their guns at home (they worry about defending their homes too, look at their associates).

If we rigorously lock away the gun abusers, then maybe the bad guys won’t carry guns.  Gee, then guns would only be used by good guys to shoot themselves and their family  members.

Oh, there is another bit or two of back end nastiness that might be added to additional time for committing a gun crime.  First, any crime committed by a minor with or done in possession of a gun, should mandate that the the urchin automatically be tired and sentenced an adult.  The punks will learn, if you use a gun, there is no second chance.  Second, maybe we should sterilize  anyone who uses a gun to commit a crime.  Both of these options would satisfy our need to be at one with Darwin.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog Info

Recently, I took my blog on hiatus for a few days, returned to posting and then last week went silent.  I had to attend my mother's inurnment (yes that is a word) in Arlington National Cemetery.  Since I've been back I have not felt compelled to post much of anything.  

I may just be getting to old to give a shit anymore.  To the few people who have read my blog, thank you.  I hope I have given you some bits of information and that you've found my blog more useful than not.  

For the future, I have no idea what's gong to appear here.  I doubt if it will be a daily blast of news.  It may be, I don't know.  

For now, all I can say is don't panic, always carry a towel and oh, yes, "thanks for all the fish!"