Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jake Today

I'm not sure where this blog will head.  For a few years I've been making comments and linking to pieces I find of interest.  I intend on changing the blog.  I may return to writing longer original pieces.  I figure anyone who has read this blog of late already reads papers for their news.  Besides I've become a bit repetitive on issues.  I guess that can mean not much has been fixed over time.  The issues remain the same.  Even the players remain the same.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lunatic Fringe Observation

The guns nonsense is losing all, if it had any, sensibility.

Protest group plans July 4 march on Washington with loaded rifles


Try him as a adult, but make sure he does some serious time--10 years without parole.  The kid needs his life to be really fucked up forever.  He did that to the decedent and the decedent's family.

Utah teen charged with homicide by assault in soccer referee death; funeral is Wednesday

CNN Quiz

Quick, did CNN cover the Benghazi hearings or the nothing to report story in Cleveland?  Let's put it this way, CNN is working hard to be the National Inquirer of the air.

CNN did cover the opening of the hearing for about 15 minutes or so,  but switched to the non-story in Cleveland.  Cleveland will not be real news until the justice types do their work.  That will take time, but shots of row houses are cheap and easy to cover.

For a Fistful of Tax Dollars

Want to know why our government spends so much money?  Simple, no one is in charge.  If there was, then we would not be buying 10 different versions of camo garb for soldiers, sailors, marines and junior birdmen.   We so need to cut defense spending by at least 50% and get rid of at least 50% of the senior officers too.  It's time to RIF and RIG!  We can fire Congress, why not?

U.S. military has 10 kinds of camouflage uniforms: Government duplication at its finest

The People of S. Carolina Have Spoken!

Well, at least those in one Congressional District.  They have called themselves clowns and have elected a real Bozo.  Yes, Sanford won.  It says less about him and more about the dolts who live in SC.  However, he's their Representative.  He is representative.  I will be sure to avoid SC in my travels.

Ex-South Carolina governor Sanford beats Colbert Busch in special House election

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Being All You Can Be -- Sexual Assault

Aren't you proud to be a soldier?  There's something quite wrong in the military.   The generals can fix it, but choose not to (they'd have to change their behavior too).


We're disgusting

Look in the mirror.  Look at Congress, the White House, and the Supremes.  Look at the state of our government.  We elect 'em, they sell it and we wonder WTF as we reelect them.  Until we change our taste in pols, we'll continue to perform anatomically impossible acts upon ourselves.  Hm, there may an exception to that previous generalization.  Members of the Tea Party do appear to navigate reality with their heads up their asses, so they also be able to actually conform with former Veep Cheney's request of Sen. Leahey.  However, I doubt even they could perform both acts concurrently, but you never know.

How ‘political intelligence’ can come from Congress itself

Gun Culture Update

For unknown reasons, crime is down.  I like the idea that as we eliminated lead from our environment,  we reduced the number of crazy folks in our midst.  I also like the notion that as abortions went up, crime went down.  However, if the crime is homicide, though down, they are mostly committed with guns.

A report shows that bad guys don't buy guns at gun shows.  Maybe the report suggests that Dems should end the gun control push at the federal level.  They can push the envelope at the state and local level.  Aren't you tired of the NRA idiots receiving any attention at all?  Look the NRA is lobbying organization for gun makers and sellers.  They do one job, goose gun sales.

Make the fight local and really make crooks (felonies and misdemeanors) who possess or use guns when they commit the crime, do a lot of extra time.   State and local laws on gun abuse should be far harsher than federal law.

Report: Sharp drop in gun violence, but most killings still involve firearms

Would You Vote for Christie in 2016?

Maybe, but would you ponder his mass before doing so?  I think that the concern voter's may have also bothers Mr. Christie.  I think he knows we would not elect a real lard bucket today?  Well, there's time for him to svelte up before 2016.  Okay, now what about this.  If he cannot diet it on his own, that is, exercise his own free will and all that, would you consider him to have sufficient fortitude to run  USA, Inc.?  Then again it may just be about appearance, so he's --

Undergone secret weight-loss surgery

Monday, May 6, 2013


You, hear me! Give this fire to that old man. Pull the black worm off the bark and give it to the mother. And no spitting in the ashes! 

"It’s an odd little speech. But if you went back 15,000 years and spoke these words to hunter-gatherers in Asia in any one of hundreds of modern languages, there is a chance they would understand at least some of what you were saying."

A Continuing Cluster Fuck -- The Air Farce

1. Air Force sexual assault prevention officer charged with sexual battery

2. General’s promotion blocked over her dismissal of sex-assault verdict

3. Cadet convicted, sentenced for sexual assault

4. Military Sexual Assault Is Widespread; Focus Of Movie

4 year old shooters

What's wrong with the dolts who own guns? If a child is able to find and handle a gun in it's environment, that is sufficient evidence that the gun owner does not have the  mental competence to own a gun.

We need not only universal background checks for sales, but we also need annual competency checks.

It's odd that guns and kids go together for some folks.  I wonder how they feel about other combos.  Let's try this, kids and razor sharp knives, is that okay?  Kids and hot frying oil?  Kids and household cleaning chemicals?  Kids and the pharmacy cabinet?  Kids and guns, well bless my Cricket rifle, you bet.  We have stretched the 2nd Amendment just a bit too far.

Ala. Boy, 4, in Critical after Accidental Shooting

Internet Sales Tax Is On The Way

States will soon probably be able to tax all Internet based sales.  The world's greatest debilitative body is about to pounce and raise taxes.  Where's Grover?   Does it matter?  I have a feeling that Internet sales have a great deal more to do with item availability than tax avoidance.

I live in a rural area.  Stores are 30-40 miles away.  The merchandise mix, while quite adequate, in no way resembles the mix found in urban stores.  There are no big box retailers.  There is a medium sized(?) Walmart.  Smaller stores come and go over time.

If I had to only shop locally, I'd become a frustrated consumer and move.  Or, I'd drive to the city a few times a year.  I did drive to urban areas for several years, but as age assumes control, it has become less pleasant.  Let's face it, 2-3 hours driving up, 2-3 hours shopping and 2-3 hours driving back home can take a toll on the bod.

Fortunately as my carcass has waned, Internet retailing has waxed.  Amazon is now my big box store.  I go on line, buy an item, and they deliver it to my door!  Believe me, delivery is very important.  I can shop on line and save gas!  Usually, if there's an item I want, it's available (except one style of extra wide moose hide moccasins, but I'm patient).  Not all items are available all the time, but over the course of a year it's pretty damn close.  I use the Internet to purchase items I can't find locally.  The last thing on my mind is the state sales tax.

Perhaps the urban shopper is different.  If you are in an urban area, do you shop on the Web?  Is sales tax why you shop Amazon?


Place your bets!

Will it be deja vu all over again or not?  Will we repeat 2007 on immigration?  We might see the Trogs tank the bill again.  That's nice.  Not nice for the affected people, but nice for everyone who is not a Republican. If they deja their vu again, the GOP will wither away into insignificance, one gritty district at a time.  States will cease electing GOP senators until the Dems hit 62 seats in 2016  The House will slowly return to the Dems by 2018.

When one's guiding principle consists in proving that one is more truly conservative than the next guy, one finally gets to the point where a variation on absolutist totalitarianism becomes all one has left.  The GOP is there today.


Another bit of too few doing too much for the rest of us

1% of us have had involvement with the Shrub's wars.  The generals wanted it this way--all volunteer, many tours--it's easier on them and the command crowd.  The pols and generals did not want a draft--more voters would be involved--that might shorten the wars and end the cash cow.

Now we have soldiers and vets committing suicide, living with mangled bodies, coping with shredded minds (PTSD), and manifesting really dangerous driving habits.   DOD and the VA need to retrain everyone who drove vehicles in the wars.  Safety over there equals death for themselves and other drivers back home.

Motor vehicle crashes: A little-known risk to returning veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan

Guns and Kids

The five year old who killed his two sister is not that uncommon in this country.  Children get their little hands on guns.  They explore them.  They go off.  Someone dies.  I've heard that there are about 114 similar deaths in the under 10 age range every year.  The numbers are higher if you take in all folks under 18 and under all conditions.  Most of the folks who defend guns are those bitter, god fearing, gun toting grits who inhabit crackerland.  They are largely evangefundies.  I'm struck how their second amendment right to kill someone ravings trumps their right to life anti-abotion rantings.  The crowd is the same.  The stances are inconsistent.

Keeping Guns Away From Children

Be A Sport and Die

A 17 year soccer player punched the ref in reaction to a call on him.  The ref has now died.  The 17 year is being treated as a juvenile.  He's not, he's a criminal.  His name and face should be all over the news.  He needs to be tried as an adult and do a minimum of 15 years before parole can even be considered.  If a person acts violently, then they should also be prepared to accept a long period of incarceration.  No violence.  It's simple.

Referee punched in face by teen player dies


We've all read about the Syrian government using Sarin gas on the rebels.  That is Obama's red line.  However, he says he needs to know for sure that it's true (don't forget Bush, WMDs, Congress, and the media gave us the waste of Iraq).  Why?  Well, what if it has been the rebels who have used chemical weapons?   Is it still a red line?  Do we then have to assist Assad?  Weird!

What if both sides used the gas, does a bad guy's red line get canceled by a good guy's red line?  I do not understand the great desire on the part of our pols to intervene in this mess.  Well there is Israel.  After all, pols do think about two things, campaign cash and reelection.

Syria crisis: UN's Del Ponte says evidence rebels 'used sarin'