Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gun Culture Gets Another Darwin Award

Police investigating shooting involving toddler in Monroe

There's Dumb and Dumber

Pampolona is dumb, Richmond, Va. is dumber.  I do hope the bulls win more than a time or two so several Darwin Awards can be handed out.

Inspired by Pamplona, Great Bull Run coming to US; organizers say events will be safe

So much for truth

In other words, given his actions today, he was lying then or he's lying today.   He's a pol in a role.  His only goal is to successfully pimp himself everyday.  He is a success.  

Sen. Obama warned about Patriot Act abuses. President Obama proved him right.

Repugnance Bowl

Oh, that's the Virginia Governor's race.  The Trog, Cuccinelli has inappropriately taken some gifts.  He's a little Bob McDonnell who has trouble telling all the truth.  He has some explianing to do.  His truthiness problem is compounded by being a bit extreme on issues.

Then there's the Democrat every Democrat wants to vote against, McAuliffe.  He's an untrustable Clinton bagman.  He's a weasel.  Now his former company is being investigated by the SEC.

Yep, it's a great race.  As Virginians become more and more disgusted with the low caliber of candidates put forth by the two parties, I can only wonder how few people will turn  out in November?  Will disgust lead to a new record low turnout?

   Car company with ties to Terry McAuliffe is under SEC investigation

Cable and Networks

CBS and Time Warner are having a fee spat.  CBS won't air on cable in LA and NY.  Locally, Dish and Richmond's NBC station are giving each other the bird.  Gee, I can't watch NBC.  I'm not at the point where I'd bag Dish, but that day is coming when I finally decide to only stream.  Besides, network entertainment shows aren't as good as what's available on cable channels.   I do enjoy the binger and immersion approach.  Yep, I'll watch all of the next season of Borgias DVDs this month over a few nights (I'm too old to watch them all in one night).

I watch news stations less and less as they have all become more and more newstainment.  They sink to the lowest common denominator as they compete with FOX.  I rarely watch any of the Sunday shows live, I DVR them.   Ditto with Saturday on MSNBC.  That way I can bypass the bullshit--pols or appointees being interviewed by the host shill.  Every once in while there is an interesting interview.  The panels of pundits are more informative, but easily bypassed when party rigor dominates a passable factual orientation.

If CBS, NBC, or ABC disappeared, would you notice or even care?  I have a feeling the networks need to work on the their business model a bit.

Time Warner Cable drops CBS in NY, LA and Dallas over fee dispute

Friday, August 2, 2013

If you think Trogs suck chunks then pay attention

They may suck, but they have a better understanding of politics than the Dems.  Trogs know they cannot get their way at the federal level, so they take control at the state level.  It's a one-two to the Dems.  First they take over state legislatures and governorships and re-district so the House will never be in Dems control again.  Then they have state legislatures do within their state what they'd like to see done to the entire nation.  They do accept that half the states living the Troggish way beats no Troggery at all.  Dems seem to focus on national races.  Dems do the old shoot, draw and aim.  Dems have not figured out why their foot hurts as they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  For example, let's look at abortion--

The new legal battlefield over abortion

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Are 75 percent of small businesses firing workers or reducing hours because of Obamacare?

It’s been a long, hot summer, but the political rhetoric isn’t taking a vacation!
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio recently claimed that the majority of small businesses -- 75 percent! -- "say they are going to be forced to either fire workers or cut their hours."
We dug into the survey and found the numbers told quite a different story. Pants on Fire!
Meanwhile, Harry Reid said the sequester "already lost 1.6 million jobs." We found that number was a distortion. We rated his statement False.
At the end of July, we looked back at our Top 5 most read items. They included fact-checks about the Trayvon Martin shooting, the economy, and whether the word “dhimmitude” appears in the health care law. You can check out those ratings at

Okay Trogs, Who Needs This Kind of Regulation!

Small government fans and Trogs should be livid that the FDA has the temerity to define gluten free.  Yep, they are an odd lot.  I can hear them saying,

"if someone has celliac disease it's their own damn fault.  Why should hard earned tax dollars be spent on labeling for them.   Once again, this is more evidence of an out of control socialist government  interfering with the market."

One idiot in Congress who would say the above is Louis Gomert.  Oops forgot about Steve King and Michelle Bachmann, they would too.  

FDA issues new rules on gluten labeling

Epidermal Necrolysis

Huh?  It can kill you.  It can be caused by taking stuff like Tylenol.  Yep. Read all about it.

Acetaminophen linked to rare fatal skin reactions, FDA says

I think I'll stick with my Grandfather's painkiller, a decent bourbon such as Blanton's.

Self Pimping Asshole Watch -- Paul Ryan

The guy doesn't ask much less answer the question about what would the U.S. be like if the feds had not spent a dime on individual welfare to fight poverty?  If we have 15% in poverty and we've spent $15 trillion over the years, then we've held our own.  It's not fixed, but it's not gotten worse (come on correct for the current Republicrat recession we're still in).   Poverty is one of those things we never really take care of and hence we re-discover every 20 or 30 years.

Take away all of the poverty related programs in the U.S. and then imagine what life would be like.  If the TVA never existed the South would still be a fetid swamp of inbreeding and disease.  Oh, make sure to eliminate that massive Affirmative Action program for whites after WWII--G.I. Bill, VA loans, etc.  We've spent a lot more the $15 trillion.  Each of us has to look at the past, remove the "welfare" fixes of all kinds and imagine how bleak the world would be today.

Paul Ryan’s claim that $15 trillion has been spent on the war on poverty

Does anyone really want a small government?

Snowden Is In Russia, So What?

I think Obama and his henchmen are taking the asylum business a bit too far.  Look, the guy is a whistle blower, not a traitor.  He may have more to blab and that may scare the crap out of Mr. Transparency and his White House gang.  Going after Putin and his ex-commies is idiotic.  Leave it be.

Obama should ignore Snowden, Putin and Russia on this matter.  Obama should attend the G20 and not cancel any meetings between Russian and U.S. officials.  And for heaven's sake do not even hint at boycotting the Olympics.  State should make a weekly request for Snowden's return, but that's all.  Ignore it or make the matter worse.  I fear ObamaCo will make the matter worse.  Gee, reminds me of the kind of behavior that got us into Vietnam.

Snowden granted asylum in Russia, leaves Moscow airport

Here We Go Again?

Do your remember when Bush used to pull security threats out of his Cheneyhole for political gain?  Hmm, I hope Obama is not emulating the Shrub in yet another way.  But, out of Biden's ass, nah, it's gotta be someone else.   Oh, yeah, out of Clapper's ass (I'm not sure Kerry has one).  I have my doubts about anything any government official says when it comes to security of any kind.   How trusting are you?  Are Al and Ben Qaeda at it again?  I have my doubts.

US closing embassies, consulates in Muslim world Sunday after receiving unspecified threat

Thursday, August 1, 2013


This is not for someone like me.  I do have a cell phone.  However, it's only because all the pay phones have disappeared.  I do not use the damn thing, except in an emergency--twice in 10 years.   Lots of folks love them.  So here is a piece for smart phone aficionados--

  Moto X: The ‘phone of the future,’ built on Motorola and Google’s legacies

Guns and the idiots who own them

I'm tired of posting about gun deaths.  You can google "Child Shot and Killed" everyday.  It's always a new bunch of stories.  I really doubt the founders had this in mind when they added the  2nd Amendment.   Gun culture is sad.

Yep, it's time to say fuck the Democratic Party

Could a left/right libertarian party be formed?  It would be nice.  Let's face it, Obama is a Demican and Hillary Clinton is a Republicrat.  New parties?  Would you support one?

Libertarian Democrats: A movement in search of a leader

Tricky Dick or Bullshit Barry?

Either way, we deal with a total disregard of law and the Constitution.  The NSA mess just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Of course U.S. media have ignored the latest round.  Does Xkeyscore mean much to you?  Here's the Guardian--

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'

I'd suggest that if you want to stay informed on the NSA mess follow the foreign press.  Remember what a stellar job the Times and Post did on Iraq.

Wiener's an ass, but that doesn't mean one should imitate him

Uh, if the Latino community, whatever that means, is upset about usage of the name "Carlos Danger" then I suggest they lack as much common sense as the stated source of their umbrage.

  Anthony Weiner: ‘Carlos Danger’ was a joke

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We all know that Tricky Dick Nixon subverted the Constition.  He quit rather than be impeached for being the rat bastard he was.  Now, we have Obama and the NSA.  In 40 years will Nixon be seen as the bigger subvertor or will Obama?  I suggest it will be Obama, he has done more to undermine the Consitution, reduce freedom and erode liberty than Tricky ever imagined possible.  Then again, what do you expect from someone whose favorite movie is the "Godfather."  You can bet he'll defend the latest.  I am ashamed I voted for the guy.

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet

One more legacy from the Shrub and the GOP!

U.S. could save millions by paying each Gitmo prisoner $2 million annual salary to do nothing


It's also called Shrubworld, Cheneyville, or Iraq.  Take your pick.  Whatever you call the place realize that it reflects the thoughts and actions of the Shrub and his Uncle Dork.  This is how they spread democracy and liberty around the world.  Scary folks.

Wave of car bombings in Iraq kills at least 55

This is wrong

What?  Copyright terms, that's what.  Think not, then read this--

Why does Amazon have more books from the 1880s than the 1980s? Blame copyright.

I would give copyright for one term of 20 years, period.  Ditto on patents.

If You Make It Up, They Will Believe You

The aces in our federal government have solved low American savings and solved the pension crisis in one swell foop.  They pulled an Earl Butz and  redefined the idea of savings and added billions to the total as they increased the rate by 36% for 2012.

Of course nothing has really changed.  All that has happened is the way assholes look at savings and pensions calculations.   Yep, all of the nation's pensions are now secure just because a group of ObamaCo dorks jiggered the definition of savings.

In two days no one will remember that the calculation was redefined.  And to think idiots in Congress might make a decision based on higher aggregate savings.  Hold it, don't fear, Congress won't make any decisions until the 214th Congress convenes.

The government now assumes all pension promises will come true. That’s scary.

CEO of Me Front, Anthony Schlong,

It appears that Mr. Wiener's self-pimping crudity has spread to some of his staff.  The guy suffers from a pathological narcissism.

Weiner spokeswoman apologizes for vulgar tirade against intern

Stat Matters

Too bad the Chamber of Commerce, Sen. Rubio, and others in the GOP failed Stat 101.  Of course ignorance does not deter them from presenting their non-facts as facts.  What a bunch of douches.

When will this bullshit over ObamaCare end?  It's the law.  It's been upheld by the Supremes.  There are far more pressing matters than hammering on ObamaCare.  I don't understand how Congress can have a 12% approval rating, it should 0%.

A misleading ‘Obamacare’ poll, courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce and Harris Interactive

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Iowa is dismal

I listened to Rep. Steve King's comments about Dreamers.  He's sure they all smuggle 75 pound packs pot for a living, they weigh 130 pounds and they have huge calves.  He's a public bigot.  He spews anti-Hispanic garbage.  However, he is Representative from Iowa's 4th Congressional District.

I looked up the 2012 election returns for Mr. King.  Iowa had a 73% voter turnout.  Mr. King won his District by 52%.  The District has a population of 585,305 folks 98% of them are white.   Compared to so many elections, Mr.King had a landslide victory.  38% of possible voters voted for him.   Again, only in America does a minority constitute a majority.  It's easy to have winners receive less than 50% of a 40% turnout, thereby have majorities of say 20% or less.  

Now think about it, when Mr. King says something, he thinks it will win him campaign funds and votes in the the 4th in 2014.  Iowa's 4th is loaded with a pretty sorry lot of folks.  Welcome to Iowa where bigotry is as high as an elephant's eye.  Mr. King truly represents Iowans (at least the 500,000 people in the 4th).   Does anyone voluntarily visit Iowa?

Hmm, so that's why there's corruption--Geography!

It's an interesting idea that makes sense.  Now apply it to politics, if the nuts and bolts of both parties are isolated from most people, then many won't vote and of the those that do, it's only at the end of the process--the general election.

Isolation corrupts the Dems and GOPPERs yielding the current mess we have in Congress and the White House and some states.  How much good political party coverage do you get in your local paper?  Local news?  How much about your local area, your state, and the nation?  Cable TV news is not a great source, so other than cable how distant do you feel from your party?

Here’s why remote state capitals are often more corrupt

Super Heroes -- Islamic?

Okay we have Wonder Woman what have the Pakistani's had?  Nada until now.  Are you ready?  Bring on

--The Burka Avenger!

3D Printing

Here's a vid from the BBC on 3D--

Will people need a 3D printer?

Hmm, If Anthonty Weiner had a 3D printer...

As Goes Montana, So Goes The Nation?

From NPR this morning--

Montana's State-Run Free Clinic Sees Early Success

Gee, a national health care system?  Sounds like are a reasonable idea to me.

Monday, July 29, 2013

One's Creepy, One's Disgusting

You decide which is which--Sources: Clintons’ Patience Growing Thin with Anthony Weiner.

Oh, hell, now that I think about it, they're both disgusting creeps.

A New Politics is Needed

Our Demicans and Republicrats have made a mess for most Americans.  Of course they themselves and  those they service continue to do well.  It's kind of bad when 20% of workers make less than $10 an hour.  It's going from bad to worse.  It won't get any better until voters decide to elect decent people to elected offices.  All the current incumbents in local, state and federal offices need to go.

  AP: 4 in 5 Americans live in danger of falling into poverty, joblessness

Slavery in Good Old Number One Land -- Children

Sex-trafficking is slavery.  We have children forced into prostitution in this country.  It's wrong, but it persists.  Readers of this blog know I do not support capital punishment, but adult men or women who engage child prostitutes can be shot as far as I'm concerned.

We need to deal with the Johns, the users, if we want to end the practice. If someone has sex with a child prostitute, then make that behavior a capital crime.  Make the mode of execution hanging.  Hang them in public.  We might deter a creep or three.  Oh, ditto for the pimps and others who benefit from and keep the practice thriving.

FBI: 105 sexually exploited children rescued in Operation Cross Country VII

Catholic Gay Bashers Take Note

Your ecclesiastical boss, Pope Frank, has decided it's okay to be gay.   From his utterance on, if you bash gays, literally or figuratively, you will have sinned and have some time added to your sentence in purgatory.  Hmmm, depending how you bash, it may be a mortal sin, then you'll bypass purgatory and do straight to hell.

“If a person is gay, seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” Francis said. “They should not be marginalized.”

Oh, female priests will have to wait for at least another pope or three.

Religion is just downright weird.

Arab Pastime -- Iraq

Iraqis are killing each other.  A bomb here, a bomb there, and before long we might have a civil war.  At least Saddam is gone.  Hm, I wonder if Iraqis are, in terms of mortality alone, better off without him or not?  If the Shrub had not invaded Iraq, how many Iraqis would Saddam have killed from 2003 to date versus the number of Iraqis who were killed during our invasion, occupation, and since we exited?  My gut says, more Iraqis would be alive and living in Iraq if Saddam were still in power.   Setting aside mortality, is Iraq better off post Shrub or not?

Iraq hit by wave of coordinated bombing attacks

Arab Spring In Egypt? My ass, it's just more of Arab normal

Unemployed bearded young men hide behind religious devotion to take up guns for food.  It gives them something to do.  Wow, "will jihadi for food!"  It seems odd how people will use any bit of  reason they can muster to justify beastly behavior.  I wonder, if Egypt had low unemployment, a growing economy and a separation of church and state, do you think all those bearded ones would be out and about killing for Allah?

In Egypt’s Sinai, insurgency taking root

What the hell, it's FOX...

The saddest part is that there are millions of viewers who agree with Lauren Green.   Keeping the fires of stupidity burning in the U.S.A., that's FOX.

Fox News to Scholar: Why Would a Muslim Write a Book About Jesus?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Real Dick Front -- Mr. Wiener of course!

Anthony Weiner spent $43K in campaign funds to probe bogus 2011 Twitter hacking: report

Food Post

We grow tomatoes.  We have lots of tomatoes even when we lose control of the garden.  Even when we don't pay any attention to it.  What do we do with them.  No, we don't compost them or throw them at passing boaters.  No, we make "Tomato Smush!"   And what is tomato smush? It's ground up tomatoes cooked down to a thick gloppy mush, hence smush.   We put the smush in 1/4 pint, 1/2 pint and pint jars and freeze it.

Smush it great for pizza, sauces, and soups.  Smush tastes better than canned tomatoes during the Winter.  We also freeze a lot of basil in one pizza packets.  Yep, in mid winter we have Pizza Magritte and it's pretty close to the fresh  version.  I may have to try making my own mozzarella.

To make smush, I coarse chop tomatoes and put them into the food processor.  I grind them up until they are about the texture of lumpy mush.  I cook them outside.  I use a large saute pan and an induction burner.  A 12" pan full takes about an hour to reduce at 280+ degrees.  It's done when you can pull a spatula through them and it leaves a clear path for a few seconds.  Most of the water is cooked out and the tomato flavors are concentrated.

I have made it without skins and seeds.  It made no difference to us, so we smush the whole tomato.

If you make smush, don't worry about cooking it down too much.  If you need it drier, then drain it when you use it in December for a tasty pizza.    

This is just interesting

Now showing at drive-ins: The final days of 35mm film

Bless my bullion!

One economic sector is hot.  How do I know?  Well, take a peek at housing--

Washington area homes fly off the listings fast

The Federal Government is booming.   Perhaps the GOP is right, make it smaller and do it for less.
I like it. May Mr. Paul please, please become the GOP nominee.  Then perhaps the GOP will go the way Grover Norquist wishes for the federal government.

Peter King: Rand Paul is the GOP's George McGovern

Who You Gonna Trust?

Greenwald/Snowden or the self interested long term Pols in Congress?

Greenwald: Low-level staff have access to ‘invasive’ surveillance


Five Myths

Putz Watch

Funny how none of his bad behavior is about him.  It's always about someone or something other than his, now public, love affair with his own dick and his inability to control himself.

Weiner’s campaign manager quits after new sexting revelations threaten run for NYC mayor