Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hillary Clinton if 2016?

The Jackassess appear on the way towards making that a reality.  I have a feeling she will not be the nominee, but that and 1$ will might get you a fine 10 cent cup of coffee.  Hm, any other women who might be as capable?  Yep, there's a bunch of them--Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gilibrand, Amy Klobaucher, Katherine Sebelius, and Janet Napolitano to name a few.

Will Hillary Clinton be ready in 2016?

Bless My Plastic Sheeting and Duct Tape!

Most embassies to reopen after al-Qaeda threat

Note To Virginia Voters

Uh, remember he voluntarily accpeted the gifts in the first place.  He did not have to.  He did.

Cuccinelli says he would ‘just write a check’ to repay gifts from donor if he could

Give that man a wedgie this November, then hold your nose and vote for Terry McAuliffe.  Both parties really screwed the pooch this time around.

There's Stupid and There's the GOP

Come on, stop the federal government to defund Obamacare?  That's nuts.  I bet they don't really mean shut it all down.  I bet even Ted Cruz will allow for some federal money to spent during a shutdown.  If the GOP is going to shut it down, then they need to really shut it down.

Yep, on Oct.1 2013 no federal agency should be able to spend a single penny.  No payment of debts.  No Social Security checks, no Medicare or Medicaid payments, and no salary checks to any federal employee of any kind.  All contractors and venders will see payments end as of midnight Sept. 30, 2013.  Close the federal doors and turn off the lights.

That won't happen.  The GOP talks but is afraid of walking its rhetoric.  In essence, the GOP is comprised of cowardly rich old white guys.  They won't really shut it all down, they want to shut down the parts they don't like.  Gee, if we really shut it down we could furlough the 113th Congress.

Are You Pissed Yet?

Snowden opened a giant economy size can of Obama Spooky Worms.  Now we have an idea of how much spying the feds do on people around the world and domestically.  It's all to make us safe, not necessarily free, just safe.  All that spying keeps bad guys and liberty at bay.

Of course no pol or fed has used the NSA intel for anything except stopping terrorists plots.  Yep, the DEA does it's own intel work.  Okay, some NSA stuff may have helped out a bit and the spookery may have overreached a bit there, but it's all very, very legit.  Yep, the law and some court decisions say so.  Are you pissed yet?  Just because something is legal does not make it right.  Law gives us the lowest common denominator of behavior (LCDB) before actions become deviant.  When voters elect idiots they get idiot law and reset the LCDB.

If you are pissed, then get pissed at the right people--not Obama, at Congress.  Congress put the damn law in place.  Congress approves judges.  Congress re-approves laws.  Congress amends laws.  Congress funds agencies.  Congressional intel oversight committees have along with the spookery agencies administrative laws of secrecy (so have the Courts).  Congress can delete the NSA, CIA, and FBI from existence.  Congress can rid us of some courts and judges.  Congress can change anything it wants.  Congress wanted this mess.  Congress created it for us.  Obama used laws passed by Congress and gave them and us our heart's desires.

It's too late for any asshole in office, think James Sensenbrenner here, to say "that's not what I imagined when I wrote the bill."  Jimbo, if you write it or it's written for you, you and every turd who vote for it, own it forever.  How about repealing the damn thing?  Okay voters, who signed the Patriot Act?   Pissed yet?  Hmm, who are you going to vote for in your 2014 primary?

Obama administration asserts broad surveillance powers

Monday, August 5, 2013

Very Unexpected!

Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos

Will the Post be better, worse or the same in 5 years?

Gee, Who'd A Thunk It?

Brigham Young is nation’s most sober school for 16th straight year

Frankenfood -- Lab Grown Burgers

Yep, take a few cow cells, do some sciency lab stuff and voila, burger.  Hmm, will vegheads eat this stuff? It's seems like super pink slime to me.   I wonder if we'll see a DIY machine that will combine meat  production and 3D printing.  Print me a pastrami sandwich!

What does a stem cell burger taste like?


Before I retired, I used to take great offense at how people used their mobile devices during staff meetings, conversations and such.  Now we have word for such ill-mannered behavior, phubbing.

Phubbing: the war against anti-social phone use

Gun Culture

I don't understand folks who obsess over guns.  Guns, handguns, are designed for one thing, to kill people (or at least stop their forward motion).  Long guns are designed for hunting, game or people.  I don't hunt either.  People do obsess and they do have a very handy convenient 2nd Amendment to assist in satiation of their compulsion.  I have wondered if buying a gun on the web is as easy  as buying a book from Amazon.

Is it really so easy to buy a gun over the Internet?

The Tardis is a boy's club

The 12th Doctor is on the way.  Doctor Who will be another white guy.  Hmm, I like the idea of female Dr. Who.  Helen Mirren, mentioned in the article,  would be fantastic as Dr. Who.  Who would you like to see be the 13th Doctor Who?

The Tardis: No girls allowed as the Doctor

Deja Vu All Over Again

J. Edgar is still in charge and Nixon is in the White House, but the war is no longer a war.  Nah, Tricky Obama fights Overseas Contingency Operations.  His Jedgers of all kinds get the intell and share, share share but deny they do so.  So much for the Constitution, rights, and law.  I feel less safe knowing the NSA and other intel agencies are working to make me safe.  My safety depends on my freedom, my liberty and my privacy.

The NSA is giving your phone records to the DEA. And the DEA is covering it up.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Book Review

‘The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England’ by Dan Jones

We'll have to wait and see...

I'm still of a mind that team Obama is pulling a Shrub security deflection out of his ass to deflect attention from the negative NSA shit.  Unless something actually happens, it's just Obama's attempt to make us go all irrational over plastic sheeting and duct tape.  The guy is not the best nor the brightest.

State Dept.: 19 overseas posts to remain closed

Yep, He's Gonna Be A Really Great Prez (Historically Speaking, of course)---

Casualties mount at alarming rate in Iraq

Who can forget all those manure spreaders that the Shrub had converted to distribute liberty chips...