Saturday, July 6, 2013

Speaking of rights

I think the right to life precedes the right to bear arms.  Too bad the gun toting idiot could not have shot himself or his own child.  Yep, we definitely need more guns and morons to own them.

Police seek person who fired shot that killed boy

Seven years old, July 4th, celebration, dead from a bullet to the head.   I bet the shooter won't come forward.  I doubt the police will find him or her.  All we have is one more kid killed by some adult's gun.

This is his crown jewel?

Obamacare seems to be on the way to sinking of its own administrative weight.  It amazes me that no one, at the federal, state, or in the private sector are actually ready to implement something so highly touted since its enactment in March, 2010.   Maybe it's even too complicated for Mr. Obama.  Guess we all need a really cool speech about what it was supposed to do.

Health insurance marketplaces will not be required to verify consumer claims

What happened in Egypt?

It sounds as though Morsi stepped on it, with golf cleats.  Ouch.  He's kind of gone, maybe.  The nation now waffles it's way towards multi-faction armed squabbling.  How long before it becomes one more fine Arabic religious war?

In Egypt, long road to military coup

After I read the piece, I wondered, who is the American Morsi?  The first name that popped into my mind was Sarah Palin.  If McCain had won, then died, we'd have had our President Morsi.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Y'all Might Want to Read This Piece

Edward Snowden is a whistleblower, not a spy – but do our leaders care?

Here's the last paragraph--

What isn't valid is the blithe assertion, absent evidence, that the former NSA contractor actively collaborated with America's enemies. Snowden made classified information about widespread surveillance available to the American public. That's a curious definition of an enemy for US legislators to adopt.

Yankee Doodle

I watch "Yankee Doodle Dandy" every 4th of July.   Well, I try to.  I did watch it yesterday.  After the segment about the song "Over There" played, I wondered in how may wars since WWII have, we as a people felt good about singing that song?  That's about the same as asking how good we felt about our wars.   Come on, did most of us feel all "Over There" as we sent boys  to Korea? Vietnam?  Grenada? Panama? Somalia?  Bosnia? Iraq I?  Afghansitan?  Iraq II?

Don't forget, WWII was the last war declared by Congress.  I think we need to restore this little bit of Constitutional responsibility, don't you?

I wonder how the world feels today when they hear "the yanks are coming?"

Once Again,

If, for example, the good folks of Wisconsin object to the anti-abortion crap the Gov. has signed, I have to ask how many of the voting age eligible folks in the state voted in that past few elections?  As one of the several representative democracies in this nation, Wisconsin law makers are only doing the what the  voters elected them to do.  Want it the other way?  Then get more votes for decent folks.  Trogs can be sent back to their slimy caves only through the ballot box.  If they aren't, Wisconsin and all the other Trog dominated states are truly represented.

Abortion limits at state level return issue to the national stage

Thursday, July 4, 2013

A bit much!

State spent more than $600k to attract Facebook fans

I wonder how many of the "fans" even know what a State Department is, much less does?

Do you like the State Dept.?  If so, could you explain what that means?

Will of the people?

If Dems and Libs get all huffy about Trogs in NC and TX passing reactionary anti-abortion (really anti-woman) laws, then pause to remember that the legislatures were elected by the voters of NC and TX.  Until Trogs do not constitute the majority in those statehouses, they enact the will of the people.

NC Senate gives preliminary approval to bill restricting abortions

If some in those states say they are appalled and they they think most people in their state do not share, approve or condone the acts of the legislature, then the question is really "who cares?" We have to ask did most people vote?  If they did,  who did they for?   How many actually turned out in the last legislative elections?  Until the vast majority of people act in their own interest, then there will be a willing and able minority to act for them.

N. Carolinians and Texans enjoy exactly the world they desire--the voters created it.

Have a great 4th

U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fucking up the planet to keep us safe

Oh, hold it, no in the Obama Admin can really talk about it, it's a national secret that affects national security.  If they tell anyone how we destroy whales, then the terrorists might gain the upper hand at sea or somewhere on the planet at some time, maybe.  Oh, by the way, Obama knows nothing about this, his aides made sure no one told him nothin', no how , no way.  It's his mangement style of double secret probation, a.k.a., institutionalized, not just plausible, but real deniability on just everything.

Whales flee from military sonar leading to mass strandings, research shows

I was wrong

MSNBC and CNN interrupted the Zimmerman trial to cover the events in Egypt.  This did surprize me, especially for MSNBC (FOX for Dems).

Egyptian army suspends constitution and removes President Morsi – live

Will CNN Switch to Cairo?

CNN is providing wall to wall coverage of the Zimmerman trial.  I bet, if civil war broke out in Egypt they would stick with Zimmerman coverage.   Is CNN really a news channel anymore?  Yeah, newstainment.

Egypt is in turmoil, either catch the BBC in the AM or read the papers online.

Egypt: President Morsi defiant as army deadline runs out

Terrorist Update

If it comes, unexpectedly, out of the sky and blows the crap out of living things, and it occurs in NYC, it's terrorists at play in the U.S.A.  Of course if it occurs in Pakistan it's all part of the ever popular war of enduring freedom in Afghanistan.  Terrorism, it seems, is  really in the eye of victim, assuming they have not been blown to pieces.

US drone strike kills 16 suspected militants in northwest Pakistan

Place Your Bets

The Bolivian president's plane was diverted to Austria on a flight home form Russia.  Someone must have  thought Snowden was on the plane.  His plane was searched.  Snowden was not on the plane--sounds like a case of ace CIA intell striking again!

Plane ferrying Bolivian president from Europe is caught up in Snowden saga

Now place your bet, did ObamaCo direct the diversion or not?

They say--

The Obama administration on Tuesday acknowledged contacting foreign governments on Snowden’s asylum list, but a State Department spokeswoman dismissed the leaker’s claims that Washington has mounted a campaign to pressure anyone against offering him sanctuary.

This could be taken as a denial of any inovlvement. Oh, when our fearless leaders put out this kind of stuff, it seems to usually mean that within a week they wind up admitting they driected the whole damn thing.

If I were a betting person I'd bet that:

1. Obama and Company will deny any involvement.

2. Then we'll find out they "had" to deny it, because before they acted, they classified the entire mess as a big hush,hush national security thing.

3. ObamaCo will then be complying with their law.

4. After the rest of the world finishes laughing, Obama will declassify it (in an appeal during a cool speech to his fans)  and have an underling admit to the involvment, but inderlings will insist that they kept the boss in the dark.  Ergo, Obama will once again not know anything about what his execs to in his name for USA, Inc.  Nixon is so alive and well in the White House.

Place your bets!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Yep, We've Become the Soviets With Our Own KGB

Don't forget to tell us what your parents do--How The NSA Gets Inside K-12 Classrooms

So what?

So what if we can determine if elephant ivory was poached or not?  Unless some legal deterrent is put in place poachers will keep on killing elephants for their tusks.  The tusks go to satisfy some rich pricks warped need for a status item of some kind.  I get so tired of the rich and their need to spend.  They, on balance fuck things up more than make it better.

Carbon from nuclear tests could help fight poachers

I suggest that owning anything made of poached ivory become a trampling offense.  Get tried, get convicted, and have elephants immediately trample the pricks to death.   No long term jail, no appeals, just squish and squash.

Now about the shark fins, if you eat the soup, then you become guilty of a Great
White offense.  Yep, upon conviction, you're thrown in the tank and become shark food.


Damn, I thought the Shrub would have edged out Buchanan by now

James Buchanan: Worst US president?

If you've been watching cable news

Cable has devoted itself to the Zimmerman trial, so you might have missed that the Egyptian Arab Spring thing has really gone sproing.  The guys (and maybe a few women) are back in the square.  The Army is positioning itself.  The government is figuring out how to save itself.  Deja vu all over again?

Egypt’s Morsi under increasing pressure as deadline looms

Okay, you've read the piece, you can go back to the Zimmerman trial.

Why Did the Senate Spring for Immigration Refom?

Hey that's easy, Senators listened to the  Border Security Industry Congressional Complex.  Yep we have one of them too!  There's tax money to be made so they got their surge on.

The border security plan the Senate approved last week includes unusual language mandating the purchase of specific models of helicopters and radar equipment for deployment along the U.S.-Mexican border, providing a potential windfall worth tens of millions of dollars to top defense contractors.

You can bet forced deportation of 11,000,000 illegals against the border security deal not costing more than the proposed appropriation of $46 billion.  Come on, deportation against no cost overruns?  We might has well just make them all citizens today and save some tax money.

Immigration reform will become law of the land.  It's just taken time to find the right industrial complex to support.  Now illegals have a voice, kind of, in defense contractors.  We live in a very strange world.

And Now News From the 750s

A 14 year coffee shop worker was executed for blasphemy.  He said, when asked to serve someone a free cup of coffee, “Even if [Prophet] Mohammed comes back to life, I won’t.”   The kid was tortured and shot to death by a Sharia Court.

And that's how they lived back then and continue to do so today.  Islam supports this kind of crap. The Arabic Islamic world wallows in the culture of 750 A.D.  If most of the Arabic Islamic world says they find this repulsive, why does it persist?  Yep, at it's core Islam is every bit a nasty, brutal and cruel as Judaism and Christianity have ever been.

Report: Syrian rebels executed a 14-year-old boy for insulting Islam

Say What?

Hackers?  Yeah we all know they're the guys and gals who wreck our use of computers.  Oh, some must have been hired by the U.S. and Israel to do the Stuxnet thing.  I guess they're just modern day computerized crooks.  Hold it, maybe like witches, they're bad ones and GOOD ones!

Damn, Glenda has her acolytes.  Good Hackers?  Civic Hackers?  Code for America?  I'm getting too old to keep track of the ins and outs of the this computer shit we've inflicted upon ourselves--

Civic Hackers (the Good Kind) Help Local Governments

I didn't realize today was World UFO Day so it's no wonder that I missed the June 1-2 observation of the National Day of Civic Hacking!

How Isolated Is North Korea From The Rest of The Planet?

They're pretty damned solitary if they cannot be hacked!

Hacker group Anonymous is no match for North Korea

A New Way To Shaft the Working Stiff!

Yep, management never quits. They always seek new ways to stick it to their employees.  They find them.  Think it's all been done before?  Nah, they have modern financial tools at their disposal as they strive to return to the good old days of subsistence wages.  Yep, why not pay labor via debit cards?  They save money and can get some of those generous wages back as they share card fees with the bank.

Here’s Why Employers & Banks Love Putting Wages On Prepaid Debit Cards, And Why Employees Keep Their Pay In Shoeboxes

For Those A Card or Three Shy In Their Deck, Here's News For You

Put on your aluminum foil, pyramid shaped hat and celebrate--

Happy World UFO Day

Monday, July 1, 2013


I enjoyed this piece, hope you will too--

George Takei: A defeat for DOMA — and the end of ‘ick’

Get your bullshit, red hot bullshit!

Remember the dire sequester doom and gloom predicted by all the morons we idiots elected to run our government for us? It does not appear to be very heavy on the doom side but there is a skosh of gloom. How did this ever occur?

Hey, we did it to ourselves.  We, at least 25% plus one*  of us, elected Congress and that anti-Bubba in the White House.  Yep, once again the American voter has proven we can achieve the impossible!  We can spread our legs wide,  We can bend way over and stick our heads up our asses.  We'll have to await the Nov., 2014 national fartoff  to blow our heads out our butts.  The, by golly, we can do it again!   After all, we're Americans!  Oh, until then, don't breathe too deeply.

Tracking the predicted sequester impacts

*half of us vote, a winner wins by getting half of the half of the voters which means 25% rock and rule.


It would simplify things if folks wold realize the state does not endow a marriage with any kind of sacred stuff.  The sacred is left to religion.  The state legalizes a relationship to enable the contractees to enjoy their legal benefits.  The state also sets legal responsibilities and the legal path to termination of the contract.  Religion on the other hand deals with sacred sauce.  It makes the relationship "special" to whatever god is playing in the marital kitchen of the day.

Gay marriage is, first, a civil contract just like every other marriage.  Then, secondarily, it may be morphed into a sacred union--depends on the biases of the holy saucier and his/her/its groupies on earth.

I do not understand those who oppose gay marriage with respect to the state.  I don't give a rats about how any church mind fucks it's members so why should they give a shit about how the state does a similar secular number in its domain.

Caesar gets his and god gets his/hers/its.  Jeeeeez this gets so old!

In conservative Alabama, celebrating a ‘God-written’ union of man and woman

Has a Religion Ever Successfully Dominated a Democratic State?

I don't think so.  Religionists have never figured out when to quit.  For anyone who's lived in our nearest example of a Theocracy, Utah, imagine if the Constitution did not check the LDS Church's behavior and the Mormon's were left to themselves?  That should send a chill up and down any democrat's spine.

Religion in government winds up creating Iran like states.  Oh, check out Egypt today.  Remember Mubarak was ousted.  Then the  Arab Spring came in.  Morsi was elected and he brought in the Muslim Brotherhood.  They took over.  Oops, most folks did not think Spring meant Sharia and one party rule.

Protesters ransack Muslim Brotherhood HQ, demand Morsi’s resignation

Oh, I don't want to accused of Mormon or Muslim bashing.  The Mormon's may have learned government from the Catholics when they ran Boston and Mass.  Now, for the Prots.  Can you imagine what kind of miserable nation we'd have it Southern Baptists or Evangefundies were totally in charge.  Let's see, I forgot the Jews and all those eastern religions.  I'll give them all a pass since everybody already picks on the Jews and no one knows a damn thing about the others.

Uh, What Ever Happened to Dale Carnegie?

If we keep it up, the rest of the world will become a coalition of the willing and able to stick it to good old Uncle Sam.

Kerry, in Brunei, faces European anger over Snowden’s NSA disclosures

Bless my pet goat!

The man most responsible for the mess our nation is in today, "knows" Snowden did a heap of damage to us.   I wonder if he has figured out how much damage he did to millions of Americans as he gutted our Constitution and economy?  I doubt it.

Bush defends surveillance programs, says Snowden ‘damaged’ U.S.


The problem with all those secrecy laws, is that ultimately it makes the folks governed by them into liars.  As liars they cannot be trusted, ever.  Funny, how we put the nation's defense in the hands of liars and call it patriotic too.

Misinformation on classified NSA programs includes statements by senior U.S. officials

I guess truth and honesty are no longer American values.  Want proof, then just look at Bill Clinton!  He's more popular and fawned over today than when he lied his way through the White House.  Maybe we just like deviants.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

T'aint Quite Right

Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping

Will we get to the point where admitting you voted for Obama will be the same as saying you voted for Nixon?