Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bullies Don't Need to Be Nice, They're Just Bullies

I fear much of the world now perceives the U.S. as but the latest bully on the world stage.   Of course, those who manage the bully machine have oodles of justifications for their behavior, overt and covert.   They make us safe by eroding what we're most proud of--freedom and liberty.

New Snowden allegations rile Latin America

News Day

I am disgusted with cable news.   I am retired so I have tuned into CNN during the day.  Well, I used to before they decided to cover the Zimmerman trial and nothing else.  It's finally too much.

For a bit of news, I've had to turn to Fox of all places.  The trial, while significant, does not warrant the coverage it receives.  Then again,  it is cheap.  It is easy to cover.  It does appeal to some block of viewers.  I understand why CNN, HLN and MSNBC cover it from start to finish and then recap the day's doings in every news show that follows the end of live coverage.   They no longer should claim to be in the news business.  They have become tabloids of the air.  

I've quit tuning in CNN in the morning.  I use the DVR to record the BBCA two hour block of BBC news.  It's less objectionable than CNN's latest attempt to emulate Fox and Friends.  After a bit of TV news it's off to the papers and news services--on line.  TV news has become barren of all but smiling news stars who spend more time promoting themselves than reading the news.  

The War Is On!

Oh, it's a war for the hearts and minds of, not some third world rabble, no, it's for that 100% beef-fed apple pie loving all American rabble.

Obamacare is coming soon.  Team Obama will blather on about the pluses and help people sign up for health insurance of one kind or another.  Team Trog will try to undo whatever they can.  Will it work?  Who knows.  It might have been a lot simpler to just do Medicare for all, but that would have cost campaign donations to both parties.

Here's a wrap up on the Affordable Health Care Act war--

White House ramps up effort to sell Obamacare

Your Government Plays With Tax Dollars (Well, Unborn Taxpayers Dollars)

Here is one more example of Obama's and his militry's management style--don't listen, just spend and blame it all on someone else.  I bet Obama will deny any knowledge of this.  His staff will have decided to keep him uninformed.  Sweet.  Nixon must be laughing his ass off.

Did we really elect this guy?  Yeah, consider the disaster that McCain or Romney would have effected.  We need a better class of elected officials.  Sadly, until we decide to change how we vote and how many of us vote, the lot will get sorrier and sorrier.

A brand-new U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan. And nobody to use it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Texas Abortion

Texans are talking about abortion.  The Texas legislature is in another special session and will pass a restrictive abortion bill for Gov. "Opps" Perry to sign.  The pro and anti forces are speaking out at the Capital building.  I don't understand what the big deal is, since the elected folks are doing what they are supposed to do, represent their constituents.  They are fulfilling campaign promises.  Oh, don't forget, constituents are defined as those who elected them.

If anyone doubted that given any chance,  a Trog would not restrict abortion then they have not been following politics at all for the the past three decades.  Republicans were elected.  Republicans have a majority in the Texas House.  Republicans have the majority in the Texas Senate.  Republicans have the Governorship.  Given this, with respect to abortion I have one question.

Where were all the Texans who now oppose the GOP's abortion restrictions last Nov.?  2012 saw a 59% turnout of registered voters.  41% did not bother to vote.  59% seems large (it was a Prez election year).   However,  only 74% of age eligible Texans were registered.  That means the turnout was only 43% of the voting age population.   It was a bit better if we look at the voting eligible population, then the turnout was about 49%.  In other words half of Texas does not vote.

Assume that all the state offices were won by 52%.  That means Texas went Trog based on 52% of the voting eligible population of 49%, that is,  a 25.4% majority won.  Texas is not that much different from any other state.

I wonder if some of the folks opposed to the GOP bill actually voted for a GOP Rep. or Sen.?  I bet they did.  If folks don't like what's being done in their name, then they have to vote for the other party.  They didn't.  So, all Texans have exactly what they desired as of the close of voting in Nov., 2012.  Votes matter, they really matter, but who really cares.

Hundreds testify for, against sweeping abortion bill as sides rally at Texas Capitol

After Three Years Lead Time, ObamaCo Cannot Deliver

The critics of Obamacare have been saying "I told you so" for sometime.  Now that team Obama has fudged on two areas, another joins in--they weren't ready to deal with smokers.  One could almost agree with the Trogs that the mess is a too complicated half baked turd pie.

Obama made the mess, have you forgotten how little support he gave to single payer much less national health care.  When it came to care, all he had to do was say "it's simple, it's Medicare for all."  He did not.  Medicare for all does not donate money to reelection funds.

At this point I do wonder if Obamacare will wind up being a credible and worthwhile accomplishment or just one more federal chocolate covered road apple.

A break for smokers? Glitch may limit penalties

At least comedians will welcome him back

The rest of us, well, he's still the Shrub who has always been all hat and no cattle.  How quickly we forget eight years of disaster and eight years of Darth Cheney.  The Shrub should stay in Dallas and be silent.

George W. Bush returns as a uniter

I do not understand

To me, when a pol lies his ass off in public, he's established his lack of integrity.  He has shown us what he thinks of the voters.  Bill Clinton is a liar, a perjurer.  I do not understand how anyone can still admire him, he represents some of the worst we have come to think of as "normal" in our pols.

Then there's Anthony Wiener.  Come on selfies of his dick?  I guess New Yorkers enjoyed the pics.  He's dishonest.  Mayor Dick?  Why?

Then we come to the crusading prostitution basher who was customer number nine at some whore house in NYC.  Comptroller?  Just to satisfy his need to a public person?   He's dishonest.

I don't care about South Carolina, so they elect any asshole they wish, honest or otherwise.  They have.  Sanford lied and stole state tax money to go boff his honey in Argentina.  South Carolinians, once again, have shown us their values.

Does honesty matter?  Has corruption become okay?

Well, I'll Be, The GOP Has Been In The Closet

If you have been following the punditry on the GOP's future, one emerging theme is the GOP explicitly becoming a party for white people.  Safe GOP districts at the federal and state level insulate incumbents from the well heeled who bought the party decades ago.

Outreach?  Smoutreach!  Who needs blacks and browns, when all they have to do is appeal to whites.  The GOP, of course will never gain the White House or Senate, but they will control the House and a slug of state legislatures and governorships.

Effectively the GOP will attain, in their states, their social agenda--they will praise Jesus as they shoot gay abortionists.  They will, without going to court, establish the 10th Amendment in practice.  Who needs the White House?

I guess you could say the GOP can rename itself "The White Party!"  Oops, I didn't know that about the GOP!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Somewhere in Chesterfield Co, Va. there is an idiot with a pistol

Unfortunately, when idiots own guns, they can do stupid things because the 2nd Amendment keeps them armed.  Sadly, stupid does not usually kill stupid, but stupid does a good chance at snuffing out  innocent life.

When bullets go up, they come down.  If they come down on the top of a child's head, the child dies.

Shot that killed child before fireworks show likely fired from handgun, police say

Dead Kids

As I understand the NRA's 2nd Amendment BS, the NRA will goose gun sales no matter how many children die from some idiots's exercising his or her right to bear arms.  We have to many people who should not own guns,  owning too many guns.

Guns killing children: An American epidemic

113th Congress

The 112th was bad, the 113th is worse.  They may not even name any post offices or even pass a self congratulatory resolution.  I wonder, if this Congress ran a city instead of the federal government, what city do you think they'd be running?  I think they'd be running Detroit.  Damn we elect these schmucks and they do our bidding.  I guess we all think Detroit is one fine place to live.

Raisins Can Drive One Into The Libertarian Camp!

One grower’s grapes of wrath

Not a Confidence Builder Now Is It!

Beep, beep, beep, is anyone listening? Oops, I'm dead.... Too much noise from hospital alarms poses risk for patients


We use Psy Ops in our War on Terror.  Oh, that was before Obama futzed with the language.  Now we  use a Military Information Support Operation in our Overseas Contingency Operation.  See the next post for more on MISO.

It makes little sense

If the crotch shot guy can run for NYC mayor then the whoremonger Spitzer can get back in the game too.  Narcissism is one nasty disease.  These guys are rather pathetic.  Why would anyone vote for them?

Eliot Spitzer is running for office again. And, yes, he can win.

Who is Obama?

It looks like he's part Nixon and part Shrub.

Somali American caught up in a shadowy Pentagon counterpropaganda campaign

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I wonder...

Damn, it's worse than I thought.  I guess, per GOP thinking, it's all the kids fault--they chose to be born to these loser parents--

In rural Tennessee, a new way to help hungry children: A bus turned bread truck

Yep they could have chosen to be born to--

Astronomical CEO pay likely a forever trend

I think it's time to rethink our version of capitalism.  Frankly if every one of the way over paid CEOs dropped dead at the same time, business would not skip a beat.

What kind of society do you want?  What kind of a government do you want.  Starve kids to preserve incomes or a bit of equity?  It's our call, every Nov., in every election.  What shall this next election be about?  Abortion?  Gays?  Women?  Sure if you want.  Then again it could be about decent jobs for everyone.  It's the voters call.  How will you vote?