Saturday, April 20, 2013

Privacy? We Don't Need No Stinkin Privacy (do we?)!

Identifying the bombers apparently used a great deal of photo, video footage, and computing power.   Faces were found, identified, and circulated.  The bombers were ID'd and dealt with.  Reality is approaching the movies.  How does this affect our notions of privacy?  Given technology is there any way anyone can be assured of privacy?  What happens if privacy ends?  Does it matter?

Advances in image analysis empower law enforcement but worry privacy advocates

Gee, to check technology's invasive use maybe we can link it to guns.  Let's see, the ATF will use satellites, drones, and cameras enhanced with metal detection abilities to identify everyone who is carrying a gun.  If the packer is not found on any states roster of concealed carriers then the feds will  swoop in and swoop him up to get bad guys off the street.  That will be a trial run what's to come.  Once the techniques are perfected, we'll see the national kickoff of "We Are Coming For Your Guns Day."  Gun nuts, take heed, the only way to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment is to defend a every person's absolute right to privacy.

How Do We Insure That The Unborn Taxpayer Will Have Wars to Pass On To Their Unborn Taxpayers?

Why that is easy.  We just have to keep the top slot in one area.  Our government is the world's premier merchant of death.  We sell them weapons.  They use them and at some point we'll have to step in.  We even buy the weapons for some customers.  Ally today, enemy tomorrow it does not matter since it will mean more weapons being consumed (and replaced).

Pentagon reaches deal on $10 billion arms sale to Middle East allies

Do you remember grade school "what does you father do" events?  Why is it probably easier for the child of a killing machine maker to present his Dad than one whose parent makes dildos?      

Friday, April 19, 2013

Oh, my god, the legacy was Bush's Brain

No, not Karl Rove.  I mean the Shrub's "brain."  He pondered.  He cogitated.  He acted.  He created the nation we call Iraq.   He left them his brain.  It's no wonder Obama was handed a national cluster fuck when he took office.

How stable is Iraq? 13 candidates killed ahead of elections

Watch and then think about Trogs and their "logic"

It explains a lot

Why the gun bill failed — in 1 chart

Gee, it's about the same on health care. National Health Care and single payer died because of the number of health insurance shops and health equipment businesses across the nation.

Post Today

We have a new puppy today, so I have not read much at all.  It's another golden.   We picked him up, went to the Vet, and brought him to his new home.  Our other dog, a Cavalier, is decidedly not happy about the pup.  The Cav is one of the most food oriented dogs I've ever known, but If I touch the puppy and then try to feed the Cav with a hand that smells of pup, then the Cav turns up his nose--even at Brie!  It will take time.

Needless to say, the household will be a bit chaotic for the next few weeks as we all adjust to each other.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Don't Need No Stinkin Gun Control

Why?  Well, we have lots of good guys with guns who will stand between us and the bad guys with guns.  Oops--

Cop who pointed gun at McDonald's customer will lose certification

Legacy -- Fine Nation Building

Iraq violence: Baghdad cafe hit by deadly bomb attack

When you add up all the dead Iraqis since the Shrub invaded the place, who's done more damage, him or the former dictator?

Aw, I was kinda hoping we'd send in the Shock and Awe

North Korea hints at openness to talks, despite still-venomous rhetoric

Good Old Number 1

All too frequently the American idiot intones "#1, #1, USA, USA."  They must think if they say it, then it must be true.  Listen idiot, "pigs fly!"  You can bet they'll be out looking.  In so may ways we are not number one.  Here's one more.  If you were a kid, where would you like to live?

U.S. kids worse off than many of their Western counterparts

Chuckle Time -- South Carolina

House Republicans had to bail on Mark Sanford. But they may get the last laugh.

No Gun Control

The Senate debilitated.  Gun control went the NRA's way.  It's over.  Okay, if we can't control guns, then let's control people who misuse guns.  If you use a gun in the commission of misdemeanor or felony then you should be sentenced to a nasty federal prison for 5-15 years in addition to whatever time you get for the underlying crime.  Demand that Congress appropriate funds for strict enforcement of existing federal gun laws.  We won't be after the good guys with guns, we're after every single bad guy with a gun.

Gun-control overhaul is defeated in Senate

Oh, don't forget, your state can control guns, let your legislators.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stand Up Routine

Whenever Louis Gomert speaks it's a joke.  What a clown.  Hmm, if he is representative of his District, then that is a place to stay far, far away from.

Louie Gohmert: Islamic Terrorists Training To ‘Act Like Hispanic’

CAble News Is Just Newstainment

If you were watching CNN this afternoon, about 1:46, you learned the bomber had been busted.  I was surprized.   I started to check real news sources--print media on line.  They did not corroborate cable news.  Without a picture, a name, oodles of cops and a grundle of pols hanging around a justice shop for free publicity, I doubted CNN.  Turns out--

An Arrest in Boston Blasts? Depends Who You Believe

Mayor Crotch Shot?

Is it possible that New Yorkers will opt for Wiener?  Maybe, maybe, but I'm sure the Repubs will use every photo the guy took of himself to provide voters with ample evidence of his deviance.   It will be an interesting race if Mr. Crotch Shot wins the Dems  primary.

A Strong Showing For Anthony Weiner In New Mayoral Poll

Hoist by their own petards!

Do you enjoy Trog watching?  It's so much fun--

Why Republicans Suddenly Became Afraid Of Their Own Budget Shadow

We are over-blessed with nutjobs

I've been waiting for this.  Sadly, they never disappoint me--

Boston explosion a government conspiracy

Now that's some kind of nation building

After the Shrub's success in Iraq, I wonder why anyone listens to any Repub about foreign policy.

Car Bombs Kill 5 in Iraq

South Carolina Continues to Amuse the Nation

Do you remember the SC guv who went hiking, got lost and wound up in bed with woman in Argentina?  Yeah, him, that Sanford idiot.  He stepped down.  His wife divorced him.  He went back to Argentina.  Oh, he's back and running for a House seat.  So what's new from SC?  Oh, Sanford's  ex-wife is suing him for trespassing.  You may chuckle now.

Mark Sanford faces ex-wife's trespassing complaint

Gay Marriage

The Supremes will render a couple of decisions this term that affect gay rights in the U.S.  Will gay marriage become legit or will we continue to wage this idiotic fight?  If people want to enter into a state sanctioned contract to cohabit and are willing to accept both the rights and responsibilities, then as long as all parties are legally covered, from the state's perspective, who gives a shit.

Oh, I meant to ask, what about the rest of the world?

Same-sex marriage is recognized in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina and Denmark. Lawmakers in Uruguay approved a law last week that President Jose Mujica is expected to sign. Nine states in the U.S. also recognize such marriages, but the federal government does not.

 And now we add New Zealand to the list--


C-Span Alert -- Debilitators In Action

Unless something stops them, our national ninnies will do their best to appear serious and proceed to comply with the Guns and Ammo Lobby desires.  Yes, they will harrumph.  They will give the appearance of thought.  They will vote on gun control amendments today.  They will show the world that they remain the world's greatest debilitative body.

Do you expect much from the Senate today?  I don't.   There will a lot of noise and a host of subsequent free cable news PR moments.  Until red state rednecks decide it's time to grow up and disarm themselves the nation will be awash in guns and ammo.

Senate reaches deal on amendments to gun bill

What's Next?

Bombs went off in Boston.  Now, we see poison powder in the mail.  It all becomes a bit much.   I doubt the two are related.   What's next, suicide bombers in Peoria?

Boston Marathon bombs had simple but harmful design, early clues indicate

Letter sent to Miss. senator believed to be laced with poison

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a legacy!

Did you vote for the Shrub and his Uncle Darth?  Look what you abetted--

US torture of prisoners is 'indisputable', independent report finds

See, Voter ID Today, National ID Tomorrow

We'll all have to carry our papers soon.  We, led by the idiots we elect, continue to become our former enemies.  We think our actions solve pressing problems.  We really erode liberty and make freedom into a joke.

With respect to E-Verify, instead of using this, put the person who hires an illegal in prison and confiscate their business.  A few folks sent up the river later and we'd see employers becoming very selective about whom they hired for even less than minimum wage.  Yep, national ID is coming.  It will  prevent us from doing any harm to law-breaking business types.  Quit  laughing and show me your papers!

Inside the immigration bill: E-Verify expansion draws fire

He's not a Democrat

The Repub in the White House and the Repubs in Congress will get together to figure out how to screw the elderly.  Social Security is not the real problem.  The real problem is two fold--all Defense spending and Medicare/Medicaid.  Funny how rich pricks keep on sticking it to the less affluent.  Maybe it's time for a change...

Republicans embrace Obama’s offer to trim Social Security benefits

Debilitators Come Through

I was afraid that the U.S. Senate might actually stand and deliver a reasonable gun control bill.   I may be able to set aside my fears as Senators sink and quibble at their normal level of debilitation and thus dash any gun control bill.   Yeah, job number one comes through again.  Job number one?  You know what that is, yep, getting reelected.

As debate begins, Senate background check proposal for gun sales lacks necessary votes

Boston Bombing

Again another senseless act.  This time during the Boston Marathon.  Why?  Who knows.  It could be a home grown lugnut or a jijhadi of some kind.  Two bombs, three dead and scores injured.  Here's the Post's latest (check with CNN for more recent info).

Grieving city seeks answers in deadly Boston Marathon bombings

Monday, April 15, 2013

Screw Pope Frankenfurter the First

It's business as usual in the little boys' club.   Keep those donations coming, it pays his bills.  Of course folks could send their cash to the Nuns who actually use the money for charitable work.  Catholics,as with all religionists, are strange.

Pope Francis Supports Crackdown on US Nuns

Why Not Replace the Lot?

We seem to think that the feds reek

I forgot, since only 50% of bother to vote, it's no wonder we can see low approval but still have a 95% certainty of incumbents being reelected.

I wonder what the gun laws are in New Zealand?

There are times I have thought about immigrating.  The current gun nonsense leads me to think in that direction once again.  We have to many guns in too many people's hands.   The obsession with the 2nd Amendment goes beyond any concern our forefathers may have had.  The obsession has little to do with gun ownership and self defense.  It does have a great deal to do with selling more guns and ammo. Now the Supremes may decide to make it legit for anyone to conceal a gun on their person as a 2nd Amendment right.

Supreme Court considers whether to hear case on guns in public

Hmm, blades are arms.  Maybe sword and knife owners should demand parity with guns nuts.

Congress Can Drive You Nuts

To achieve a desired end, Congress can accomplish nothing other than inspire the loathing of groups who just want to be treated equally.  How may they do this?  Well, it will require an assist from the Supremes--

If the Supreme Court rejects a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act, which denies same-sex married couples federal benefits, the matter is moot. Gay and lesbian binational couples then should receive the same immigration benefits as opposite-sex couples.

But if the court upholds the act, there’ll be more pressure from advocacy groups on President Barack Obama and members of Congress to add same-sex benefits to the pending immigration proposal.

However, many conservative supporters of overhauling immigration – including conservative Roman Catholics and evangelicals – have warned that they might pull their support if same-sex marriage is in the package.

‘Poison pill’ in immigration debate

Legacy Update -- Iraq

Do you remember when the Shrub and his pal Darth tried to scare us with the threat that terrorists in Iraq would follow us home if we left Iraq?  God, they were such idiots, but some of us gave them a lot of power.  I guess that makes anyone who voted for them, or appointed them,  an idiot too.   At any rate, what happened to all those terrorists that Captain Waterboard warned us about?  Oh, they stayed in Iraq.   Now that's a real legacy!


My God!

Has Utah had a lapse in insanity?  Does the Church know?   If the Senate does not act, Utah will be seen as weak on the 2nd Amendment.  The NRA may spurn the state.   Perhaps it's time for the prophet, seer and revelator to chat with god, and then demand an override.

Utah Legislature unlikely to override guv’s gun veto

Prez. Willard Obama?

Oops, Obama only paid 18%.  We didn't like it when Willard paid 13%.  However most of us do whatever we can to reduce our own tax bite.  Is there a difference between say $50,000 a year and $500,000 or $5,000,000?  What's fair?  What's equitable?

Mitt Romney was right (on taxes)

Gun Control Fan?

If you are, are you all giddy over Manchin-Toomey's joke in the Senate?   It's not a serious gun control bill.  It does more to promote gun and ammo sales than keep guns out of the hands of nuts.   No one should be able to accept a gun as a gift or buy a gun unless they can pass a background check, period.  That requirement is the beginning of serious gun control.   No one has to worry about any degree of gun control coming out of Congress, the House will not pass the Senate's bill.   Until most of the people who do vote in grit and cracker districts decide it's time to shut down personal armories, we'll not see any federal gun control.

Gun rights group endorses Manchin-Toomey background-check bill

Gun-rights leader: ‘We snookered the other side’ on Toomey-Manchin

Do We Really Need a Dept. of Education?

The more I read about the current state of education, the more I'm convinced the problems lie more with the federal government's involvement than not.  I cannot imagine school being dedicated to test taking.  I do not remember tests, there were a few, other than the SAT.   I do remember teachers, books, and learning.  I liked school.  I wonder how I'd feel if I attended school today?  What is opt out?

Bush, Obama focus on standardized testing leads to ‘opt-out’ parents’ movement

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Shake Your Head Moment

Nazi essay assignment teacher placed on leave by New York school district

Good Guys With Guns?

Do you want this kind of a good guy with a gun standing between you and a bad guy with a gun?

Florida police officer fired for bringing Trayvon Martin target to gun range

Scary is it not?

Arms Treaty

Tell the Truth About the Arms Treaty

Who opposes the treaty? Take a guess. Yep, the NRA. The NRA wants the U.S. to become one of the pesky axis of weasels countries. We'd join Iran, N. Korea and Syria if the Senate fails to approve the treaty. Okay gun nuts, by your membership and support we now know how very un-American you really are.

Get Ready for the Mantra

Which mantra?  Oh the Trogs, "T&S"  that's tax and spend.  They'll be chanting that on cable "news" next week as we learn more about our moderate Republican Prez Obama ( I can't call him a Democrat anymore).

Obama’s 2014 budget has more new taxes than he talked about

We really need tax code reform.  Actually we need total replacement.  We should end all expenditures. Those are deductions, loopholes, credits, etc.  We should tax all income and things of value in the year they were gained.  There should be no way to dodge paying taxes at all.  We should also make it damned hard for Congress to amend or alter the new code in any way.

If you receive money, regardless of source, you should pay taxes.


Five Myths


The Shrub began working on his legacy from day one.  Look at what he got for himself and what he left to us.  Thinking about him gives me a case of the real clammy willies.  I do wish Obama would, if he actually is, quit worrying about his legacy and just be the chief administrator of the Executive Branch.

If he does his job he'll be remembered.  If he doesn't he'll still be remembered more than the Shrub.  Of course the Shrub will be remembered as a great bad example.   Maybe, if he does like the Shrub and works at his legacy, then Obama can vie with the Shrub as a competitor with  Buchanan for last place.

With domestic legacy in lawmakers’ hands, Obama considers his options

Still Like Pro Football?

Professional football corrupts just about everything it touches.

NFL medical standards, practices are different than almost anywhere else

Do you allow your kids to make "heroes" out of sports stars in the NFL?  Or are you the one doing so for them?  What does anyone find so heroic in--

Pain and pain management in NFL spawn a culture of prescription drug use and abuse

Do you still watch football?  Why?  Your eyeballs abet the abuse and condone the corruption.  Then again that may be your version of the good life.