Friday, June 14, 2013

Some Things to Ponder

There's company that grows animal tissue and produces leather.  It apparently has the look and feel of the real thing, except it was grown in the lab.  The company has it's eye on the $63 billion a year leather products biz.   Oh, they are also looking at growing meat.

Here's a piece on the company--Cattle Ranch In A Petri Dish

Hmm, will vegetarians take to "fake" meat?  It is real or it it faux, only your butcher knows.  Will PETA welcome this?  Will consumers see rare leathers showing up in Walmart at discount prices?  What will then define rare?  Damn, will Costco will be selling tons of Peacock tongues?  How will this kind of "synthetic" stuff, if it works and booms, affect how we define our world?  Imagine Kobe beef being grown for $3 a pound by McDonald's.  How will we define real?   Weird stuff.

While I'm at it, here's another bit of bio-tech.  How about aerosolized DNA used as a tracer in banks or other places.  We all know about the exploding money that spray blue ink on robbers.  Okay hit 'em with the DNA spray...

Innovation: DNA Fog by Applied DNA Sciences and SmokeCloak

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's a Commentary of some kind....

MTV Promises To Be About Music For An Entire Half Of A Day

Game is changed?

Oppsie, they crossed a red line.  Gee, that must mean we'll cluster bomb them, hit 'em with chemicals, shock and awe them (if we have any shock or awe left in our arsenal) or nuke the whole damn area back to Curtis LeMay land (stone age).  What will Obama do?  Gee, all we have to ask is "what would Dubya do?" and we'll have our answer.  Yep invasion here we come--Syria has WMDs.....

US concludes Syria’s Assad’s used chemical weapons on opposition, crossing Obama ‘red line’

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

American Moron

He's a Rep from Arizona -- Trent Franks

Apathy II

Virginia had a Democratic Primary election yesterday.  The turnout was bleak--less than 3% statewide. Granted it was Democratic.  The state is really spit between decent folks and crackers.  The crackers stayed home and the decent folks did too.  I guess, in their hearts they are just grits.

My county has 8,375 active registered voters.  My precinct has 1,712 registered voters.  How many voted in the County yesterday?  Well, all of 243 voted (18 were absentee).  As the sixth voter in my precinct, how many showed up after I cast my ballot?  Wow!  32 additional voters showed up.  

County wide that is about 2.8% turnout.  My precinct turnout was 2.2%.

We need a better way to select candidates for the Nov. general election.

This November we will have a choice between a batshit crazy tea bag and a Clinton groupie.  Not exactly the kind of choice I prefer, but after the Deeds fiasco last time, this might be interesting.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Do you live in Virginia?  Did you vote in the primary today?  Did you know their was a primary today.  Granted, the Dems and GOPs have already selected their nominees for Gov., but Lt. Gov. and AG should be seen as a bit important (did you really like Cuccinelli) for the Dems.

We voted this morning.  I expected a light turnout, but at 8:30 am we were the sixth and seventh folks to cast ballots.  There were four poll workers, it they voted then only one other person had shown up in the first 2 1/2 hours of voting.  That's whatever comes after total apathy.

I guess the Dems didn't want to spend a dime on publicity or don't really give a shit who is on the ballot.  Then again no one may want to run with Mcaulife (sp?).   The Nov. turnout may set record lows.  I have trouble seeing either the Dem or GOP candidates in the Statehouse, but we vote for whatever slop the pols throw our way.   Isn't there a better way to elect folks?  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dumb Shit

Gen Odierno does not want commanders to lose their legal authority over sexual assaults.  He thinks it would cripple the effectiveness of command.  That, in essence, was his reaction to the grilling he and  other generals received from the Senate Armed Forces Committee last week.  Needless to say he is a fine example of what is wrong and the kind of person who needs to change in all of our military services.  I have always seen him as a thug and one of several marginally competent generals in the Army.

Have you seen "The Invisible War?"  Maybe Gen Odierno should have before he expressed himself at the hearing.  If he had seen it, then he is truly a man who needs to retire and stay far away from the modern military.  It's no longer a club for spoiled boys and sex offenders.  Have you see the film?  Take the time and see it.  It's available on YouTube (I think), Netflix, Amazon, etc.  See it, then think about how much trust and respect you still have for the military.

Oops, Gen. Ray must have been kicked in the balls--Army General On Sexual Assault: ‘Maybe We Have A Bigger Problem Than I Imagined’.  Will he now realize that, with respect to sexual assault, it is the generals and the rest of the officers who are the problem and have been for decades.