Saturday, April 13, 2013

From the land of the inbred -- Tennessee III

Anyone still wonder why we need gun control?

Tactical Response CEO James Yeager: I Got My Gun Permit Back


FOX is screed machine for Trogs.  MSNBC mindlessly cheers for Dems.  CNN used to do news.  CNN, to maximize it's stockholder's return, has decided their future is to become the Food Channel II.

Zucker: ‘Parts Unknown’ ‘The True Measure of What We Want This Network to Be’

Note "Get To The Point" lasted four days.  It appears Jake Tapper's show will  soon be gone.  Now the news is only available over the web and radio.

RNC -- Keep up the good work!

The Trogs are meeting.  Their chairman did an autopsy a few weeks back.  Now,  as the knuckle draggers and their drooling compatriots convene, they will decide how to proceed to 2014 and 2016.  After due deliberation they have decided they will not change.

All they have to do is find young women, gays, blacks and Hispanics who think and share the same values as rich old white guys who despise women, gays, blacks and Hispanics.   This is good news.  If confirms the Trogs will not take the White House in 2016 and we'll see a 60 seat Democratic majority in the Senate after 2014.

Chairman Priebus noted "I'm not talking about changing the principle of our party, but I am trying to communicate that principle draped in grace and respect."

Yep, we all know that if you coat a horse turd with chocolate, in the core, it's still tastes like shit.  I can't wait for young women, gays, blacks and Hispanics to try the latest GOP confection.

Republicans pledge to change tone, not positions

Secret Law -- Obama

When if comes to law, Obama and Bush are cut from the same cloth.  Neither has a shred of respect for the rule of law.  If you thought the Shrub sucked, then you should think the same of Obama.  If you think Obama is okay but the Shrub was not, then you are an idiot, a hypocrite.

Obama urged to reveal legal linchpins for drone killings

From the land of the inbred -- Tennessee II

Rep. Steve Cohen makes another splash on Twitter

From the land of the inbred -- Tennessee

I don't know what happened.  After some debate, the inbreds momentarily behaved more as normals than not.  This is strange behavior in the state that gave us the Scopes Trial and Ray Blanton.  Have the voters of Tennessee screwed up and elected a few normal people to the legislature?  How odd, it won't last.

Bill to penalize welfare parents stalls on Senate floor

George W. Obama Strikes Again

Obama screwed the nation with his health care reform--it guaranteed that health insurance would be the basis for health care for decades to come.  He abandoned any notion of a national health care system or single payer.  Now to fix the Medicare mess, he's proposing that seniors cough up even more.  He's a Trog and I bet Hillary Clinton is too, don't forget she began as a Trog.

Funny how the rich--incomes over $53,000--have no problems sticking it to others.  We need a Prez and Congress which will nationalize all health related entities and run a national system.  We, that is the Feds, have already paid for most of it anyway.  For example, how many purely privately funded hospitals exist anyway?  If you are a Doc, you will become a federal employee.  Ditto with all the other employees.


Chinese Smack Down?

China appears ready to spank the dictator of N. Korea.  Will they?  Who knows what will actually ensue, but I think N.Korea's rhetoric will soften a tad.  I also think they will not send any nukes flying.  If China cut them off, they could not survive for long, with or without war.  Now, if the U.S. and China could agree to rid the world of N. Korea...


Trogs and the 10th

Trogs tend to trumpet state's rights.  You know the routine, if it's not in the Constitution, then it's up to the states to do as they are wont.  Trogs don't approve of Roe v. Wade.  States should regulate abortion.  Got the logic?  Now apply it to guns.

Oops, the Feds need to step in and make it the law that a concealed carry permit issued anywhere is valid in every other state.  In other words, screw the 10th amendment and screw state law.  I know they will hoist the 2nd Amendment in their defense.  I'm tired of their bullshit, aren't you.  I guess that means if you're from Vermont, where there is no permit needed to pack in secret, you would be able to pack anywhere.  Okay what about open carry?  If I can openly carry a gun in Virginia and I visit Texas, why can't I openly carry a gun?  Hm, it would be easier to rid ourselves of the states would it not?  

Oh, if you can pack from state to state, how can there be any laws restricting where in any burg you can pack?   What brings this all on?  It's our national chamber of debilitators, the Senate.  They will take up amendments to the gun control bill next week.  Amendments can strengthen or weaken the bill.  I'll put my money on a gun bill that promotes gun ownership, eliminates regulation, and increases sales by 200+% at a minimum in the first quarter after Obama signs the bill.  Senators have been bought and paid for by the NRA.  Ditto with most of the House yokels.

Until we decide we want a better class of pols then we have to assume we have exactly what we want.  Gee, that means most voters in House races actually accept a Sandy Hook slaughter as a fair price for unlimited bearing of arms.

Gun debate in Senate likely to feature amendments to weaken or strengthen laws

Friday, April 12, 2013

Oops, My Bad II

Gitmo Defense Lawyers Say Somebody Has Been Accessing Their Emails

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Did Thatcher really urge Bush not to be "wobbly"?

Reporters often joke that some details are "too good to check." That was the case with the often-repeated that 85 percent of college grads return to live with their parents.

Last year, Lou Jacobson of our staff dug into the claim and discovered there was nothing solid to back it up.

This week, a comment by Dick Cheney piqued our interest. The former vice president said in a TV interview that it is "an old wives' story" that Margaret Thatcher told George H.W. Bush not to go "wobbly."

It’s one of Thatcher’s most memorable quotes, spoken to President Bush after Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait. It evokes the image of a weak-spined Bush, bolstered by the Iron Lady.

Wondering if we had another case of the news media spreading a great detail that wasn't true, PolitiFact writer Becky Bowers checked the historical record to see if Cheney was right.

Meanwhile, with the Senate considering a bill to expand background checks on gun purchases, make sure you check out our analysis of our gun ratings, which shows that opponents of gun control earn more False and Pants on Fire claims than supporters.

Okay Gun Nuts

If you won't allow an iota of gun control to even protect your kids, then maybe you'll consider competency checks to save elephants.  We have to many nuts with guns.  They let their kids get hold of guns and shoot other tykes or Mom.  Gun nuts shoot each other.  That's fine,  I don't live near them, but when they target shoot on circus elephants, it's time to admit gun owners have some profound psychological problems.

Reward offered in drive-by shooting of circus elephant

Parenthood Needs to be Licensed

More evidence, similar to Steubenville, that breeding should require a license.

Boys arrested in alleged sexual assault of girl who killed herself

Next Big Thing?

I've thought that 3D printing would be the next big thing.  So far, it has not quite taken off as I expected.  Now, however, there may be a gadget that finally gets the ball rolling.  Are you ready to draw in 3D?  Draw the Brooklyn Bridge today, then print coffee cups tomorrow?


Now it they company could ramp up for Xmas '13...

Gun Control From Congress?

The Senate will probably pass a half-assed gun control bill.  For example, it will presented as super strong, but will still allow gun sales and transfers to occur without background checks in a number of instances.    The House, as it appears today, will not pass any, even half-assed, gun control.  If by some odd chance they do, is their such a thing as one eighth-assed?

As was prohibition, guns reflects our nation's rural/urban divide.  The rural states really are full of bitter, god fearing and gun toting creatures.  They are largely inbred miscreants.  The urban states are full of decent, normal people.

Unfortunately, the rural hinds can elect Reps.  They have.  Even in hindish States, there are more urban voters, so the Senate will pass a bill.  States are comprised of well gerrymandered Districts, some urban, mostly rural.  As long as more Districts reflect rural irrationality, then a troggish controlled  House will not even vote on gun control.

Hold it, I may have overlooked a segment  of voters, the burbs.  How will they align--urban or rural?  It's something to think about.  Typically a burber is a hind in a three piece suit, but on guns they may abandon their political twittishness and demand that their elected Rep behave like a Democrat.

I still expect we'll see zip on gun control from the 113th Congress.  However, do consider--

Growth of suburbs in pro-gun states changing the political calculus in Congress

Oops, my bad

The military continues to demonstrate why it's members should not be trusted with anything other than killing and at that only upon the direction of civilian authority.  Do you still have an iota of trust in our military?  Military commissions are not trials, they are an affront to any idea of law.  I think our bemedaled aces have studied the Soviet Union a bit too much, they have adopted their ways.  Have we become them?

Guantanamo dogged by new controversy after mishandling of e-mails 

Do you think we'd be holding up Nuremberg Trials as a model of military "justice" if they had been run as brutishly then as today's commissions have been run in Guantanamo. If we had failed in 1946, we'd have nothing but civilian trials today. Guess what, after Guantanamo, we'll never see military commissions again.  Gee, our Army is the Red Army and our CIA is the KGB.  Who won?

Misogyny Front -- Of the Book

We all know how Muslims see women.  Christians are not that different, especially the Catholics.  Come on does anyone expect to see a female Imam or Priest any time soon?  Now how about the third group, the Jews.  Well, if Israel is to Judaism as Rome is to Catholics (and Christianity in general), then the Jews are solid members of the Book.

Women challenge Orthodox practice at Israel’s Western Wall

I do not understand how an American Catholic, Muslim, or Jew can provide financial support or remain a member in the face of such idiotic behavior.  It's just a bunch of guys afraid of losing their jobs, perks and power.   So why support those boobs?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some Days All One Can Do Is Shake One's Head (a lot)

Man calmly grabbed saws and sliced arms at Home Depot, police say

Debilitators At Work -- Guns R Us Division

The U.S. Senate, the world's lamest excuse for a legislative body, will take up guns today.  The "will we filibuster it" vote comes about  11:00 am today.  If cloture is supported so there will be no filibuster, then the august yammerers will propose one idiotic amendment after another.  The process will yield  a bill that is mostly non-recognizable as a gun bill.  It will be passed and move to certain defeat in the House.  Of course the Senate may load the bill with all kinds of items that have nothing to do with guns in hopes of attracting House Trogs to support the bill.  Pork is a legislative delicacy.  If the bill does make it to Obama's desk, it may be called a gun control act, but when you read it, it will probably be a gun advancement and promotion bill.


Idiot Watch -- Rand Paul

He may actually support the Civil Rights Act, but he loves to talk in a way that attracts the Klan types in Kentucky and other Cracker States of America (CSA).  I think we have a new douchebag of liberty in Rand Paul.

Rand Paul’s rewriting of his own remarks on the Civil Rights Act

Guide to a many ringed circus

Do you have a federal budget?  If so, add yours to this handy guide.  Have we developed a system of government that yields no governance?

The battle over the 2014 budget

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Frothy Update

I do hope Santorum dominates the 2016 GOP nomination circus.  I hope he  becomes the nominee.  If Frothy wins the nomination, then any Democrat--living or dead--will take the White House in 2016.   He is about the only one who freely articulates GOP beliefs.

 Rick Santorum’s Dire Warning on Gay Marriage

Trog Family Meeting

Defend This?

I'm sure they had the gun to protect themselves from attack dust bunnies or other fierce fantasies. It's obvious the parents should never be allowed to possess another firearm in their lives. I doubt the State will do much about them and their stupidity. Yep, we don't need no stinkin' gun control now do we.

Toms River horror story: 6-year-old dies from rifle shot to head

Neither snow, sleet, hail orother shitty weather will stop the mail, even on Saturdays!

Postal Service backs down on ending Saturday mail delivery, saying Congress gave it no choice

Chained CPI

Have you told Obama he's full of shit on his endorsement of the Chained CPI?  Gee, it will make Trogs happy and reduce the Social Security budget by 23 billion a year for the next 10 years.  That's really going to fix what's really broke--Medicare and health care.  It's a backdoor benefit cut.  Obama is not a Democrat.  Have you called the White House to express your opposition (202) 456-1414?  Don't want to phone him?  Then email him! 

Can we save even more?  Sure cancel the F-35, we'll cover keeping the SS COLA as it is and have more than a hundred billion to spare.  Unneeded planes or people?

Obama may trade one flawed Social Security formula for another

Yep, It's the Bieb

Fug Madness 2013: One Fugging Winner, One Fugging Moment

Gun Control -- Nation's Debiltiative Body Update

The Senate is moving forward on gun control.  It appears they will have a "debate" instead of the normal flibbertigibbet.   I assume the Senate will pass something other than a withered old turd.  It will praised on cable as a step forward.  However, every Trog who does vote for any variation on gun control knows, or is very certain, that the House will not pass any gun control bill.

Senate aides: Bipartisan deal reached on gun background checks

The loopholes that will be in the bill will vitiate the proclaimed effect.  All gun sales or transfers should require background checks.  If parents can give guns to their offspring, then Mrs. Lanza could have given guns to her son Adam as he headed out to Sandy Hook Elementary.  Crazy is crazy in the family or not.  No exceptions please.  If a household has one nut in it, then the whole household needs to be disarmed until they live in a nut free zone.

Bonzobushobama Phones

Trogs never quit.  They make shit up and spew it forth on FOX.  Of course we forget, the falsity does not mean much unless their are very willing listeners.  Sadly, the nation is over blessed well eared dimwits.

‘Obama phones’ subsidy program draws new scrutiny on the Hill

I wonder how the original program changed over the years, not in going from landlines to cellphone, but in the legal side.  Who voted for what, when, and why?  What changed by statute?  Was rule making involved?  Were there any executive orders.  To call it Obama phone is loony, but that's being overly polite to the GOP.

Is the Big Apple ready for a Big Weiner?

The guy has to be a super narcisscist--Anthony Weiner eyeing run for mayor of New York City

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Register Saxons, Not Swords!

I guess the National Sword Association will defend our 2nd Amendment rights to bear sharp pointed arms too!  I wonder, did the guy try to buy a gun, but all he could get was an Exacto knife?  By the NRA logic, we should all carry knives or swords to appropriately defend ourselves from Exacto knife knaves.  After all, the only thing that stands between us and a bad guy with a knife is a good guy with a machete or a bazooka.

Texas student stabs at least 14 at Lone Star College

Exacerbation Update -- Egypt

It's Copts vs. Muslims in Egypt!  The tension is high.  Of course the Christians are outnumbered, but they really, really believe in Jesus.  I wonder if the Muslims will institute Roman games and kill the Copts for their enjoyment?  Middle eastern religions are too damn violent.


Keep on denying

And get ready for bumpier rides as y'all fly the less friendly climate changed skies!

Climate Change Will Boost Plane Turbulence

Gun Nuts Take Note

This is a good idea -- Michael Bloomberg group’s gun-control scorecard will give lawmakers letter grades.  It might motivate voters to oust the idiots from Congress.

I do wish the gun nuts would buy more guns, it increases the probability they will be shot and killed by a family member or commit suicide.  More guns for gun nuts now!  Let's help them to act well before they begin breeding.

Do we still need the Voting Rights Act?

Look, the South has not really changed that much in the past 100 years, especially in the rural counties.  Don't forget, the rurals elect legislators that wind up dominating state legislatures.  It wasn't the urban South that gave us the new variations on the old poll tax.   Have southerners learned a lesson?   Well, do you thnk they still have segregated senior proms in the South?

Help Georgia Students End Segregated Proms

So do we still need the Voting Rights Act?

Food That Kills Update

The FDA is making new rules for fruit and vegetable growers.  Growers appear to be irritated with new regulations.  I have a feeling that even if the rules are  enacted and followed, we'll still have a bunch of food that kills.  All it takes is one asshole grower to contaminate the lot.

Instead of new how to grow it rules, how about rigorous labeling for both domestic and imports--origin, how it was grown, who  processed it, and genetic modification info.  Oh, don't forget to date stamp the stuff every step of the way.   Growers should not mind, if they do, then perhaps they should not be growers.   If label tags became mandatory then when the food starts to kill, the FDA will be able to quickly find the bad guy.

Oh, let's give the FDA the ability to shut down a farm, a processing plant, etc.  And make sure the folks involved with producing food that kills do some time in prison and are banned from all jobs relating to food for the rest of their days--that or make them eat their own food that kills.

Proposed FDA safety rules frustrate tree fruit farmers

Nanny state of death by rutabaga?  Which is your preference?

If it's bad for FOX, it must be good

FOX may go exclusively to cable.  Why?  Because of something called AEREO.  FOX fears loss of income from cable subscribers if current subscribers decide to drop cable and pick up TV via the Internet.  Aereo allows one to have an antenna in a data center that sends TV over the web to your PC, tablet, or other device.  One, given a decent Internet connection, then has over the air TV without the large cable bill but with a much smaller Aereo bill.   If FOX goes to cable, will others follow suit?

Okay, now consider this, HBO has been thinking about getting off of cable and going exclusively to subscriber based web streaming.  Would you rather have web streams, cable, or over the air?  If the fallout of this is cable a la carte I'll be happy.  I don't like cable bundling one bit.

I have found NetFlix provides more than the dreck on contemporary TV, especially from FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS.   I have pretty much quit watching news on CNN, MSNBC and FOX in the morning and in the evening.  During the day, I can find a news program.  For the most part they now do newstainment.  I get the bulk of my news via the web--newspapers and news services.

If Aereo persists, what will be the effect?

As Aereo threatens to alter TV landscape, major networks promise a fight

Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Darwin Award

Guns and four year olds don't mix.  They pick them up, pull the trigger and someone dies.  This time it's down on Tater Peeler Rd.  Yep, Tater Peeler Rd.  That kind brings up all those fine southern stereotypes now doesn't it, not Deliverance, but inbred Bubbas.  Well, this time it was the cops showing off their guns.  I guess we're screwed.  The cops are supposed to be the good guys with guns to protect us from the bad guys with guns...

Wife of deputy shot and killed in Wilson County accident

Gun Nuts

If the Senate can cobble together some new version of background checks, great.  As it is, about 40%, per conventional wisdom, of gun sales go unchecked.  Let's assume the new bill does not close the loophole entirely, will Dems accept it?  I hope they do.  If we shut down merely 75% of the sales that go unchecked, then we will have reduced the total unchecked sales to 10%.

I don''t expect that much.  I do expect some improvement in gun control.  I do also expect that whatever passes the Senate will be riddled with exceptions, variances, and loopholes.  Over in the House, I have little hope for any gun control bill to pass at all.

Remember Senators are elected statewide, so if 90% of possible voters are for gun control, statewide incumbents get nervous.  Representatives, on the other hand, are elected in GOP gerrymandered districts of about  710,000 folks each.  The GOP districts are loaded with solid majorities of Trog voters who love guns, hate gays, despise immigrants, and are sure life begins before conception.*  If anyone wants serious gun control, they will have to take control of State legislatures and redistrict the GOP out of the House.


*The Kansas legislature and Governor Brownback are trying to define eggs and sperm as people.  

Vegheads Take Note

Not eating meat, especially red meat, may let you live a longer healthier life.  If we all became, at least, semi-vegetarians, we'd probably be healthier.  Hmm, to break the curve on federal health care costs we just need to eat our fruits and veggies and say bye-bye to beef.  I wonder why neither party has pushed for a veghead approach?  Oh, silly me, vegheads don't contribute to pols like big beef.

Fat and cholesterol aren’t only heart dangers of red meat

Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Death

If we follow pattern, we'll deny the killings, then admit they may have occurred, maybe.  However we'll insist the numbers are not as large as purported.  Then we'll go "oops" and form a committee to look into the deaths.  We'll eventually get around to admitting we screwed up, killed a bunch of kids that were in the wrong place.  After all it's a war zone.  Then we'll finally admit we totally screwed the pooch, killed more than was originally thought to have died from our bombs.  Some days later, we might say "we're sorry."  Oh, then we'll discuss how much each life is worth in compensation.  How much is a six year old worth anyway?

Why are we still in Afghanistan?

Afghan children 'killed by Nato air strike in Shigal'

It's time to shake your head...

If they aren't working, where are they? I wonder if they are armed and hanging out in compounds?

Vanishing workforce weighs on growth

Is mental health a zero sum game? If so, thank the Prez for creating a new problem to solve an old one--

VA hiring blitz concerns community health program backers 

Instead of national health care or single payer, the ace in the White House gave us a bastardized continuation of health insurance. At least everybody would be covered and those with coverage would see no substantive change. Gee, that might be true unless you are poor. Is Obama really a Democrat?

Health-care law could backfire for thousands on Medicaid

So what if you win the House

If the Dems goal is to win back the House at any cost, then why not just hire Repubs to switch parties and run as Dems?  After all, no one in Congress gives a shit about anything except winning the next election, so it all comes down to campaign cash.  Why they can take back the House and Pelosi can be even less effective than Boehner has been for the Trogs.

Who needs to have a mind?  Who needs to know shit about any pressing issue?  Yep, the Dems will  run on mindless problem solving.  Only a pol could think that way.  The Dems can pull it off, all you need is good approvals and cash.

I guess the Dems have forgotten about the Blue Dogs.  What happens when most of the Dems are Blue Dogs? Ooops, then Pelosi will become the first Democratic Speaker leading a Republican House.  We need to replace both parties.

Democrats push problem solvers in House contests

Are the Dems, with respect to the Party, ultimately destroying the village to save it?

I hope the Dems will concentrate a bit more on state level races so they can correct the Trog's overzealous redistricting, then they can take back the House as Democrats not political bastards they are recruiting.

An Honest Pol?

I'll be, we may have found an honest one.  Dont' know how long it will last, but we can enjoy the moment--

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy (D) on Sunday compared National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre to “clowns at the circus.”

Wayne reminds me of the clowns at the circus. They get the most attention, and that’s what he’s paid to do,” said Malloy on CNN’s “State of The Union.”

What Else Would One Expect From Trogs?

Has White Male Privilege Run Amok?

Minimum Wage

Five Myths

They weren't all that good at intel...

So I will not be surprized to learn at some future time that the CIA was not that effective, much less efficient, in the use of drones and other methods to kill bad guys.  That will be learned if we finally have a Congressional investigation into the use of drones and other acts of directed killing by Executive Branch employees.  If they drone as well as they did intelligence then we have not accomplished much at all.  We do tend to overrate our intelligence organizations and our military.

Here's a book of interest on the CIA and death--

Book review: ‘The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth’ By Mark Mazzetti

Moron Update -- Living God Front

I think the head of N. Korea calls himself a living god.  That's moronic on his part and on the part of anyone who actually believes that kind of tripe.  The living god, with all his bellicose rhetoric, may have pissed on a bigger god in the Asian pantheon, the god ChiComm.  If ChiComm does not approve and did a small thing, such as cut off all food and fuel, the N. Korean god would become one dead divine.

Chinese President Xi Jinping expresses concern over North Korea’s rhetoric