Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kansas is a joke

What is the matter with Kansas?  Nullification is illegal.  State's can go so far, but cannot tell the federal government to fuck off.  What's with all the gun shit?  Guns have one purpose, killing.  I guess gun owners love to kill.  It's sad.  Maybe they can all gather and demonstrate the  circular firing squad.

Kansas Gov. Insists it’s OK to Ignore Federal Gun Laws

CIA is in the foreign aid biz?

I know the CIA merged with DOD and took over drones, killing ops, and sort of bagged intelligence gathering as a quaint idea.  Now they're doing the State Dept's work too.  They're handing out cash to foreign governments.  Why do we need a Sec. of Defense or Secretary of State when one Director of the the CIA will suffice.  Are we sure George Bush really left office?

NATO: 5 troops killed in southern Afghanistan

Don't forget this is the same crew (logically) that gave us exploding cigars to assassinate Castro.  We're in deep doo-doo and it's going to get worse.

Yep. The NRA has gone Full Crazy!

From this point forward, I have to assume that all members of the NRA are batshit crazy.  I have to assume they support, condone, and back all the crap their new leader spews.  The NRA is becoming a domestic terrorist group.  It's members are terrorists waiting to act.


Derby Day!

It's Kentucky Derby day.   How's your mint growing?  You'll need it to make your Julep.

Kentucky Derby

A mint julep is mint leaves muddled with bar sugar and a touch of water in your favorite julep glass.  After a good muddle, fill with crushed ice, and pour on the bourbon.  Give it a stir, add a sprig of mint and enjoy.

If you have simple syrup great.  If you've made a mint syrup it's even better.   Enjoy the flavors of sweet mint and bourbon before, during and after the race (outrageous hats are optional).  From here on warm weather drinks are in season.

Sad News

Rep.Steve King (R. Iowa) will not run for the Senate.  I had hoped he would.  After all, even South Carolina needs a respite from being a laughingstock now and again.  Mr. King would have yielded  Iowan yuks aplenty.  He could have provided months and months of giggles, chortles, and even a belly laugh or two.

Steve King not running for Senate in Iowa


Let's here it for the FBI!  Remember, Criminal Justice is not really about justice, it's about fast successful convictions that allow one to punch one's ticket as a true crime fighter and thus advance in a criminal justice career.

Justice Dept. admits flaws in forensic testimony in Mississippi death-row case

Friday, May 3, 2013

Gun Nuttery

If you love it when a 5 year old expresses his 2nd Amendment rights and kills his two year old sister, then you'll love the gun nuts nullification fad.

Nullification: How States Are Making It a Felony to Enforce Federal Gun Laws

These folks really are nuts.  Well, why not, even in an insane asylum, a culture is formed, a deviant culture, but a culture.  Now about the gun crowd...

Maybe Mid-East and West Shall Never Meet

Religion does not provide a sound basis for government. It took the West several hundred years to come to that conclusion. We separate church and state for very good reasons. Unless Islam finds a new path, we will always experience a tense accord.

A new Pew Research Center survey of Muslims around the globe finds that most adherents of the world’s second-largest religion are deeply committed to their faith and want its teachings to shape not only their personal lives but also their societies and politics. In all but a handful of the 39 countries surveyed, a majority of Muslims say that Islam is the one true faith leading to eternal life in heaven and that belief in God is necessary to be a moral person. Many also think that their religious leaders should have at least some influence over political matters. And many express a desire for sharia – traditional Islamic law – to be recognized as the official law of their country.

Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills

Government for sale

House Finance Chair Hensarling Goes on Ski Vacation with Wall Street

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Are there Medicare billing codes for attack by turkey?

We have to admit, we were a little skeptical when we heard it: New Medicare diagnosis codes include codes for injuries caused by turkeys. Nine separate codes, according to U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas

"Whether you run into a turkey or the turkey runs into you, you're pecked by a turkey or you're bitten by a turkey, there's a difference between being pecked and being bitten,"  Poe said.

Was he talking turkey? Reporter Becky Bowers decided to see if Poe was right.

We also looked this week at what President Obama said about the health care law's implementation, and what Sen. John McCain said about how many of the nation's science students are foreign nationals.

And in case you missed it, we recently published a special report on the state of gun research, which has become a battleground for activists in recent years. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A New Way for Catholics To Waste Money

If Pope Ratzy sets a new precedent and all future Popes retire rather than die in office, then they can imitate American ex-presidents.  They can build monuments to themselves (that's presidential libraries folks).   I wonder what kind of library Ratzy might build?

Ex-Pope Benedict returns to Vatican

Waiting for Google Glasses? Uh, Well, Maybe Not...

The title says it all--

Google Glass hackers can see what you see, hear what you hear

Hacked glasses, there's gotta be a good movie in that idea.

One More Time, Obama is not a Democrat II

George W. Obama will shaft Social Security.  He must have read the same guide to becoming a great president that the Shrub used when he was Prez.   I bet the Shrub forgot the book and Obama found it in the White House.

I do like this--

Liberal groups angered by President Barack Obama’s proposed Social Security cuts say they’ll take a page from conservatives’ campaign playbook and work to oust Democratic lawmakers who go along with the plan.

I'll rephrase it, simplify it, "fuck with Social Security and you will be fucked out of office." We have two issues to go after incumbents on -- gun control and Social Security, let's have some fun and replace a slug of the bozos we seem to prefer.   New bozos in 2014!

One More Time, Obama is not a Democrat

He's a luddite, that makes him a Trog.  What's he done now?  Oh, he's still trying to overturn scientific evidence and limit access to Plan B to 15+.  I think women will have to find a new party for 2016, the Dems and Trogs have proven to be the "we know what's best" for all the ladies.


Hot Damn, It's Deja Vu All Over Again

Before you read anything more about Syria, red lines, and arming rebels, go rent "Charlie Wilson's War."  Okay now given how sloppy our government is at accounting for war stuff and money in a war zone, do we really want to create a new al Qaeda and Taliban in Syria?  The only real interest in arming the Syrian rebels is in the profits that will be made by our Merchant of Death companies and their stock holders.

If we are going to do anything vis a vis Syria it should require a Congressional vote, set up the Selective Service for the draft (assume we will wind up with boots on the ground) and raise taxes to pay for every day expense associated with Syria.  We should not borrow a dime to help Syria.

Okay, now you can read about Syria--


More on Gun Culture

How would you like to be 5 years old, kill your 2 year old sister with your new Chipmunk rifle.  Would it affect you for the rest of your life?  Unless inbreeding counters normal emotion, I think it will.  Gun culture claims two more victims.  Here's a follow up piece on the matter.  All I can do is shake my head and be thankful my parents did not head South after WWII.

In Kentucky, child shooting spotlights urban-rural gun debate when 5-year-old kills 2-year-old

Is Cable Going to Change?

I'd love to see Cable and Satellite go to an a la carte system.  I have a couple hundred cable channels and pay for over the air local TV.  I don't watch more than a couple of dozen over the course of a year.  I'd get rid of all the sports, but Mrs. Jake enjoys football.  Most of the radio from Dish is lousy save for a Bluegrass station.  I use ROKU and Tunein or Pandora for music.

I do not subscribe to channels like HBO or Showtime.  Granted they have some interesting shows, but I can eventually get them through NetFlix or Amazon.  Besides I prefer the total immersion of binge watching to week by week viewing.   I've looked at movie listings for both on several occasions,  usually there is nothing I would watch if I did subscribe.  NetFlix is better for me.

Maybe we'll see change.  Will it be the same in 10 years?   I bet it will be except the cost will have gone up.

Time Warner Cable CEO wants to slim cable bundles, eyes Aereo’s technology

Puppies do affect posts

Some days with shopping and now mowing, even for a retired old fart can be a bit much.  Yes, the grass (weeds) is growing.  I think I prefer Winter.  Now add in a puppy and any extra time goes to him.  He needs to be excised, played with, fed, watered, and nudged into good behavior.  It's a gentle nudge at 8 weeks.  Teeth are abundant and very sharp.  We're trying frozen washcloths as a teething aid this time, it seems to work some.  However, investors do note,  Band-aid stock may increase in value.

Mrs. Jake wanted the beast, her last Golden Retriever pup.  She thought she was up to it.  Well, between us we make three quarters of one pup parent.  In a few months we will have a nice dog, Jubal Too.  That assumes we're still alive and not in a nursing home.  But this one is it for me (I think, unless I fall in love with another Cav--they are smaller).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Posts for today

I've been dentisting, shopping, and puppying all day.  The puppy takes a lot of time.  There's nothing quite like 3:00 am stroll in the rain waiting for him to do his business.

Here are a few pieces of interest for today:

Jamestown laid our foundations for government screw-ups, slavery and cannibalism.  I bet they don't do displays.  We're only virtual cannibals these days, we call it capitalism.

Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony

This is a bit bothersome.  I think it more reflects social class than much else.  It's an interesting solution to a problem as we drift towards the lowest class.   The upper classes still have traditional marriage, children, etc.  What are the social dynamics at play here?

Single motherhood in U.S. increases sharply

I wonder if the Senate gun control vote will catch up with Repubs who voted against background checks.  If the Senators assessed their state akin to a House District, then they may have really "shot" themselves in the foot.  Gun control advocates need to start the pressure on all the TROGs and the four Dems now.  Press it for 2014, 2016 and 2018.  Make those bastards scream for forgiveness and a new gun control vote.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte becomes focus of gun-control groups after voting against background checks

Sen. Flake is Really, Really Unpopular

Guess what happens when people quit trusting their institutions, such as government?  They then start thinking and listening.  Unfortunately, their thought processes are the same ones that yield fundamentalism and the folks they listen to, well, they're dumber than Rushbo.  When trust dissipates, it's damned near impossible to get it back.  What about it?  Armed rebellion in the offing?

Poll: 29% Think Armed Rebellion Might Soon Be Necessary

Another Darwin Award for some folks in Kentucky.  Maybe the gun culture will change in the survivors.  I doubt it.  Somehow they will find a way to blame the 2 year old decedent.  Being proud of gun culture makes a much sense as being proud about ancestors defending the plantation economy and slavery.  I think there's a tad too much inbreeding in the South.



The market is supposed to take care of things.  Who needs regulation!  Only nanny state lovers would prefer assurances that children's products won't kill their kids.  True capitalists will opt for the chance that their tyke will die, then maybe they can force the offending company to change their ways or go out of business.  Which are you, Nannyist or Capitalist?

Thousands of kids’ products contain toxic chemicals, report says

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's only 20 year old

What's that? Oh, the Web.  It seems like it's always been part of our lives.  It was made available, free, to the world 20 years ago today--

First website ever goes back online on the open Web’s 20th birthday

I have trouble imagining a world without the Internet.  I use the Web everyday.  When my WISP has been out of service, it's been a bad day.  Routines get built around the web.  It's a massive resource--newspapers and Wiki!  I can only imagine what the web is to folks who use social media.  We have given ourselves a permanent IV of communication.

All Talk and No Walk Front -- Yeah, Obama, Syria and the Red Line

Okay, the world knows Syria has used chemical weapons.  Obama is not sure.  Why?  Well, he screwed up and created a red line.  That's like a bully drawing a line in the sand and saying "I dare you to cross it."  Not that Obama's a bully, he's our fixed piece presenter in chief.  He probably thought if he said it, then Assad would be so in awe, no chemical weapons would be used.  To be brief, Mr. Cool fucked up.

Now he has red lineitis.  Well, he's doing his best, in the face of bellicose braying to change the hue.  Perhaps a vermilion line would be better or perhaps crimson.  Then again he could lay down and dare them to cross a brand new Maroon line.  It might work since I'm told that Syrians do not have a word for Maroon.  To then it's the red color for which we have no name.   It would befuddle the falafel out of them and give Obama to prepare a really impressive speech.

All in all, when you think about it, Obama never really had a red line, it was rust.  Now his only red option is salmon.  He's trying to run upstream and get behind the mess.

Obama's 'red line' on Syria grows softer

Place your bets!

When and where will the first drone caused disaster occur inside the U.S.?  Drones will become as ubiquitous as cell phones by 2020.  What goes up will come down and may come down in the wrong spot at the wrong time.  Hmm, imagine what urban America will be like as drones fly the skies seeking out evil gang members who, in turn, turn out to shoot down the drones.   My god, it will become a Game of Drones!  It will be very interesting (and scary).

Uncertainties remain as FAA integrates drones into American skies

Let's see, if drone is equipped with a non-automatic gun, will it be considered a gun by the NRA?  The 2nd Amendment demands that we all be allowed to possess and operated armed drones.  It sound strange but I can see the U.S. Congress voting for it.

Sleaze Front -- Va. Branch

Gov. McDonnell is not the sharpest tack in the box.  He may not quite understand that quid pro quo is illegal (even in Virginia).  If he wanted to garner cash from a specially interested party, he has to risk acting without compensation, then hope the cash ensues.  Quo pro quid is legit (check out the U.S. Congress).  Did anyone really expect much from a guy whose law degree is from Pat Robertson U.?

Will this end McDonnell's political career?  Inside Va., no.  He can become a sleaze-ball Senator.  The state is blessed with a substantial sleaze-ball voting bloc.  However, aspirations for Air Force One may have crashed and burned due to a flak attack of political greed and avarice.  I wonder if the Gov. has made any new friends who never donate a dime to him or gift his family?

FBI looking into relationship between McDonnells, donor

Crazy Eyes Update -- What would we do without her?

Michelle Bachmann is always good for one of those laugh and then shake your head in wonderment at how she keeps getting elected.  The folks in her district are stange indeed.

Bachmann’s claim that she voted against the ‘sequester’ bill because of cuts to the poor

Did you enjoy the Obamacare brouhaha?

If so, then you will relish the next one, Obamacore!

Turmoil swirling around Common Core education standards

Monday, April 29, 2013

Gun Nuts -- Think about all that cash they are spending!

At $1,000 a pop, I figure AR-15 buyers really are nuts.  Actually, when you come down to it,  most gun owners are a round or two shy of a full magazine.   The Sandy Hook shooting really lies at the foot of the mother.  She was a gun nut.  She owned a lot of guns.  She knew her son was crazy.  She taught him to shoot.  He used her AR-15, shot her and a lot elementary kids and a few teachers.  I wonder how much money she wasted on guns and ammo?

America's gun: Sales of AR-15s soar

If gun sellers have loco buyers, fine, it's capitalism.  However, I think we do need to have annual competency checks including one question such as "are you or anyone in your household crazy?"  If you answer yes, you have to give up your guns.  Maybe that would cause folks to commit their crazy kids.   After all in Arsenal land, guns are first, then comes the car, the house, the man cave, the big screen TV, the beer keg, the dog, the wife and then the kids.  Gee, the NRA could get behind the end of community health and start a return to large state run happy hollow facilities and help make only the normal kind of nuts bear arms.

Almost a Darwin Award

Guns and dumb do not mix well at all, especially if fortified with vodka at 3:00am in the basement.

Wife Accidentally Kills Husband During Gun Lesson: Police

We don't need to control guns, we need to screen the idiots who buy them.

Get the NRA on this!

The teacher should have been packing.  That way she (assuming it was a nun) could have nailed the kid who was packing and did shoot himself.  The kid failed to commit suicide, but the attempt is a mortal sin.  If he dies, unconfessed, he will fry.  However, if the teacher had killed the kid before he fired, she would have been engaged in proactive mortal sin reduction.

The kid,  if the teacher were armed,  could have had a term in purgatory--he would have still a friend in Jesus and glad-hand with God,  He could have been assured of his eventual eternal salvation.  Yes his mental lapse on the free will front would have required massive amounts of  purification, however when finished it would allow him to enter into the happiness of heaven.   Teachers should pack, they can save  souls from hell and re-direct them to purgatory.

Well, that was fun.  I wonder if the NRA will pick on this bit of idiotic reasoning for packing in school?

Authorities: Student Shoots Self in Ohio Classroom

And in the Shrubbery...

The nation the Shrub built on the ideas he absorbed from his copy of  "My Pet Goat" persists.    I'm not sure what comes after shithole, but they have arrived there.  Sunnis and Shiites can't even get together to pick on the Jews, now that's some kind of sectarian lust for power.

5 car bombs rock Shiite cities and neighborhoods in Iraq, killing 36 people

Privacy and Liberty vs. Big Brother and Safety

Does privacy matter to you?  Does safety matter to you?  Do you trust the various federal bureaucrats listening and reading Internet communications?  Given the Boston bombing, does the competency of the our various security teams bother you?  What happens when they fail or do their job too well?

Would you rather maximize freedom and liberty or security and safety?

Panel seeks to fine tech companies for noncompliance with wiretap orders

Be careful what you wish for...

Cut defense spending!  It's happening!  Yeah, oh shit.

Defense cuts pose an economic quandary for liberals

Sunday, April 28, 2013

More on that fuck up we call Gitmo!

Life under lockdown at America’s hunger-striking prison camps

Look it's let them die, try them now in civilian courts, release them or do as the Repubs prefer, kill them tomorrow.  Funny it's the Repubs who won't let the place be shut down.  They are as sick bunch.

2nd Amendment Right -- Guns for Toddlers

Once again we see the presence of guns (especially pistols) in the home, increase the probability that tykes will squeeze off a round into themselves or anyone else nearby.  Funny how guns are alway empty and always locked up but still manage to do the damage.

The parents, in a decent world, would be stripped of their right to bear arms ever again.  They won't be, we live in an indecent world.  Instead, he or she can go to a gun show and buy all of the protection they want without limit.  I don't think this is what our founders envisioned when they crafted the 2nd Amendment.

Four-year-old shot in Tuckahoe, family speaks

Our Government At Work -- Finding Better Solutions to Shitcan

Here's a piece on Medicare.  Give it a read.  Shake your head a couple times and then fire off a question or two to your Senators and Rep.  It may be unless a solution entails large corporate donations to campaigns and PACs it cannot be allowed to become a Medicare health care solution.

The solution Medicare is shutting down

Budget Bulldogs and Deficit Hawks Take Note

If you are one of those people who is a few cents shy of a full greenback, you may think it's the current Prez who created the mess and spent all those borrowed dollars.   Have you ever been introduced to Congress?  Their fiscal noise tries to defect us from determining who appropriated the money and directed its spending.  Oh, that's Congress and they do it even when no one wants their help--ARMY SAYS NO TO MORE TANKS, BUT CONGRESS INSISTS

Electric Cars

Five Myths

Puff PIece?

Is the Post, and other papers, turning to profiles instead of hard reporting on the bombing?  I could care less about the Tsarnaev family bio.  I'm still waiting for a decent presentation of, vis a vis, the radicalization of the brothers who did what, how, when, why and with what effect.  I'd like to know about the bomb--what makes it not build-able just from info gotten via the Web?  I'd like to see updated time lines of the actions before, during and after the bombing.   Do people really self-radicalize and then act on a discovered principle or is the principle a convenient way of solving other issues in a person's life?   I'd like to see more comprehensive reporting on all the various police actions that were taken.  Where did the bothers obtain their guns and ammo?  What kinds of guns did they possess?  How much ammo (is the quantity all that different from what any red-blooded American gun nut has cached away)?  I think my questions might require more work and effort to report and as papers have sacked reporters we get puffery.  I'll receive substantive reporting when ProPublica covers the bombing.

If you  are interested in the family bio, here tis--

The Tsarnaev family: A faded portrait of an immigrant’s American dream

Don't Forget About the Middle East

Oh, not Syria, Iran or Iraq.  No, we can't lose sight of Israel and Gaza.  Life goes on as normal--

Israel responds to Gaza rocket fire with airstrike, no injuries

Can you imagine living in any of the Middle Eastern countries?  I can't.  The bloodshed is a bit too pervasive.  There does not seem to be any solution.  I have a feeling even if Israel did not exist, we'd still see nothing but human depredation in the Middle East.  Perhaps it's not a Muslim thing, but it is an Arabic cultural thing.  Islam just happens to the religion involved.