Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reaching out?

CPAC Event On Racial Tolerance Turns To Chaos As ‘Disenfranchised’ Whites Arrive

It's still your daddy's and granddaddy's rich old white guys party.

It's That Time of Year

Fug Madness 2013: The Printable Bracket

Syria Wages U.S. Style War

"Cluster bomb treaty? We don't need no stinkin cluster bomb treaty!"   I think that was said by Rumsfeld and every DOD secretary we've ever had. We used a lot of cluster bombs in Iraq. I wonder how may kids died or were maimed because of our attractive toy looking cluster bomblets that did not go off? Oh, I forget we were at war.  Most of us forget we were not at war with most of the Iraqis who were killed and maimed by the Shrub and Dork's fucked  up war. We, that is, our professional warrior class, should admire Assad for the way he's waging his war.  Where do you think his folks were trained?


Frank the First

I heard an asshole defend the Argentinian government death squads by pointing out their targets were Marxists, and that by implication the priests and nuns who were killed were part of the political trash.   A priest who had experienced counterpart political goons in Guatemala, pointed out that Christ came before Marx.  The priests and nuns were following Christ's teaching.  Maybe we need to ask, where we think Marx got his ideas in the first place?  The Catholic Church has been a tool of the state ever since 325 A.D.

Pope Francis faces scrutiny over Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’

I think if you really believe in Jesus, then you live without fear and accept as a risk of being Christian, that the state will kill you as you practice your faith.  Did Frank make a true believer's stand for people?   I doubt it, so I doubt his faith.  In other words, he's just another ordinary "Christian" and will make one more dandy Pope.  Do you think the Church needs another John XXIII a lot more than Frank the First?  

Axis of Weasels, They're back!

Iran, N. Korea, and Iraq are the original weasels that our beloved Shrub warned us about.  We were so sure he was gong to blow the shit out of all three.  He, as usual, let us down.   After all, he is a Bush.  All he wound up doing was waging one fucked up war in Iraq.   Iraq may not be a weasel today, but  the Shrub did bumble his way along in a way that insures Iraq could become a full fledged weasel once again.

Today's chief weasel hunter told us Iran will have the bomb within a year.  As Iran approaches it's red line of Armageddon, we will see a remote guided bit of old fashioned shock and awe.  I wonder if we've developed the robotics yet than can liberate, occupy and wreck Iran as well the Shrub's people did in Iraq?

The other weasel, N. Korea, threatened us with a nuke attack last week as he tore up his countries version of the armistice.  Get ready for two weasel eradication wars.  They will heal the nation, provide jobs, and boost the economy.   The GOP better oppose these wars or they will never wiln the White House ever again.   One war will be in Iran and the other will be in Korea.  We're ramping up for defense against Korea and our fearless leader's henchmen will be agitating up over N. Korea in coming days.  Watch the bobble head shows tomorrow!

U.S. beefs up West Coast missile defenses in face of N. Korea threat

Friday, March 15, 2013

Why own a gun?

The obsession with guns is just plain nuts.  But, that's just my opinion.   I hope people who own guns will buy more guns and grundles of ammo too.  I hope they will keep their guns readily available throughout their homes.  After all, the accidental deaths and suicides that may ensue, may be the only way to have these miscreants quit breeding.  What are all these people protecting themselves from?  Crime data does not support the obsession unless folks live in some urban armpit of poverty and crime like most of Washington, D.C.

Why Own a Gun? Protection Is Now Top Reason

Why is our government going broke?

It's not due to entitlements, it due to crap like this--The Most Expensive Fighter Jet Ever Built, by the Numbers

And this is just one program!

And the No Shit Sherlock Award goes to:

Ryan budget’s tax cuts would benefit the very wealthy, nonpartisan group says

Hell, It's President Barack Cheney!

The guy loves to have others make war as much as Dork loved to have others do the dirty work of torture for him.   Wow, for every bad guy Obama has had killed in Pakistan, he's killed two other people who were just Pakistanis.  200 "terrotists" and 400 goat herders, now that's a real record for making us free and safe.  It's way past time to puke.

I don't give a shit how much he's had his lawyers screw up a case that makes him feel that his behavior is legit, it's still wrong and outside the rule of law and our Constitution.   I'm about at the point where I wonder why anyone ever voted for him ( I know why, the Trogs were worse).

U.N.: U.S. drone strikes violate Pakistan sovereignty

C'mon it's time to just say "fuck it" and leave

Let's help the Karzi government by conforming to his wishes and leave, now.   All of our troops go out on the same day.  Any equipment that cannot be carried, is burned into useless junk.  If any Afghans oppose our exit, we kill them with the brutal fire power they've forgotten we can muster.  Oh, we will need to leave a little note to remind them that war technology has really changed a lot in the past decade, so they shouldn't get in touch with their inner terrorist ever again.  Hell, Afghanistan can be destroyed by drone pilots in Florida.

More evidence that it's time leave--

Dispute over high-risk prisoners threatens to disrupt U.S.-Afghan talks

Are You Ready for Another War?

Obama says Iran will have the bomb within a year.  The bomb is a red line Iran will not be allowed to cross.  Oh, well, it's better to get the next one going before we end the current war.  Permanent war is great for presidential power.  Whatever shall we do?

Obama says Iran will have the bomb within a year

If Iran gets a nuke, so what?  We're being more than a bit silly on this.  Israel has the bomb, Iran knows this.  If Iran gets the bomb, it will be a mini-mutual assured destruction in the Middle East that brokers peace.

Suuport is great but....

Gee, a gay basher type discovers his son is gay, ponders it for a couple of years and decides he's down with gay marriage?  He makes a big public announcement which I'm sure was calculated to have the maximum positive effect on his campaign donations and his future elections.

I'll take any support for equality I can get, but I get so tired of born agains of all stripes.  They tend to be fickle.  Look no gay son and the guy would still be a Trog gay basher.  Why'd it take two years to think it through?  It takes that long to look up the word "equal?" The political calculus might take two years.  How many times in the last two years has he vigorously nodded his head in agreement with trash like Santorum on gays?

I'm glad for the guy's son, but Sen. Portman is just one more GOP asshole who has to grudgingly been forced to accept, in public, that god made us all.    He made us all very, very equal.  Now Sen. Portman, have you quit beating your wife and about all this  Hispanics...

Rob Portman announces support for gay marriage

Oh, don't forget, since the guy is a politician, he may really believe gays are evil and should never be allowed to do a damn thing but rot in hell.  Publicly, he can be very supportive.  Pols, simply put,  are lying whores.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Almost Forgot

If you need something to celebrate today, it's not too late.  Get out a bottle of bubbly or a bottle of bourbon and celebrate Value of Pi day, it's 3.14 today!

This is just weird


Don't You Love Legacies?

The Shrub created modern Iraq.  Need I say more?


Fat Chance

Gee, a Senate Committee has passed an assault weapons bill on a straight party line vote.  Wow.  Yawn.  Come on, until the Trogs get out of the NRA's bed, so what?  The bill will not pass the Senate much less the House.

Senate committee approves assault weapons ban, which faces difficult path through Congress

As long as the NRA keeps defining the 2nd Amendment and backing it up with campaign cash, anything that smacks of gun control is doomed.  The GOP is steadfast on this.  Until primary GOP voters decide guns need to be controlled, the NRA will dictate to the GOP.

Instead of focusing on guns, focus on gun crime and punishment.  Hell, stick it to Trogs and make any gun crime a capital offense.  If you use a gun to commit any crime, then you will be executed by firing squad.  Any crime, any age, all it will take to die, is to have a gun on your person when you commit a crime.  Let's put the deterrent theory to a test...

It been long past leaving time

Maybe now the assholes in the White House will pay attention.  We should have left the rubble 10 years ago.  We've only remained there to spend more and more tax dollars on military and other government contracts.  Oh, I forgot,  the Rubble pile has been a great source of medals for uniformed dipwads in charge.

US commander in Afghanistan warns troops to brace for violence after Karzai’s anti-US comments

The Standard Model Can Stick Around For Awhile

They found god--Physicists say they are now confident they have discovered the long-sought Higgs boson

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guns In The Home

If you have guns in your home, it's more likely a household member will be shot.

Moses Lake police report provides Nathon Brooks' possible motivation for shooting his parents

Where are the priorities?

How many poor people could be fed with $2.5 billion?  Instead of using it's resources to fulfill it's Christian duty, the Catholic Church spent resources to protect sex offenders.  They failed to cover up the crimes and as abettors have paid out $2.5 billion in settlements and therapy bills for victims, attorneys fees and costs to care for priests pulled out of ministry from 2004 to 2011. I have no idea how much the Church wasted on itself. Assume it was an equal amount. Now, how much good could be done for $5 billion? I cannot fathom how anyone can remain a Roman Catholic unless they prefer to see money wasted on perv protection rather than being spent on feeding the poor, tending the sick and helping those in need.

Clergy sex abuse settlements top $2.5 billion nationwide

Do You LIKE This?

Every day, millions of people click on Facebook "Like" buttons, boldly declaring their preferences for a variety of things, such as books, movies, and cat videos. But those "likes" may reveal more than they intend, such as sexual orientation, drug use, and religious affiliation, according to a study that analyzed the online behavior of thousands of volunteers.

Been There, Done That Front

Do you remember Agent Orange?  Do you remember how the VA and Army fought and refused to accept that exposure to the stuff really screws a body up forever?  The VA wanted to save a few bucks by denying treatment.  The VA appears to be up to it's old tricks.  Funny how things never change.

Department of Veterans Affairs officials purposely manipulate or hide data that would support the claims of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent paying costly benefits, a former VA researcher will tell a House subcommittee Wednesday afternoon.

10 years later

The Shrub invaded, he shocked, he awed.  He managed to liberate.  He managed to occupy.  And given who he is, as expected, he managed to fuck it up.  He left the end game to his successor.  He went back to Dallas to paint cute dogs pictures ( suitable for use on cheap greeting cards).

Ten years after invasion, Iraq remains dangerously divided

So What?

Okay, here it goes again.

A new McClatchy-Marist poll found that by a lopsided 84 to 15 percent, voters want background checks for private gun sales and sales at gun shows, with broad support from Democrats, independents and Republicans alike.

Remember 50% of us don't vote and that number is much smaller in primary elections. If the GOP primary voting base does not want background checks then any incumbent Trog who indicates he or she will vote for gun control is assured of getting their ass handed to them in a contested primary. Also remember most GOP districts are very safe, they are not swing districts. The new Trog will be elected. In other words national polls tend to mean less and less when it comes to the chance of enacting any meaningful gun control laws. We need to poll at the District level and then categorize the respondents into anyone, registered voter, likely voter, and voted in the last primary election.

Enemy of My Enemy

Let's see, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right.  Well, that's true most of the time, as long as there's some kind of war, contingency operation, or spat going on.   However, even given an altercation,  it's not true if you know god is on your side, but hates the enemy of your enemy.  Sectarian enemies, no matter whom else they may mutually despise, cannot be frienemies.  Don't forget, Iran is Shiite and al Qaeda is Sunni.

Iran, al-Qaeda relationship is showing cracks, U.S. officials and analysts say

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't throw out the deep fryer yet!

Hang on until this Summer. Then heat of the fryer and deep fry a brand new Twinkie!

Twinkies Will Return After Sale to Buyout Firm

I get so tired of this kind of crap

More fuckuperry in Afghanistan--With aid to Afghanistan, past performance is a predictor of future returns

National Health Care Should Have Been Implemented

Instead we got Obamacare.  It guarantees a health insurance approach for at least the next 50 years.  Who won what?


Why Not?

Betting on the next Pope makes as much sense as anything else associated with the Catholic Church.  Actually it makes more sense than the Church does.


Gee Gun Control by Senate Committee

I do not understand why Democratic pols are so hellbent on controlling guns.  It's a losing proposition.  Gun owners are irrational about their guns, they love them.  99.9% of gun owners aren't the serial killers or mass shooters we seem so worried about.

Gun owners have their own bit of derangement to deal with, but if you hint at controlling their guns they take it real personally.  So, bag the damn control crap and go for convicting people of using guns inappropriately.  Obviously, if a guy carries a gun into a 7-11 and robs the joint he should get an additional 10 years (without parole) just for inappropriate use of a gun.  Use a gun or carry a gun when you commit a crime, then you should do a lot more time.  It's simple, put the money into prosecution and incarceration, not control.

Oh, if a gun owner leaves a .38 on a counter and their 3 year old picks it up and shoots them self, then the gun owner needs to do some time too.

Senate panel approves gun background check, school safety bills

It's All About The Medals

Kudos to the Medaler in Chief, Chuck Hagel.  Sitting behind a PC monitor to guide a drone and kill people is not the same as doing the job manually.

Hagel orders halt to production of drone pilot, cyberwarrior medal

Cyberwarrior?  Come on, that's more than a bit much!

This is fucking nuts!

Fantasy Conclave

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Don't Think It Will Happen But...

Given the diversity of the nation, diversity means white numbers down, non-white numbers up, we may see two parties emerge.  The GOP will stay the White Guy's Party but have their ranks swelled by Democrats who notice that a lot of non-whites show up at meetings and in their neighborhoods.  The Democratic Party, absent the whites, then becomes the Non-White Guys Party (sorry ladies, it's still a guys world).  Could it happen?  Maybe.

How the demographic shift could hurt Democrats, too

If we divert into two, we would have the WGP and the NWGP battle it out.  Maybe the women need to form two parties, the WGP and NWGP--oh the G stands for Gals.  It would be confusing but make sense if the two parties decided to merge at some future date, the G could be said to stand for Gentlefolk and there would be no need to print new letterheads, business cards, etc.

Pursuing the Shit for Brains Vote III

The Trogs never quit.  They make it up and keep on hawking it as god given truth.  The red states must be loaded with dung heads.

Ted Cruz asks Republicans to embrace the fictional ’47 percent dependent on government’


If you have guns in the home you increase the odds that someone in your family will be shot.  I'm not sure a three year old gives a rats about the 2nd amendment, but I'm pretty sure the child would much rather have not been able to shoot himself.  So much for all that gun safety shit the gun nuts tout.

Tennessee 3-year-old shoots self with handgun left out

Shouldn't this bit of stupidity be sufficient grounds for removal of all guns from the owner's possession forever.  Talk about being unfit to own guns!

Pursuing the Shit for Brains Vote II

Let's see they voted for a GOP bill that failed, then voted against the one that passed and then claim they supported the ideas of the one that passed.  Only amongst Trog shit for brains voters does this work.   It works quite well in Iowa and Utah.

Republicans Take Credit For Violence Against Women Act After Voting Against It

Pursuing the Shit for Brains Votes

Who?  Oh, it's Paul Ryan and his fellow House Trogs.  We used to call it flip-flopping, but it's just SOP in the GOP.  After, when you have shit for brains you can't remember...

Paul Ryan Reverses Himself Yet Again On Medicare Cuts

Does this make sense?

Zombie walks?  Why not.  It makes about as much sense as anything else in this modern world.  I doubt my bailiwick will see any zombies though.  It's kind of rural and kind of, hell, it is very Troggish.  I stand a better chance of seeing folks attired like Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson and Saint Robert than the other kind of dead people.  Hm, has anyone done a colonial patriotic Zombie film?


How the Trogs Will Save Social Security?

The Trogs will raise the retirement age.  They might even include some kind of hardship option for some to retire at 65.  Social Security fiscal health will get better as those who made less, the poor, working and lower middle classes, during their working years, will have to work longer and thus wind up dying earlier than their better heeled middle-middle and upper classes counterparts who can pretty well retire whenever they feel like it after age 50 or so.  Damn that will cut Medicare costs too.  From the Trog perspective, tax money will then support the right people in a retirement they deserve.

Research ties economic inequality to gap in life expectancy

Now for a Trog perspective on Medicaid...

Does this mean the war can resume?

Hm, with Iraq over and Afghanistan almost done, our bemedaled thug masters will need another locus for medal distribution.  And you thought war had something to do with preserving the United States and defending us from aggressors.  This time, can we cut from Act I and go straight to Act III and surge from the get go?  Oops forgot to say where.

And the next war may be in...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Asshole #3?

I cannot imagine people electing Jeb Bush, but then we are a nation of voters with remarkably piss poor judgement.  As we go forward, remember this guy can pull a 360 within a week.   That's not quite as fast as Willard.  This Bush is just one more Willard from Texas via Florida.

TIMELINE: How Jeb Bush Pulled A 360 On Immigration Reform


Can a species go backwards?  Devolve?  Sure and I know it can.  I don't need research on dust mites to prove it.  Look around you.  Have you noticed that some "people" are different theses days?  Look, all you have to do is listen to Bill Reilly or any other Trog on the planet.  See, devolution!  Yep, we have homo-sapiens and the devolved troglodytes.  I know the GOP likes the good old days, but they've gone way back and have now done permanent damage to their kind.  It's sad.

House Dust Mite Ancestry Reveals 'Reversible' Evolution: Study

And He's Our Guy...

Who packaged the Afghan War?  Who did the nation building shit?  Is there anyone in charge?  Has anyone ever been in charge?  Now per the puppet we put in place, we are so desperate to keep troops in Afghanistan, we're collaborating with the enemy we manufactured after we killed off all the terrorists so we could stay there for eight more years.  The guy is nuts.  Hold it, maybe he's right.


Do You Get Warts On Your Hands?

Oh my god, it you exacerbate sectarian tensions and you do get warts, then Pakistan is going to need a lot of wart removal meds.  Sunnis, master exacerbators, raised tensions, not against their usual target of Shiites, but instead torqued a lot of Christian's.  After all, there might have been a possible bit of unanswered blasphemy.   The Christians have exacerbated back.   Shiites, your turn.


Trogs Eat Their Own

I'm no fan of copyright law.  A period of time, no more than 10 years, fine, since copyright is in the Constitution, but no longer.  Oops, I'd make a piss poor Trog.  Trogs like big business.  They live in the past, so when one of theirs suggests future new businesses and new markets are important, then their  bosses play cannibal, figuratively of course.

Derek Khanna wants you to be able to unlock your cellphone

Talk About Entitlements

Here's one in desperate need of elimination.  Too bad we didn't cut it sooner, because pretty soon we'll be  stuck spending billions more.  What is the program?  Well, click on the link read about the real Welfare Queens.


Did we win?  No.  Does it matter?  No.   Oh, there's one prior question we should ask, should we have gone to war in Iraq?  NO!  The Shrub and his henchmen cost the nation a lot of money and a lot of lives all for naught.  Well, maybe the war made them feel good and powerful.  Why did we ever elect that plant as Prez?  Maybe we can answer that when we figure out how we elected Nixon.  God we have bad taste.

Ten years after the invasion, did we win the Iraq war?


Five Myths

What's Your Number?

If I exclude war, my number two, but they are from my public school days.  They were kids I knew.  They were shot while hunting.  One died, one lost a thumb.  I know there were others, but I can't recall them, the mists of time and all that rot.

Then there was the one who died from dynamite.  He crashed his Dad's truck into a tree.  The truck lost it brakes.  It was a decent choice to stop the truck as it headed into a steep decline down into a gravel pit mine.  Unfortunately, my friend did not know about case of dynamite in the back.

Hm, if I include the bullet that missed one friend's head by six inches, then my number is 3.  Oh, the other friend who fired the .38 thought it was unloaded.  As an adult, the number in zip.  Childhood was far more dangerous than the world I have aged into.

Magazine: How many people do you know who have been shot?