Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ok, good guys with guns...

About that 'good guy with a gun' argument...

Fucking It Up, One Species At A Time -- Tuna

Tuna’s Last Stand

Christie Can't Say No to Pseudo-Science

The GOP is pretty much anti-science as well as anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-women, anti-youth, anti-government, anti-non-whites, anti-reason, anti-logic, and of course anti-anything Obama.  Chris Christie is in a bind, he may have to promote Conversion Therapy or lose his Trog ID card and decoder ring (oh, and the 2016 nomination).  Does anyone really think Christie could beat Santorum, given that last year's primaries are repeated in 2016, unless he steps and out batshit crazies that cracker?

N.J. fight on gay conversion therapy has Gov. Christie in a tight spot

Silly lawsuit

I'm no fan of the death penalty.  It's barbaric in any guise it may take.  It's too final,  When the state  wrongfully sentences one to death and the deed is done, there is no undead switch to toggle.  However, suing because an illegal drug was used in a legal killing is inane.  End that damn practice or get serious about state killing.

If the state is going to "legally" take a life, then the top elected official in the state should be the executioner.  The execution should be done in public for all citizens to see their version of justice in action.   The mode of execution should be humane and idiot proof.  All executions should be done via a guillotine.  The Governor pulls the lanyard, the blade drops and the felons head goes plop.  If we cannot accept heads being chopped off in public, then why do we have any executions at all?

Death row inmates challenge use of death penalty drug

Gun Injuries and Deaths

Isn't it time to quit letting the NRA goose gun sales and do something about all the gun shootings in this nation?  If you saw the carnage wouldn't you want guns controlled much, much more than they are today?

In The Emergency Department, Gunshot Fatalities Often 'Hard To Forget

Are the Supremes Ready for the Unitarians?

For that matter, how many gay marriage supporters are ready for the Unitarians?


Is this your kind of nanny state?

Let's see, to get federal funds for education, a state has to comply with a bunch of federal rules.  If they don't they don't get any money for education and maybe see all federal funds disappear.  They comply, get paid and test off their kiddies tushes.

Is this just another shakedown?  How different are the feds from the NRA.  One shafts students, and others sticks it to pols.  To get the money you have to toe the NRA line otherwise you lose your job.  Damn, the NRA fosters a nanny state.  Of course in the NRA's case the nanny is sociopathic.  In both cases special interests provide grundles of cash to the front men to increase gun sales or sell more tests.  Odd way we choose to live.

Blind, severely disabled boy forced to take standardized test

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Tried of All the Gun Shooting, Are You?

Money has purchased cowardice from our elected officials, they won't take on the NRA and the gun nuts.  The nuts are out and about.  They buy guns and shoot them off at will.  It's time to send them gun users away for life or make criminal gun usage a capital offense.  How about these tykes?  What penalty would you recommend?

Police search for shooter after Ga. infant killed

Did you always favor gay marriage?

How about it?  If you changed your mind, why?  Interesting question, here's why several folks took a new tack.

How Can We Save SNAP (Food Stamps)?

Well, we could follow Sen. Robertson and cut the program to save it.  He must have fought in Vietnam, we destroyed a lot of villages to save them.  I wonder how those villages fare today?

Of course, we could bag the program entirely.  That would make Trogs happier than a glutton locked in a chocolate shop overnight.  However, ending food for a lot of folks is a hard way to discover that hunger and poverty are very real in this nation.  It might even prove fatal for more than we imagine.

So, what else can Sen. Pat do?  Why not end the F-35 program and redirect all the savings to SNAP?  If that's not enough then also terminate all Drone programs and  turn the savings into food.

Or the assholes we elected might consider that hunger is real and needs to be eradicated.  Fund it at the level it needs, otherwise, if we don't take care of our own,  there's not much left worth defending now is there.

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts: We must cut food stamps to save them

Exacerbation News -- Burma

Okay, they call it Myanmar today.  Regardless of its name, the local folks contribute more evidence of humankind's basic depravity.   The good folks in Burma love to exacerbate sectarian tension.  In fact it's a national sport--extreme exacerbation featuring Buddhists vs. Muslims.  I thought Buddhists self immolated when they got all pissy-faced about others.  We know that Muslims, when upset, morph into international, jihadi, Islamist, terrorists. I guess Burma is different.  Who really gives a shit about the place?


What's the latest buggy whip?

Take a guess.  You see them where ever you shop.  In 20 years they may be a rare as buggy whips.

What are they?  

Tree Hugger News

Obama has invoked the Antiquities Act and designated five areas as national monuments.   The only ones who will complain are the Trogs.  Yep if Obama is for it, then they are against it.  Heck of a basis to run a party.  How can any thinking person be a...  Oh, yeah, thinking person that explains it.

Obama to declare five national monuments Monday, sources say

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Donkeys for Jesus?

I was reading the local paper.  I read this.  I started to laugh.  I did not know that donkeys were all that significant to Jesus and I guess to his followers.  So, how's your  ass?

 On Sunday, March 24, a Palm Sunday Service will be held at 2 p.m. The speaker for this service will be the Rev. Winfield C. Talley.

 On Saturday, March 30, a special children’s program will be held at 2 p.m. Emphasis will be placed on the role and importance of donkeys in the life of Jesus. At the conclusion of this service, the children will hunt for Easter eggs. Then, as a special treat, they will be given free donkey rides.

On Easter Sunday, March 31, Historic White Marsh Church will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with a “Sonrise” service at 6:30 a.m. at the site of the first Sunrise Service observed in Lancaster County.

According to a history written by C. E. Thomas in 1991, the first Sunrise service conducted in Lancaster County was at the White Marsh Methodist Episcopal Church, said Rev. Talley. “Sonrise” is not a misspelling because we want to emphasize the “rising” of God’s Son. The speaker for this service will be Jack Bailey. The service will conclude outside by the cemetery. 

Following the service coffee and pastries will served.

GOP and 2016

The GOP is about +85% white.   It's old, over 55% are over age 50.   75% of the old farts are heavily into some kind of Jesus, they're values voters, social conservatives, or evangefundies.  This is not a party for younger (under 50), urban voters.  However, if you think god made women to serve men,  think immigrants (if they speak Spanish) should all be deported now, can almost hate god for making gays,  and think workers should be indentured to owners, then regardless of age, the current GOP is your kind of party.

Needless to say, this bit of demographic extremism may be effective in districts dominated by rural counties, but not so statewide or in urban districts.  The GOP is pretty much a throwback to the 19th century.  The current shape of the GOP will, until the Dems retake state legislatures keep the House in their gerrymandered control.  However, the same demographics will insure the GOP does not control the Senate or White House until they change.  The question is can the GOP come into the 21st century?

I doubt they can.  If the GOP has three major factions, social values, fiscal policy, and foreign policy the latter two have been subsumed by the former in one very important way--primaries.  The values crowd obtains its power by voting in primaries and general elections.  The other two groups don't turn up when it's time to select nominees, but do vote in the general.  As a result, the GOP becomes more and more primitive with each passing election.  As it's currently configured, the GOP can well see a Santorum/Bachmann ticket in 2016.  

I think the GOP has only one solution left, if it is to survive as a viable party.  It has to split in two for the 2016 election.  One side will reflect the Santorum/Bachmann nutjob wing.  The other faction will be comprised of the party members who want Chris Christie or Jeb Bush as their standard bearer.  The Democrat will win int 2016, but for the GOP, it would then be a fight to see which faction did the best against the Democratic victor in 2016.  The GOP side that gets the most votes will then become the GOP of the future.  If the nutjobs win, then the GOP can stand as the bigot party and do so with pride as they celebrate a return to 1896 and insuring Democratic dominance for decades to come.  Of course if the nutjobs win,  the other side will then become conservative Democrats and we'll turn the clock back to 1960 as the GOP fades into insignificance.

Crazy Eyes is back!

I've been wondering whatever happened to Michelle Bachmann.  She must have been tanking up on bitter vetch, foul brew, and dank fantasies for months after losing the GOP nomination.  It's hard to take when you know you are sane, but you know the rest of the world is not.   She showed up at CPAC.  Today she let us know that Obama, via health care, will kill people.  Can she keep it up until 2016?  If the GOP had not given its party over to evangefundies back when Nixon was Prez, who would have ever heard of this crazy lady?  I do hope the GOP fields folks of her caliber in 2016.

Bachmann: Obamacare ‘literally kills’ people

Here's something to play with

Why the GOP will lose the Senate and White House for several elections--

Today, Our Idiots Must Be Sad

Congress has passed a C.R.  Our government is funded until Oct. 1, 2013.  Those expecting to save the unborn taxpayer's wallet by shutting down government will have to re-gather in their dank, fetid, caves and mourn the last minute outbreak of temporary sanity amongst the Trogs.  Even the sequester  had a dash of reason thrown its way (amazing what system wide, hard and fast cuts expose about government's pervasiveness and centrality in our lives).

Congress moves to keep sequester spending cuts – while easing impact on public

God, is there a single person that still trusts a banker?

There may be one, but I doubt it, they even despise themselves.  How do you feel about payday loan shysters?   That crap is legal loan sharking, but it's very profitable.  Oh, if there's money to be made with other people's money, then you can bet the banks have edged their way into the swamp.  They have--

Big banks engaging in payday lending, report says

The Universe if about 0.61% older than we thought

Add another 80,000,000 years to the 13.01 billion and you have how long it's been since we all began with a bang.  Wow, everything was crammed into a wad smaller than an atom.  It must have been crowded.  When someone noticed there was a lot of unoccupied space outside the known atom, they was a space rush, a.k.a., the big bang.  In less than a second, the universe blew into existence.  Of course it's take some time to settle down into neighborhoods and communities.  And there are some pioneers out on the edge looking for new space to claim for the Universe.  Okay, enough bullshit, read the piece--

Telescope that eyes Big Bang’s afterglow shows universe is 80 million years older than thought

Now that we're almost there in accounting for how it all began, where did that initial wad of stuff come from?  Cue the god squad.


Our spooks have a long history of ineptitude.  Who can forget the exploding cigars for Castro?  Or how about missing the coming collapse of the Soviet Union because they thought the Russkies were eating our military lunch?  Oh, do I need to mention all those WMDs?  Now, a blue ribbon panel has decided that our spooks aren't really good spooks, but they're nifty para-military assassins.  That means they kill people with drones as part of the military's war on terror overseas contingency operation.  The blue ribbon guys think some intelligence needs to be put back into intelligence.  However, the new spook in chief is considering dropping a drone on their homes.  Does it matter what the CIA does?  If we rid ourselves of the CIA and all other intel groups would anyone ever notice?

Secret report raises alarms on intelligence blind spots because of AQ focus

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NIce but I do not trust the Prez and his cronies

The CIA is getting out of the drone biz?  That's a plus if it's for real.  I anticipate that Obama will try to get as much positive ink on this as he is able.  It will deflect attention to all the illegal, immoral and unethical behavior he has already engaged in to "make us free and safe."  Drones will be put under some legal and transparent control.  Everyone will be happy and Obama will dedicate one volume of his 16 volume presidential memoir to drones  (one volume for every six months in office at this point).

Of course after Obama has left the White House and we've seen a couple of new jerks run the show it will be discovered that the CIA has been running an extraordinary covert drone operation ever since Obama said that the CIA was out of the drone biz.

Exclusive: No More Drones for CIA

We Don't Need No Stinkin Gun Control (do we)!

How Many People Have Been Killed by Guns Since Newtown?

Red Line (ish)

Our saber rattlers decided that use of chemical weapons by the Syrians constitutes a "red line."  Red lines mean don't cross it our you will get some shock and awe down on your ass.  It's tough talk for voters and donors. Unfortunately, bad guys don't really give a shit.  They care about preserving their power and don't give much thought to who will invade them (given the track record of outsiders invading, it's a reasonable way to behave).

Now Israel indicates Syria used the weapons.  Obama and the rest of his buds, will fight that idea for weeks if they can, otherwise he'll have to invade.   Gee, if they are using chemical shit on their own people...

Israeli official says chemical weapons used in Syria attack

Oh, don't forget Iran is getting close to a red line too.

What Happens When a Nation Elects A Plant As Prez?

It gets what it deserves.

Bombs kill nearly 60 on Iraq invasion anniversary

Gun Control? Nah, it's over.

Five Hard Realities for Gun-Control Proponents

About Time

Cable and Satellite providers need to make their systems a la carte.  I have a Dish.  It has 250 channels. I only watch, at most over a year, two dozen of them.  However, due to bundling, I have to pay for them all.  I'd bag all the sports channels in an instant, if Mrs. Jake didn't object.  She likes football, so perhaps some sports in the Fall only.  I have no need for the religious crap, cartoons, Spanish language, music stations, or the myriad of home shopping dreck.  Most of the others only have one show at a time worth watching.  Most of cable is like public TV, it's only worth watching when the Brits send us a show or it's fund raising time.  Come on, can you see PBS doing Downton Abbey on its own?

Given computers today, why can't Dish, set day rates, weekly rates, monthly rates, and annual rates for all of their channels.   My account should be handled via the Web.  They should also make their offerings available over their Dish and over the web.  Programs should cost, at most, pennies per day on a daily basis.   I bet most of the crap on cable would disappear if they had to compete for eyeballs.  Come on who would pay more than 1 cent a month for TLC?

Maybe change is in the offing--Verizon, Cablevision emerge as unlikely allies of cable-TV customers fed up with bundling

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Who'd a Thunk It?

Oops, assault weapons will not be in the Senate's gun control bill.  Gee, really?  It's cosmetic.  It would have to effect.  Why can't the Senate make gun crimes into federal capital crimes?  I'd like to see that.  Use a gun to knock over a 7-11 and you get the firing squad.  What's the best way to deal with a bad guy with a gun?  A good guy with a gun?  Nah it's the criminal justice system.  Catch 'em, try 'em, and fry 'em (actually killing them with their own guns would be a nice touch).

Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate gun bill

We'd have a large number of gun nuts to kill for the first couple of years (until the deterrent effect kicks in) to have one hell of a reality show.  The whole effort could be paid for by ad revenues.  Contestants are put through their paces to be able to select how they want to be killed-- hanging, guillotine, gas, electricity, drug overdose, firing squad or self inflicted bullet to the head.  We could call it "No Survivor  Island."  It'd be the most watched show ever!  It might motivate the cops to enforce gun laws if we shared the revenue with the jurisdictions that provided the contestants.

War's In the Offing

It seems the jackasses we elect to run the country can't help themselves.  They all have war itches.  They have to scratch their faux warrior's ass.  I hope it's not just a delusional fantasy to increase the odds of future historians looking kindly on them.  At any rate, they scratch their ass, we go to war.  Why?  It's like why Clinton had that intern give him a blowjob in the Oval Office--because he could.  Presidents wage war, altercations, and overseas contingency operations because they can!

We have checks on Presidents, but the twits we elect to Congress gave the war power to whatever dork occupies the White House.  War is too damned important to leave it up to any idiot who does things because he can.

Look as we head towards blowing the crap out of Iran, Syria, and N. Korea its time for Congress to reassert itself.  Congress needs to rescind the War Powers Resolution.  The President should not be able to commit U.S. troops anywhere without an explicit declaration of war.  Congress should be the only body that decides where and when U.S. troops will be put in harms way.

If Congress opts to wage war, then they should have the decency, unlike George Bush, to require a troop draft (at least 50% of our fighting soldiers should be draftees) to fight the damn thing.  Then after declaring war and mandating a draft, Congress should be required to raise taxes to pay for the war up front.  Imagine if the Shrub had to 1.) get a declaration of war, 2.) fight the war with draftees, and 3.) pay for as he piddled away his years in office.   Unless Congress acts in all three ways, then there should be no war.

Suggest the war trifecta to your Congressman and see what kind of a response you get.  He or she will politely tell you to, as Dick Cheney did to Sen. Leahy, go fuck yourself.  War is good for pols, not people.

Bush's Legacy Continues

Wave of deadly violence marks 10th anniversary of U.S. war in Iraq

Did you vote for the Shrub?

If you did you might want to figure out why.  Oh, how'd that Iraq mess go?  It's been 10 years since the idiot child took us to war (to become a bigshot in future history books).  The war was wrong.  What did  it cost us?

The Costs of War: 10 Years After Iraq Invasion, New Study Tallies the Massive Human, Financial Tol

NRA Looney Tunes

The NRA continues to buy legislation to block any kind of gun control.  All their work is great for guns and ammo sales.  Funny how it's rally a smaller proportion of household buy all those guns.  If gun folks want guns, great, quit fighting them.  Encourage gun owners to buy more guns since there's higher probability they will kill themselves or shoot a family member and do some time (then they can't own guns).  We can hope they will kill themselves off or at least learn that it really is people, not guns, who are fucked up.

 Gun control groups turn focus to ‘riders’ backed by NRA

War Fans It's A Great Day!

It's an especially fantastic day if you love war and have chemical companies well represented in your portfolio!  Both sides may be using chemical weapons in Syria.  If it's used it has to be replaced.

Now seriously, suppose Assad really used chemical weapons, so what?  So what as in exactly who will do what to him for crossing this red line?  In other words who gives a shit?

Syria, rebels accuse each other of firing a chemical weapon near Aleppo

Monday, March 18, 2013

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Fact-checking CPAC, the "Woodstock for conservatives"

The Conservative Political Action Conference has become such a fixture in the political calendar that it's now known just by its initials: CPAC.

This year's CPAC, held over the weekend in Washington, attracted a wide range of prominent conservatives from Ted Cruz to Rand Paul, from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio.

We put several of their claims to the Truth-O-Meter:

Rubio said that one key for economic growth is to have workers with better skills. "There are 3 million jobs available in America that are not filled because too many of our people don’t have the skills for those jobs," Rubio said. We rated that Half True.

Paul made fun of a study in Hawaii that he said was testing menus "for when we colonize Mars." We rated his claim Mostly True.

Rubio claimed that "the Chinese government provides their people no access to the Internet." We rated that Mostly False.

Check out our home page for other CPAC fact-checks.

You might also be interested in a new PolitiFact Georgia fact-check on a claim by Julian Bond that the number of threats against President Barack Obama are greater than any other president of modern times. That earned aFalse.


We're blessed with gun nuts

Gee, mix a gun, some booze, and a domestic brute and what do you get?  Oh, the dumb shit shoots his finger off.  To bad it wasn't his testicles then he'd be eligible for a Darwin award.  Once again this should be sufficient evidence that the individual is not sane enough to exercise his 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.  His weapons should be confiscated.  Of course the NRA will defend idiots like this, he might need to buy a new gun that can accommodate his mangled hand.  Anything to goose sales!

Cops: Pa. Guard Shot Finger Trying to Remove Wedding Ring During Fight

Gun Quiz

Can a judge force a domestic abuser to surrender his guns for the safety of the one he abuses?  Pretty much no, except in a handful of states.  Why? Oh, the NRA thinks wife beaters and killers have the right to bear arms until they kill someone and has worked hard to protect the gun rights of future domestic killers.  The NRA does push guns sales as much as possible.  The NRA ought to give wife beater shirts to all its members.

When the right to bear arms trumps a woman’s right to safety

Suicide Bombing

Hardly a week goes by without one idiot killing him or herself by bomb.  Of course they kill a lot of others who happen to be in the vicinity of his or last act.   And today's personal boom-boom went off in Pakistan--

Suicide bomber in northwest Pakistan courthouse kills four others

It's Monday, So...

So, the week has to begin with car bombs.  Does it?  Well, yes it does.   Here is Monday's explosion--

Car bomb kills at least 10 in Somali capital

Originalism Tour Continue

Roberts and the Robes will hit the DOMA arena and sing about Prop 8.  Will they decide that marriage, from the state's perspective, is just a civil contract or imbue it will all the destructive religious claptrap that Scalia can spew?  If they decide against decency, it's just a matter of time, since they and their old fart counterparts will die off,  for sensibility to reign.

Look gay marriage is a contract just like straight marriage.  It's a civil contract, no more, no less.  If churches want to have something specific that panders to their fantasies, that's fine, but it does not define "marriage" from the state's perspective.

High court reflects diversity of modern marriage

They Were Priebused

Oops, they had their assess handed to them in Nov.  Well, I guess that really is a Preibus.

Referring to the November election, Priebus said at a morning breakfast: “There’s no one reason we lost. Our message was weak; our ground game was insufficient; we weren’t inclusive; we were behind in both data and digital; and our primary and debate process needed improvement.

Uh, there was one reason they lost. It's simple, the party thinks a rich old white guy is right about everything. It doens't matter how much outreach they do if the party still stands for the way a rich old while guy thinks about women, gays, and minorities.  Until they bag the religious and social crap, it will remain the party of white guys who live below the Mason-Dixon line.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Media is Killing the Death Penalty?

Oh come on, the media reports the fuck ups by prosecutors, police, juries and judges.  People read the facts and decide that if you aren't sure the bum did the crime, then don't kill him.  Death is kind of final now isn't it?

The media report the screw ups--folks killed who were innocent and innocent folks waiting to be killed.  There have been too many reported instances of blatant fucks up for people to keep on believing that justice is fair and all convictions are righteous.  In the past folks trusted the system so they only were concerned about costs and constitutionality.  Readers are smarter, they know more.  Readers are voters and they get uneasy and want capital punishment removed from the system.  Did the media do it?  Come on now.

How the media is killing the death penalty

Now if they'd quit dressing likes it's 1326...

Will Frank the First change the Church?   Sure, but it will be cosmetic, after all, even he is trying to undo John XXIII's Vatican II.

Little pomp for this papacy: Pope Francis sets casual style

NRA Pushes International Gun Sales!

If any law, treaty or idea pops up that might check the sales of guns and ammo anywhere in the world, we can trust the NRA to oppose it in the name of the 2nd Amendment.  When will gun owners quit being gun nuts and realize they've been used and abused by the NRA?   The NRA is for guns and ammo sales, period.

Once again, if I were in Congress, I'd quite fighting the NRA on the 2nd Amendment.  I'd go after those who misuse and abuse guns.  If you sell a gun to a felon or a nut, you go to jail.  If you sell guns to anyone outside the United States, you go to jail.  If you accidentally shoot a member of your family, protecting your home, you go to jail.  If you leave a loaded gun lying around and a child picks it up and fires it, you go to jail.  If you have a gun on your person and commit a felony or misdemeanor, you go to jail.  If you use a gun in the commission of a felony, you get executed.  Own all the guns and ammo you want, but own an operate the damn thing properly.  If you don't, it's a crime and you will do time or die.  That seems like a reasonable gun control policy.
NRA opposes U.N. arms treaty

Are you a big fan of capitalism?

If you are, why?  If not, why?  What is the state and what is it's role in communal life?  I find it odd that the biggest defenders of the rich are the rich especially if they became rich using the social structures of the contemporary U.S.  Here's a piece you might enjoy--

Is capitalism moral?

If you are a Christian, can you be a capitalist?  The way you answer this question will define how you understand Christ and his message.  What's  the message?


Five Myths