Saturday, April 6, 2013

For a guy who ran on peace...

He did not end the Iraq War, he merely complied with Bush's SOFA.  He was big on the Afghan War and we're still at it.   Why are we still in Afghanistan?  I guess it's no big deal unless it's your kids who wind up dead.  Why do they die?  Oh, it's political vanity.


George W. Obama Strikes Again

The guy is not a Democrat.  Have we had a Democrat in office since LBJ?  Now Obama wants to control women's heath and overturn the judges ruling on Plan B.  I do not understand the support he does garner from women.  Granted he's not a Trog, but damn some days it seems like he'd rather be sitting next to Reagan than FDR.


How do we form a new party?

Bless the Chocolates of Liberation -- Leagacyland Update

The Shrub's legacy continues to bless the Iraqi people.  When can we expect them to erect a triumphant arch in his memory?

Officials: Suicide bomber kills 20 at political rally in northeastern Iraqi city

How Much Tech Do You Want?

I'm not much of tech type of person.  I get around to electronic stuff, eventually.  I can't say I "love" all the technology.  It should not be a problem, but, I guess it's my inner Luddite, I don't like the dependency aspect of technology.   For example, the Internet.  It has become embedded in my life.

I assume the Mac will work.  I assume my WISP is providing access.  I assume everything will work.   When a piece fails or is not quite the way it should be, then my world is off kilter for a bit.  I've thought about shutting it all down, but the pluses still outnumber the minuses.  Yeah, technology always wins out in the end.  

I am amazed, especially when I look at the bills, at how much tech I do use.  I can only imagine what it must be like if one is a tech head and has a few more discretionary dollars.  How much tech do you want in your house?

The remote-controlled ‘smart house’

Gun Control Didn't Even Come Ashore

The NRA, gun nuts, manufacturers and sellers of guns and ammo have apparently stemmed what looked like an oncoming tsunami of gun control laws after Sandy Hook.  Now it's just an ebb tide.  The idea of controlling may just not work at the federal level.  States can control guns.  Let states do the job, if the voters in their states want it to be so.  What can the feds do?

The feds can enforce current law and make gun abuse and misuse of any kind a federal crime.  They can expand the laws that apply to "bad guys."  If you are packing and your pistol falls out of your pocket, discharges, does not shoot anyone and even does no damage, then you are a bad guy.  You should 1.)  have your gun permanently taken away from you,  2.) do at least five years in federal prison and 3.) be placed on the no guns allowed list.  That may seem harsh but the back end of guns is the only way we can might eventually get some controls on the front end.

For example, if Adam Lanza had not killed his mother but had just killed the elementary school kids,  I think she should have jad all her weapons seized, been prosecuted, put on the list and sent to prison for five to ten years for having guns in the house and allowing her crazy son to have access to her guns.

Make the back end very strict and appropriate money to catch the bad guys after the fact.  If Congress won't appropriate funds, then just call them the party of death since as they kowtow to the NRA, that's about all they stand for--death.   If you support the NRA you support death it really is that simple.

NRA tactics erode post-Newtown support for gun-control measures

As an alternative:

If prison appears a bit much, then lets bring back the public stocks.  Mrs. Lanza could have spent some time in stocks.  The state would provide rotten tomatoes.  Maybe shame and humiliation would work, what do you think--prison or shame?

Friday, April 5, 2013

He's A Republican

A number of Democrats have been less than pleased with the Democratic President, Obama.  I think I now understand.  Obama is not and never has been a Democrat.  He's a moderate Republican.   I wonder when the party will actually run a Democrat (Hillary Clinton I fear is also not much of a Democrat).

Left Furious With Obama For Backing Social Security Cuts

Now Finish The Job

Okay, a few more go -- Rutgers AD Pernetti, school VP resign amid hoops video scandal that led to firing of Mike Rice  -- now finish the job and rid us of all inter-collegiate athletics.  A NCAA free  world is a much better place, so disband the damn organization.

If this is too extreme, still be rid of the NCAA but make all college sports into professional farm teams.  Athletes should be paid.  Lease the schools name and facilities to pro teams and get the school out of athletics period.

Trogs Will Pop Lots of Blood Vessels Today!

Why? Uh, Plan B will go OTC!

I wonder if you hold your breath 'til you turn blue can you off yourself?  Let's find out, Trogs please begin holding your breath now.

Dems are Trogs Too

Imagine the reaction if Bush had, in reference to a state Attorney General, said, "She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general in the country.”  Various liberal, progressive, and Democratic groups would have said assorted vile things, but their message would have been the same--Bush is a sexist pig who does not respect women.  Where's the hue and cry over Obama?

I guess the vocal crowd had gone to wherever the Bush era war protestors went when a Democrat, Obama, was elected.  This suggests to me that the Dems only care about war and human dignity when a Trog is in office.  That's hypocritical.  Gee, Obama and those of his ilk are but elephants wearing a jackass suit.  

 Obama rekindles talk about boys club after comment about California attorney general

Trog Schools

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Keeping the nut in Gun Nuts!

Well, they are in the Senate, they say whatever will get them money and votes, but do they have to pander to the craziest amongst all the time.  After a while, I fear some of the pols may actually believe their bullshit is true.

Senators Agree: The UN Is Gonna Take Our Guns!

Get to know N.Korea and son of bad hair guy

As N. Koreas rattles its nuclear saber, who are those folks and who is that idiot in charge?

A MuckReads Guide to North Korea

Gee, He's a 5 Percenter

Wow, I'm impressed Obama is going to give back 5% to express fiscal sympathy.  Come on it's horseshit!  None of the 535 members of Congress and Obama should be paid a dime until they start behaving like adults and find ways to put our fiscal house in order--that means party bullshit has to end.  No results, then no pay for any elected or appointed official.

Obama 5% of salary: He'll give it back, in sign of 'sequester' solidarity

10th Amendment Success!

Of course it's not what Trogs want in the way of 10th Amendment usage.  Nah, Trogs jump on the 10th when the Feds won't do things their way.  For example, abortion.  Okay, Trogs see it as  a state's rights thing, not the Feds.  I'm sure you get the picture.

Trogs should be jumping with joy that a state has made a strong move vis a vis guns.  States should be the dominant locus of how we control ourselves.  Ooops, it's Connecticut and it's strong gun control.  I anticipate Trogs will demand federal action to overturn Connecticut and put gun control where it belongs--in the hands of the feds.  God, Trogs are so fucking weird.

Connecticut General Assembly OKs sweeping gun control bill

North Korea

If North Korea launches a missile at the U.S. or its allies I do hope Obama and his aces in the Pentagon will not hesitate to launch a massive counter attack, not nukes, but enough ordinance to destroy what infrastructure they have and keep it up for several weeks if not months.  I've had it with humanitarian aid for N. Korea, I'd let the damn place starve into non-existence.

If the Chinese don't like it and decide to defend N. Korea, then maybe its time for a nuclear Ragnarok.  If we end it, as we go, I do hope there are a few extra missiles that target Mecca,  Jerusalem and Rome.   Maybe whatever civilization that comes next will reject the people of the book permanently.

As N. Korean threats intensify, first signs of jitters in the South

South Carolina Does Entertain Us

If you need a laugh, then seek out anything said by Sen. Lindsey Graham.  Lindsey loves guns.  Actually he loves the gun nuts who vote for him.  Make that he loves anyone who will vote for him.  He's up for reelection in 2014.   Lindsey is the "thinking" man's Louis Gohmert, after all he is in the Senate.  This means it takes more than two seconds to realize that Lindsey is as batshit crazy as Louis.

Lindsey Graham’s claim that no fugitives have been prosecuted after gun background checks

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More From Legacyland East

I have to hand it to the Shrub, about the only thing he never fucked up was a T-Ball game.  We all know he fucked up everything else he ever touched.  So why are we still in the Shrub's shithole?  Oh, I forgot, there's lots of money and medals in endless war.

At least 50 killed as Taliban militants storm court

Voter ID

Trogs worry about possible voter fraud.  Trogs fear the nation will fall if a single fraudulent vote is cast.  Our past shows no fraud has ever been committed, after all we're still in business as a nation.  Hence the fear is for the future.  Trogs want to sure the unborn taxpayer will have the right to own guns, decry abortion, pray to Jesus in public school and trash gays in the good old U.S.A.   The only protection against the a possible future plight is state issued photo IDs at the polls.

Okay, let's help the Trogs, we all need citizen IDs issued by the Feds.  Let's have USA Forever IDs issued by a new Dept.  The Department of Identification Certificate Keys (DICK) will be formed and issue both physical and on-line bio-metric credentials for all citizens.

The physical card, a citizen's DICK will become a life long possession that's used everyday.  It will have to be renewed annually.  After all, it might get worn out from overuse and besides our appearance does change over time.  A DICK will suffice for everyday ID needs.  However, the biometric DICK will be needed to vote, get a job, buy a gun, etc.

To protect and insure that generation of unborn American taxpayers will be American born, we citizens of today need to get DICKed now!  Call your Congressman and demand that government provides us a way to  prove we are who we say we are.  We all need to flash our DICKs before we engage in just about any activity in American life.

Just think about it.  If you don't have a DICK, you can't vote.  No DICK, no education.  NO DICK then no Medicaid.  No DICK, then no driver's license.  No Dick, then no guns or ammo.  No Dick, no job.  I think we can solve many of America's problems with DICKs.

What have the kids learned from their teachers?

Pols have set the staff to racing to the top, but the purse is large enough so that they wind up leaving all the kids behind.   Look, get the feds out of education.  If the states and locals fail, so be it, but we know the feds will not improve the mess one iota--they have a track record.   So what have the kids learned when they read about --

Former Atlanta schools superintendent reports to jail in cheating scandal

The Nuttiness Persists

Gun control folks in Connecticut will enact a tough new law.  Gun nuts (NRAites) will point out that the new laws would not have prevented Sandy Hook.  I could have predicted the NRA's evaluation since the law will not increase the sales of guns and ammo.  The NRA defends the 2nd Amendment, that is,  the right of gun manufacturers to bear annual increased profits in their arms.  

If people want to control the gun slaughter they have to vote as in vote against anyone who is endorsed by the NRA.  Of course that means 50%+ of us will be voting for the first time.  I guess we'll just see more and more guns and ammo sold.

Connecticut responds to Newtown with groundbreaking gun control laws

Aw, It was a nice speech

Our Orator in Chief was in the Middle East a short while back.  He made speeches to both sides about peace.  Both sides applauded.  He left.  Once again, we learn words don't matter as much as deeds (why does anyone keep listening to him).  If you thought peace was going to break out you probably believed everything Dick Cheney said about Iraq.


We can see the legacy coming

Afghanistan will be a joint gift to the world.  The Shrub and Obama have crafted their gift.  It will belong to the world sometime around 2014.  The Shrub spent years on a solid a foundation.  He did as well for the Afghans as he and his crew did in the invasion, liberation, occupation, and state building in Iraq.  Yeah, it surely will be a blessing.  What will it look like?  Oh, here's a sample of what will come for years after we leave--

Taliban raids Afghan provincial capital

All praise our commanderators in chiefiness, they really, really know what they are about.

Why not just rid ourselves of college sports?

Gee, a mean insensitive coach.  He was hired by a committee.  Where are all those deciders now?  When the only concern is winning, don't be surprized by the assholes who show up for the job and the asshole who gets the job.  At least he wasn't doing little boys, but that may only be a college football thing.  If they can the coach they also need to can the "decision" makers who hired the turd to lead Rutgers to "victory."  Then they should shut down the program.  Think about the deviants that coach has produced over the past three years.

Rutgers considering firing Mike Rice after video shows coach shoving, throwing ball at players

The Nation's Joke Is Back!

If you are from S. Carolina would you admit it?  Come on, the state's GOP just nominated a public liar  to run for Congress.  The Palmetto state is always good for a laugh but must be watched.  Don't forget where the Civil War began.   Gee, it may be okay after all, Sanford really is quite representative of both Republicans in general and S. Carolina Trogs in particular.  Oops to be fair, I have to say I forgot that the Dems still have and use Bill Clinton. It's no big deal as long as we expect and accept so little from  the narcissists who seek therapy via elections.  The problem is not Sanford, it's the voters.

Mark Sanford wins Republican runoff in South Carolina

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NRA Dreck

AS usual a NRA study comes to conclusions that will do two things.  First, if the results are adopted guns sales will go up.  Second, if the results are adopted,  more guns means more long and short term ammo sales too (I think ammunition has a shelf life doesn't it).   I guess there is a third result, miscellaneous ancillary profits will go up if the newly armed have to be trained and qualify as pretty good shooters, especially if there's a regular qualification requirement.

No one needs to even know what the study was about, the results are always the same--goose gun and ammo sales.  If sales go up then the NRA increases its corporate take for lobbying for more guns.  The only thing more demented than the NRA public shills are the ordinary members who merely hunt and occasionally go target shooting.

I can understand Wayne Lapierre, he's just one more amoral lobbyist who sells his services.  Wayne happens to have a knack for selling guns.  I cannot understand the hunter who buys into the NRA's goosing of gun sales and does not tell Wayne to push for little things like universal background checks and rigorous prosecution of gun related crimes.  The members, given their lack of appropriate behavior are just so fucking sick.

Oh the study was on why adults in schools should be packing.

National Rifle Association report says schools should arm staffer to repel gun violence

OMG! Trogs who don't want to kill gays!

Sen. Portman decided gay marriage is okay after the issue was no longer risky for him--he was a VP possible for Willard.  Dems are down with the gay marriage thing, but Trogs?  Come on, Trogs want to put gays back in the closet and seal them in.  Damn, another Trog Senator has decided it's okay to be gay and married (to another gay person).

Of course it took a near death experience--Mark Kirk becomes second GOP senator to back gay marriage

I wonder about 2016.  With respect to gays and gay marriage, will the GOP platform remain unchanged from 2012?  Will the nominee approve of gay marriage?  I think the platform will be about the same--the Trogs will still say, "gays suck because Jesus told me so."  The nominee will oppose gay marriage as in think of Santorum as the nominee.  Don't forget the party is mostly rich old white guys and they ain't gonna change one bit.

Book Review

I ran across this book in Science.  I'd link to the review but it requires a subsrciption, so here's another review.  The topic is "taken for grantedness" as it applies to mobile communications.  Huh?

Okay, whens the last time you thought about your refrigerator?  Unless it's broke, it probably hasn't bubbled up into your consciousness in a long time.  Now the fridge has been around for a long time, but what about the cell phone?  We depend, rely and assume the cell is handy, functional and lets us communicate on demand.  The only time we think about is when we've lost the phone or the battery is dead and we're in the middle of a national park.

How old is the cellphone?  Isn't mobile communication really how we communicate today?  How long did it take and how did it become so integrated into our society?

If this topic is of interest then check out the author and his current book:

Taken for Grantedness: The Embedding of Mobile Communication Into Society

Where'd the sequester come from?

Uh, Phil Gramm?  Okay, it was dumb when he first tried it, and it's still dumb.  Gramm did get one thing right.  Incumbents don't give a shit about anything except getting reelected.  The only way to obtain legal change is to change the legal beagles in Congress.

It doesn't matter what Congressman X or Congresswoman Y thinks, all that matters is how they vote.  Congress (and the White House) has become a collection of tools or ciphers.  We as voters, tool users, have failed by not voting in primaries and general elections.  We need to demand and follow through by unseating the current bozos.  So, if 85% want something like gun control then that 85% has to show up and help incumbents become emeritus.

The Sequester: Budget Lessons From the 1980s

Bye-Bye Gun Control

The American people have spoken, they don't want none of that stinkin' gun control.  They have said so through their elected Reps. and Sens.  Of course the ones who have spoken are the ones who count.

Those are the ones who vote in primary and general elections.  Remember since only 50% of us, at best, vote, all it takes to be heard is to garner 25%+1 of all possible votes to win an election-- that's 50% of 50% plus one.  If you want gun control but don't vote, you don't count.  You really want things exactly as they are.  If you want to end the slaughter, then vote the gun nuts out of office.

Gun measures may be in jeopardy in Congress

NRA Buys Absence of Gun Law

How the NRA exerts influence over Congress

The National Rifle Association uses campaign expenditures and a rating system based on members' voting histories to exert influence over members of Congress. Use this graphic to see who gets the most -- and least -- support.
261 candidates received donations in 2012
Nearly all of the contributions to House
and Senate candidates went to Republicans.
Correction: An earlier version of this graphic included lawmakers who retired in 2012 but had taken NRA contributions before they announced their retirement.
About NRA ratings
The NRA grades candidates based on their voting record on gun issues or on a questionnaire.
A+ "Excellent voting record" and "vigorous effort" on gun rights.
A "Solidly pro-gun," backed NRA on key votes or has positive record on gun rights.
AQ Pro-gun rating based solely on a questionnaire and without a voting record.
B May have opposed "pro-gun reform" or backed some gun restrictions.
C "Not necessarily a passing grade." Mixed record" on gun votes.
D "Anti-gun" supporter of "gun control legislation" who "can usually be counted on to vote wrong on key issues."
F "True enemy of gun owners' rights."