Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cowards Skulk At Night

Vandals hit the Lincoln Memorial.  It's wrong and sad.  The idiots who did this are cowards.  Why don't they act in public during the day?  I guess they don't really believe their own nonsense all that keenly at all.  They skulk and hide as they desecrate.  Hmm, what are they?  How about bipedal hyena vomit?

Lincoln Memorial shut down after vandals splash paint on it

Liar Clapper Says "Oops, We Kinda Broke The Law, My Bad"

This is how it begins. It ends when we learn how the spooks and pols have wound up using all that info to advance their own power and incomes.  All of the top appointed and all of the elected folks are larded with great gobs of Nixon.  If we do not have open, transparent, checks and balances on these bozos they will all get their Tricky on.  The public is part of government--we elect them.  We have been rather dismal of late.  Come on George W. Bush?

NSA surveillance program has had compliance problems, intelligence official says

What's An Arab Spring?

An Arab spring?  Oh, that's what most of us call a cluster fuck democracy.  Take Egypt for example--

Dozens killed as Egyptian military fires on demonstrators at Morsi rally

I wonder when some asshole will demand a restoration of Pharonic rule?

Did You Vote For Obama?

I did, both times.  I wish I had not, but there was no one else who could win the race.  Obama or McCain?  Obama or Romney ver. 19.3?  The alternatives to Obama make me gag and heave.  In both elections, he was the best of a set of bad options.  Why don't we have a better caliber of candidates?  I wish I had an answer for that question.

Will Barry leave office and go back to teaching or will he do the ex-prez hustle?  Will he write a multi-volume memoir and hit the speakers tour?  How much will idiots pay to listen to him yammer?  $200,000 or $2,000,000 a pop?  Will he get a $20,000,000 book bonus?  Will he then pull off a "good works" project like Clinton?  Funny how the good works keep narcissists on camera long after they've left office.

How different are Bill Clinton or Barack Obama from Anthony Wiener or Eliot Spitzer?  Not much, they all suffer from a profound debilitating narcissism.  The totality of their being centers on self--self promotion, self interest, self enrichment and self importance.

We need a new way to find and elect people to offices at the local, state and federal level.  The current method has played its way out where all elected officials are forced to sink to levels of unparalleled incompetence.  What we see at the federal level today, will be throughout the states in a few years.  Our counties and cities will follow suit.    

Can you imagine how any Congress and White House since 1992 would have dealt with  WWII?  That's scary, but might make for really slick dark comedy flick.

Friday, July 26, 2013

To Dongle Or Not To Dongle?

I'd say Google it, but it's Google's dongle.  Uh, dongle?  Yeah, dongle.

Is Google’s Chromecast Streaming Video Dongle Worth Its $35 Price Tag?


Pope Frank thinks Catholics need to shake things up a bit.  I have trouble imagining affluent American Catholics hitttng the bricks for the poor and downtrodden.


'Bout Says It All

Americans sour on Afghan war

Where have all the protestors gone?

Dick Update

Anthony Weiner details how many women he’s had explicit online relationships with

Self Cooking Shrimp Update

BP and the their buds polluted the Gulf and created the self cooking shrimp.  They're so full of oil all you need to do is catch one, light a match near it, and it's Shrimp Diable.  Here's a bit of news about those captains of sleazy capitalism, the folks who made decisions at Halliburton (Cheney's old firm), to cover up their culpability in wrecking the Gulf.

Halliburton to plead guilty to destroying evidence in BP spill

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Are you surprized?

Come on, the only reason folks hold federal office is to keep on holding office.  Do nothing?  No, they raise lots of money and run for reelection.   That's work, not governance, but work.  That must be what  most of the folks who vote expect.   We voters keep on supporting the same old two parties.  We keep on electing the same old shitheads.  We're a nation of political masochists.   New parties anyone?  New people?

Already, the Most Unproductive Congress Ever

Iowa Must Be Full of Really Weird Folks

Think not?  Then explain Steve King.  He's elected.  He represents Iowans.  Thank god there is no reason to ever visit Iowa, the place would creep me out.

Republicans’ Steve King problem

The Spookery Won

Gee, I wonder how many House members were blackmailed by the spooks into voting to suppress and erode our freedom and liberty?  Those databases are quite handy.  It's easy to think that this transpired.  I have zero trust in any of them.  How's your trust level?   If the spooks have not abused their power, just wait.  It will happen and we'll all pretend to be surprized.  Which agency will feature a cross dresser   in charge this time around?

Breaking down the NSA phone-tracking vote in the House


Where do you fall on the legality of abortion?  Never?  Always?  Limits by weeks? Myself, I do not want any limits on abortion.  The procedure is between a woman and her doctor.  That's it.  If folks don't want to have an abortion, that's fine, but they should not impose their god fantasies on others.

Since, we still have the 10th Amendment, how do you feel about the issue being national under federal law or governed just by state law?  Federal law should trump the states on this issue since it's a matter of individual rights.

Majority of Americans favor restricting abortion at 20 weeks, according to new Post-ABC poll

Maybe we need to examine the building and safety codes and make sure every church complies with all codes.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Speech

Obama gave a fine speech on the economy.  Wow.  He gives good speeches.  Based on his track record, with respect to economics, not much will change.  At least a few, but not many, people might remember his speech next Tuesday.

Oh, I bet he will issue one volume of his forthcoming 10 volume memoirs to his cool speeches.  Yep, we'll be able to read every blessed one.   We're in rut because of ourselves, we elect these schmucks on both sides.  I guess we're all playing "we'll play my way or I'll take the ball and go home."  Yeah, we really are exceptional.

That was a lot of hype for very little policy

Well, We Think Government Sucks, So What?

In the same breath as 83% of us condemn our federal government, we also have to remember, we elected them.  If Congress is gridlocked, so are the the House Districts.  We can throw all the bums out, but I fear we'll replace each of them but with an ideological clone.  Yep, same shit, different Congress.

The problem is not our Congress or White House, it's the 50% of us who bother to vote and the 50% who do not vote.  They do our bidding or we do not reelect them.  There's a 95% chance any asshole will be reelected.  Our tastes, expectations, and standards are dismal.  Most of us do not even think about why we have a government.

Faith in DC hits a low; 83 percent disapprove of Congress

American Leaker

Our premier leaker has not been given travel papers by the former Commie in charge.  He remains in the Moscow airport lounge surviving on Cinnabuns.

Confusion over Edward Snowden travel papers

If only we avoid primaries...

If we did, then Hillary Clinton would run against Chris Christie in 2016.  Who would win?   However, we do have primaries and they do take a toll -- in who will run and who becomes the last person standing.

Given the GOP's devout, but rather bizarre primary voters, I cannot see Christie as the nominee, unless he morphs himself into a Chrisborg counterpart to Mitt Rombot and thus loses all sensible voters.

Clinton, while appearing to be a shoe in, may not be.  No matter what she will have Bill baggage and her age works against her.  The Dems could well nominate some other woman instead.

2016 poll: Hillary’s the Democrat to beat; Christie tops conservative-heavy

The Talk

I had read about "The Talk" well prior to the Zimmerman trial.  It bothered me then and it bothers me today.  I have trouble imagining the counterpart in my life.  It was not there.  There was and is no reason for such parental counsel.  That "the talk" remains of import, is a sad commentary on life in these United States.

The Talk

Mayor Dick?

It might become true.  NYC might have Mayor Weiner.  Despite ample evidence that the man does not have the right character for office, Democratic voters appear to maintain their support for this rather sick person.

Weiner admits more lewd conduct, vows to stay in New York mayoral race

And to think that Spitzer is running form Comptroller!  Comptroller requires a person who demonstrates honesty, control and integrity, all of which Spitzer voluntarily jettisoned to satisfy his dick.  That he says he's "reformed and rehabilitated" does not mean he has.  He, as with Weiner, should find other forums to satisfy his narcissistic needs where if he once more practices his dickery it won't matter to the public.

Why Do I Have This Feeling....

Obama's heath care fix will wind up being more like the Shrub's Part D--it's better than nothing.  Unfortunately, that better than nothing becomes our standard, our norm for government health care.  No one in their right mind would have designed and implemented Part D, ditto Obamacare.  I'm afraid it's  just one more botched, but we'll use it, program designed by pols whose primary job is getting reelected.

The guy could have stood for a national health system or Medicare for all.  He didn't.  He lowered the standard of governance as did his predecessor.   I guess the American voter finds any kind of crap acceptable.  After all it's not what and how it's done, it's what it's called that matters.  Per the voters, we have exactly the health care system we want.

  Health-care law is tied to new caps on work hours for part-timers

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pope Frank

Since Frank is giving away get out of purgatory cards via tweets, I wonder if anyone will come up with an estimate of the total tweeted off time?  How many painful years will be saved?

Cuchi-Cuchi News

Oh, it's  Cucci-Cucci in the Old Dominion where AG Cucci-Cucci is trying to keep the sodomy laws alive, to save the children of course.  Is this Trog the kind of asshole you want for Governor?

Ken Cuccinelli's crusade against sodomy