Saturday, March 30, 2013


The Shrub's vanity gave us the Iraq War.  Our soldiers fought and died.  We spent a trillion or so of the unborn taxpayer's future dollars.   It was a wasted, needless war.  So who won?  Uh, Iran won.

Iran reaps the gains

Fees Suck

I had a friend who kept all his receipts from college.  He was really pissed at the extra fees.  After he graduated, when the school sent him a pitch to donate to the school, he'd send them one receipt.  He figured when he ran out of old student fee receipts he might send the school a dollar or two.

' Course Load: The Growing Burden of College Fees

Bless My Tardis!

The Doctor is back!

New season of ‘Doctor Who’ starts a year’s celebration

Tip of the Iceberg?

If high student test scores earn bonus points for school systems, administrators, and teachers, then you can bet folks will rig the tests to maximize accruable points.  Oh, bonus points mean more money.  I wonder how much cheating really occurs?  I doubt that Atlanta is the one rotten apple.  Federal dollars linked to anything that can be manipulated will see a whole lot of manipulation occur.  Now, are there any questions about why and how our federal spending has grown so much in the past 20 or 30 years?



Don Young and the GOP’s Archie Bunker problem

The rich old white guys can win House seats, they gerrymandered the Districts.  However, can they really pick up Senate seats?  After all, Senate races are statewide.  With the exception of a theocracy like Utah, most voters will reject the GOP's Archie Bunker candidates.  Don't forget, primaries are dominated by the same batshit crazy Trogs who elect House members.  All those un-outreached voters (not white, not male, not old, not rich) won't vote against their own interests.  Well, I hope they won't.  We still have to explain Nixon & Dubya.

McConnell, Republicans gear up for 2014 with hopes of taking control of the Senate

Son of Bad Hair Guy Continues To Rant

The North Koreans have kept up their bellicose language.  They have positioned rockets for war.  They have cut phone lines.   Can you imagine what would happen if the little shit in charge really did unleash a nuke? I have a feeling the world, including China, would seize the opportunity to solve the North Korea problem.   Is the guy dumb enough to send a blast at China?  I don't think much will come of this round of annual anti-West and anti-U.S. jabbering, but who knows.

Aggressive talk from North Korea concerns U.S. leaders

Where Oh Where Will We Send Our Bagged Bad Guys To Be Cheneyized?

Due to adverse publicity, the CIA has shut down most of it's torture facilities.  They have also cancelled contracts with governemts throughout the Arabic world.  The Arab Spring was a setback for human abuse.  Don't forget other nations decided it was time to dump the CIA--when you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

Now Obama has solved the torture problem for his last term and for his successors.  Yes, he has taken an American built and administered prison and handed it over to the locals.  Then he will continue to fund it.  As he and those to come, continue to keep the shaky government thriving, they will have a fantastic place for the CIA, State, DOD, and others to torture and maim suspected bad guys at will.

Am I too cynical?  Let's wait a few years and see what happens.

Strong American role still exists at Afghan-controlled prison

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Week In GOP Outreach

The GOP’s Post-Election Outreach Hits Some Speed Bumps

It's Toe Tapping Time Again

Do you remember Sen. Wide Stance Craig?  Yeah, he's the guy who was busted in an airport public men's room sting.   He sat, spread his legs, tapped his toes and wiggled his fingers under the stall partition.  Unfortunately for Larry the guy in the next stall was not trolling for sex, he was a cop.  Sen. Craig was busted, tried and convicted.  The guy tried to have his campaign pay for his defense.  Now a judge has decided that  Larry will have to spring for the cash himself.  He committed the crime so he has to pay his own dime so to speak.

Ex-Sen. Larry Craig Loses Bid To Dismiss FEC Lawsuit

Don't Forget the Supremes Will Do Their Best To End Affirmative Action

However, the case before them is not really about some poor little white girl denied admittance to UT because she's white.  First, she wasn't smart enough and on the other competitive admission factors there were too many more qualified candidates.  Race was not a factor in here being denied admission.  If Scalia and his band of Trogs find for her, then it's time to impeach him, Thomas, Alito and Roberts.  Here's a very good run down on poor little Abigail--

A Colorblind Constitution: What Abigail Fisher’s Affirmative Action Case Is Really About

Gun Control (Again)

The GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA.  Don't expect any Trog to vote for gun control, unless it is approved by the NRA.  The NRA shills for gun and ammo sales by touting and defining the 2nd Amendment beyond what any reasonable forefather could imagine.  I wish Democrats would turn their guns on arrest, prosecution and incarceration of gun users instead.

Beef up current federal laws and appropriate money for enforcement and Federal prisons.  Hell, the folks who misuse guns need their own special prison where they can ponder and atone for abusing the 2nd Amendment.

Here's a quick reference for existing federal gun laws.  If you shoot somebody, you need to be put away and lose your right to own guns.  That includes Dick Cheney for when he shot his friend.  Let's put pressure on the gun abusers.   Lock them up for a long time and do not allow any kind of juvenile status to creep in.  If you have a gun on you or use one in the commission of a felony or misdemeanor, it's all adult time and sentences need to start at 10 years.

Let the states do what they want.  The feds need to focus on arrest, prosecution and incarceration of anyone who abuses the right to bear arms.  I wonder how the NRA will fight this one?

Republicans Still Not Ready for Gun Control, Plotting Filibuster Instead

Scalia is an ass (perhaps a senile ass to boot)

When I heard Scalia tell us that sociologists and others were uncertain if gay parents might do damage to any children they raise, I knew he was either a liar or greatly uninformed.  Among sociologists and pediatricians the matter has been settled for a long time--there is NO adverse affect on children.  Let's see, does that make him an uninformed liar?  Yep, it proves Scalia is 100% Trog.  Should a member of the Supremes just make just make shit up to sing a song?  The Supremes, sure, but not a judge sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Scalia’s gay adoption claim: Even wronger than I thought

Okay Repubs, Why Do We Need Any Stinkin' Regualtion?

Per the Repubs, the market is the solution for everything.   Would you prefer to have public health inspections or not?  Repubs do not want any government (except for defense contracts).  Do Repubs really trust folks that much?  My question for Oklahoma, is why did you just catch the guy now?  Oh, I bet the existing regulation and inspections were minimal.  I wonder how valuable "free enterprise" is to an unwitting soul who catches AIDS and dies from a dental visit?

Health officials in Oklahoma urge HIV, hepatitis testing for 7,000 patients of Tulsa dentist

Legacyland -- Western Gift

As I follow Iraq, post Bush and Obama, I can't help but see Iraq as a land that's developed into a state that has become Dick Cheney's utopia.  Was Dork the Shrub's ghost writer (and president?) for his book "Nation Building for Dummies?"

Officials: 4 car bombs target Shiite mosques in Baghdad, kill 19 worshippers and wound over 70

So you're ready to trash Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, etc....

Think we've learned our various lessons?  Think the world is just fine and dandy now?  Well, it's not.  We've changed some public perspectives, but the fundamental inner bigotry still lingers.  It's going to take a few more generations until 99% don't have the private bits of learned hate.  You may take the boy out of the swamp, but you can't get the swamp out of the boy, even if he becomes a U.S. Senator.   Speaking of a Senator who still has lots of internal swamp--

Republican Rep. Don Young refers to Latinos using racial slur

Thursday, March 28, 2013

And In Fantasy Land

How's Pope Frank doing?  Is he still just a plain old guy?  Some think he's going to be a Pope who actually gives a shit about most people (the poor).

Pope Francis seems reluctant to be pope, preferring title bishop of Rome in hint of priorities

And there are others who doubt he will succeed.  After all, there are at least seven reasons why Pope Francis will find it hard to be humble.

Now to the tune of "Are you ready for some football"

Let's all sing "Are you ready for some more Korean War?"

US sends nuclear-capable B-2 bombers to South Korea in show of force

Gay Marriage

The Supremes heard Prop 8 on Tuesday, yesterday they did DOMA.  As the Originalism Sucks tour continues, Roberts and the Robes croon their tunes.  What kind of California Dreaming will they sing over Prop 8?  I bet they will send the song back home for a re-write and pretend it never made it to their venue.

DOMA though is another matter.  This time they will play a federal reel as they find Congress and the White House overstepped their bounds.  Does that mean gay marriage belongs to the states?  Well, as far as federal benefits go, they will probably be available to all, AC and DC.

One thing is probably true, this Court will not make a brave stand of any kind, they want to move slowly--as they did on slavery and women's rights.  After all, slave holders might have been right and misogynists may have too.  They weren't.  Too bad justices are blind, if they weren't, then they could  read a bit of history.

Majority of Supreme Court justices question constitutionality of Defense of Marriage Act

And the winner is..


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Originalism Sucks Tour -- Prop 8

It was obvious, after listening to the Supremes on C-Span that Scalia, Alito, and Roberts had their minds made up prior to trial.  I assume that Thomas will just smell Scalia's butt and know how to vote.  I will not be surprized if the Court upholds Prop 8.

Gay rights, including marriage, have been a legal issue since 1787.  Gays, as were blacks and women, were denied equal protection under the law from the the get go.  It takes time for the assholes in charge to admit others into their funhouse.

Slavery was wrong from the outset.  Even our four fathers, Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp knew what they did was wrong.  They kicked the can down the road.  We had a Civil War over slavery.  Then the Court decided it was okay to perpetuate slavery in Jim Crow--they didn't want to move to fast.  After all slavery might have been okay?

Women's rights are the same.  If was wrong from the outset to deny them equal rights with the guys who ran the club.  The guys kicked them out.  The women fought back.  It took longer than ending slavery to establish women's suffrage.  So when was it unconstitutional to deny gays the right to marry? It was unconstitutional from 1787 on.

The fight for human rights goes on and on.  It's simple we're all created equal.  Some of us just don't like that idea, but they are wrong.  As long as we have the U.S. Constitution established under the Declaration of Independence,  equality is equality and liberty and justice is for all.

Supreme Court justices conflicted on gay marriage case 

I have little respect for this Court.  It's full of Trogs.

Out of Sight, Out of MInd -- Our Drones in Action

Drone Strikes in Pakistan


I never liked the idea of pensions for federal pols.  Pensions for state pols is a matter for states and localities, but I do not look kindly on retirement programs because someone held an elective position.  If pols choose to serve a term, fine.  However, if they then opt to make it into a career, then they can deal with their own pensions and not make taxpayers support their narcissistic deviance when they "retire."  Elective office should not be considered a career.

Taxpayers should not pay former pols a cent no matter what office or how many terms they chose to fill.  When I read about Grant and Truman fiscal problems, I was not bothered in the least.  I wish the FPA had never been passed.  There is not a damn one of our former Presidents who should collect any more than what any other citizen can receive via Social Security and Medicare.  Can we rescind the FPA?  Can we end pensions (beyond Social Security and Medicare) for Reps and Senators?

America's $3.7 million ex-president tab: By the numbers

p-phenylenediamine (PPD) Blues

That's as in I got a temporary tat at the beach and my arm fell off blues.

Why temporary tattoos have the FDA worried

Here's a better idea.  Do not get any kind of a tattoo at all.

Another Filibuster?

Rand Paul may take to the Senate floor and defend gun rights.    I do wish that Sen. Feinstein had developed a serious gun control bill.  It should have focused on two things, universal background checks and  mandatory federal trial and sentencing for anyone who possesses or uses a gun in the commission of a felony or misdemeanor.

Let the Bozos own guns.  We can't stop the NRA.  Gun sales will persist, but we can put a lot of gun owners in prison.  Oh, there is another provision Sen. Feinstein should have included.  She should nationalize California's program that does go get guns from those whose legal gun owner status changes.

Rat Bastard Front -- Richard Nixon

I never understood how anyone could bring themselves to vote for Nixon in 1968 much less in 1972.   They did and look what they got in return.   Watergate showed us he had no problems subverting the Constitution for personal gain and unending personal revenge.

Now we have confirmation that well before Watergate he flexed his political evil will.  Nixon committed treason to win the 1968 election.  Someone has to ask at a cost of how many thousands of soldier's lives?  If Vietnam had ended in 1968, how many of the dead would still be living?  He was a true rat bastard.  He was elected twice.  Once again, we learn that the American voter has an infinite capacity to show remarkably poor taste.

Newly Released Secret Tapes Reveal LBJ Knew but Never Spoke Out About Nixon's 'Treason'

Son of Bad Hair Guy News

North Korea has put its missiles into combat posture (whatever that really means).  I wonder what would happen if the N. Koreans did launch a nuke at California.  Would we retaliate?  If so, how?  If by chance their missile did hit, say Los Angeles, what would we do?

North Korea Threatens To Attack U.S., South Korean Bases

Gays and Trogs

Some GOP leaders may be "okay" with gay marriage.  After all, they do note it's an empty space which was formerly occupied by their asses before Nov.,  2012.   Folks like Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman, may accept gay marriage.  He may invite tolerant folks into the GOP tent.  However, he's overlooking the Trogs with baseball bats who are already inside the tent.  Well over a third of the GOP's rock solid base hate gays, it's a Jesus thing.  These are the evangefundies Nixon invited into the tent.  These folks vote in both primaries and general elections.  They hate gays.  

I wonder if gay marriage, and other social matters,  will become a point of bifurcation in the GOP? Can the GOP attract folks who are not rich old white guys if the rich old white don't want them?  If one faction sees political success to the extent that the party bags values voters, will it go its own way?  If the values voters continue to reject gays, women, hispanics, science and all things 19th century or better, will they go their way too?  Is it possible to see two Trogs running against Clinton in 2016?  Is it probable? Gee Christie v. Clinton and Santorum v. Clinton.  I assume Clinton will be the Dem nominee.

If the GOP bifurcates can either faction survive?  If the GOP does not bifurcate, can it survive?  Will GOP survival require the GOP to kick out those Nixon dragged into the party and return to fiscal and foreign policy as their major themes?

On the Dems, assume Hillary Clinton is the nominee, who will be the Veep?  Let's shake it up, are there any female, gay, atheists in the party?  

Originalism Sucks Tour -- Prop 8

You can bet your 17th century that Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Roberts will uphold Prop 8.  After all this is really about gay marriage.  The Constitution does not use the word "gay" and they are good Catholics who obey all to willingly.  Those judges are pretty much loons.  The question then is which way will Kennedy decide?  Will he be true to his Troggish roots or have a momentary lapse and be a decent human being?

I find it most repugnant that religion provides the primary if not only basis for justified gay bashing.   Come on, God, made gays so we'd all have something to hate?  That's loopy logic.  Sadly, religion provides a podium for  a few deviant prelates to pronounce gays as evil based on their reading of some obscure musty old citations in a sacred tome.  They succeed to the exit that the listeners are obedient and do not think for themselves.

I wonder if Thomas ever wonders about originalism and the modern world.  After all, if he tried to marry his current wife, in 1965 in the State of Virginia, he would be trying to commit a crime.  Anti- Miscegenation laws were still in force then, and were overthrown in 1967 by the Supremes.  

A historic moment as same-sex marriage arrives before Supreme Court

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trogs Think the Supremes Are Liberal!

If convervative GOOPERS see the Court as liberal, I wonder what they'd be happy with?  Oh, yeah, forgot, they'd find a Court that restores Charles II to be pretty fair and balanced.

Pew: Republicans Don’t Think Supreme Court Is Conservative

More Originalism

Roberts and the Robes will take up Affirmative Action this week.  The case is base on a suit brought in Michigan where voters, in 2006, voted by a 58% margin to ban use of race in college admissions.  A lower court overturned the initiative.  The Supremes will decide what's right, the lower court or the voters.

58% seems to be a reasonable number, but only 49% of posisble voters bothered to vote in 2006.  So only 28% of adult Michiganders can be said to oppose the use of race in admissions.  Once again, the lack of voters may determine the rights of all.  28% will decide what 100% should have spoken on.  If we want a decent nation then we all have to vote, failing that, then we have to accept that the majority is definded as 25% + 1.  Is that your idea of a majority?

Supreme Court accepts second case on race-based college admissions

Voters, the lack thereof is the problem

The Supremes will take up gay marriage this week.  How will they decide?  I am of the mind that they will find a weasely solution that somehow says they stand for gay marriage, but that states can persecute gays if that's their desire.  There are too many Catholics on the Court.

The Supremes do have a bit of problem, "four fifths of our states forbid same-sex marriage"  but public opinion shows that 58% of us approve of gay marriage.  How can that be?  Well, remember, at best, only 50% of us vote and that is in Presidential elections.  If the voters don't support gays, then anti-gay legislators get elected and anti-gay ballot initiatives get approved.  Gay marriage, as with so many of our problems stem from the failure of people to vote.  Imagine if all the proponents of gay marriage did vote?  I bet we would not even need a decision by the Supremes.  Now, if they also voted on gun control.  See?

In gay marriage cases, Supreme Court may choose caution over boldness

Fair, open, and universal voting is needed to preserve our democracy.  Now you understand why today's Republicans want to limit and deter voting.  Let's face it, Trogs can't win on a single issue in a fair election.  If all people voted, then  the GOP would barely be a third party choice.

Evil Federal Government!

Our mobility scares central controllers in Washington D.C.  Bureaucrats know the ability to limit and control how people move from one place to another is central to a strong, well-planned, new world order.  To advance socialist ends, the federal government will confiscate everyone's vehicles.  Feds know where all the cars are, after all we register them with guvment.    If you do not swear allegiance to the United Nations, then your only vehicle will be Shank's Mare.

If the above is idiotic, then think about guns, registration, and the gun nuts who are sure "they're coming to get our guns."  Idiots with money do buy guns.  We are blessed with an abundance of affluent morons.   How effective does anyone really think the feds are in the first place?  

Trogs love to push the 10th Amendment whenever they feel they may fail to gain federal support.  For example, gay marriage brings out the 10th in every knuckle dragger.  I guess they think, since most of their states are controlled by bilious fellow Trogs, that red states would make sure that gays cannot marry and might even be put back into the closet.  Hmm, the 10th may make sense on some things, but gay marriage?

Here's a simple test for 10th Amendment utility.  If you think that issue X should be resolved by the states, then ask how would Mississippi resolve the matter?  If civil rights was left to the states, Mississippi would have never allowed slavery to end in their state.  Would you leave any kind of rights to Mississippi?

If you tend to support the 10th and are not from Mississippi, then before you give whole hearted support to state's rights on any issue, think about how Mississippi would "solve" the problem.  If you think Mississippi has the best solution then support the 10th, otherwise realize you are dealing with an issue that cuts to the core of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution (the Preamble).  Some things, as a matter of law and morality cannot be left to the states.  Our nation is based on the rule of law.  With respect to our liberty, freedom and rights,  our law protects the minority from the "will" of the majority.

Do your really want Mississippi to set the nation's standard?  If so, then keep on supporting the 10th Amendment, otherwise think before you act (vote).

It's Ready?

What?  Well it has 226,560 square feet of space to store one book, "My Pet Goat!"  Yes the Shrub's memorial library is finished and almost ready for folks to stop by and see his book.

George W. Bush library set to open at SMU

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What do they make car bombs from in N. Ireland?

Beer kegs!

Chinese Hackers

Five Myths

Let Them Die

If prisoners choose to not eat and subsequently die, so be it.  It's their choice and no one should get all that concerned.  If all the prisoners kill themselves then we can close the damn place.  Of course this could have all been avoided had the GOP not decided to oppose Obama's intent to close Gitmo.

At Guantánamo, captives, war on terror devolves into fight over food

How Did The Batshit Crazies Take Over the GOP?

The GOP is estranged from America

Yeah, We Don't Need No Stinkin Gun Control

We don't unless you are non-white and live in a southern urban area, then  you might think it's a good idea.  Of course, if you're white, live in the sticks, then who really cares, since you'll off yourself with one of  your many guns.

While we have lots of guns in this country, it's a minority that own them and keep on buying more.  In 2013, there is something wrong with folks who still hunt or target shoot.  Both are aberrant.  Both are throwbacks to the past.  Unless one is a subsistence hunter, there's no need for it at all.  If one target shoots for fun, I'd suggest that that person is mildly unhinged and needs therapy.  It's not all that different from getting a kick out pulling the wings off flies.

Gun control won't happen until people decide to elect Reps and Senators who represent them instead of the gun shelling shills of the NRA.  Gun control is in the hands of those who vote in primary elections in secure GOP districts. The rest, Democratic districts, the larger population and general election voters don't really matter.

Here's a nice overview of gun violence in these barbaric states--

Gun deaths shaped by race in America