Saturday, March 9, 2013

We all live in glass houses

Everything We Know About What Data Brokers Know About You

From the ACLU

Dear friend,

An eighth-grade student named Bayli has been trying for over a year to form a student-led club that would help combat name-calling and bullying at her school, but rather than allow her to create the Gay-Straight Alliance, the school board is trying to ban ALL extracurricular clubs. This is a drastic move to squash any conversation about the anti-gay discrimination happening at Carver Middle School. I just signed a petition calling on the Lake County School Board to drop this attack on students' freedom of expression. Will you join me in standing with Bayli?


The ACLU and Jake

Department of Paula Broadwell?

If we can't change the Department of Defense's name back to the Department of War, then I suggest, given the behavior of the uniformed honchos, that it be re-named the DOPB!  Either that or the DBWBB--Dept. of Boys Will Be Boys.   Come on, do we really need an Air Farce?

Air Force general’s reversal of pilot’s sexual-assault conviction angers lawmakers

About Time

I loved used book stores.  I found some wonderful books back then.  Now with digital books, the used book has gone bye-bye.  Apple, looking for one more money-maker, is moving toward a used e-file store.  Why not?

I don't feel any sympathy for the authors and artists or the companies that produce their works.  I might if we had reasonable copyright and patent laws, but we don't.  Ten years of exclusive ownership is sufficient for anything.  If we had decent laws, then I'd be okay with either not re-selling works less than 10 years old or working out some kind of royalty payment if re-sold within the 10 year time frame.  Until copyright time frames get reasonable, game on.

Soon, You Might Be Able to Sell Your Old Ebook

Hey, it's really been one more Arab Failure

As I've said before, until the Arabs put religion back in the Mosque they will never see much democracy much less any freedom or liberty.  Arab Spring?  My ass!  Here's one small example Egypt today.

Egyptian protester dies of tear gas inhalation in clashes with police in Cairo

Let's Review

Al Qaeda used planes as missiles on 9/11.  The Shrub, with overwhelming support from Congress and most Americans, decided to get even with al Qaeda and it's CEO, bin Laden.  Al Qaeda had had safe haven in Afghanistan ever since the Taliban took over most of what Afghans might call government after the Russkie's occupation collapsed.

The Shrub actually pulled together a large coalition of nations to help him end jihadi terrorism.  We invaded.  We ousted the Taliban.  We decimated al Qaeda.  The terrorists fled the rubblefields.  Bin Laden escaped when the Shrub decided it was more important to invade Iraq.  Afghanistan then attained a back burner war status.

The real bad guys, the ones we invaded to kill, moved to Pakistan.  The former government types, the Taliban revived.  The Taliban don't like us.  We morphed the Taliban into the enemy--note they are not terrorists, they are from their perspective, Afghan patriots.  No one really noticed, there was Iraq and more importantly lots of shopping being done.

We took to re-killing the Taliban.  The new bad guys were getting the upper hand, so we surged.  We killed more Taliban.  We've declared the surge a success, after all that worked in Iraq, so it ought to work as well in Kabul.   We decided to leave the rubble to the Rubbles by the end of 2014.  Oh, the new Sec. of War paid a surprize visit to Kabul the other day.  How'd that go?  In a word, boom.

Blast in usually secure area of Afghan capital comes as new U.S. Defense secretary in city

Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's see...

Wayne LaPewpew told us the only defense against a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.  The American school must become a bastion of defense.  As we arm teachers, administrators, staff and put armed guards in the halls, I have one question.  Who will defend us from the good guys who are supposed to defend us from the bad guys?  Oh, we need gooder guys who pack two guns?

Officer Who Fired Shot In New York High School Suspended

This is my kind of madness

The NCAA roundball thing is terminally boring, but bad fashion is alive with creative fugliness that endures.   Who will be this year's fuglisest?  Yes, it's time for Fug Madness!

Fug Madness Is So Very, Very Near

With Friends Like This...

Bush torture lawyer defends Obama on drones

Why not, the Prez is named George W. Obama or is it Barack Bush?

It's Been A While, The No Sit Sherlock Award Goes To--

U.S. Catholics See Sex Abuse as the Church’s Most Important Problem Of course that's among the laity. The sacred members are more concerned with their image and tee times.

Who are these people?

Obama has a number of new faces in his cabinet.  Well, some have been around forever, some we just don't know.

Get to know the newbies

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Fact-checking Rand Paul's filibuster

Did you tune in for Rand Paul's filibuster Wednesday on the Obama administration's policy on drone strikes? It was fascinating TV that has focused new attention on the controversial attacks and turned the usual partisanship of Congress upside-down.
The Kentucky Republican, aided by a few colleagues, spoke for 13 hours.  We have fact-checked two claims so far:
Paul said that when President Obama's spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked about the killing of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the 16-year-old son of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric tied to al-Qaida, the spokesman replied "said he should have chosen a more responsible father." We rated that Half True.
During the floor debate, Paul sent a tweet that said President Obama "is advocating a drone strike program in America." We rated that False.

It time to spring forward again

This Sunday we do the DST thing again.  Set your clocks ahead and leave them that way until Nov. when we return to normal time.

Remember to Set Clocks for Daylight Saving Time

The World is Still A Pope Free Zone

Unfortunately, it won't remain so for long.  No, the Cardinals are ready to conclave.  The re-popination will commence soon, until then only the Mormon prophet, seer and revelator has god on speed dial, Ratzy had to surrender his red Prada slippers and the hotline to god when he retired.

Papal conclave to begin Tuesday

Good News

Our economy added jobs and saw unemployment fall to 7.7%.  Of course the improvement may be due to millions just bagging even looking for work.  Without the next big thing, I think we're going to see 7% become the accepted normal level of unemployment for a decade or two.  For those who have skills and do lose a job, the new interval for finding work will be over a year.  For the unskilled, it will take 3 or more years to find a new job.  The work force is splitting into two.  It's not good, but who really gives a shit about the unemployed and the poor?

Great news on jobs: Unemployment rate falls to 7.7%, 236k added to payrolls

Kansas Has Moved to South Dakota

When will the first "accident" or malfunction occur in a S. Dakota school?  Yeah, I can see it now.  Teachers will be hanging out in their lounge.  One of them will have a new glock.  He or she will show it off.  Hell, he may practice a quick draw and bang there goes a bullet.

Oh, that kind of malfunction does occur.  Yep a state trooper sent a bullet through a couple of walls where I used to work.  The public story was the gun was dropped and went off. The truth is the trooper did a quick draw in the security office.  He discharged the gun.  He confirmed he was a cowboy asshole as he became an unemployed twit (I think he was a newbie on probation).  Luckily no one was shot, a foot to left and it would have been a disaster.  Oh, cops were assigned to the building to "protect" us from armed jihadis, terriorists, and assorted bad guys after 9/11.  This occurred in the Dept. of Health.  At least we had a few docs on site....
SD governor signs school sentinel bill, which allows teachers, other personnel to be armed

I have a different answer to the question--

Why did Clinton sign DOMA?

I think he signed it because he is an amoral, narcissistic coward.  If he signed it to further his own political ends and knew it was unconstitutional when he signed it, then he broke his oath of office back then.  Of course he'll deny thinking that way, but hell we already know he's a liar who thinks with his dick.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

2016 in 2013

If both parties were to nominate their candidates today, then the Jackasses would bray Hillary Clinton's name.  The Trogs would  use a forklift and put Chris Christie on their stage.  Voters would elect Ms. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton tops in 2016 presidential poll

Sequestered Jobs

How many jobs will be lost due to the mandatory cuts in federal spending?  If the sequester is not modified, the Prez's 750,000 number is probably quite reasonable.  If Trogs manage to have the DOD merely cough up money as they are wont, then the job loss will be less.

In all this discussion of federal spending, deficits, and debt, I miss anyone pointing out in a detailed manner how large the federal government actually is.  It's not civil service that's grown, it's money sent to states, localities and contractors that has burgeoned.  How many of your friends and associates depend on federal spending for their income?  Hell, I bet 40% of us really work for Uncle Sam, but half of that 40% don't realize where their money really comes from.

I don't here much discussion about why we have government and what we expect government to do.  Instead we hear party driven bullet points--"small government is good."  That snippet of nonsense tells me nothing unless I have defined metrics to measure size and efficacy of more than one government.   What's your favorite snippets of crap in need of explication rather than applause?

'Sequester' watch: Will US spending cuts really cost 750,000 jobs?

World's Greatest Debilitatative Body Never Fails to Deliver

Trogs and Jackasses keep on trading historical tit for current tat.  I'm tired of both parties, aren't you?  Once again, the silent filibuster is invoked.  Where's the public debate on the Senate floor?  Oh, I forgot, Senators cannot take the time to debate and legislate.

Senators have to spend most of their time fund raising for their reelection, to buy committee assignments, and give cash to others in their party (it's how you gain loyal friends these days).  It seems being a Senator is more of a full employment program for staffers than much else.  Damn thing is, we buy into this shit.  We elect them.  They behave in foul ways,  We reelect them again and again.  Who's sicko in this picture?

Senate Republicans filibuster appellate court nominee Caitlin Halligan
Congress in justified mad pursuit of unthinking revenge on terrorists, after 9/11, gave the President unparalleled power to pursue the bad guys and kill them wherever they may be. The focus was bin Laden and his al Qaeda.

They passed The Authorization for Use of Military Force, a joint resolution passed by Congress three days after the strikes on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, 

However when power is ceded from one branch to another, it's hard as hell to take it back much less check its expansion. Currently, the vast overseas contingency operations, a.k.a., War on Terror, despite killing bin Laden and rendering al Qaeda impotent is begin fought with strength and vigor in a host of places against people whom no signatory to the resolution ever envisioned.

The AUMF has served as the legal foundation for U.S. counterterrorism operations against al-Qaeda over the past decade, including ongoing drone campaigns in Pakistan and Yemen that have killed thousands of people.

If the enemy winds being anyone who may not like us, then all people become suspects. If there is no geographical location for the war, then the entire world becomes the war-zone. In other words the war will never end. It becomes a forever war fought by office holders inside the beltway against outsiders.

Sooner than we may realize, the war will include U.S. citizens on U.S. soil that some "intel" indicates might be, was, or would be a bad guy. That citizen will be selected by this or a future President who then will order federal employees to assasinate that citizen. Those involved will see themselves as law abiding patriots defending the Constitution.

“You can’t end the war if you keep adding people to the enemy who are not actually part of the original enemy.” 

If we persist down the current path, we will continue to increase war spending as we diminish all other spending. We can budget ourselves out of existence as the communist party did to the Soviet Union.  Why do some want to gut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?  Simple, the overseas contingency operations need more money to fight more enemies in more locations.

Administration debates stretching 9/11 law to go after new al-Qaeda offshoots

Sen. Paul

Sen. Paul spoke for over 12 hours about drones yesterday.  He filibustered John Brennan's CIA nomination.  He probably said more in public about drones than the rest of the 534 members of Congress, the White House, and Executive Departments have to date.

What will be our drone policy, regulation, and law?  I ask that because it is our government.  At times I think we forget that the federal government is ours.   What will our law be?  The idea of our federal government deciding to kill Americans on American soil without due process is wrong.  So far no one in the Obama administration has said it's wrong.  They quibble instead of making simple declarations.  I may not agree with Mr. Paul on most issues, but on drones I do.

I hope enough people took the time to listen to parts of Mr. Paul's extended speech.  He made the point over and over again.  Most of the other Senators who "asked" him questions were playing to the TV audience.  Now will we demand, that we, through our elected representatives, decide to support the Constitution and rule of law or continue to cede our liberty to the arbitrary exercise of power.

Paul’s filibuster in opposition to Brennan, drone policy ends after nearly 13 hours

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Packing in Public Schools

I do have to wonder about teachers and staff in public schools packing pistols to protect pupils from the fictional horde of bad guys who have yet to materialize in our schools.  If teachers start packing, then we won't lose students, we'll lose the staff as they shoot themselves.  The only thing I'm sure of about this kind of program is that gun and ammo sales will go up.
Texas school staffer shot during gun class

What Happens When..

That's as in when a U.S. drone is used to kill an American citizen within the borders of the United States?  How will we react?  Will we go "meh," and turn on American Idol?  Okay, now add this to the drone scenario.  The strike was approved without judicial review of any kind, which is the current policy, by the President of the United States and carried out by the CIA.  How will we react?  I hope we react well before such insanity occurs.  Drones, that is as in how we use them, how we regulate them, how our law deals with them, may well be the end of our 250 year long experiment with democracy.  Heck of a legacy.

Holder does not rule out drone strike scenario in U.S.

When do you think the first American will be killed by a drone within the U.S.?  I think it will occur within five years, if not sooner.  Can you imagine the ATF and FBI armed with killer drones, much less your state and local cops?  Can you imagine how the Waco and Ruby Ridge fiascoes would have transpired if the ATF and FBI  had killer drones?

I think this statement, from the linked piece, is some kind of scary bullshit--they don't intend?

In a written response to the intelligence panel, Brennan, too, said the administration has "no intention" of killing Americans with drones in the United States.

I can see it now, Obama has a press conference. He begins, "My fellow Americans, all I can say is oops. We did not intend to kill Mr. Smith, but..."

Think about it.

Does your doctor wash his or her hands?

CDC warns about drug-resistant ‘superbug;’ care facilities urged to act

Costs of the Shrub's Vanity

The only reason we, the United States, invaded and occupied Iraq is George W. Bush's vanity.  He thought he had the stuff to go down in the history books as a great President if...  The "if," is if he became a really adequate wartime president.

Of course that meant he would have to manage the war.  Management meant leading our forces to transform and recreate the invaded country.  The new nation would them blossom into a mutually beneficial hotbed of freedom and liberty.   He invaded Iraq to make the Middle East a bastion of democracy 50-100 years hence.  Uh, how's that going so far?  That's vanity, ego, and stupidity.  The last attribute is what he otherwise would have gone down in the history books as, our stupidest Prez.  My guess is he will, 50 years hence, compete with Buchanan for last place.

After $800 billion blown on warring to satisfy the Shrub's vain hopes for historical greatness, what can we say?  Well, we can point to a current report on one aspect of the Shrub's mess that typifies the entire wasted decade.

Ten years and $60 billion in American taxpayer funds later, Iraq is still so unstable and broken that even its leaders question whether U.S. efforts to rebuild the war-torn nation were worth the cost.

I think the GOP should, out of embarrassment over the Shrub's term office, demand a tax increase to cover the costs of Georgie's War. Actually, the tax increases should cover all the expenses since the Tora Bora fiasco in Georgie's Afghan War. While I'm at it, since the Trogs are so opposed to government spending, they should increase taxes to cover all the excess spending they approved when the all sucked up to that White House plant, the Shrub.

This may suck

Then again it may not suck.  John Stewart will direct a flick this Summer, so he'll hand the Daily Show over to John Oliver for a couple of months or so.  My first reaction was, "well this sucks."  Then I though about it and recalled that Oliver is a very funny guy.  It may not suck at all.  Oliver might be be better at what Stewart's been doing for so long.  Hm, what if Oliver is better and really sends the ratings through the roof?  Maybe John Stewart needs to become a permanent director, he takes so much time off already that it's almost as though he has another job for several years.  He may not be missed.  I wonder if Colbert is listening.

TV Column: John Oliver will fill in for Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’ over summer

Gun People Are Fundamentally Nuts

The NRA defends the 2nd Amendment.  Gun nuts support the NRA.  Gun manufacturers support the NRA for the NRA's support of the 2nd Amendment, that, in turn, really gooses sales of guns and ammo.   As a result the nation's 310,000,000 people own 300,000,000 guns.  I'd say the NRA has been good for business.

Today, given mass shootings, most recently in Newtown, Conn., people have  agreed that gun sales needs to be regulated.  People agree, there are folks who should not be allowed to own guns.  Regulation consists of a universal background check, which means if anyone sells a gun, the buyers background will be checked, period.  The background check will, in theory, keep crazy people and bad guys from buying guns or having someone else purchase guns for them.  Of course if guns are in the household of a loon, the loon will still have access to guns and mass shooting will still occur.

The NRA, formerly in support of expanded background checks, opposes them today.  I guess that means it's membership and corporate sponsors oppose background checks.  After all, the NRA lobbies for them all.  Hold it.  I've seen stats that claim 75% of NRA members think universal background checks are a good thing.  Okay, then the NRA is serving only their real well-heeled masters, the captains of the gun and ammo industry.

Well, the bosses of Guns R Us and their agents now may want background checks.  If the makers and dealers of guns and ammo support universal background checks, then who is paying the NRA to make their lunatic 2nd Amendment stand?  Hmm, I bet it's not reputable gunsmiths and dealers.  I bet it's the makers of cheap handguns that nobody except street punks will buy.

Damn the NRA supports the 2nd Amendment to promote well armed street gangs in blue state cities.  That's not my 2nd Amendment, is it yours?

Gun advocates split with NRA on background checks

I smell the GOP and the Koch brothers, do you?

Fear Abatement

The jihadis must be on the run!  Militant Muslims certainly have been more than decimated by drones.  Irritating Islamists have been eradicated around the world!   Yes, terrorists have been terminated, with extreme prejudice!  How do I know these things are true?

Has the nation's caped crusader in the White House made an announcement?  Has the CIA laid off the rendition and torture division?  Has DOD shut down our wars?  Has Brennan decided he can retire instead of becoming the top spook?  The answer to all of these questions is "No."

I know we've triumphed because of ---

Changes at TSA!

Gee, if the only thing that stands between us and tyrannical slavery is the TSA...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nanny State Update -- Iowa Trogs

Iowa Republicans Push Bill To Make Divorce More Difficult

It would be a lot simpler if we restricted having children in the first place.  Why not require a license before folks could have children instead of getting all bent out of shape over the current marriage and divorce status quo.  It folks had to prove they would be decent parents there would be almost no divorce in families with kids.

Trogwatch 2016

Jeb Bush, release 1.0,  has morphed himself into release 2.0!  And he's done it as part of the GOP's version of Hispanic outreach.  Yep, he's now against a path to citizenship for all those immigrants from Mexico.  Damn, he's on the path to pulling a full Willard.   The base will require at least release 22.4 before voting for him.  Don't forget, base voters just might find Santorum 1.0 much more attractive than Bush or Rubio or what passes for sanity in GOP circles.

Is Jeb Bush Already Backing Down On A Path To Citizenship?

Best Selling Books in 2012

Where?  What list?  Oh, at the GPO.

Look Up In the Sky!

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Well it's kind of small, yes it's a plane.  By golly, it's a drone.  Is it carrying a bomb or a missile?  Uh, no, it must be a recon drone,  Hold it, what's that strapped to the underside of the craft?  My god, it looks like a very beefy, overly tattooed, skin-headed guy hanging from the underbelly of the damn thing.  WTF?

Oh, it's the latest gem in Obama's freedom arsenal.  It sprang from the mind of John Brennan.  Obama had them built and is trying to reward Brennan with the top slot at CIA.  These new Torturer Drones will keep us safe and make sure no one outside of Washington, D.C. tampers with any American's freedom and liberty.  Yep, we drop 'em, they're Mercs, they land with towels and a bucket of water.  They deliver a dose of good old purple mountains majesty on our enemies.  Torture onward, it's all part of the the joint DOD and CIA Torquemada Corps

Trogs will try to kick our cans down the road to Greece

Congressional Trogs are trying to impose austerity on the U.S. government.  If they succeed, then people, other than the rich and defense contractors, can kiss off federal money.  Before anyone scoffs, let me ask this, do you know all the areas in your life that receive direct or indirect federal funds?  This is not the time to be cutting spending and worrying about the national debt and annual deficit.  The two D's will have to be dealt with, but after our economy revives.

The private sector has rebounded.  Companies are making a lot of money with fewer people.  They  tightened labor's belt for them.  The DOW hit a record high today.  However, the economy continues to flag because the government sector--federal, state, and local--has been flet the effects of spending cuts.  The Trogs, abetted by Obama and Democrats, have reduced federal spending to everyone's detriment.
Oh, make sure not to forget, the elected bozos care about two things--maintaining party power and getting reelected--they do not rally give a rats about the nation or its people.

Short Term T-Bills are at very low rates.  People are almost paying the Treasury to borrow our money. We need to invest in more government now--think infrastructure and rehiring all the folks who lost their jobs.  We cannot afford the current semi-austerity much the full blown version the Trogs plan to foist on us.  If the Trogs do succeed in implementing their nonsensical plan, they will totally wreck the government sector and do significant damage to the private sector too.  If you shaft the economy, who do you think the shaftees are?  Bend over Dudes and Dudettes....

He Boffed the Prostis, Oops, She Lied

Sen. Menendez was accused of having engaged the services of hookers.  Footage of the whores claims were put on the web by good old Tucker Carlson.  The whores said Bob boffed them for a fee, however he short-changed one of them.  Menendez denied it all.

Now, it appears the whores are self admitted liars (they lied for a fee of course).  They say they were hired by a couple of lawyers to make the tapes.  They never met Menendez.  Once again Tucker Carlson has proven his desire for being well known exceeds his veracity.  Is the story over?  I don't know since you can't trust what whores say, whether they are in the Dominican Republic or the U.S. Senate.

Escort says Menendez prostitution claims were made up

March Comes in Like a Snowman?

If you're in D.C. or VA. are you ready to buried in snow?

D.C. area forecast: Heavy, wet snow likely tonight into Wednesday, significant accumulations

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sequester Flying Blues

It's bad enough already, but courtesy of the Repubs, flying will get worse.  Well, not the acutal flying, but all the crap we have to go through to get on a plane so we can really fly from here to there.  TSA, those intrepid aces who keep us safe from shoe and undie bombers lost their overtime.  Ditto for the customs crowd who make sure no drugs come into the nation without appropriate payment.   Fewer  workers making us safe means longer lines as we spend 200% more time waiting to be frisked, puffed, and x-rayed.  Damn and this is just a few days into the mess.  When the furloughs kick in, I bet we'll have to show up on Monday morning to make the Tuesday evening flight.  So, who'd you vote for in the last election?

I have an idea that will save the government a lot of money and make flying a lot more pleasnat.  The Homeland Disorganization Department needs to get out of the TSA and airport security business in toto.  Security belongs to the airlines.  Let them decide what they want to do to keep their planes from falling out of the sky or being used as missiles.  Customers will decide what airline is safe and make appropriate choices.  Let the market decide, it can handle our falsely perpetuated and ginned up fears as we each have to take responsibility for our own lives and safety.  Yep, folks should be able to fly the friendly skies while packing.

  Napolitano: Cuts causing long lines at O'Hare, other airports

Did You Watch "The Vikings"

The History Channel debuted it's new original drama last night.  As we followed Henry VIII in the Tudors, Michael Hirst will have us follow a viking named Ragnar for as many episodes as the series merits staying on the air.  We'll watch Ragnar live his life as a Viking husband, Viking dad, and all around Viking looter and pillager.  Oh, he's a Viking farmer too.  I guess the show must have begun after the harvest since Ragnar spent most of his time away from the farm.

The first episode spent most of the time laying foundational material for the series--intro cast, locale, tensions, etc.  I discount first shows, it'll be the second and third that decides if this one will be a go or wind up as a limited engagement.  There are exceptions to the first show rule.  If it's pure crap like "Mob Doctor," then the first show conforms it should never have been produced and an artistic summary execution should occur to somebody somewhere.

I'll tune into "The Vikings," Episode 2, will you?  

Obama Should Use GOP Logic

The GOP is against whatever Obama is for.  Hell, Obamacare was a GOP idea a few years back, but whatever he's for the Trogs must oppose.  If Obama says "Good morning" the Trogs will deny it's good and question whether it is really morning.

If Obama says that Harry Reid is great Senator, the Trogs will pounce and say he's trash, worthless, and needs to be replaced.  Gee, Obama needs to sing the praises of Mitch McConnell.  I bet that before they can stop themselves, GOP bullet points will be out and cable TV will be full of Repubs calling McConnell evil and demand that he resign.  Mr. Obama please begin praising that orange guy who runs the House, Boehner.

Repub voters will get so confused they'll start voting for Democrats in 2014.

Something to think about

If you think about all the things people do to others that drives you nuts, consider this.  All that behavior is pretty much learned.  We learn to be violent.  We learn to be bullies.  We learn to be shits.  We learn to be racists.  We learn to be misogynists.   We learn to lie.  We learn to cheat.  We learn to steal.

Where do we receive our primary education?  Why in the home of course.  Parents and close adults teach kids a lot more than their ABCs.  Children are keen observers.  They are behavioral sponges.  The primary education sticks and is supplemented with a secondary classroom of the child's non-familial environment as they age into adulthood.  To the extent the primary values learned are not contradicted by secondary experiential supplements, adult behavior is pretty well set.

The hope for a kid raised by assholes is that the kid feels that he or she is being fed a line of crap, bides their time, then sorts it all out to achieve consistency and thus minimize the damage done by parents and childhood.   Hopefully the new (self made, if you will) adults will not replicate their childhood in their urchin spawn's childhood.  I am pessimistic about their success.    

TV News Sucks Front -- MSNBC and CNN

Yesterday and today I caught snippets of Willard's Chris Wallace interview on FOX. I did not see the original interview since as a rule I never tune to FOX News.  One snippet featured Mrs. Willard blaming the media for Mr. Magic Undies loss to Obama.

When I heard her, her words seemed to fit, but I really wondered if she is really so stupid or that bitter that she said what she apparently said.  Well, it's amazing what a bit of editing can do. If it's on TV you cannot trust it unless it's live and you can believe it's really live.  I wonder what producers decided to so tightly edit her bit?  Ah, the hopes of ginning up controversy to enhance ratings.  TV news, as always, sucks.  Here's a bit more on what she actually said from the Christian Science Monitor--gee, do they actually report so we can really think--

Ann Romney blames media for Mitt's loss. Is that right?

Gee, Finally Some Good From The Papcy

After the conclave last elected a Nazi hell bent on taking the Church back to the 12th Century, it's hard to find anything worthwhile to associate with Popes and Cardinals.  Well, we can start office pools or just make some wagers on who will be the next Pope.  I wonder what the odds are that the next Pope will approve an auto-da-fe?

What Betting Markets Are Saying About the Next Pope

If you are going to wager, you better get your bets in line now--

Cardinals meet Monday; could set date to elect new pope

113th Bullshit Session

Oops, that's the 113th Congress.  The sequester is still on.  Neither side gives a rats about the effects, yet.  Of course if and when ordinary folks--those with incomes <$50,000/year--begin to yell it will matter.  Then which ever side is being yelled at will squirm and try to do something.  That will be odd if it's the GOP since doing something usually involves spending tax dollars directly or indirectly.  Now what's next on the new normal fiscal chasm front?

Oh, the government will run out of money on March 27th unless Congress appropriates some cash--40% borrowed of course.  Will the Trogs continue to prove they are made of the stuff that comes out of bats   and piles up in caves over the years?  Maybe, you never know what guano minds will come up with.

It appears the boys and girls on the batshit side of the House will appropriate money to fund the government (it's hard to call it our government) until September.  Oh, there's an if, if they can allow the Pentagon to figure out how to come up their share of the sequester.  Will the Dems go along or demand the same ability for their affected sections of the Executive Branch?

Deal to avert government shutdown likely, officials say

Exacerbating Sectarian Tensions Update -- Pakistan

It's so nice to have two groups where each is certain that the other belongs to a false church?  Which side is filled with true Muslims?  Actually who gives a shit since we're still trying to figure who is a true Christian and that's important, right?  For that matter have Christians really forgiven the Jews for deicide? Religion is so much fun, it inspires and infuses our days with the remembered, if not actual effects and smells of death and destruction as we say our mattins.  Don't forget each of us know this to be true--Jesus loves me, but can't stand you.


Good News for War Fans

The Syrian mess may expand.  Yes indeed, the country built by the Shrub and Uncle Dork, may do a little bit of it's own shock and awe on Syria.  Iraq may join the fray!  Have you added munitions companies to your portfolio yet?   Maybe they will kill each other into extinction.  If they did  could we take the oil Dork promised us?


Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Bet Obama Likes This IdeaDrones

We know that Obama has become judge, jury and executioner of American citizens and others via drone attacks.  The Americans he killed have been a thorn in his side.  The civil liberties and Constitution crowds keep poking him in the eye over his deeds.  I bet he'd love to be able to solve his legal problem by being able to revoke his target's citizenship (like the Brits do) before he atomizes them.

UK terror suspects stripped of citizenship, hit by drones

Pakistanis Can Exacerbate their Sectarianism Too!

What does a Sunni with a car and a ton of C4 do these days?  Oh, he builds a car bomb to kill Shiites.  Life remains normal in one more exciting enclave of Islam--

Bombing Kills at Least 37 in Shiite District of Karachi

Perv Alert -- Scotland

The gay-bashing Cardinal from Edinburgh lied about having gay sex some kind.  Who knows what he did?  Now he's admitted he's less a perv and more a hypocrite of the worst kind.  He had power to abuse a class of people and influence his organization's members, despite being a closeted member of that class.  Well, now that I think about it, that's perverted.   When will folks quit supporting that Church?

Sex conduct admission by cardinal Keith O'Brien

Book Review--Fear Itself

My reading of the review of "Fear Itself" in today's Post has seen me add another book to my reading list.  As I read the review I was drawn to a mention of a former super Trog from Mississippi, Sen. Bilbo.  I wondered what a show writtnen today based on Bilbo would be like?  Could you  make him a character from the South of 2013?  Has the power structure changed much from his day?  Have the more rural whites changed?  Urban whites?  I doubt much has changed other than fear of prosecution if some things are said or done in public.  It's no wonder southern Crackers are nuts, and devout Repubs, they think one thing, but do the opposite.  Funny, todays Grits live in fear.  It's sort of schizo isnt' it?

Read the review and decide if you want to read this book too.

‘Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time’ by Ira Katznelson


Five Myths

WTF? They're still blaming the Jews

I parted ways with Catholicism long ago.  I do remember the rather odd way Nuns and Priests tried to instill in me and my schoolmates a quiet, devout hatred of Jews.  Even in elementary school I knew they full of theological bullshit.   Now Catholics may get a new Pope who's sure the Jews of 2013 are out to smear the Church by publishing factual accounts of the Churches plethora of pervert priests.  And this guy is one of the top contenders?  I wonder how the guy feels about burning at the stake?


Why Did Willard Tank?

Rombot blames it on his 47% statement.  Hm, is that it?  I don't think so.  The 47% did not open eyes to Willmitt's persona, however it did confirm to voters that in his heart he is a true vulture capitalist.  He likes to "help" people, sure, so did the Shrub--remember compassionate conservatism and that faith based shit?

In the Fall of 2011, team Obama had two GOOPERS to worry about.  One was Jon Huntsman and the other was Willard.  It quickly became apparent that Jon Boy did not have the money or creds in the party to make a dash for Air Force One.  Willard was another matter.  He had the money, name, and looks.  The question was could he be himself and win primaries and the associated delegates?

He did have several pluses, but he was a formidable opponent only if he ran as the GOP politician who was the former Governor of  Massachusetts.  Romney 1.0 was attractive to a wide range of voters.  Instead, he morphed himself into a batshit crazy peer of  Santrorum, Bachmann and Gingrich.  He lost  credibility and votes among Independents, Reagan Democrats, and moderate Repubs.  By the end of January he had lost the election.

I'm not so sure about how much he's helped anyone if I exclude his church stuff.  I leave that to others to decide if he is one of those religionists who only help their own but then generalize their narrow acts to actually having helped all humankind.

Romney: Chris Christie and Hurricane Sandy didn’t cost me the election