Saturday, June 29, 2013

Can We Rid Ourselves of The Supremes?

This term is summarized well: "The larger pattern is clear: This term, the Roberts court regularly favored restricting people’s rights or, more insidiously, limiting their ability to enforce those rights."

It's not really the Roberts Court, it's the Scalia Court. Can you imagine how vile the world would be if he were in charge?

Texas, for example

Texas implemented their voter ID law as soon as the Supremes okayed a return to the days of Jim Crow.  Then, they tried to ban abortions after 20 weeks but met a setback.  However, Gov. Perry will call another special session to address abortion.

Texas is not that different from a lot of states.  The states, by acts of their legislatures and governors, present the case that overwhelmingly, most people in the vast majority of states do not support abortion, gay marriage, or fair voting.  In other words, the states must be populated by a bunch of rich old white guys still fighting for the Confederate cause.

We know that most of the states are not 80% rich old white guys.  So how have the states bent so far to the right?  Oh, that's simple.  People in the states who value human rights, equality, and the rule of law just didn't take the time to vote.

By the rules of the game, the states are run  exactly how the people prefer.  The people are those who take the time to vote, the rest are just organic blobs of no consequence.  If the states are not quite up to one's preferred snuff, then one has to focus on one's state and local elections and not just the more exciting presidential one.

In 2008 folks turned out and elected the anti-Bubba, then those same folks took a four year nap as state after state became Bubbaized.  If the people were waiting for national organizations to step in and do the work for them, well, they have what they really desire, nothing but Bubba.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Did you vote?

If you will be obtaining a new student loan, the rates will be going up, courtesy of Congress.  The rates will double.  Does that piss you off?  Okay, if you were 18+ in Nov. 2012, did you vote?  If you didn't then be silent and accept the rates.  If you voted for the GOP why are you seeking a federally backed loan in the first place?  If you voted for the Democrat, did that person win?  See, votes matter.  Which party is in charge matters.

Student loan rate likely to double on Monday, but lawmakers hope to reverse hike

No Surprizes Here

Gee, a contractor screws up.  It's normal.  Federal and state governments contract with the private sector to do a job.  The contractor has now become dependent on tax dollars for income and does not have to compete until the contract ends.  However, the contractor's loyalty is not to government.  Contractors perform for the betterment of their firm, not the tax payer.  Cutting corners, cheating and lying are normal vendor attributes.  Such behavior makes contracts even more profitable.  If Congress and appointees are on the company pad who winds up caring?  No one, until something like the Snowden/NSA mess occurs, then they all get huffy, demand change until the news cycle changes.  Then it's back to the normal sleazy business.  USA, Inc. has been sold by Congress and the White House for decades.

Company allegedly misled government about security clearance checks

Yep, at least they're running government like a business...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bringing 'em back from the dead

We've all seen Jurassic Park.  Get a bit of Dino DNA and ta-da!  We have us one well stocked T-Rex ranch.  Note those suckers are harder to herd than cats.

Okay, assuming that kind of tech is in the lab and will be unveiled at some time in the not too distant future, who or what would you bring back to the present?   Assuming you have a bit of DNA and whomever or whatever it is also comes back with all the skills, learning and abilities they had before they went into the compost pile, who or what would you have rejoin the living?

Damn is Elvis really playing in Vegas again?  Wow, Jesus has a bread and fishes gig in Jerusalem!  No on Jesus and Elvis.  Who?

Our Spooks

Bless my hope and change here's the latest bit of transparency on the NSA from the Guardian--

NSA collected US email records in bulk for more than two years under Obama

Can we call Ghostbusters?

The Way It Is

When I listen to the news, too frequently today is just one more iteration of prior days.  Dems and Repubs fight, not for the nation, but for themselves and their reelection.  Issues that should have been resolved or never become an issue in the first place replay like “Ground Hog’s Day.”  

When we see polls, they frequently indicate most people are for X or Y.  Congress, however acts as though the polls don’t exist.  Actually national polls don’t exist for them.  

We elect those bozos.  Well some of us do.  Most of us don’t bother to vote.  Some of us don’t even bother to register to vote.  For example, in Virginia, about 80% of potential voters are registered.  About 75% or so are active voters.   It would be nice if 75% of us voted.  However, we don’t vote at that level at all.

In the 2009 Governor’s race, only 40.72% of registered voters turned out.  If you think of that in terms all potential voters, only 32.6% of voters cast a ballot.  If we’re a representative democracy, only one out of three of us seeks representation.  

The Repub Bob McDonnell won that election.  58.61% of voters wanted him in the statehouse.  Okay, that sounds like a fine win, but 58% of how many voted for him?  58% of the 40% who voted said, “my X is for Bob.”  Yep, a mighty 23.69% got Bob to administer state government for them and the other 76.31%.  That does not seem representative or democratic, but hell that’s the point we’ve devolved to.

It’s even worse if you figure out how few of all possible voters elected Bob.  Yep, 58% of 32% is smaller--19.10% of all Virginians elected Bob.  Wow, it doesn’t even take 20% to be the big winner in a two man race. 

In that same race, voter participation based on total registrants ranged from a high of 63% in Highland County to a low of 28.18% in Manassas Park City.  Most Counties had turnouts in the 30 or 40 percentage range.  Statewide, again, was 40%. 

Where I live it really dense with Repubs.  I’m not of the dense.  Oddly enough our member of the House of Delegates is a Democrat and he won his seat by the same type of margin as Bob.  Our delegate received 52.19% of a 45.15% total registered voters.  Yep, 23.56% of our votes contributed to his victory.  It’s no wonder nothing gets done and that most peoples voices are not listened to.  National Polls are a joke when it comes to politics.

I have to assume for all the folks who do not register and do not vote, that they accept what the rest of us who vote wind up doing.  Devout Trogs and adamant Jackasses battle it out for their own benefit.  The nation is exactly the way voters desire.   

If you vote, do you vote in primaries?  The last primary in my County saw 242 voters out of some 8,000 possible turnout.  If you want a change,then participate.  Otherwise keep silent.   

If the nation, your state or locality sucks, now you know why!


Nixon's Revenge II

And down in Texas the rich old white guys mosey down the path to self-destruction (provided the Dems don't screw it up).  Let's hear it for the Southern Strategy!  It's a good day.

Did the Supreme Court Just Turn Texas Blue?

Where the hell is Waldo?

Oh, not Waldo, Snowden.  No one is can say, at least publicly, where the guy is located.  I bet Obama really knows, but for national security reasons he can't say anything.  Yeah, if he said a word, he'd be giving away really doubly vital secrets that would render us unable to defend ourselves form international, armed, jihadi, Islamic terrorists all of whom hate us for our secret freedoms.

Snowden still unseen in Moscow

Do take note, as ObamaCo and Congress keep all the attention on that evil doer, Snowden, no one takes the time to look at the purported evil doers whom Snowden is exposing a bit at a time.  If we spend all of our time on the messenger, then no one will take any time to read and wonder about his message.  TV news is quite adept at following ObamaCo's lead as they talk about Snowden and not the NSA, the Patriot Act, Congress, FISA, Spooks, and other ways we seem to willingly make ideas of freedom and liberty into quaint novelties of yesteryear.    

I could care less about Snowden.  He'll turn up. We may even try him at some point.  Let him run, let him have his secrets stash printed.  To evaluate what "we" are doing to make us safe, we have to do a lot more than trust the loons we elect.   Do you really trust an elected or appointed official?   Come one, we elected George Bush....

Gays and Marriage

By now all know that the Supremes are "down" with gay marriage.  Well, make that kinda, after all the court is pretty much a bunch of Catholics.  They did not legitimize gay marriage, but they did strike down DOMA and they did put California probably back among the states where gay marriage is legal.

How do you feel about gay marriage?  No, don't haul out the Bible or any other religious books.  How do you feel?  Can you separate yourself from the fiction your parents crammed down your gullet that may guide your life?  Can you think without some prelate telling you  what to think?  It's no wonder gay marriage has been such an issue in this land--there's an excess of worship of all those permutations of gods who are all  made in man's image.

Gays are just people.  Gays, like it or no, are born that way.  It's not an acquired trait.  No one can pray biology away.  All of us are part of a random "experiment" in biological diversity called evolution.

Look about you.  Call it God's creation if you want.  God made all the stuff of earth and the stars, He implemented a few enduring unchanging physical rules, and then when She saw brown slime mold emerged from the divine ooze, It took off for some multiverse coastal resort where he/she/its been ever since.    

I have been baffled for so long about the furor over gay marriage since marriage to me is a function of government.  If people want to marry, i.e., enter into a civil contract sanctioned by the state, who gives a shit?  Contractees have to obey the law, reap the benefits, fulfill the responsibilities and comply with the law for dissolution of the contract.   All the permutations of people you can think of are fine from the state's perspective (or should be).  Monogamy, polygamy, and polyandry are fine, given the state has contract law governing the desired arrangement.  Leave God out of government's business.

If god's fans do not want to allow folks to marry in their religious setting, that's up to them.  If they stay out of the government's biz, the the government will stay out of theirs.  I am tired of all godly fictive fantasies being foisted on our secular world.  If people want to live in a sectarian world, they can move to the Middle East.

Oh, of course our gibbering idiots insist they know that god hates queers and that they will fight to overcome the Supremes and make our world into one more sectarian hellhole.  Gee, will we see a crusade?

Conservatives promise legislative fight over marriage

Nixon's Revenge

Richard Nixon hated everybody.  Hell, he probably loathed himself too.   He loved to get even with his enemies.  Even the GOP was one of his enemies.  Did he get even with the GOP?

You bet he did.  Of course his revenge is coming well after his death.  He gave the party the South.  The GOP owns the South.  Unfortunately, for the GOP, it's actually the South that now owns the GOP.  And in that is Nixon's revenge--his gift will end the Republican Party.  He was called Tricky for good reason.

A majority of the country supports gay marriage. Will any 2016 Republican presidential candidate?

Yeah, Tricky Dick, he hated his own kind most of all.  He's the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party.  Of course he was a shrewd enough pol to know that the Dems would most likely squander his gift.  And they are.

Monday, June 24, 2013


I wonder how many folks who were excited about Obama's candidacy and subsequent election in 2008 voted for him in 2012 simply because he was not a Republican?  I wonder how well Hillary Clinton will do against Chris Christie (provided he doesn't have to drink the Kool-Aid as Romney had to)?

If the GOP had been able to run Romney 1.0 (just the ex Gov., savior of the Olympics and successful businessman) then Willard would be in the White House today.  Will the GOP shoot, draw and aim again in 2016?  Given what they have done to the Farm Bill and will do on Immigration, any Democrat can and will be elected in 2016.

2016 will be decided by the batshit crazy crowd as in their presence or absence.  If they get the boot, then the GOP might win, otherwise, the Repubs will go the way of the Whigs.


Another Dumb Gun Owner

And another dead kid.   If all we have between us and bad guys is a good guy with a gun, how can we be sure they really are anything other than just one more idiot who owns a gun?  Will Mom lose her right to bear arms?  Nah, she can have another kid and....

NOLA Woman Charged With Murder After Daughter Dies Of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Given the state of our world today, I wonder how many people in the U.S. would opt for suicide if it were legal and painless?   What ages?  What conditions?  I have a feeling those opting to end it would not just be old farts suffering from chronic pain.

The 2nd Amendment, Sure, But...

The "but" is folks who decide they have to own guns should have to show mental competence and be trained in the use and storage of their weapons.  If they screw up then they should lose the right to ever bear arms again.

I think too many of the idiots who buy guns forget they are buying a weapon.  If it is a pistol, then it is intended for one task--shooting people at close range.  People does not include their kids, neighborhood kids or any other kids.  Adult guns in the hands of kids is flat assed wrong and a certain sign of the adult's mental incompetence.

We seem to have an endless supply of kids killed by some adult's gun.

Another Day, Another “Accidental” Child Shooting Death

Break Out the Deep Fat Fryer!!!!

Twinkies Back on U.S. Store Shelves Nationwide in July