Saturday, July 20, 2013

The 13th Century In The 21st -- Catholic Edition

Come on, this is just a bit, too, too much.  An indulgence for reading a Tweet?  Oh, you have to really feel it is as you read!  Yeah, you can tweet your way to oodles of good time off your temporary damnation (purgatory) sentence.

   Pope Offers Indulgences To Twitter Followers

Friday, July 19, 2013

Human Nature -- Yemen

Ethiopian migrants tell of torture and rape in Yemen

Religion Sucks the Commerce Out of Life

Egypt had a bit of a revolt.  They deposed a despot.  They opted for democracy and freedom.  They penned a Constitution.  They held a democratic election.   The victor was a member of crazy Islamic group.  Instead of making life better for all Egyptians, the Prez and his Muslim buds, opted to make Egypt only for devout Muslims.  That's not good for commerce at all.  In Egypt's case Morsi's Muslim nutjobs created a climate that has become tourist free.  Come on, would your visit what's become one more Arab shithole today? Ooops, that sucking sound they hear is about 40% of the Egyptian economy disappearing to other lands....

Luxor struggles as turmoil keeps Egypt tourists away

Music -- in its proper place

There was a nice skit about CNN's new morning waste, "New Day" and how they "Rock the News."  The show illustrates the manner in which news shows combine music with the news readers happy talk drone.

I find the music quite distracting.  News does not need music to accompany its reading.  News programs do not need "theme" songs.  News shows don't need graphic introductions.  News programs do not need advertising on their own station.  Hmm, I wonder how much air time to fill with wasted intros, teasers, recaps, and music?  I bet it's at least one hour per day they don't have to fill with reader's prattle.

News programs do not need music to accompany the teaser reviews of what is to come.  Actually, they do not need the teasers at all.  Just read the damn news and be done with it.

Even the BBC has too much music on it's morning programs that I watch on BBCA.  Actually I DVR the damn things and bypass the intros, teasers and music accompaniment.  Two hours reduces down to less than an hour (there's also a lot of repetition of stories since they assume a new audience shows up every 15 or 20 minutes ).

Cable news is not news, it's newstainment, at least it is on FOX, CNN, & MSNBC.  The BBC appears to be trying to catch up with CNN.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The FBI forensics lab has been bollixed up for a long time.  Now, their acknowledged "oops" may bring some justice to the wrongfully convicted.  It's sad, J. Edger Hoover may have died, but he never left the FBI.  Organizations have enduring cultures too.

All aspects of our public life, require our never ending vigilance, lest we wind up complacently trusting away our liberties, freedom, and rights to the bureaucratic thuggery in office.  It's not Congress and the White House that have sold our nation to assorted highest bidders.   No, they are but sales agents who act on behalf of their employers, the American voter and non-voter.  Votes matter, they declare "this is exactly the world we want."  Is this your world?

U.S. reviewing 27 death penalty convictions for FBI forensic testimony errors

Some Things Should Never Be

Disgruntled "men" in India, disfigure women who spurn them.  Taliban men shoot female children in the head if the child disagrees with them in any way.  Obviously, females are considered to be property and chattel in India and the Af-Pak area.  Does it bother anyone?  When I read about these events, I think of our domestic Christian men, our Republican white guys and Texas assholes.  They are all of a kind and frankly should never have been.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Kind of Government?

Do you want big or little government?  I don't think it's a matter of large or small, it's really a matter of effectiveness.  If we have a bit of government, then it should do what it was intended to do, no more, no less.  It should be effective and reasonably efficient too.

Here's a story that illustrates what's wrong with so much of our federal government.  It's the kind of nonsense that can make one become a libertarian.

It that rabbit in your magical hat USDA licensed?