Monday, May 20, 2013

AP and Obama

I have been following the AP story.  The Justice Dept. obtained phone records of several AP reporters.  They did this in the name of “security,” as in find and burn whomever leaked a story to the AP.  Instead of pursuing the leaker solely within government, they pursed the individual by tapping the press (it’s easier and scares the shit out of the press and their future potential sources).  This is just flat assed wrong.  I don’t think Obama voters hoped for this kind of change.  Did you? 

Obama defends Justice’s actions with bullshit statement such as

"Leaks related to national security can put people at risk, they can put men and women in uniform that I've sent into the battlefield at risk," Obama said.
Hold it, is that bullshit?  Yep, anything can be linked to anything.  For god’s sake, flying pigs can lead to the end of the world.  It’s bullshit to use the word “can.”  What I want to know is how many adverse events have been caused by leaks--when, how, and effect.  Considering experience, how probable is it that this illegitimate or legitimate leak will put what categories of government employees or contractors at what kind of risks in what period?    
Instead of pure affective reaction to Obama’s rhetoric, we might, when he gets defensive about his team, be better served by screaming “bullshit” and then demand a few facts before we decide to cheer or condemn the Obama team actions.   
I will take a risk and assert that 99% of national security matters, all those secrets, have little if anything to do with true national security.  However, they do deal with screw ups, fuck ups, cluster fucks and really stupid actions taken by employees at the direction of our elected and appointed officials.  Secrets are a fantastic way to launder away the embarrassment of dumb deeds.
Do you disagree with me?  I will use their standards and insist this is true, 99% of secrets can be nothing by CYA.  If a federal official wishes to disprove my assertions, they will have to provide a mountain of facts to the contrary.  They will not since that can affect national security.
Our political standards of judgement allow any of us to support any idiotic bit of nonsense we dream up or hear.  As I think back over the past few years, I wonder if I have ever heard an elected or appointed official ever make a simple factual statement?  Have you?  Is it any wonder trust in government has tanked?